Customer Reviews: Star Wars: Book of Sith
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 22, 2013
I ordered the Jedi Path and Book of Sith as a pre-order bundle. They arrived yesterday (4/22/13) and I read them both that evening. I enjoyed both books, but the Book of Sith is the superior of the two.

The book is broken up into several sections; each section has a different page format, making it truly look like a compendium of different books. The book itself is about the size of a standard journal. The cover is made from red leather, which is a step up from the canvas cover of The Jedi Path.

After an introduction by Darth Sidious, we begin with the journal of Sorzus Syn, one of the original Dark Lords of the Sith whom was banished by the Jedi following the Hundred-Year Darkness who provides her own history, the history of the Sith species (known as Sith Purebloods) and the make-up of the Sith Empire at that time. Next comes a field journal written by Darth Malgus (from the Old Republic MMO), which goes into Malgus's disgust of the Sith Empire's self-serving bureaucracy, which dovetails nicely into ... Darth Bane (my favorite Sith Lord) who instituted the Rule of Two after the fall of the Brotherhood of Darkness (the incarnation of the Sith Empire during his era). Even if you've read the Darth Bane novel trilogy, this section presents a fresh first-person perspective from the man himself.

Mother Talzin's section is the low-point of the book. Sidious explains including this section even though the Nightsisters are obviously not Sith because their insights are worth preserving, but both the content and the artwork in this section are the worst of the book. The artwork is made up of mostly of photo shopped cosplayers dressed up as Nightsisters (and Nightbrothers) photo shopped to give them force abilities. There is also a section about the deities the Nightsisters worship known as the "Winged Goddess" and the "Fanged God", who are in reality the "Brother" and "Sister" from the Mortis arc in the Clone Wars series. Didn't Anakin murder them? If he murdered the Nightsister's gods why didn't they notice? Also, there's no mention of the "Father" from Mortis in the Nightsister's pantheon, which is odd because they make a point of noting that they believe in balance, and not just "the darkside". It's not all bad. Talzin goes into the history and abilities associated with the Nightsisters, as well as the Nightsister's views on other darkside traditions. It's decent, but definitely, the section that held this book back from being perfect.

Darth Plagueis's handwritten research notes/journal make up the next section. The section is fascinating, and goes into Plagueis's theories about creating life, and immortality. Within the context of the Star Wars universe, his theories make perfect sense. Lastly, Darth Sidious closes his volume with his own section, which itself is split into three chapters: The Weakness of Inferiors, The Book of Anger, and The Manipulation of Life (later re-named The Creation of Monsters). The version in this volume is rather short compared to what you'd expect, but Sidious explains that this version was an early draft.

The common thread throughout the compilation is the prophecy of the Sith'ari, the perfect Sith. Notably, each Sith author believes himself to be the Sith'ari for reasons that made sense within that Sith Lord's era. Sidious notes that Plagueis believed that Darth Bane was the actual Sith'ari, but in his notes, he even entertains the notion that it might truly be him. Since the Sith philosophy is all about self-improvement, the ideal of the Sith'ari is obviously something that the most powerful Sith sought to reach. It gives the book a sense of theme and structure that such a collection of different works might otherwise lack.

In closing, I found this book very entertaining, but it was very short. Some people may object to paying nearly $20 for such a short book, but when you consider the production value, it's worth it in my opinion.
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on May 20, 2013
This book is worth every penny. It's truly incredible among all other Star Wars books as 100% of the book is created as a book that combines several of the most powerful Sith/Dark Side users unique teachings and so forth. Each different "Volume" in this "Tome" even makes the edges of each different and absolutely unique, drawing you more and more into the Star Wars universe as if you're part of that universe and are actually looking upon a book of amazing power and forbidden secrets.

You would think that going any farther in creating this book to pull you into the Star Wars Galaxy would be impossible, yet it is done so beautifully as almost every page you read there are notes made, each in their own completely unique handwriting and personality by Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Yoda, Asajj Ventress, and so forth.

The book is the most beautifully made I have ever seen from cover to cover the quality is jaw dropping. I own every Star Wars Extended Universe Novel written, dictionaries/encyclopedia, language guide, Star Wars Atlas, DnD rule books, and the books that would be categorized with the Jedi vs Sith definitive guide book which in its self is a must have, although regardless of all of this I have to say point for point "The Book of Sith" is and will remain the top Star Wars book of its category.

In conclusion if you're a Star Wars fan and especially if you're like myself and side with/firm supporter of the Sith ways and Dark Side not having this book is a cruelty and injustice upon yourself that you shouldn't endure for another second!

PS: The original book released a year ago was part of an awful idea. To justify the insane price of $40-$60 they made it mandatory that the book was combined with useless garbage such as a cheap plastic sith holocron that made noises and had lights as the zenith of the crap you were required to purchase to get your hands on this book. I never heard one positive thing about that blunder, I know that the items such as the plastic holocron were so cheaply made that some worked for less than a day for people but considering that after only using it once even the most easily entertained and bored minds would abandon it.

But atleast they finally got the message and released this book the way it should have been released originally.
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on December 5, 2015
I would recommend this tome to all Force-sensitive individuals, but not all would understand it. Dark side sorcerers of all backgrounds will tap into the nuances of every text, but the light side will never fully comprehend the connection that a "broader understanding" of the Force would allow. So, for those who do not delude themselves into believing there is no emotion, for those who understand the Force as a tool by which more and more power can be gained, here is a glimpse of what you will find:

Sorzus Syn - the first entry, and a remarkable one it is. A full view of what can be expected from the rest of the entries: some history, personal commentary, the ways in which she furthered the dark side, a discussion of weaponry, etc. An erudite young lady whom I'll never have the pleasure of meeting.
Darth Malgus - very much a military man. His entry is a detailed account of strategizing for battle while being held back by bureaucrats. A bit too single-minded for my taste, but the contribution was valuable.
Darth Bane - the refining of the way the dark side operated. The influence of his doctrines have been felt by every Sith since his time. The Force is venom, indeed.
Mother Talzin - though she seemingly only leaned toward the dark side, her wisdom is still valued when reading between the lines. Some thoughts may be scoff-worthy, but this was a witch who understood the power of identity.
Darth Plagueis - the scientist of the group. This is the Sith Lord who sought the secrets to life itself. Nevertheless, it was this imbalanced focus on his work that led him to an early demise when his killer saw a moment of weakness.
Darth Sidious - the one who was Emperor. Special care should be taken in reading his work, as it can so easily terrify a weaker mind. Though his words are particularly vicious, they are not without insight. Sadly, it must be added that he, too, was ultimately short-sighted, and made mistakes that led to his demise at the hands of Darth Vader.

To any budding dark side sorcerer, I say: this volume is invaluable. Through the mistakes these outstanding individuals made, you have the opportunity to see where you may go wrong and prevent your own failure. At times, the notes left by the Sith and the Jedi alike can point you in the right direction (especially to see just in what ways the Jedi do not understand us).

The dark side is a dangerous path, but liberating to those whose power it calls forth to augment. Stay strong and passionate!
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on April 30, 2015
I bought this as a gift for a friend, and now that I have it in my hands I know that I made the right choice: He's going to love it.
The book is in perfect state and it the delivery was as expected.
In what comes to the content, I looked inside and I was delighted by how it is presented and all the sidenotes that includes. It really makes you think that it is a compiled codex of a sith (one nice detail is how the pages are different in shape, which makes the concept of codex more believable).
However, I am a great fan of Star Wars yet not one of those who knows everything in the SW universe, and I feel like this book is like a sort of physical wiki about the sith story. But if you are a hardcore fan, you'll love it anyway.
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on November 12, 2015
1 star off because my book came with the edges of about 20 pages having the bottom edge snipped but not cut off all the way. It made turning pages a little annoying, Other than that this book was a lot of fun to read. There is a good amount to take in. I really enjoyed reading all the side notes in it.
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on August 1, 2015
This is an awesome book! It's an enjoyable read which fires my imagination, the artwork is also great. I have the Jedi Path which is very well written. These books are part of a fantastic series. I would like to buy The Bounty Hunter's Guide next. If your a true Star Wars fan these books don't disappoint. I'm glad to see that Disney hasn't ruined these books the way they did the Star Wars animation wing. I'm still peeved that they killed the Clone Wars which was obviously not finished, and subjugated Dave Filoni and his awesome animators to creating basically a star wars version of Aladdin, corny -pranks, jokes, and substandard overall feel to the animation, as compared to the Clone Wars. Under George Lucas, The Clone Wars kept getting more interesting with every passing season, oh well at least I have them, I won't be wasting my money on Rebels.
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on March 1, 2016
Read the Jedi Path. Great book with written comments/asides. But this book...this tomb...this wonderful Book of Sith speaks to the wondrous dark side in all of us. It's part history, part insight, but all instruction. The path to the dark side is glorious and passionate. Get it. Read it. Live it. And together will will rule the galaxy... (up until you are no longer need by me).
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on January 12, 2016
I got this for my husband, who is a huge Star Wars fan and he loves it. I bought this along with the Jedi book. I think the set makes a great gift for the avid Star Wars fan who is interested in the "history" behind the Sith & Jedi.
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on April 27, 2013
The Book of Sith is an excellent read!! It is comprised of 6 texts, each one is written either by a Sith Lord (Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, Darth Plagueis and lastly Darth Sidious), someone important to the history of the Sith (Sorzus Syn), or someone that is highly skilled in dark side magick (Mother Talzin).

Each section offers something different in terms of content: Darth Malgus (essentially a war journal), Darth Bane (discusses the Rule of two, choosing an apprentice, and different fighting styles of the Sith), Darth Plagueis (goes in depth about manipulating the midi-chlorians of others, and oneself, in order to live forever), Darth Sidious (chronicles his rise to power, and decribes how he went about creating the Galactic Empire), Sorzus Syn (decribes her own exile from the Jedi order, and her group's defeat of the native Sith people of Korriban), and lastly Mother Talzin ( goes into detail about her role as the clan mother and shaman of the Nightsisters, the religious beliefs of the people of Dathomir, and the different forms of magick that Nightsisters and some Nightbrothers are proficient in).

The Book of Sith is an excellent read, and it gives a great amount of detail and backstory, into the history of the Sith. If you are a fan of the dark side of the force, you must own this book!!
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on October 30, 2014
This book impressed me. I'm a DM for a Star Wars D&D game and I bought this for one of my Sith players. The amount of detail is amazing. Each of the greatest Dark Lords of the Sith, from Darth Sidious to Bane, have their own personally written section in this tome. Darth Bane goes into detail on the three types of Force powers and ancient Sith alchemies, Darth Plagueis the Wise includes his research notes on midichlorians. It's all great for the nerdiest of Star Wars nerds. My only complaint is on how pompous the Jedi's writing in the margins are. It's sort of embarrassing for Luke.
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