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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 27, 2015
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, baking bread, and using my meat slicer to slice my own lunchmeats from roasts, so having cut resistant gloves is important to me. I have a pair of latex coated Kevlar cut resistant gloves but they're way too cumbersome and ill fitting to be able to grasp items very well while wearing them, so I decided to give these Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves a try.

I ordered a size medium and they fit my hand like they were made for me so that helped me be able to do delicate knife work and other tasks while wearing them. I like the fact that they're made of an anti-bacterial blend to help me maintain sanitation when handling foods. The manufacturer states that they're rated via the European testing method (CEN's EN388) at Level 5 Protection which would be good because I would be using them when slicing foods with my meat slicer from time to time.

Not taking anything for granted, however, I laid them on my cutting board and proceeded to try to cut into them by slicing them across the palm with my Wusthof Classic Chef's knife. It didn't cut them no matter how hard I applied pressure and sawed at them. Good!

So then I got braver and put them on and applied careful, then a but more pressure trying to slice across my palm while wearing them with the same chef's knife. It did not cut through the material (WHEW!!!).

Then I took a look at the product's reviews here on Amazon and found one from April 13, 2015 where the individual stated that he tested the gloves by inserting "a wooden spoon handle in the finger hole", then cutting it with a "sharp Swiss-made blade" and the knife sliced right through the glove.

That worried me, so I decided to test that for myself, and inserted a wooden spoon handle into the thumb of one of the gloves and then proceeded to slice it with my sharpest Wusthof filet knife. My knife sliced into the glove immediately opening a hole that you'll see pictured below. I then laid the glove on the cutting board and sliced across the palm with that same filet knife trying to cut the glove - but was unable to cut it. Interesting - my knife cuts through the glove when a solid object is inside the glove but won't cut through the glove without a solid inflexible object inside it.

Then I did some research and discovered that "Gloves that are too tight may be cut more easily, as many of the fibers used for cut resistance use a rolling action to increase cut resistance. When these fibers cannot roll, such as when they are stretched from an ill-fitting or wrongly sized glove, they can “lose” some of their cut resistance." (Cut Resistance: What's In a Level 5 Glove?, EHS Today, Feb 1, 2010 Issue -

So stretching the glove tightly across a hard inflexible object such as a wooden spoon handle is not a valid test of cut resistance at all! Since I was totally unable to cut the gloves using the very same sharp filet knife when I tried cutting at parts that didn't have a wooden spoon in them I feel that is the valid test of these gloves- and they passed with flying colors.

Safety tip from manufacturer: If you’re using sharp tool/object, avoid direct contact and/or stabbing directly with the end points. These gloves are cut-resistent, not stab/punture resistent.

Photo taken by me shows the hole I cut in the finger stuffed with the wooden spoon - and the filet knife that was unable to cut the glove when I properly tested the cut resistance factor. When tested properly I was unable to cut these gloves at all - neither on or off my hand! Five well deserved stars. Item provided at discount for my evaluation - no obligations.
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on October 22, 2015
When I saw these cut resistant gloves, I knew they were something I needed. I was hesitant at first, but I can honestly say these things are amazing! I didn't go out of my way to try to cut myself, but since I've had these, I've had no damage to my hands or fingers. I cook daily, which includes chopping, slicing, and dicing. I use a big, sharp chef knife, so I am almost always drawing blood. This has not happened since I've been wearing these gloves!

The medium-sized gloves fit perfectly--snug, but not too tight. They feel sturdy and are well-made. I also thought they were easy to quickly wash up in the sink after handling raw meat. If you have problems with cutting yourself in the kitchen, I would definitely recommend these gloves!
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on May 23, 2016
They fit like a glove! The fit was perfect for me. I know that's luck but yay me. I was very surprised at how thin and usable they were. I use them for cleaning fish and they help with gripping the slippery fish and bonus, I didn't get nailed by any spines or cut bones! I haven't tried cutting my finger off yet so I cannot attest to their armor ability. They are a soft burlap texture and very absorbent. The instructions say to hand wash them. They do take a bit to clean and my gloves will forever smell like fish.
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on July 27, 2016
I liked that the product is light, fits well, and performs as I expected. I have large hands and sometimes x-large doesn't fit my hands but in this instance they fit great. I had the extra surprise when I saw that it was a pair of gloves. It was my interpretation of the add that only one glove was included.
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on February 22, 2015
I purchased these to allow a more cavalier attitude while using my old Bron mandoline -- the sliding holder makes terrible sounds and only works with a limited range of vegetables. To my surprise, the gloves are great for ordinary cutting. I am a lover of sharp knives and fast cutting; however, I always slow down for the last slices to be more sure about my fingertips. With the glove on the holding hand, I can freely continue at the same pace to the end of the onion in question -- usually without ever touching the glove, but when I do, there are simply no consequences. So far I have rinsed the glove after use and set aside to dry.

I followed the instructions for measuring my hand and selecting a glove size, and it is a tight but quite comfortable fit, with the glove fingertips well conformed to my hand fingertips.
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on February 22, 2016
Works well, not very easy to clean (in my case, after butchering fish), fit snug for me, BUT don't get too excited testing the gloves. I was eager to try them against my sharper knives, and with a good bit of pressure... The knife won. They definitely will stop a misfired fillet knife or slipped chefs knife, but I don't think they'll survive a full on assault...
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on April 30, 2015
Perfect fit for my hands. Have used them several times in the last few weeks. Did not like the odd petroleum odor that was in them, upon opening the package. Put them in the clothes washer with some Tide. Still had a faint petroleum odor. Started using them cutting veggies. Then, washed them in the dishwashing sink and few times. The odor has gone away. I will put them into the clothes washer to get them thoroughly clean. The big plus, No cuts on my fingers and hands anymore, and they fit so well, that they really do not get in the way, while cutting food. The right and left hand glove are identical. So, being right handed, i've got another glove, when the first one wears out. Very glad I made this purchase.
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on August 22, 2016
I always slip a light hospital style glove over the cut resistant glove to keep it clean..after many kitchen mishaps over many years of cooking.these are fantastic.never can be too safe
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on October 22, 2015
I've had my fair share of nicks and cuts in the kitchen and quite frankly, I'm tired of them. I enjoy using good quality, properly sharpened knives but if they so much as touch my skin, I'm bleeding. Ugh. Thank goodness for cut resistant gloves! I had been shopping for a pair when I was able to purchase these at a slight discount to test and review. They work! They stop those accidental slips and glances that previously have resulted in teeny but blood-gushing cuts from reaching your skin. Now I can filet fish and carve pumpkins without worry that any of my ten fingers will go missing!
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on January 5, 2017
I purchased a couple pairs of these for myself and my bud as we butcher our own meat... My buddy was singing praises the first time we used them as he would have cut his fingers at least 3 times! Love them and would HIGHLY recommend a pair if you are a sportsman and do your own meat cutting!
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