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on April 27, 2015
My son loves Star Wars. So much in fact that he knows all the character names, vehicles, planets; pretty much everything about the movies. And not just the movies but also the animated shows and other trivia. To help him do more than watch TV and play computer games, I bought this model to see if he would enjoy doing some building.

The model looks pretty good. It is already painted and all you have to do is snap it together. I figured this would be a good start since there wouldn't be much more, but I would know if he enjoyed the process. The instructions were fine and actually a bit better than expected. It was well laid out with pictures showing the pieces and where they should go and what to do. We ran into a snag with the engines though which took us a while to figure out. The top and bottom engines connect differently, and there are some differences between them from left to right. So as we attached them to the body of the ship, we got it wrong in both ways. Thankfully, we didn't break anything while making our mistakes. We recognized it didn't look right and then had to go back and try again until we figured it out.

The plastic itself is not super high quality, but then it isn't too cheap either. We didn't break or bend anything accidentally which was a relief. The parts fit together as expected with a little force, but not too much where we risked breaking something. A nice touch was that the cockpit glass could open and close, and the pilot could be easily removed. This meant that the toy could be played with if wanted, instead of just having to sit on a shelf.

It took us 2 sessions of about an hour each to put the model together. We took our time and although we made mistakes, it was a great learning experience for my son. He loves having an X-Wing fighter in his room and it helped me learn what his limits are with building a model. That is what I really wanted to know. And so in the future, I will be looking to Revell for more models, and see what they have that will be more difficult.

The reason for 4 stars is due to the problem I had telling where the engines went. This could have been laid out better so we could have avoided the mistake and had less frustration during our build. Also, while the model looks nice and the paint job is fine, it could have been better. No painting is expected, so having a nicer paint job and more details would be nice. It is not a cheap model and will mostly sit on a shelf to look pretty. And I think it could look better though it doesn't look that bad.
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on January 12, 2015
I just built this model with my 10-year-old son, and it was a great experience. The fact that it is a "Snap-Tite" model is convenient—for the most part, the pieces could be cut easily from the mold, and any plastic burrs were easy to clean up. The entire process took less than an hour—admittedly, we had "Star Wars: A New Hope" going on in the background to put us in the mood, and we stopped to watch at several points. Several reviewers have done some amazing "aftermarket" paint jobs, but pre-painted parts guarantees that that it will have a great look after it is finished. Luke and R2-D2 are extremely detailed!

Except for a couple of steps, my son could handle putting the model together with only little guidance. With practically every model I've ever built, however, I've found that there is always at least one step that require intense concentration and/or dexterity, and so this was good practice for my son with respect to observation, following direction, dealing with frustration, developing fine motor skills, and all-around father-son bonding.

Now he is a Jedi, like his father before him.
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on February 22, 2013
This is an excellent buy for every SW fan out there. In fact I wanna buy a few more so I can make the whole fleet of Rogue Squadron! Assembly is simple and straight forward. Detail is considerably great for something this cheap.

There's one little funny thing about the instruction though. Regarding the wings, you need to flip "part no.6" the other way around coz there's a little hole and tab (indent) that won't let you close the wings properly if you assemble it according to the instructions. Maybe it's illustrated wrong, maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. But if you follow it exactly, trust me.. the wings wouldn't close nice and tight. Refer to my product pictures.

This thing will look great as a display, rather than being a great toy. Coz the plastic isn't the elastic type like Fischer Price toys (which made them hard to snap) So if you're intending to get this as a toy for your 4/5 y/o, I'm not saying you can't. Just don't expect it to last more than two weeks.

So my sum up:

Detail for the price
Ease of assembly.

Not a toy. Don't really see this kind of plastic being able to handle abuse.
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on June 10, 2012
Once finished, the product looks exactly as described and portrayed in the seller's images.

In addition to the 38 plastic pieces of the kit, I used: cutting pliers/scissors, box cutter, and a nail file. It took me four hours to complete, but the project can likely be completed in under one hour. I think it only took me longer since I was watching Episodes IV and V while working.

More optional supplies could include paints or glues, I might use them later.

None of these tools are necessary though, I think the finished product will look fine / as described without the use of any tools whatsoever. I just chose to be precise/thorough.


The kit was simple/straightforward, but the rest of this review may help beginners:

First step: be careful putting the wings together, the picture in the manual may be misleading. The wings should be able to close flat when not in the X-shaped 'combat mode'. If you do this wrong, you will finish with landing gear on opposite sides of the wings (one under the wings, and one on top of the wings). Not a big problem, since you can display it without landing gear (which allows you to display it in the X-shape, rather than flat winged mode.

On the third step: Be especially careful when removing the four laser cannons from the sprues. They are thin and susceptible to breakage. I suggest that you avoid pulling/twisting any of the parts off. I used cutting pliers to remove the pieces, a box cutter to remove large sprue bumps from the pieces, and a nail file to even out the surfaces that were attached to sprues.

Lastly, the front landing gear cover (last step in the manual) is difficult to remove once you fit it in. I thinned the piece out by 'shaving' the sides using the blade of my box cutter. Now I can easily put in the landing gear in order for me to display it on a flat surface, and easily remove the gear to display it in flight (using wire hung from ceiling).

I didn't use glues/cements, but may go back and use adhesives on the four engines, just to minimize the gaps between pieces.

I may also touch up the paint later, to add 'battle damage'. Maybe some glow-in-the-dark paint to the engines/cannons.

Eventually, I hope to purchase 3 more of this same product, so that I can display them flying in formation (using fishing wire attached to the ceiling).

I also purchased the Millenium Falcon model kit from Revell. Will review it once I finish putting it together.
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on November 18, 2011
Ok, so I'm a grown man, who bought this model to build with my 8-year old son who is a Star Wars fan. Normally, I wouldn't be too concerned about reviewing this, but here we go.

First, the model was easy to put together, and from start to finish it probably took us about 40 minutes. I'm sure my son liked that part, but I was hoping for a little more teamwork putting it together.

It's a snap-together model, so theres no glue or paint required. Again, probably a benefit for him, but not how I remember building models.

Even though I knew there was no painting or glue required, I still ordered a set of Testors paints with the model. I showed my son some techniques on how to brush the paint on raised surfaces to get a nice finish to them, and I think we both liked how the final painted item came out. Not a lot of paint, just detailing.

The one thing that perplexed me is that the model has two final forms: Landing gear down and landing gear up (in flight). My son wanted it with the landing gear, but I realized pretty quickly that the pods that hold the gear were on opposite sides of the wings, and could only be placed in those positions. In otherwords, the only way the landing gear would work would be to have one under the wing normal) and the other on top of the wing (ridiculous). I checked and rechecked the appearance, instruction, and images, and got my wifes opinion, and it looks like the wing pieces in the kit were different than the instructions. Not major, my son simply took it without the landing gear.

We also got the Tie Fighter, so I'm hoping that goes well.

In the end, my son and I built some toys that if he breaks, we can glue back together.
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on September 18, 2017
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on January 4, 2015
About 30~40 minutes to put together. Parts fits well and is a sturdy model. Two bad designs. First is the front wheel cover doesn't have a swing open position when the landing gear is down and has to be removed (hence easy to loose). The second is if the canopy hinge becomes loose and detaches. To remount it, you have to dis-assemble the entire fuselage apart. It's not a one way snap, so it's possible to dis-assemble the model if required.
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on October 14, 2013
I really wanted to get a Star Wars model for a long time, and what better start to simple model building that the X-Wing. Pretty simple to put together, did it in about two hours, filing away the break points and slowly taking my time with it :) The instructions were pretty clear. Well laid out !
Now, off to paint it !
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on May 20, 2014
I made this model with my 5 year old grandson. He was able to match the numbered parts on the intsructions to the numbered parts on the layout board. I did most of the final assembly. We probably worked on it for three hours, trying to be very careful not to misassemble the model. The instructions were fine and the fit and finish of the product were good. My grandson was very proud of his work and loves to "fly" the fighter.
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on May 11, 2016
Looks nice on my shelf but it would need a lot of work if you want to make it look more realistic for modeling competition. It has no display stand to show wings in flight combat position, you must improvise one or display it a parked only.
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