Customer Reviews: Starcrossed
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on May 31, 2011
Helen has always tried to hide her differences and knows that her face holds a beauty like no other, yet instead of this being a asset in her eyes, she finds it be a major flaw as it draws attention to herself. She is painfully shy, to the point where she experiences horrendous pains whenever any attention is drawn to her. When she starts having nightmares that come to life as well as startling visions of three screaming women who cry tears of blood she knows that she won't be able to hide her true self much longer. To make matters worse those three women go into an absolute fury driving Helen with the need to kill whenever she runs into one of the Delos teens, especially Lucas. What Helen doesn't know is that the fates have ensured that these two will replay the roles of one of the greatest tragedies of all time, destined to be star crossed lovers with the highest stakes imaginable.

I've always loved anything to do with Greek mythology, especially books that turn the myth into reality in a modern setting. Starcrossed does exactly this. However, what is different is that it paints the gods as petulant beings that no longer have a role in human's lives. Well, as long as the demigods keep their end of the bargain that is. This was a really interesting twist on the typical mythology story, and made Starcrossed really stand out from the crowd. The idea of fated roles is really intriguing, especially since there is still the possibility that the characters could potentially find a way around that destiny and choose their own paths.

This may seem to be a little funny, but I couldn't help but be a little frustrated at the major roadblocks standing in the way between Lucas and Helen, especially considering the title. I knew before I even started reading that things would be rough between them, perhaps their love being forbidden but not by insurmountable odds. Of course that thought got quickly put out of my mind once things started to be revealed. Considering how sweet things were between the two of them and how much their heartache sucked me in, I really hope that they find some way to overcome those obstacles so they can be together. As Lucas points out, never say never, as the gods like to torment those who use absolutes.

The best thing about Starcrossed is that while you are kept in plenty of suspense to keep you sucked in, you are also given just the right amount of information to ensure that you never get overwhelmed or frustrated from a lack of information. This can be a hard balance to find, but Starcrossed does it perfectly. I'm really eager to see what happens next as there was a twist at the ends that can only spell trouble for the future. All in all Starcrossed was a really great read, that may have been a little slow to build at first, but it never once lost my attention. Prepared to be sucked in from almost the start and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to read this one as you won't be able to put it down. Definitely a fantastic debut that you won't want to miss if you are a fan of mythology in the YA genre.
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on July 11, 2011
I love Greek mythology so when I read the review on "Starcrossed", I knew I had to get it and it does not disappoint! Helen of Troy, Paris, Ajax, Daphne, Hector, Fates and the three Furies; they are all here from the Trojan War and the romance, whew! FABULOUS!

Helen knows she is not normal. She can run extremely fast and is incredibly strong. Her mother left her when she was a baby and she has been raised on the island of Nantucket by her father these last 17 years. Her best friend is Clair, an oriental smart mouth who suspects Helen is not normal, but loves her anyway.

The Delos family moves to Nantucket and Helen's visions of three sobbing girls with bloody feet drive her to attack Lucas, one of the brothers. He is able to stop her from killing him, so she realizes his family is different like she is. Struggling to overcome their desires to kill each other, Helen saves Lucas after he has saved her from falling after flying, and the desire to kill each other is over. The blood-curse is broken. Now they can't stay apart from each; other only their romance is forbidden because if they are ever together, a war would break out similar to the Trojan War, and lots of people would die.

Helen and the Delos family are demigods who are controlled by the Furies and Fate which cannot be thwarted. All the demigods of the four houses of Zeus are cursed to relive the errors of their predecessors whom they are named after. Starcrossed lovers are doomed since the Trojan War to relive the tragedy of never being able to be together. Helen and Lucas are no different but they are determined to fight Fate or at least find an end to the curse.

This was a well written story, especially near the end when wall the action and adventure was happening at once. It apparently is a trilogy because the mystery is not solved nor all the questions answered in the end. "Starcrossed" reminds me of "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare with the relationship between the main characters being forbidden despite their huge attraction for each other. I will definitely be buying the sequel when it comes out. This was an exciting adventure to read and I highly recommend it.

Would I/Did I buy it? Yes
Would I read it again? Yes
Would I recommend it to friends? Yes
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on September 4, 2013
Overall, I have heard really good things about this series and decided I should give it a try since the third book just came out this year. I also really like stories incorporating mythology, which this one does. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but this book met those expectations in some ways and not in others.

I really love the relationships in this book. I liked Helen's relationship with her father, her relationship with her best friend, and her very volatile relationship with Lucas and the Delos family. I also liked each of the Delos' family relationships. It's always interesting to me to see different family dynamics. It was a little Twilightesque how the Delos family moved in and were introduced into the story, but maybe that just couldn't be helped.

The way Helen really hated Lucas in the beginning came off a little strong to me. Maybe some of what bothered me initially was that I really dislike it when an individual's choice or behavior is out of their control. I don't think that ever is the case in real life (yes we are forced toward certain decisions by circumstances and whatnot at times, but we still have our will intact for the most part). The situations like this in the book were a little too over-the-top for me in that regard.

Once Helen doesn't hate Lucas anymore, I rather enjoyed the story. There are several discoveries and other things going on. There's also a undertone of danger, which keeps the story moving at a good pace. Then Helen meets someone from her past and things change again. I didn't like what this someone tells Helen and Lucas, especially since I saw right through it. I've seen this before in another series and I didn't like it then either (do you know which series I'm referring to?). There is also quite a bit of drama (I think I was in a mood not to read about teenage drama when I read this), which I normally can only take so much of.

I will say that overall I did enjoy reading this and am planning on finishing out the series to find out what happens. I'm hoping that I will like the next two books much more.

Content: Pretty much clean, except for some innuendo.
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on November 11, 2011
Wow, what a fantastic book this was. I loved every minute of it. It had my interest from the first page and kept me intrigued til the last!! I could not put it down!! I found myself trying to sneak time to read it as often as I could.

I loved the romance story in it. When we finally see the boy Helen falls for, her first reaction is to kill him. It was weaved into the story so easily. It wasn't love at first site or they didn't get all over in love within a few pages and drive me crazy.

This book has been on my brain ever since I started it. I keep going over it in my head. It was just awesomesauce!! Trust me when I tell you are for sure going to want to read this book! And soon! It is going to be very hard waiting for the next one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 31, 2011
Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini follows Helen a girl who has always tried to hide who she is. When a new family moves to the island of Nantucket where she lives everyone is intrigued. However when Helen sees one of the boys in the hallway at school she sees sirens who make her have an uncontrollable desire to attack and kill him. The story continues with star crossed lovers, godly powers and a blood feud that has gone on for generations.

It took me a while to get through this book and I put it down several times. It is very long and reads very slow. Each section of the plot seemed to be to long from the introduction of the main character to the ending that went on to long. The plot was original and the characters likeable enough that had the book been edited tighter so that it was a quicker read I would have loved this book. However, instead I felt like I was plodding through the story waiting for the storyline to move along and for something to happen.

Appropriateness: This book was fairly clean. While the main character did have a boy stay in her room overnight it was clear that all they did was cuddle and there wasn't much kissing. There was no substance abuse or excessive violence. I recommend this book to teens 13+ who enjoy paranormal romance.
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on December 15, 2014

Unpopular opinion alert!

I have to admit, if I hadn’t read as much YA before taking on this book, then I would have definitely taken it more lightly and even liked the book, as it however stands, this was a compilation of clichés and plot devices that have slowly and steadily appeared on my “avoid at all costs” list. There was no love triangle – yet – but everything else I try to steer clear of was represented. So, I’m probably more harsher than I should be, but I can’t lie to myself.

Same old same old, is what comes to mind first. So let’s start with some of the aspects that didn’t have me singing for joy:

Helen, the heroine, was so gorgeous, but of course, didn’t see herself as this goddess, she was so over powerful that it was boring, but still needed constant protection and whined when she needed to train, and she was simply dull with a side dish of mopey, weird (the non-cute kind), insecure, childish and Mary Sue. How can a character, if we look at her stats: descendant of gods, awesome powers, dazzling looks, endless capabilities, such history and potential – be such a blob? She was the worse kind of special snowflake, a mixture of all the YA heroines I’m not fond of.

Insta love is a device that needs to disappear or at least be believable and try to come across slightly natural. In this case, I felt that it was too rushed and left me asking “Uh? When? What? How?” The romance, having started with such cliche-ness, I felt there was only one step from hating to endless love, no actual development and it didn’t leave space for the most important component, which is chemistry. There were some adorable moments between Lucas and Helen, I won’t deny that, but the overall atmosphere and course of their relationship wasn’t entirely original or exciting.

The we-are-siblings-and-thus-can’t-be-together-but-actually-aren’t trope needs to be buried deep deep underground. It just aids in stalling the plot and encourages love triangles. Also, adding here the we-shouldn’t-be-together-because-it-means-the-end-of-the-world is just too much for me to bear.

Please let’s also stop with the annoying, overly opinionated and obtrusive best friends, Claire was a wacko.

It’s not all bad though, there were some aspects that were quite intriguing, but were overshadowed by the bothersome stuff:

The overall plot and backstory of the book was actually quite decent and a fresh take on Greek mythology. Even me, who knows her Greek gods, goddesses and legends, and thus, is prone to read everything related to it, hasn’t encountered anything overly similar in other stories in regards to what aim and form the mythology took in this book. Then again, nothing really surprised me and I figured out several things before they, I'm guessing, were meant to be revealed.

I actually grew really fond of Hector. He seemed to be the only voice of reason, didn’t hesitate to act or tell things how they were and seemed to be the only one who actually DID something when needed. Pluss, his fate is quite intriguing and I hope I wasn’t the only one who saw potential in the end with him and “her”…

I quite liked the huge family dynamics and the big cast of characters as well.


The idea had potential and the whole plot was so promising, but what can you do when annoying clichés dominate and the redeeming factors are scarce. I know that this is a very popular series and I’m in the minority, but I have to be honest, this book wasn’t for me.
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This book is simply Unputdownable. I breezed through it and not because it was some flimsy, no sustenance book (it is DEFINITELY not that!) but because it was beautiful written and once I read the first couple of pages I knew that this was going to be great.

I was a humanities major in college and after taking a "super senior" year, let me tell you..I had my fair share of English classes. (And yes for the most part I paid attention.) I recognized all the ancient stories/characters/references that were going on while I was reading this book and the way that they are all interwoven with some unique aspects from Ms. Angelini was nothing less than brilliant. Is this a "modern retelling"? Yes and no. It isn't picking up an ancient story and just placing it in modern times - it is so much more than that. I feel like she used these literary characters as a guide and then really made them her own.

And oh, her characters. How Hector stole my heart. He might be seen as a minor character but I just loved him. A true family man.

496 Pages and it was still not enough for me! I wanted to keep reading and reading! I loved the way this book ended though. Some people might think it's a cliffhanger but I think it was the perfect stopping point for the first book. Dreamless is set to be released sometime in 2012. Who else can we expect to see from the House of Thebes?
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on June 21, 2011
I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the initial concept of star crossed lovers and Greek mythology. It's a good book, well written, characters that are well developed, but I could not help but feel a sense of déjà vu as I read it, hadn't I read this before?

As much as I dislike reviews that rely too heavily on comparisons to other works, this book just had too many elements that were similar to Twilight. Helen and Lucas are drawn to each and yet want to kill each other and they end up in a relationship with physical limitations which cause Helen to have some self esteem concerns. Lucas is amazingly handsome, has a big loving family, some members who are standoffish, etc. It's hard to not draw the Twilight comparison when there are so many characters and scenes that seem so closely related. In fact, I would be more able to dismiss the similarities to Twilight if Helen's best friend didn't make vampire comments and vampire cracks.

There was a twist added in that's rather unTwilight but even that sounded familiar as it was a plot device that Cassandra Clare knocked my socks off with in City of Bones. However, where Clare employed that plot device to draw out tension, this one was used so offhandedly and the reader is let off the hook so soon, it almost made me question why it was used.

The elements of Greek mythology were rather bent to serve the author's purpose which is fine, but a little frustrating for any mythology buffs. Several times I found my suspension of disbelief interrupted when I read something mythology related and I thought - "wait, that's not right."

All in all, while I commend the author's overall writing style, I would love to see it employed in a work that seems more original and more reflective of her own voice than this one seemed. I'll be reading the next book hoping to see that.
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on June 20, 2011
4.5 Stars
I'm a Greek mythology fanatic..okay maybe fanatic is too strong of a term but I do adore Greek mythology. So when I first heard of Starcrossed I just knew I had to buy it. I am so glad I was not disappointed, this book was just downright amazing. Starcrossed lovers destined to kill each other..what's not to love.

I do have to admit I did like but not love Helen, although I do have a feeling she will grow on me especially with those badass powers that she has.

As for Lucas Delos the hottie in Starcrossed he is caring, very protective along with a slight jealous streak. He is also very conflicted since he knows what would happen if him and Helen ever got together. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

All the characters including the secondary were all very well developed. And each of them helped move along the plot, without seeming like fillers.

Starcrossed does end with a cliffhanger, which has me eagerly waiting for Dreamless the second in the series.

Also if you haven't heard by now this is nearly a 500 page book. I usually shy away from such "big" books since I feel like the bigger the book the longer it takes for things to develop and the plot usually moves at a snails pace. This was not the case with Starcrossed At ALL!!! I finished this within two days, it would have been a day if sleep wasn't something our bodies required.

I highly recommend this book if you haven't read it.
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on May 31, 2011
Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely love Greek mythology. I've been working with a few ideas for my own book that has that element to it. So when I received this book for review I was more than excited. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.
From the first pages, I liked Helen. Her character is real and easily related too. Same goes for her best friend Claire. Their relationship reminds me of my own best friend and the way we are. I could relate to a few of those conversations. Then, enter the Delos family. Anyone know of a Lucas they can share with me? I loved every member of that family. Their dynamics, relationships, and wit made me laugh out loud more than once. When Lucas and Helen finally become friends, it's amazing. Their relationship is complicated and hard, but also beautiful. I don't even know how to describe what goes on between those two. You're just going to have to read it. :)
I loved every character in this book. They're all so fun and real while being supernatural. I stayed up for two nights trying to finish this book. Its such a beautiful adaptation of Greek mythology into modern day storyline. Josephine grips you in a tale that is too much for words! Haunting, exploding, and absolutely breathtaking. I honestly cannot say more about this book without being spoiler-y. I cannot wait to see what happens next!
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