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on January 2, 2017
I don't appreciate the edits. It's like Amazon is editing some parts of Clone Wars they consider too violent for children. Like the episode 'ARC Troopers' when Ventress catches a Clone by surprise, levitates him, then has him run through onto her light saber while she gives him a kiss. Amazon edited that entire scene out. Don't they know that this was running on The Cartoon Network - unedited. It's DUMB to edit this in any way. It's suppose to have violence and it's perfectly suitable for ALL AGES. Please Amazon, just do your job and LET US decide what we don't want to see. Thank you.
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While we know the ultimate fate of Anakin Skywalker, but as we get to see his early years in the clone wars as a heroic jedi before his tragic fall we can still be entertained at both the characters we see from the movies as well as new and endearing characters as well. Some people have complained about the Cgi animation for the characters finding them to cartoonish, but I have never had a problem with this animation as regardless if the characters don't look to realistic or not they still entertain you throughout the series. The voice cast and action of the series keeps you entertained but somewhat frustrated as we now have to wait until the next season for us to add to our collection, many people have wondered how long the show is going to run until it catches up to the Episode III time era of the star wars franchise. As far as I know we get supposedly about three more years of the series if not possibly longer to continue to watch these enjoyable seasons of the Star Wars universe. If I have one complaint about the set at all it's the case itself, unlike the first and second season this case feels a little cheap as the set is put into one plastic dvd case that holds all four dvds inside of it while I know every business is trying to keep cost down I still feel they could have made the set case a little better but still for the price it's something I can overlook....
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on December 28, 2012
Honestly, there should be 2 ratings for every product when it comes to movies.
-For the Clone Wars season 3 - I'd rate it a 4-5 stars
-For the actual packaging? 2 stars is almost too much.

I purchased this thinking that I would get the same great package that I got with the 1st 2 season.

Sadly, I was sorely disappointed today when it arrived...and was in a normal Bluray jewel case.

Lucasfilm this is quite possibly the biggest disappointment I've had with any of you products in my lifetime. Whoever at your company that decided to sell this without the same package deal that the 1st 2 seasons had should be demoted or let go. I'd go as far as to say that not having the deluxe packaging option the 1st 2 had is inexcusable.

As far as the season goes, EXCELLENT and it only gets better.

Please, LucasFilm (and now Disney) - PLEASE bring back the better packages like Seasons 1 and 2!!! :(
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on February 19, 2012
I own the digibook versions of the first two seasons of this show, and it makes me very disappointed that Lucasfilm has decided to release Season 3 only as a regular-case Blu-ray. Since they are not going to release this season with a digibook, I just sucked it up and bought it anyway. The reason I took off only one star for this and not two is because it's a perfectly fine set compared to any other show out there, and it does come with a nice enough slip cover, but it's hard not to be disappointed after being spoiled by the previous two digibook cases, so it still loses one star.

Once I got over the fact that the case is about 20% less cool than the other season sets that I own, it's overall a very good release. The episodes in this season are a little confusing since they are in broadcast order instead of chronological order, and some of these episodes actually take place during Season 2! Even though the fanboys haven't yet figured out the correct viewing order for this season, the story arcs here are at least good, and there are some great cameos this season that the fans will love. Some famed characters from the movies make their animation debut, and even the titular heroes from the video game "Republic Commando" get an appearance. The transfer quality is top-notch as always, and if you've been collecting the show on Blu-Ray this is obviously a must buy.
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Clone Wars is one of my all time favorite shows on TV - this is what STAR WARS should feel like
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on October 31, 2011
The Clone Wars is a wonderful series. Okay, now that I've said that I'll just jump right into my review of the third season.

Of the three seasons that have been aired and are now currently available for purchase, this is the weakest but at the same time the strongest. Now, how can this be? Well let me start by saying the series takes off on a very strong note. We are reintroduced to the clone rookies from season 1 and given an interesting look at the training future clone troopers go through. This episode called Clone Cadets is a great opener as it takes us back to the beginning of the war. It adds more depth to the clone trooper as an individual. In this episode we see the young cadets struggling to prove themselves to the ARC Commanders and their own instructors. We are also introduced to Jedi Master Shaak Ti which is cool. The second episode returns to the present and dishes up a Sep attack on Kamino! The third episode is good and the ones up to 12 are good but they are the reason I do not give this season 5 stars. I felt that these episodes while interesting detracted from the action that drives the Clone Wars as a series. Ep 4-12 are largely concerned with Senate matters and while intersparsed with some excitement are not what I expected. The first and second seasons were consistent with keeping the show about the clones in the field and the Jedi leading them. However a sizable chunk of the season turns our attention towards the political war fought in the senate. I understand that the battleground of politics and the one dominated by clones are related but the politics should not command the stage. This series is meant to chronicle the struggle of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Jedi who reluctantly lead it. I want to jump into the minds of the clones on the front lines. On the subject of politics I find Padme to be naive and her views on how to end the war rather foolish. One of my biggest gripes about this season is having to listen to her more often. Now I understand that this series is also aimed at children but when you look at the darker turns the series keeps taking you can see that it is looking to broaden its appeal. This becomes quite apparent in episodes 12-22. These episodes are the nuts and bolts of the Clone Wars and will please every viewer. Get ready for some familiar faces and some big surprises.
So in conclusion let me say the third season is worth buying and worth watching over and over again. It has its down point but recovers and makes up for lost action. So in the words of 3P0, "Here we go again."
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on January 11, 2015
One of the best animated series in recent years, Season Three of "Clone Wars" nonetheless has some badly written episodes, and most of them are right here. There is one particularly confusing three-part episode that I dislike, concerning the dual nature of the Force and the role of the "Chosen One". There are excellent episodes, however. Particularly, the ones with a cameo by Chewbacca and the origin of the walking WMD Savage Opress. You need this set to complete the series, anyway.
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on April 20, 2017
These redeem the prequels in my opinion. Some good stories but like most large seasons they are a bit hit and miss
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on November 25, 2011
Clone Wars is a little different from the previous two, but none the less entertaining. This season delves into stories which precede ones from other episodes in seasons 1, 2, and the Clone Wars movie. Season three has fantastic episodes with engaging episodes that are filled with foreshadowing -- something I absolutely love. The second half of season 3 adds great depth Anakin Skywalker's character, and shows how powerful he is. Season 3 also shows Ahsoka's accumulating knowledge of the force and her advancement in becoming a Jedi knight. While season 3 is more serious than the previous two, there is still the priceless humor between characters, especially Obi-Wan and Anakin. As a die-hard fan of the Clone Wars, season 3 is a must have. It will not disappoint, it will leave you wanting more!
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on December 5, 2011
Once again, the Clone wars series delivers on everything expected. This season, you start to really see the tell-tale signs of Anakin's eventual fall. It's a foregone conclusion, yes, but it's told very well - and tension is kept up by wondering if Asoka will end up joining him with the Dark Side... There's also a few great episodes dealing with side characters this season, some of which are genuinely touching.

Personally, I feel like this is the best format for enjoying Star Wars stories. Call me a heretic if you like, but the movies always seemed too long and drawn out; I liked the original trilogy (we aren't speaking about that OTHER trilogy. Ever.) but by the end I'm always resisting the urge to check my watch. With the Clone wars, we get to explore diverse characters and aspects of the Star Wars universe in neat, not-necessarily-consecutive narrative chunks. I think it works really well, and offers us a good look at Star Wars the way we all imagined it: sweeping, varied, epic, and interconnected. Overall, another great season.
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