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on April 9, 2012
I admit it, for years I was too cheap to buy an apple peeler because I only make a few apple pies a year. I figured a paring knife did the job well enough for the amount of times I needed to peel them. Then this past fall came along and we had so many apple picking outings that I decided to make a lot of apple sauce. That's when I caved to the allure of another kitchen doohickey. All I can say is I should have caved sooner.

This toy looking gadget peels the apples incredibly fast. The down side to this is that I am making more apple pies then ever before and my husband says he is getting fat. I decided on this one because of the reviews and the price, and I'm really glad I took a chance on it. The peeler comes with three blades so it should last a good long while. When it is done peeling, there is only a tiny bit of skin left near the very top and bottom. As you can see from the product picture the skin that comes off is wider than the ones done from typical peelers. I prefer the wider skin because they are tastier to eat and they are great for use in candied apple peels.

The down side to this product is that the peeler looks like a child's toy and the core slicer that comes with it is on the cheap side and doesn't work well. I prefer to cut up the apple with a knife anyway, because I prefer large chunks of apples in my pies.

The handle of the unit comes off so that the peeler stores in a smaller box. Don't forget to save the plastic caps that sit on the spikes and on the blades for safer storage. Have fun baking and feel free to leave a recipe in the comments section so I have an excuse to peel more apples, my kids fight over who gets to turn the handle so I'm always looking for another use for peeled apples.

Edited to add: I uploaded a video of my oldest using the peeler, it's actually easier than he made it look - I think he was nervous being on camera. As you can see my middle guy is just insane - but in a good way.
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on September 14, 2017
I absolutely love this apple peeler. It does a great job of peeling apples REALLY quickly and with minimal effort. You just spin the handle and the blade moves across the apple, peeling it in seconds. The peels are pretty wide and very thin, taking very little of the inner apple with the peel. Because of the multiple vertical prongs that hold the apples in place, all you have to do is plunk them down on them and it stays put. You don't need to apply any pressure to the machine which makes it really easy to use.

This is fairly small for a peeling device, which makes it really easy to store and also pretty portable if you need to take it on a trip. You can pop the handle off to make it more square, and both the cutting blade and the apple-holding prongs have plastic covers for safe storage. I recently took this on a camping trip to make some crockpot apples for dessert one night.

This machine peels the apples so quickly and efficiently and is super mesmerizing to watch. The people I was camping with were all super impressed with it, and I think I got more comments about how cool the peeler was than on the actual dessert I made. I peeled over fifty apples in probably about fifteen minutes. We also tried a pear but it didn't work well... the pear was super soft, and this device needs a firmer cored fruit to keep it in place. Firm pairs might work, though.

The suction cup feet do a pretty good job, but you have to make sure your surface is really dry and flat or it won't stay put quite as nicely and makes it a little harder to peel the apples.

I did notice that depending on the size and shape of the apples, this peeler does miss some skin near the very top and bottom around the core. I use an apple corer/wedge slicer, and it just cuts this little bit out anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me, but some people may find that they don't like this tiny strip of skin left on their apples.

Overall, I highly recommend this, and actually did recommend it to the people I was camping with (though I think it spoke for itself as they watched me use it!) It's a really useful and easy-to-use device and definitely worth its small pricetag.
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on February 27, 2016
I am so happy I have this apple peeler!!!! I use it at least every other day. It is extremely easy to clean, easy to replace the blades, easy to use, and lightweight. It looks like a cheap plastic product that won't work well and will break quickly, but NONE of that is true! It is made out of a durable plastic and the moving parts are thick enough to not be in danger of breaking. I think the only way you could actually easily damage it is if it falls onto a tile floor. I'm not going to test that out though.
I like to bake with apples and this peeler makes the peeling process super easy and take hardly any time at all.

Product reviews posted on Amazon help me tremendously in making my shopping decisions. I hope providing my reviews of the product experiences does the same for others. :)

I am not afraid to leave negative feedback when warranted. At the same time, I always consider how the product is advertised, price range, and what it’s intended purposes are. I put thought into the ratings I give.
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on December 7, 2016
What a handy device! I have an apple peeling device that has been in use for generations. I prefer this Starfrit (what's with this name, though?) as the peel is much wider and shallower in cut. It is much faster than the previous device by far. And I ensnared hubby to help me with my apple pie production because it looks so like a toy and he actually liked helping although he was constantly elbowing me out of the way. It's MY toy, after all.

And speaking of toy, I would definitely keep children away from this. The interior shows through the clear plastic casing making it a very attractive little piece of equipment. So let the kiddies stand and watch the gears operate and the slicer move but warn them of that surgical blade that can take a finger off!

One more thing. The coring/slicing item that comes with it isn't as good as some others on the market. There's a slicer/corer for about ten dollars that makes twice as many slices and has a panel that snaps the apple pieces right out. And the slices are more appropriately thin for pies. I strongly recommend this!
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on June 3, 2016
You've seen the infomercials and commercials that show people doing average daily things like for example peeling a potato, and they're so incompetent that they dropped the potato and they get potato peel all over the place. Well, that's me when I'm peeling a potato or an apple. Especially apples.

I've been making applesauce a lot more than I normally do, and peeling apples with a regular potato peeler is difficult. I wanted one of these for years but I thought they were harder and took too much of the Apple with the peel. I'm glad that I found this. It literally takes 2 or 3 seconds to peel an apple and it barely takes any of the Apple. I looked at the peel and it's mostly just skin and a very tiny amount of the Apple. I love that. I'll be making applesauce a lot more often now that I have this.

I'm making apple butter for the first time using 20 apples. Can you imagine me trying to peel 20 apples with a potato peeler? It literally only took me 5 minutes to peel 20 apples. This is probably the best $10 I've ever spent.

Maybe now that I have this I'll start baking Apple pies. Mmmm pie.
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on November 24, 2016
This is fun to use. I bought another peeler from Amazon several years ago and found it just too complicated for me. My husband is a carpenter and has used lathes in the past. That one was right up his alley. When I used it, it peeled most of the apple away. The Starfit was great! A snap to use and easy to clean. My dogs loved the long peel too. I was able to peel 10 Golden Delicous Apples for my Thanksgiving pie in about 5 minutes and it was fun. It reminds me of a circus ride watching that little blade go round and round and swing up out of the way so that I could change the apple. Then I used the enclosed slicer and corer and whalla...a peeled, sliced and cored apple. Happy Holidays. ps tomorrow I may try it on potatoes. I have a lot of them to do too!
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on May 4, 2015
I read about this and so glad I got it instead of one of the "regular" vintage kind of peeler that takes off a half inch of flesh with the peel. This peeler is totally magical. I should really post videos and pictures sometime of an apple canning fest we had one winter. We shook a local tree in an old orchard with a tarp underneath it. The apples were tiny, completely irregular, and because of the method of collection, all bruised. This peeler made light work of the whole mess and was a blast for my son to help. Last summer we moved cross country and only brought with us a 5x8 trailer. This peeler was in the 10% of our stuff that proved itself gorgeous, useful or loved enough to merit making the trip. At some point after arrival we set out to make apple pie, and I panicked not being able to find the peeler! It was going to take another trip to the store to make a pie with what we could get out of the apples we had if we had to peel them lose so much apple that way! The naughty peeler had been hiding in the garage and what a relief it was when we found her! She now lives in the kitchen where she always belonged. So we have our pie and our peeler too.
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on December 5, 2015
This does a great job of efficiently peeling apples despite looking like a toy. I think it makes this process fun for kids because they can watch the gears turn as they peel the apples. The peeler comes with a corer and 3 clip-on blades. I typically do a thorough rinse in the sink under running water to clean but have thrown in top rack of dishwasher to clean and it did fine -- it just leaves trace water in the device that would require several hours to dry out before putting device back in storage. The blades stay sharp for years. I peel about 12-20lbs of apples a year and owned one like this for 5 yrs without needing to change the blade. It broke when I dropped it on a tiled floor tho.

I had the metal lever-suction-type apple peelers that suction to the countertop with one black suction cup but the suction cup on those comes loose early on and this option served me very well as a reliable replacement.
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on November 5, 2014
I kinda love this thing! I've apparently had it for almost 6 years (Amazon just told me I bought it in December of 2008). I only use it once or twice a year, but when I use it, I do use it! I made 22 jars of applesauce a few days ago, which involved quite a few apples. I get cheap apples that are often blemished, and some of them have issues where the blade get stuck because they're not round enough -- flipping the apple over and peeling from the other end often offers quick fix. As others have mentioned, it does kinda feel like a toy, but I rather like that. My 4-year-old wanted to help with peeling this year (last year she pretty bored with washing all the apples...). I was a little apprehensive because of the sharp prongs, and sometimes I had to help her center the apples on, but she enjoyed making "apple spaghetti" of the peels and was careful enough with the prongs that we had no issues, just fun!

I have had to replace the slicer that came with it as it got too dull to slice easily. Ultimately, I'm removing one star because it doesn't get the bottoms of the apples as well as I'd like, which means there's a tough piece of peel left on the bottom that the slicers can't really handle. It gets the top enough, but not the bottoms.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised at how well and quickly this thing peels. I'm pretty sure I'm still using the original blade, and it might even do a better job with a new one.
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on June 27, 2017
This is one of the coolest, easiest to use gadget I have ever purchased. If you hate peeling like I do this is for you!. I was making a recipe for some muffins that called for four cups of grated apples and I didn't want to peel them etc.I had originally bought this back in the fall to make some applesauce and ended up not doing it. So I got this out it took me like 2 minutes to figure out how it worked (super easy) and walla I think I peeled four or five apples in like 2 minutes. It was easy to clean up and store back in the box. I will definitely be using this alot! I just wished it did more things than apples, maybe like potatoes and/or carrots. So if you are hesitating to buy this little gem just get it cause it will do the trick.
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