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on August 8, 2010
Bought the collectors edition of this game .. sure the extras were great but when it came to the game itself .. The single-player was thoroughly enjoyable however .. currently [...] is garbage i havent been able to play a single online game since this game released and blizzard has ignored my requests for help.. and it seems many other players are experiencing this as well .. shame on you blizzard and anyone defending their current BS....
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on July 28, 2010
I'm going to make this review short.
For everyone who is complaining about only having one side of the story, the story is over 20 hours long! I have read that it can take 25-30 hours to beat, which is about as long as the single campaign was in the original StarCraft for all three races. Blizzard only released one side of the story to go as in-depth as they wanted. They couldn't do that if they had all three races at once.

My biggest problem with this game is one thing. No LAN. Seriously Blizzard? One of the main perks of the original game was being able to play with all of your friends in a basement while drinking soda all night. You can't do that anymore which is a major killer.

However, StarCraft has surpassed all of my expectations, plus it comes with the original game as well which is a great perk.
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on July 29, 2010
Before I begin, I want to make this perfectly clear: AS THIS REVIEW IS TARGETED AT THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION OF THE GAME, IT'S REVIEWING THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION MATERIALS. There's a small afterthought of a review of the game at the end, but the reviews of the game already are Legion, so why remake the wheel?

That being said...

Honestly, I've been a fan of StarCraft since I found out about it back in 1993. That being said, I think it only fair to warn you that I've never been any good at it, or for that matter, strategy games as a whole. I can and do, however, enjoy the games on a somewhat more artistic level, which is something that saddens me to learn isn't the norm. More people are concerned with just getting into the game so that they can "melt other people's faces", and "roll their faces across the keyboard" to victory.

Again: I've never been a good strategist, and I put this out there as plain as the nose on my face.

That being said, the Collector's Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is perhaps the most beautiful CE of any game that I've ever purchased in the history of ever. I consider myself fortunate that I was among the first to pre-order when Amazon started sales for it back in April, and I don't, for one minute, regret my decision to purchase it.

The Box That Rox
So yeah, the first thing that always stands out about a CE is the packaging. The SCII CE is no slouch in this department, and indeed, goes far above and beyond what I've seen before. The cardboard is a thick and dare I say rugged affair, emulating the militaristically efficient machines that the Terrans employ in their warfare. Honestly, the picture of the packaging dfoesn't do it any justice: It actually has some serious depth and feel to it.

It's What's Inside That Counts
Once you hastily peel away the cellophane protecting your treasure, you're given access to the cache of goodies that Blizzard has delivered for your enjoyment. You've got the game DVD itself, a pre-comic of sorts, USB thumbdrive resembling Jim Raynor's dog tag, soundtrack, art book, and extras DVD. What you don't see, that's given to each of your characters in World of Warcraft, existing or yet to exist, is an exclusive Mini Thor pet. Sadly, despite the fact that Mini Thor can fly around you in loops, it cannot fly when you yourself lift off. Though I suppose this makes sense, as Thor isn't an air unit itself.

I haven't checked out ALL of the extras just yet, but the dog tag is quite remarkable in that it seems to actually be encased in aluminum. It's got a very solid, very heavy feel to it, and I gotta be honest: If my job didn't expressly forbid the wear of USB thumbdrives on the premises, I'd be all over it. I haven't actually tested the pre-installed SC and SC:BW on the drive, but I'm gonna assume they're there... just waiting.

The soundtrack... this is what I've been waiting for since they first unveiled the cinematic with Tychus earlier in the year (or was it last year?). Either way, I had to get rolling off to work, so I snagged the disc and took it to play in the car. As per the norm, Blizzard seated the track from your title screen as track numero uno. Of particular note would be the tracks, "The Deal", which is the same music from that cinematic, and "I, Mengsk", which reintroduces us to the same opera suite they had from back in the SC:BW intro. All in all, it's a gorgeous set of tracks, and it's just one more in a long line of musical masterpieces by Blizzard's audio department.

It's About The Software, Stupid
So obviously, chances are good that you're not gonna be buying this solely for the box and the swag. I haven't played the actual game itself yet beyond the first mission, but I'll say this: It's a beautiful world that gets installed on those spinning platters. The visuals are gorgeous, the voice acting is phenomenal, and there's a point at which I forget that this an RTS that I'm playing. Controls are familiar (i.e., identical) to the original game, and being able to swoop in to ground-level to put yourself among your units? Amazing.

It's not without its problems, however. Installing requires you to authenticate your copy of the game with the B.NET system. Which wouldn't be a problem, except that now I've got TWO games that require I have my Blizzard Authenticator on hand. And come on, requiring that I use an Authenticator to play an offline campaign? Please, Blizzard. Please. (Yes, I realize that you can sign on as a guest, but that's a copout.)

There've been a lot of complaints about the game only having the Terran campaign available for single player, but really? The Terran campaign from Wings of Liberty is longer than all three campaigns from the original, so who cares? My only gripe here is the serious cliffhanger that the campaign ends on.

All in all, the SCII CE is a beautiful package deal, and I highly recommend it to anyone that considers themself a true fan of the franchise.
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on September 2, 2010
Dont' get me wrong, it is still fun, but not as fun as first SC.
Majority of the game is same as before, with a few new units and tweaks for each race. Overall, its great to play with friends online, but otherwise I didn't bother finishing the campaign.
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on July 29, 2010
Can't complain, graphics, attention to detail is amazing. There are some things that need improving such as additional storylines for Protos and Zerg, however, I am sure that will just lead to an expansion pack in a year or so. Overall, exactly what I was expecting and more.

Well worth the money.
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on September 18, 2010
I spent many hours playing the original StarCraft and making custom maps. It is one of my favorite games of all time, just so you know where I am coming from. (I have several other games on my all-time list, and when the sequels for them came out, they disappointed terribly. Somebody gets the bright idea of taking a fantastic game, and then changing it drastically. Lords of the Realm III, anyone? Why change what was a smashing success?)

That said, StarCraft 2 totally blew away the original. Not only did Blizzard stay true to the original story/gameplay/style, they changed juuuuust enough to make it interesting all over again, only with an awesome story and smashing graphics.

I cannot rave about the story enough. Engrossing, well-developed storylines are rare enough in computer games, but this was a stunning work. The characters are fleshed out very thoroughly, and are well tied into the universe (read Heaven's Devils, for example). PLEASE NOTE: When I reached the ending of the game, I was disappointed. Something one of the characters did seemed out of character. It actually made me mad, because I am fond of that character. If this happens to you, GO BACK THROUGH the cinematics and game. Not only was the ending in-character, it was thoroughly grounded in the storyline all the way through. Pay attention to what each of the characters knows when, and what they have each been through. It was a BRILLIANT piece of writing and character development. Absolutely the best! And the play style is set up to keep you focused on WHY you are doing each mission, WHY it is important. You don't just play the mission to win the mission or "level up"--you play it because you care about the characters.

Take your time going through the game. There are tons of cool conversations and hidden things that are simply awesome. Check the jukebox out for the L800ETC song, for example, or find the flying outhouse, or find the Tauren Marine. :D

The level editor, I admit I haven't tested since the Beta. The beta level editor was insanely powerful, but with a steep learning curve. Dabblers should stick to basic map editing, but advanced users . . . prepare to dive in!

As for the Collector's addition, it is totally worth the extra price. Read the items listed. The book of artwork alone is almost worth the price difference, and the USB drive is AWESOME (you must plug it in for the full effect).

My one complaint is the lack of LAN support . . . I don't feel cutting it out was necessary for anti-piracy. They COULD have done SOMETHING different to allow the multiplayer to be played without the internet and still kept their security.
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on September 12, 2010
Blizzard did not stray too far from the norm. Its much like an HD Version of the Starcraft we know and love, with new units and some tweaks.

In between single player campaign missions there are very entertaining point and click style interactions with your allied characters, and sometimes you even get to choose which way the story goes based on your decisions. This is a real cool and new method for the series of creating an immersive feel in the story. The story itself is an amazing continuation of the Star Craft/Star Craft: Brood War story. Primarily following Jim Raynor and his battle against the Terran Dominion and the forces of the Zerg Swarm, in an effort to save or destroy his mutant girlfriend. Crazy stuff.

In the multi player there is a practice league in which you can get a hang of the game before your official statistics are taken, so losses don't mean anything. The only downfall of this is some really experienced players are real jerks and will leave you if you don't know what you are doing. But at very least this only makes one of your unranked matches a loss. Won't dock points for the unfortunate fact that many players playing team games don't want to bother with teamwork. That's what you get for playing with people. Hahaha.

As for the multiplayer game itself, it is an excellent game of strategy and is quite awesome. Again it is a lot like the first two games, which if you haven't played them, that's okay as this is a review of the collectors edition, and the collectors edition comes with the first two games anyway, which while they are a bit dated, are EXTREMELY great classic games.

I do worry about just how much Blizzard will mess around with the multiplayer as time goes by in that it will become like their game World of Warcraft in the sense that they will never stop "balancing" it and making it so you have to relearn to play the game every patch that comes out. In fact the first patch is already making Battlecruisers and Siege Tanks less effective. That sort of thing is why I rarely play World of Warcraft online anymore. They never seem to settle with something and let people just learn it and be happy with it. They have to keep changing it and it makes it so it becomes harder to figure out what effective strategies in a game are, because they keep changing what the effective strategies are!

However I won't dock any points for what is probably going to happen, as this is an excellent game, both in single player and multiplayer.
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on September 28, 2010
This game was a BDAY present for my son (16) who is a fan and has been playing & collecting Blizzard games for years Diablo, WarCraft & StarCraft.
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on July 28, 2010
This game is fantastic. It has great single player, great multiplayer, and the kind of depth that should keep players entertained for years to come. Blizzard has made another classic.

Does the game lack simple Battle.net features that Blizzard pioneered 13 years ago (and should have had)? Yes. Does the game lack LAN support (when it should have included it)? Yes. But, even without those features, the rest of what this game has to offer us makes it simply amazing. (People need to weigh the value of a game on the basis of everything it provides and not get overly focused on one issue or another.)
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on September 25, 2010
After 12 years, I suffered no day and no night again. An greatest RTS game in recent years, BattleNet 2.0 enhanced game feather -- especially for WoW player. But, for a hardware monster, it's a serious disadvantage without AA controling.
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