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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 31, 2016
This show is really fun Sci Fi.

It's got comedy from Jack as he handles tough situations with grace and jokes. It's got drama. It's got action. It's just good all around entertainment.

I didn't watch this show when it originally aired. I am seeing it for the first time now, in 2016. That's significant because there have been a lot of changes in television over the past 15 years that could have easily made this 1990's show outdated and unwatchable. Namely the advent of HDTV. Sci Fi in HD is a different experience than Sci Fi in standard definition.

I am happy to say that Stargate SG-1 works despite being a 4:3 aspect ratio (bars on the sides) standard definition presentation. The thing about sci fi is that everything centers around a good story. If you have a good story, older special effects don't matter. That's why the original Star Trek series is still watchable despite the low quality effects and Shatner's acting.

SG1 is a great story. It's fun. It's entertaining. And it takes Gene Roddenberry's approach to sci fi, which is that the story should be about the people, not about the science. The science should be a plot element, not the entire story. That's what made Star Trek work, and it's what makes SG1 work. SG-1 goes pretty light on actual science with all the spaceships that look like Egyptian pyramids, for example. But that makes the story fun.

Each episode is about the people interacting with other species or other branches of humanity. The result is that the cast learns about itself and what it means to be human. Just like Star Trek had Spock and Data and 7 of 9 type characters who were emotionless people that served to highlight the humanity in the rest of the cast, Stargate has T'ealc who's character serves a similar purpose.

It's a very entertaining show and you don't have to have enjoyed it when it originally aired to pick it up and start liking it now.

Watching it on the Amazon FireStick I find the video quality to be good. Again, it's standard definition. There is nothing they can do to increase the resolution. But the color depth is good. The clarity is good for SD.
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This is definitely an all time great sci-fi series, with its unique blend of science and Egyptian, as well as Norse, mythology. It is definitely a creative triumph and kept the viewer riveted season after season. Coupled with a great ensemble of actors whose characters mesh seamlessly, along with intriguing plots, it is little wonder that this series was able to stay the course for ten amazing seasons.

Season six wrought many changes, as Michael Shanks went on hiatus, causing his character, that of Dr. Daniel Jackson, to miss most of the season, for reasons defined in season five. Instead, the character Jonas Quinn, played by Corin Nemec and previously introduced in season five, would play an expanded role, in effect filling the void created by the absence, for the most part, of Dr. Daniel Jackson. While some viewers had a problem with this, I did not, though it changed the dynamics on the Star gate SG-1 team, as the character of Jonas Quinn is quite different from that of Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Notwithstanding this major change, season six still rocked, and I was riveted from beginning to end. It was interesting to see that the insidious Replicators were still on the loose in the galaxy and creating havoc. Some things never change. All I can say is that I am hooked and binge watching season after season.
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on September 11, 2016
I love it except I really miss Dr. Jackson. However, Jonas Quinn is a good substitute, but he'll never have the rapport that Col. O'Neill had with Daniel. Good stores this season, especially with NID Col. Maybourne and seeing John de Lancie again is always a treat since he was "Q" from Star Trek NG and I loved his character there as well.
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on July 15, 2016
Great show. Problem is Amazon Prime Video. I keep getting interrupted by a Internet Connection Error that says it cannot connect to Amazon Video and to Contact Amazon Customer Service. Problem is I can't find a number to call Amazon Customer Service. This has been an ongoing problem with using Amazon Prime Video. Isn't it about time you get this problem fixed AMAZON!!!!!
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on October 20, 2016
What's not to like? SG-1 is a great escape back to the early days of computers and cell phones...Oh yeah and then there's that traveling to other alien worlds and stuff. Seriously though, I think it's nice to see old shows like this. However, the question is...Where are the actors now? They should do a reunion show. Yes, even Dr. Daniel Jackson in his new form of being. Maybe this time Jonas can ask Dr Jackson questions he didn't understand about Dr. Jackson's work and O'Neil and Carter can finally get married (after an Ori attack of course), T'ealc and his son find piece and T marries Dr. Fraiser. Heck who doesn't want to see Terry Rothel again. She's gorgeous (from my perspective anyway)! Yup, a reunion show is due out.
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on May 11, 2015
I bought this instead of the 10-season set because (a) it was cheaper to buy each season separately and (b) there were reviews of the 10-season set complaining of poorly manufactured disc retainers allowing the discs to be loose and scratched during shipping. The individual season sets do not suffer from this issue.

I loved all 10 seasons of this series, and have enjoyed many episodes more than once, so it was only logical to purchase the entire set to watch again in the future. It's an excellent sci-fi series with immersive plot arcs embedded across the series combined with well-done, entertaining individual episode plots that are easily able to stand on their own. The characters and the story are equally compelling, due to both quality writing and great acting.

If I could make one change about the series, I would have kept Richard Dean Anderson's character in a more prominent role throughout, but I recognize that actors sometimes have to move on. While Ben Browder took some getting used to (mostly just because I missed Anderson's presence), he filled his role well and the series continued to thrive as a result.
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on September 24, 2013
Stargate SG1 is a brilliant series. Television has not seen its like before or after. Just the right combination of action, humor, heroism, character depth and interplay, along with imagination that is out the kazoo. Richard Dean Anderson MAKES the series so when he takes a hiatus starting some in Season 7 and 8, and definitely in Seasons 9 and 10, it makes you long for the earlier years of the series - including Season 6. (RDA wanted to work less so he could be with his young daughter). But the first 8 seasons are all terrific. Season 9 and 10 need Anderson.

Season 6 includes one of the best episodes of the entire 8 year series, Abyss. It is about Jack O'Neill captured by the evil Ba'al who torments him and kills him and revives him over and over in the sarcophagus. But what makes it special is Daniel Jackson, played by Michael Shanks, who returns in a "snippet" role trying to help Col. O'Neill get through the harsh time in which he finds himself. Daniel Jackson is "ascended" so he has "rules" as to how much or how little he can help anyone.

Let's just say it's a great episode. Others in this season are also well done: Descent, Frozen, the Other Guys, Smoke and Mirrors, Paradise Lost, Full Circle - just to name a few of the really good episodes in Season 6.

Stargate SG1 never gets old. Wish it could have been followed up with a movie. RDA and his cast needed to continue to be on screen. Maybe one day.......
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on December 3, 2015
I got hooked on this show from the original movie and have enjoyed the series ever since. I like the cast, I think they work well together. The stories are good gaining both friends and enemies and they contain heading toward the "Lost City". I only got to watch the first two seasons when it originally aired. Then years of catching sindicated shows (not always in order). So it has been good for me to go through the whole show.
I am almost through season 7 which will then open me up to SG Atlantis, so I'll have two shows to watch. I love this Amazon set-up.
these are just two shows of how many that I want to watch? I have years of enjoyment and with retirement not far off...
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on April 3, 2015
Too much of Jack O'Neill being the "hero", although he acts like such a jerk most of the time. You would think after awhile he would actually improve, because he does in some episodes, but then the next episode he goes back to being a jerk. I got tired of seeing his face all the time as a close-up and wanted more from the other characters.
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on May 5, 2016
I used to really like Daniel Jackson, and truly, he was a valuable member to the team. But really, I was so glad to have a break from Daniel dying every few episodes. Jonas Quinn is a fantastic addition to team and has a good quality of judgement that Dr. Jackson, despite moral rhetoric, would often be lacking (such as when he tried to take over the world when he had the knowledge of the goa'uld, as seen in his vision from the Harsesis).
This is my 3rd time watching the SG1 series, and I am always ELATED when I get to season 6. Great season!
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