Customer Reviews: Starstruck (Extended Edition)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 8, 2010
STARSTRUCK tells a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, and all that jazz. It's a Disney flick that should charm its pre-teen viewers with its dose of wholesome. The two young leads - Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell - carry the load. It's a cinch that the target audience will forgive the cliches peppering this tale of a pop star teen idol struggling for a measure of normalcy in his crazy Hollywood life. Parents ought not to have problems with their kids parking themselves on the couch to watch this film. I've seen worse teen flicks, and STARSTRUCK is actually better than most.

A level-headed teen from Michigan, Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell) has to visit her grandma in Los Angeles, but she's not at all enamored with the holiday trip. Not as gaga, anyway, as her older sister, what's her face, who proclaims herself the number one fan of teen pop sensation Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). But it's Jessica who accidentally bumps into Christopher Wilde, and it's Jessica whom Christopher hangs out with for an evening and a day, as they dodge paparazzis, see the sights, all along squabbling and sniping and inevitably falling for each other. See? Tale as old as whatever...

It takes a lot to impress Jessica, and Christopher's celebrity status and whining about the paparazzis only maker her roll her eyes. But Christopher is a pretty good dude and flashes those blue eyes, and Jessica isn't a robot. But reality steps in, or reality as it is in Hollywood, anyway, and it drives these two apart. Will Christopher, who is so not in control of his life that he can't ever say no to anyone, let a good thing slip away? Jessica just wants him to be honest. It kills her that Christopher is so mired in his larger-than-life existence, so oblivious about the things that really matter. Christopher thinks he's protecting her from the media, plus there's this notion that his being seen hanging out with an ordinary girl would ruin his chances at a movie deal. Both Jessica and Christopher kind of have a point (that is, regarding Christopher's trying to protect Jessica's privacy; the not wanting to be seen with her because of the movie thing is kind of a jerk move). But this is a Disney movie, where sad endings don't exist unless you're a dog with rabies. The story's climax allows our pining protagonists to make up in glorious Disney fashion, and it takes place in a *gasp* high school dance. I know, right? This has absolutely never been done before.

There's a chance that Danielle Campbell may have been just a tad too cranky, but I don't think her witchiness will turn off the audience. She and Knight have a spark together, and this really is what makes this movie so watchable. The songs are whatever, although Sterling does deliver that terrific acoustical performance by the pool at the party. Brandon Mychal Smith, Knight's SONNY WITH A CHANCE co-star, provides some chuckles and dude even raps some and his flow is tight. I'm swayed to rate this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This is the Extended Edition and here's the bonus material that's relevant to the film: the exclusive extended music scene - featuring the song "Got to Believe"; 3 music videos: Sterling Knight's "StarStruck", Anna Margaret's "Something About the Sunshine"; Stubby's "Party Up"; and "Rock Along" - an option on the DVD which allows you to sing along as the song lyrics pop up karaoke-style during the film's musical performances.
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on April 2, 2010
It was quite predictable but very good, mainly because of Christopher Wilde.
It's your typical Ella Enchanted tale: Younger sister has to listen to older sisters rants
about the teenage heartthrob, ends up meeting/falling in love with him, etc, etc, etc.
I'm glad they made it into a movie!!!
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on June 6, 2010
"StarStruck", the latest flick from Disney Channel, is a polished and tween-adjusted product for the hardcore Disney Channel fan base and a perfect film to its target group. While its not the very best original movie that I've seen from Disney Channel, it still makes a decent and passable watch to pass 90 minutes with.

It seems as Disney loves to milk the concept about pop stars connecting with the "real world", something that they've tried on "Hannah Montana", "Camp Rock" and now "Starstruck". Not that the concept is specifically worn out, but it has been used a couple of times to make the concept absent of any surprises or plot twists. "Starstruck" follows the same pattern and delivers a quite predictable story, without any innovative twists and turns (not that its ought to be expected by a TV movie, though). However, despite that and a few unsolved subplots, the film delivers a sincere and sweet love story, which actually works and comes off as believable.

Sterling Knight ("17 Again", "Sonny With a Chance") is spunky and charming as the pop star Christopher Wilde. The beautiful Danielle Campbell is passable in her role as the girl lead, Jessica Olsen and does look distractingly young compared to Knight (according to sources, she was fourteen during the filming). Although she's been given a less compelling part, she does pull some emotional moments quite well. Brandon Mychal Smith ("Phil of the Future", "Sonny With a Chance") is likeable as Chris' friend Stubby, while Maggie Castle is quite convincingly annoying as the Jessica's sister Sara, which is obsessed with Chris Wilde. However, its a pity that the likeable Chelsea Stub ("JONAS") has been given a rather thankless role.

The music, however, is the component on the film which disappoints a bit. Former Disney concepts as "High School Musical", "Hannah Montana" and "Camp Rock" has included catchy and enjoyable songs, the music of "StarStruck" is passable, but rather generic. Perhaps its time for Disney to hire some new songwriters/musicians for their films?

Overall, "StarStruck" may not be the greatest teen movie of all time, but its a cute, watchable movie on its own merit and delivers a cute, emotional love story. Take it for what it is.
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With the success of Disney original movies such as the "High School Musical", "Camp Rock", "Princess Protection Program" and"Wizard of Waverly Place - The Movie", these films have literally been ratings gold for the Disney Channel. And this time around, Disney tries to repeat their TV movie success with "StarStruck" starring "Sonny with a Chance" actor Sterling Knight, "Prison Break" actress Danielle Campbell, "Sonny with a Chance" actor Brandon Mychal Smith and "JONAS" actress Chelsea Staub.

"StarStruck" is directed by Michael Grossman "Dirty Sexy Money", "Zoey 101', "Grey's Anatomy") and a teleplay by Barbara Johns and Annie DeYoung ("Prison Protection Program", "The Ron Clark Story").

The film debut on the Disney Channel in Feb. 2010 and was #1 in its time slot with kids ages 6-11 and tweens ages 19-14 and was the most watched February original movie premiere in total viewers and now the film will be released on DVD via a original edition and an extended edition which comes with the movie soundtrack and also an extended musical scene for the song "Got to Believe".

"StarStruck" revolves around popular pop star Christopher Wilde (played by Sterling Knight). Always constantly stalked by the paparazzi, Christopher is told that if he wants to be in his first Hollywood movie, he has to stop attracting attention from the paparazzi and show that he is serious about his work. The problem is that despite his best friend Stubby (played by Brandon Miychal Smith) trying to keep him out of trouble, his actress girlfriend Alexis (played by Chelsea Staub) loves the attention from the paparazzi and is good at leaking information of locations where she will be spotted with Christopher.

But Christopher's manager parents have ordered him to stay home in order to avoid the paparazzi but with Alexis's birthday party coming up, she's expecting him to show up.

Meanwhile, all the way in Michigan is the Olson family who are planning to visit Los Angeles in order to visit Grandma Olson. Sara (played by Maggie Castle) is the biggest Christopher Wilde fan and her younger sister Jessica could care less about him. But Sara looks at this opportunity to be in Hollywood and meet up with Christopher and get pictures and an autograph for the fan club.

All seems good in Los Angeles as Sara receives information that Christopher will be showing up at Alexis' birthday party and wants to be there but she is forced by her parents to bring her younger sister Jessica along. As Christopher manages to make a quick performance at Alexis' birthday party at the club and avoid the paparazzi, as he is trying to make a quick getaway in the alley, while opening the door, he accidentally knocks Jessica in the head accidentally. Afraid that the paparazzi are after him, he quickly helps Alexis to the doctor and takes her home.

The following day, as Christopher tries to stay away from paparazzi, as Sara and Jessica go to the beach, once again Jessica meets Christopher and because of the paparazzi, must spend the day together and thus Christopher and Jessica spend time together as he shows her all around Los Angeles. But Christopher finds himself attracted to Jessica because she is the first person who is not attracted to his star personality, him being a celebrity and not starstruck at all. And despite not liking Christopher the pop star, she finds herself enjoying time with Christopher Wilde, the normal guy.

But as the two share an outdoor adventure trying to dodge paparazzi, the adventure brings the two together much closers than they ever expected but because she's a normal girl and he is a star, Christopher knows that he can't let the paparazzi invading her privacy and the only way to do that is by hurting her and pretending he never met her. But unbeknownst to both Chris and Jessica, the paparazzi have shot photos of them together already and now Jessica finds out for herself how life is for Christopher when she is stalked by the paparazzi.

As for the "StarStruck" CD soundtrack, the following tracks are included on the CD:

1. StarStruck - Christopher Wilde
2. Shades - Christopher Wilde
3. Hero - Christopher Wilde & Stubby
4. Something About the Sunshine - Christopher Wilde & Anna Margaret
5. What You Mean to Me - Christopher Wilde
6. Party Up - Stubby
7. Got to Believe - Christopher Wilde
8. Hero (Unplugged) - Christopher Wilde & Stubby
9. Something about the Sunshine - Anna Margaret
10. New Boyfriend - Anna Margaret
11. Welcome to Hollywood - Mitchel Musso
12. Make a Movie - Jasmine Sagginario


"StarStruck" is presented in Widescreen (1:78:1). For the most part, picture quality is good for DVD but as expected for a DVD release, you can see a bit of compression and also aliasing. But for the most part, for most young viewers, this is a non-issue for a DVD release.


"StarStruck" is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with French and Spanish language tracks. The audio is clear through the front and center channels and with the film utilizing music, the audio quality is good for a Disney film on DVD. I didn't notice any major surround usage but for a film such as "StarStruck", the soundtrack is appropriate and overall good.


"StarStruck - Extended Edition" comes with the following special features:

* Rock Along - While watching the film, you can watch it with karaoke style subtitles for the music portion of the film.
* Music Videos - The DVD contains three music videos: "StarStruck" by Christopher Wilde, "Something about the Sunshine" by Anna Margaret and "Party Up" by Stubby.


"StarStruck - Extended Edition" comes with a slip cover case.


"StarStruck" is an enjoyable, charming and a pretty entertaining Disney original film. I've seen Sterling Knight's work on "Sonny with a Chance" and it's my first time watching Danielle Campbell but overall, the two have good chemistry onscreen and I was quite impressed by the Knight's vocals (as well as the hip hop track by Brandon Mychal Smith).

It has a similar charm to other previous Disney original films, fun in terms of storyline with the quirky situations (and of course, some situations are a bit farfetched) but I was entertained. Sterling Knight is definitely showing his versatility as an actor and also as a vocalist. I didn't know he could sing but he did a solid job and definitely an up-and-coming Disney star who definitely has the potential to becoming a much bigger star.

Danielle Campbell also brings something new, similar to how Demi Lovato brought that fresh face and talent to "Camp Rock" and even like Selena Gomez when she first began making her appearance on "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", so I guess we'll see if she will be making more Disney appearances in the near future.

If anything, the film is a fun teen and children's film and parents looking for a safe, music-driven Disney film will definitely find "StarStruck - The Extended Edition" to be a solid release with the DVD movie and the music soundtrack included. Granted, for parents wanting to know if it's "really safe", well, you don't want your daughters walking through Hollywood especially alone at an alley late at night (which is how the two main characters meet) but despite that one scene (well, there is one other scene in which the two drive a car into quicksand but I doubt any teenagers will have to worry about that), the film is quite safe and really, there is nothing to worry about in terms of content.

Overall, "StarStruck" is an entertaining film. And if you really enjoyed the film on television, especially the music, definitely pickup the "StarStruck - Extended Edition" for the musical soundtrack and the extended scene.
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on August 20, 2010
Don't get too hyped up about this movie, just relax and watch it... You will love it! It was such a cute film! I wish I could find a list of 10 or so movies just like it. They need to make more movies just like this. The storyline was excellent, the acting was good, and the characters were excellent!
I am going to watch it again tonight. I have already recommended this to a bunch of my friends. Don't get too anticipated about this and watch it for what it is, and you will love it.
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on March 11, 2015
I first rented this from the library and watched it twice then so I had to buy it because I really did love this movie! Great music too. This is one disney channel movie that I know I'll watch over and over!! Sterling Knight is a really good actor and a singer.
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on April 13, 2015
This is one of my favorite Disney Channel movies. I could watch this over and over and not get bored. When I first ordered this, it never showed up at my door. Amazon refunded my money and I ordered it again. Second time was the charm! This is a cute movie with catchy tunes. Sterling Knight is pretty cute too. :)
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on May 22, 2012
I enjoyed this movie very much as it's family oriented, funny, and deals with relationship building with teenagers (young adults). The movie plays out in Hollywood, California area, the tour of the senic places which included the beach was great as some viewers may never get to see it in person was a plus.

It shows not everyone will overlook rudeness and superficial friendliness to let you be their close friend. Sometimes it takes superstar action of young people to find the acceptance of others, in a truthful loving and caring special way. Someone has to be strong enough to call you on your actions towards them and others. One can't buy true friends with money and gifts, how shallow that is - but it does reflect on what kind of person you choose to be.

This movie shows families in different lights. Grandparents are in an inter-racial relationship. Parents are dealing with teen dynamics of sibbling warfare that goes to the extreme between daughters likes, issues, and solutions of each.

Do each of the girls eventually gets their wishes fulfilled? Does the oldest get to meet her star and adore him like a true fan? Does the younger daughter find a true friend and does her wish get fulfill, too? Does the Star find a loving working relationship with his parents, agents, fans, friends? Does he accept his parents actions managing his career or how does he chose to handle it? Is there a better way to attack his career issues to reach a happier, calmer place that will give him some space to grow as a person?

Are your parents necessary to help you stay safe and grounded in a high stress career? However, they too can lose site of the direction of a childs career which seems to have happen with these parents. Does it work out for everyone in a healthier and happier relationships? WOW...yes I would say this movie (DVD) has a lot to say about relationships.

Maybe this movie could be used in classroom discussion groups or -?- to help young people to build relationships and or loving friendships? Just a thought kids, parents, grandparent, and teachers!!!

This family Movies has a strong story with great crazy moments that even real families on vacations have but stays true to family time, respectful children of their adults, clean speach, no nudity, obey parents rules, and have crazy fun but not to destructive of others possesson (except Grandma car..LOL!!!)
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on August 10, 2015
My wife loves this movie and I find her watching it all the time. The idea behind it is great. Its all about perception and how first appearances are not everything. The music is very catchy. Worth watching.
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on July 28, 2014
I've always been a fan of the Disney Channel original movies, and this is no exception. I LOVED this movie, despite it's somewhat textbook love story, similar to Geek Charming. But that's exactly what I loved about it. Personally, I think the female lead could of done a bit better, and there were some plot holes, but otherwise the movie is good and is a must see for any Disney Channel fan.
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