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on October 6, 2011
Just got my kit in the mail today! It really is worth the money.

This kit includes:
The carrying case - A little bulky with just a few items, but works well enough. it has an outside pocket, two inside pockets (one for the ds and a zipper one for other things) and a place for an extra stylus inside the case flap.
2 3DS game cases - each holds 6 games, both ds and 3ds
1 AR card case - it's a little too large, but it does it's job i guess.
1 wrist strap - great addition! i nearly dropped my ds yesterday, so i wish i had it then.
1 USB SD card reader - Jut used it to download thirty of the pictures ive taken into my computer.
3 replacement styluses - They are great! Good just in case i lose one, and fit great in the housing.
1 stylus pen - the only USELESS thing in the kit.
1 inner-ear earbud set - great headphones, the only type i use, and they work great too. there are also different size buds to fit your ear.
1 headphone splitter - already used it too, watched a movie with my bro.
1 car charger - haven't tried it, but looks like pretty good quality work. also good to have since 3ds don't automatically come with one.
2 screen protector sets - includes 2 top and 2 bottom protectors plus the lint-free cloth and application card. it's nice to have an extra set.
1 carabiner clip - good clip, can clip it inside my backpack.to carry around the 3ds.

Overall- good items for the cheap value, but the case could be bigger...
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on January 27, 2012
I bought this kit in Aqua Blue a few months ago. I've used everything included except for the headphone splitter and the extra small styluses, but they're good to have, just in case. The XL stylus is a lot easier to hold than the smaller ones so I mostly use it for my DS, unless I misplace it. The screen protectors fit perfectly. There isn't a hole for the camera on the top screen, so I used a hole puncher to make a whole myself. I don't know if the screen protector will affect the quality of your pictures though.

The case for the 3DS can get a little bulky, depending on what you put in it, but it does keep everything together and it prevents your 3DS from getting unwanted scratches from your pocket or purse. I keep my 3DS, XL stylus, one game case (holds 6 games), the AR card case, cleaning cloth, and ear buds in the case.
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on September 5, 2016
an awesome group pack. It is strictly for 3ds, not 3ds xl, at least if you want to fit it in the carrying case. The case is an exact fit, so if you have a protectors case on already it won't fit. But if you don't need the case and are here more for the charger and stylus this is still a great buy. the screen protectors are great, but remember to clean your device thoroughly before applying them, or you'll get little annoying spots. The car charger works great and saved mine from dying at a comic convention. All in all a good deal.
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on October 11, 2011
Carry-All Travel Bag: Very useful instead of just dropping in you backpack, protects it from being squeezed

Combiner Mountain Clip: It's pretty frivolous unless you are going to take your DS or 3DS with you hiking

AR Card Case: Good to have since the original AR Game Case (The Yellow one) is getting worn out. And It's durable.

Game Case: Kind of difficult to fit the 3DS games in but contrary to what everyone else says they do fit in snug.

SD Card Reader: Does what it says don't mess with certain files on your SD card though just the pictures.

Car Charger: Very useful in the car.

Headphones: Low quality ear phones but you can expect that the work well but are not that comfortable in the ears. Well not as comfortable as high quality headphones. The come with 2 extra sets of buds.

Audio splitter: More useful for DSi, because it's impossible for two people to see 3D at the same time on the 3DS unless one is behind the other. But you don't just have to use it for your Nintendo work with other things too.

Retractable Sytluses: I love them because they are blue and they do fit in the 3DS.

XL Pen Stylus: I like using it because it big, the size of a regular ink pen. It does the same thing as the regular styluses.

Wrist Strap: Not really sure what to attach it to, according to the game it's not the travel bag. There is a hole to fit it in your 3DS but I don't think that's safe for it.

3DS Screen Protectors: Didn't get to use them because I left it for like 5 minutes and there was already particles of dust on it. But If you do it fast it will work for you.

Soft Applicator Card: Does what it needs to do, push out the Air bubbles.

Cleaning Cloth: The screens on the Nintendo get dusty very often so this is very useful.
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on January 1, 2013
This starter kit is nice for the padding and the extra amenities that come with it. Especially the 3 extra stylus pens that actually fit into the 3DS system. However, there are some flaws with this starter kit.

First, not everything that comes with the starter kit actually fits inside the kit itself when the 3DS system is inserted. It is nice to have a car charger with the kit, but if the car charger cannot fit into the bag itself, it renders itself useless for an ease of travel accessory.

Second, the stylus pen holder on the inside cover needs to be moved up a little higher. When the stylus pen is inserted into the holder, it folds right onto the 3DS system. When using the large stylus pen that comes with the starter kit, the bag cannot be closed because the pen prevents it.

Finally, it would be nice if the starter kit actually held the 3DS system in a cradle so when the bag was flipped open, the 3DS system would remain attached to the bag itself. We had to purchase a lanyard for the bag for our kids to put around their neck just so they would not lose the bag or any of its contents. If the 3DS system would stay attached to the bag, that would be much better.

All-in-all, this is a good "Starter Kit." Just keep in mind that this is just that--a starter kit--and can be improved upon.
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on April 14, 2011
I just received my 3DS Starter Kit (aqua blue) made by ICON. I bought this kit because it came with a variety of items for a great price. I'll start by saying when I first opened it up, I was a little disappointed. However, its problems aren't that major and I'm liking it more.

This kit includes:
The carrying case
2 3DS game cases - each holds 6 games and are pretty big.
1 AR card case - this is quite large and more than holds the cards.
1 wrist strap - it seems good. Plenty big enough.
1 USB SD card reader - I've tried it out and it works great.
3 replacement styluses - they're not exactly like the 3DS stylus, but fit fine into the housing.
1 stylus pen - its different from the Nintendo pens, being much longer and thinner. I probably won't use it, but its good to have.
1 inner-ear earbud set - tried it out and the sound quality is good. Comes with different "nubs" to fit your ears.
1 headphone splitter - Haven't tried it, but its handy to have.
1 car charger - haven't tried it either, but it'll come in handy for road trips.
2 screen protector sets - includes 2 top and 2 bottom protectors plus the lint-free cloth and application card. I'd previously bought ICON's screen protector set (because this product was back-ordered) and they are great.
1 carabiner clip - its cheaply made, but works.

Regarding the case itself, its a little small. The back pocket for the 3DS is a tight fit. The front pocket is zippered and can hold the AR card case plus a game case. On the inside of the flap there is an elastic to place the stylus pen in. The outside zippered pocket can fit some smaller items. However, the case looks pretty bulgy with just a few things in it. The quality of the material is good, but there isn't much padding. I'd really like it to be a bit bigger with more padding, but its a good deal considering all it comes with.
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on April 28, 2017
Good product! Felt like some of the items were only there to make it feel like you got more than you did.
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on November 24, 2012
Overall, this is a great starter kit for any 3DS owner. The screen protectors, games case, and car charger are all great items to have, and the carrying case is the perfect size for the system and one (or both) of the game cases. The other items in the kit are take-them-or-leave-them. If you lose styluses often, this kit comes with a few replacements. The AR Card holder is good for not bending the cards, but for someone who doesn't do much with AR, it's nothing spectacular. I wasn't a fan of the headphones (earbuds in general make my ears hurt) but they aren't bad, and they certainly weren't a deal-breaker for me. And if you're OCD, you should know that the Aqua Blue in this kit is not the same as the Aqua Blue of the 3DS (the system is a little more green). Nevertheless, the benefits of this kit definitely outweigh the few minor letdowns, and if you're looking for a reasonably priced kit with the essentials, this is a good choice.
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on February 7, 2017
This kit has all your basic needs for your gaming needs on the go. I recommend it definitely for the carrying case itself. I found the game cases were very nice if you carry a collection of your games with you like I do, it keeps them safe and easily accessible because you can find them with having to dig around in a bag.
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on June 18, 2017
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