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on December 30, 2014
This cable functioned just fine to connect a second screen to my laptop and the image quality was great. Unfortunately, when I disconnected the laptop for the 3rd time or so (just after the return window ended :(), the mini display port end came apart, and half of it stayed in the laptop (and yes, I was holding it properly to disconnect). I had to use long nose pliers to remove the small piece stuck in my laptop, and of course, all the tiny connectors bent when I tried to put it back on the end of the cable, making it unusable. Maybe my cable was the exception, but I definitely cannot give it more than one star.
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on November 11, 2012
I had been using Apple's Mini Display to DVI adapter. It worked OK at first but eventually it became unreliable. I often had to pull the DVI plug in and out to get my Samsung monitor to work This process sometimes took 20-25 minutes. This StarTech Mini Display Por to DVI adapter works flawlessly. I've been using it for an older MacBook 13 and my new MacBook Air 11". It worked the very first time without incident and continues to work. Save your money and go with this adapter instead of the Apple one.
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on March 3, 2014
I used to use a MiniDP to HDMI converter to connect my MacBook to a LCD monitor. From one month ago, it starts showing flickering or color dots. I thought it is the LCD showing age, and thinking buying a new monitor. Then I bought this to connect to DVI port, then it works perfectly. I am very happy with this purchase - save me $200 for an unnecessary monitor purchase. I still cannot figure out HDMI port issue - whether converter, or running at too high pixel frequency with PC display than HDTV, which is what HDMI designed for. But, this works perfectly for me.
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on November 18, 2011
Maybe it's just my monitor, but getting a digital signal through DVI is better than the VGA or and HDMI for my 24" 1920x1200 monitor. Although, HDMI does provide sound through the same cable. This is just an adaptor, so you'd need a DVI cable to connect this and your monitor. But, boy the difference between this and the HDMI or VGA signal is night and day difference. It's crisp, and accurate colors. HDMI is perhaps the least among the 3 for me. Then comes VGA that I've been using for years to connect my notebook computer to this monitor. The DVI so far has been best for me for the last few computers I've used.

I also bought a Mini Display port to DVI adaptor 6' that goes directly to the monitor. However, the DVI side head is longer than the space my monitor provided for the connection. So, this is the best alternative for me.
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on December 27, 2012
I purchased this to replace another one that I had that worked perfectly for about a year but had suddenly quit working. I have an iMac and have two external monitors attached.

When I first attached this, I kept it at the highest resolution (which is the setting it was on previously and is the setting the other monitor is on also). It took a very long time for the monitor to be resolved with that setting and when it did it flickered constantly. I changed resolutions until I finally found one that it would work with no flickering. It's not ideal and not the setting that worked fine with the previous adaptor, but it works. I would NOT buy this again for this reason.
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on March 18, 2014
I purchased two of these adapters for use at home and in the office. It's been working fine but a problem I have been having is when I am on my wifi network and using my second DVI display via this adapter, the network experiences major packet loss. This happens both on my home linksys wrt54g router (with dd-wrt) and in the office using my android wifi hotspot. I think this might be a compatibility issue with OS X Mavericks as I don't recall having this issue with OS X Lion. Happens with my wife's macbook air also so must be an OS X or hardware problem. Startech support says "works for us."

If you're considering buying and want to use wifi be warned. What I do to work around this is use their Gigabit ethernet USB adapter and that works flawlessly. Video quality is great, no issues otherwise but the wifi issue is a hassle.

UPDATE: Ok so after I post this review I finally manage to find a fix. Turns out it was the wifi channel in my router. Set to channel 1 and works perfectly now on wifi. Changing my rating to five stars! :) Here's a post with more information on the issue - [...]
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on October 6, 2012
I have a high-end video card by EVGA, and this connector (mini display port) is _required_ in order to accommodate a Flight Management Computer bit of hardware on my Flight Simulator X setup. Why pay nearly $40 at big-box stores like Best ____, when you can get this great item from trusted AMAZON.com?

I have always been happy with SIIG equipment, this unit works well and costs less than $10 which beats the heck out of similar units at four times the price in retail stores!

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on February 25, 2016
I bought this to connect my Surface Pro 3 to a large monitor. I use this along with a AVLT 4-port USB adapter(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YQ8PXRM/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_2). Those two items allowed me to simulate a docking station for about $25 instead of the Microsoft part that would have cost almost $200. This unit works flawlessly and along with the USB adapter, I would buy again and recommend to a friend.
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on June 24, 2013
I originally purchased this item to use with my HP Envy 17 laptop and a Samsung 24" monitor.
However, since I had already attached an HP series 2509 montior via HDMI, this product would not function due to HP engineering of the laptop configurations.
I didn't know that when I purchased this adapter, so I can't comment on how well it performs.
However, I can comment on customer service response to a return, which is what this review is about.
Easy return, prompt refund and helpful people in customer service.
That's class in my book.
They lost a sale and gained a referral.
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on January 26, 2014
These work perfectly after a log of trial and error with other setups. I previously had the 27in Thunderbolt Display from Apple for about a year and a half and couldn't take the glare of the monitor (I could see reflection in movies and videos, very annoying!). Ended up selling it and got two Dell monitors.

I have the following setup:

- Macbook Pro 2012 Retina Display with two Thunderbolt ports
- Two Dell UltraSharp U2412HM monitors

I took advantage of the two thunderbolt ports on the Macbook and initially used a VGA to DVI video adapter but the color quality wasn't there. I used different software color setups and it still looked terrible. Did hours of research and found these StarTech adaptors and they worked PERFECTLY. After hours and hours of researching and fiddling around, I have a setup I'm really happy about. 5 Stars!
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