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on October 10, 2012
When I heard this was going on sale I admit I immediately preordered, and having received it Monday afternoon and read it front to back I can honestly say I got my money's worth and more.

The Book itself covers several topics including The Republic, The Empire, seperate sections for the Jedi and Sith, as well as an entire section on the Hutts, Mandalorians and the criminal elements of the Galaxy. Towards the end of the book it covers all planets currently in the game with one planet every two pages.

As a Roleplayer this has provided me with valuable insight in to the era that The Old Republic is set in, as well as source material to fill in gaps in my information. It outlines Imperial and Republic military rank structure, the ideologies behind both the Republic and Empire, as well as philosophies and structure of the Jedi Order and Sith.

In addition to the above it includes several biographies of key figures we've seen throughout the game like Darth Malgus, and it also has a summed up play by play of the class stories and an overview of the class itself (So maybe skip over the classes you haven't played!)

All in All I've gotten every dime out of this book that I was hoping to.

Be warned, this book is a cofee table book and reads most comfortably resting in your lap or on a table.

The Dust Cover is removeable and the hardcover underneath is just as well designed and artistic as the dust cover itself without the writing getting inthe way of the art

Must Buy for any enthusiast of Star Wars interested in this Era.
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Enthusiast: Star Warson July 17, 2017
This is an incredibly comprehensive and detailed book of the video-game. As a fan of the the MMORPG (and Star Wars overall), I wish that I would've purchased this book much sooner than I had. It's very impressive how much detail and information the authors placed within this volume. The only con (at this point) is that the material only covers the core of what was available when the game launched in 2011.

As of this writing the material contained within is several years old, but it doesn't detract from it's worth. The value for what's contained within the pages explains and displays a great deal about the game, the factions, planets, characters, companions, the story (at launch of the game), and in explaining about Star Wars history up to 25,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). For all intents and purposes the encyclopedia pretty much covers the timeline of 3,600 BBY - which leaves it far removed from the current movie storyline for it's own take on events in the Star Wars universe.

I don't know how much this encyclopedia is considered canon to the Star Wars lore and universe, but as a fan of sci-fi fantasy it doesn't matter very much to me. The book is a visual splendor with eye popping panels, and the material contained within placed in an organized manner that is easy to referencing. DK Publishing is known for making excellent books, and this is no exception to that fact. As a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic, this is a must-have for your library. I hope that there will be an expanded version of this fantastic book, or at least a second volume for covering newer material of the game.

I highly recommend this book . Two lightsabers way up!
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i bought this book after watching this trailer and wishing that the story could be made into a movie.
The book feels solid filled with information, from what has transpired since the knights of the old republic game until this very point. This book provides information on the Sith Empire, The Jedi and the Republic, it had detailed explanations of the many character classes from the game as well details of the starships, weapons, alien races.
the book is a masterpiece of star wars, if only this story line would be picked up to be made into a movie, it would be fantastic.
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on December 17, 2015
Having gotten this year's after starting the game I'm glad I didn't get it sooner. The Encyclopedia spoils the major events of each class storyline in the original games release. Which after playing for said years and only completing Two of the classes has me a tad irked. But as a resource it is only good for Lore and nothing to do with the gameplay. I do admire the artwork using concept art, game models, and scenes ripped from the game itself. For anyone curious about the story of the game with out wanting to play it this is a good way to read up on it. It gives you Lore on a great deal of supporting characters in the game as well.
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on February 9, 2015
A treasure trove of background Star Wars material! This encyclopedia is loaded with tremendous art work and commentary that floods the imagination to a level that nearly moves this entire epic science fiction tale to the threshold of reality. Highly recommended for all Star Wars fans! And if you know one, this makes a great gift for them!
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on November 8, 2015
Aside from every page being visually beautiful this Guide covers "everything" pertaining to Star Wars The Old Republic including the history that brought us to this time. From the Characters, weapons, vehicles, events and Planets during these turbulent times...This has to be the best Book I have read to date on SWTOR....
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on October 16, 2012
Fans of the Old Republic rejoice!!! This book filled with many images, details and other goodies is the book you've been waiting for. This MASSIVE sized Encyclopedia will be the gem of your SW book collection. While I would have liked a few pages dedicated solely to the key characters of the game, this book really doesn't disappoint me in any way shape or form.

The only thing that would have made it better is if they gave a few more pages to the KOTOR games of yesteryears that set up this grand series. Once can only hope they do one for that era.
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on March 9, 2014
The art is fantastic, and I love the backstories it gives on the characters. It does a decent job filling in all the oddball continuity gaps that sprung up between the timeframe of KOTOR 2 and SWTOR, too.

But let's be real- you wouldn't be considering this book OR reading reviews if you aren't already a huge Star Wars fan. So speaking as a huge Star Wars fan, I'll say it isn't quite a "must have," but it's certainly in my top five EU reference books. If you're into the extended universe and enjoy SWTOR, you'll be happy with the purchase. If you're not... well, you won't enjoy the book, and I have to wonder why you're even looking at this in the first place.
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on November 29, 2012
I am a long time Star Wars fan and a big The Old Republic fan, and I can say this product will certainly appeal to any of these types of fans.

The book presents all you need to know about The Old Republic timeline, keeping the narrative very much like other reference Star Wars books. Don't expect to read a lot of game terms or rules or advise, this book centers on the story of this time, on its personalities and the role of the heroes at the time.

The book follows a simple structure. It dedicates a section to the Republic and explores the story of the Jedi from their very beginnigs to the point where they are during this timeline. It explores the personalities (NPCs) you meet and also explores the classes you can play from a scholar point of view. Don't expect statics on abilities, but you can expect very good insight on the nature of the Jedi Order and their role in the conflict at hand.

Another section is dedicated to the Sith Empire, centered again on its key players. Here, Sith classes and the Imperial Agent are explored as part of a vast net of roles set up to battle the Republic. There are great insights about the Emperor and its servants as well as the plots behind ths story of the War.

A third section is dedicated to the neutral characters that have chosen sides, like the smuggler and the bounty hunter, but it is done in a way as to explore how the conflict is tearing the galaxy and how certain individuals are falling through the cracks.

What I didnt expect to see is a short treatise on all sentient species in the galaxy, an exploration on all the planets in the game and a bestiary of all the creatures you encounter.

The book pretty much links what happened before during the time of Tales of the Jedi and Golden Age of the Sith, the Knights of the Old Republic games and the SWTOR timeline. This is a marveluos job and the book is crammed with amazing information.

It also does a great job with the art. It features conceptual art from the games, graphics from the game and images from the cinematics in such a great way that you are never bored with it.

The only way this book was better is if when you open it, the Star Wars Main Theme music started.

With such a reduced price on Amazon, I strongly recommend this as a gift for any Star Wars fan, I am sure they will appreciate it.
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on December 3, 2012
A deep, rich, and thorough guide to the amazing universe of the time of Star Wars Old republic. A time fo heroes and Villains and epic adventure encapsulated in Biowares amazing MMORPG.

The book is stocked cover to cover with rich detailed pictures and artwork a well as information on the character classes, and their stories, including the various characters that join you on those epic adventures. Also each character chapter previews the amazing starships which carry your character on their journey acorss the stars.

A galactic timeline gives a rich and detailed history of the conflict stretching back to the first hyperspace war and the founding of the republic and sith empires. Lastly there are numerous listings for the many and varied npcs (non player characters) and other personages you will meet in your Old Republic experience. several chapters also cover the imperial and republic military machines, including the ships of war, tanks, soldiers and ranks of the militaries involved.

Lastly a full guide of the various planets that are the epicenter of the conflict sweeps the readers off to those worlds.

This book is a wonderful guide for any fan of the Star Wars Galaxy and storyline. A must have and even proivdes averitable treasure trove of Information for someone like me who is a gamemaster and loves to play Star Wars in its roleplaying form.

Only real warnings for readers are the books size. this is no mere paperback guide or magazine. it is a full on coffee table book 351 pages full, and a good inch plus thick. Be warned, Also it goes without syaing but this isabout the time of the OLD REPUBLIC so star wars fans seeking the adventures of Han solo and Lucke Skywalker will have to look elsewhere as this takes place some 3000 years before the time fo Darth Vader. But beyond those two things, it is a worthy gift to a rabid star wars fan.
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