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on May 9, 2012
Old men's toys don't have to be expensive but they do have to be awesome and thought provoking. The Arduino Uno is all that and more.

My last foray into electronics was when the telegraph was a new-fangled contraption and my last programming languages were Fortran and Cobol so I was a bit intimidated and not sure whether I should check out this Arduino-thingy.

I got the Uno and a couple of very basic books and, over the course of a couple of weeks, I acquired a couple of servos, which I modified to make continuous rotation, a Ping Ultrasonic sensor and very soon had a small two-wheeled robot running around the floor driving my hound dog crazy. The Uno makes controlling the servos and the ultrasonic sensor a snap even for a 65-year old. I have a long list of future projects to try out and components to find and have taken over half of the dining room table (much to my wife's chagrin). I recommend the Arduino for anyone who has a desire to make things go bump in the night. Thank you for an excellent product.

I can also recommend "Arduino Cookbook" by Michael Margolis, an excellent book.

Thom Walker
Sandy, OR
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2014
Wanted something electronic to play with. It's been awhile since I've done anything down to the component level and this seem have everything you need to get started with. All the parts are more than adequate quality. I like having the plastic tray that allows you to have the breadboard along side the programmable controller board.

The Arduino is a great way to learn about programmable controller devices. There is a ton of resources (books & websites) that you can learn from. As well as many electronic components (sensors and actuators) that when combined with the Arduino lets you build all sorts of amazing things. I'm very happy with my purchase of this bundle.
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on June 17, 2013
As a Software Engineer student, but studying Open Source Hardware, Embedded Systems and Automata in my free time, the Arduino was a definite must-have. I used to loan out the Uno from a friend who had it, but I had to get my own if I wanted to dedicate some serious time to it. I don't regret this purchase at all. It brought many essentials (The Arduino alone doesn't ship with any cables, just the chip) so if you are only beginning to build your kit for DIY projects this Starter Kit is great.

The cables are nice and they snap into the Uno's slots quite firmly. The variety of colors and lengths allow you to pick and color-code your circuits, a habit that proves very useful in the long run. The USB-B to USB-A cable is an easy find anywhere, considering it's the same one a lot of printers use, but it's still handy to have for anyone without a spare one lying around. The nicest cable bundled here is the power to 9V battery cable though, it allows you to power your Arduino easily without having to plug it into a wall with a separate charger or to a computer via USB.

The breadboard is also of a good enough size for any starter projects, although you won't be fitting in complex circuits in it, the philosophy for the Uno (although a bit less than the Nano) is usually portability. It also has some double contact tape on the bottom so you can just snap it into the included stand very easily.

The plastic stand is also quite sturdy, and includes little pillars where you can snap in the Uno very easily with minor movement. It is not 100% movement restrictive, but it does the job quite well.

As for the Uno itself, its popularity as a microcontroller is well earned. It's got sufficient memory to house a small project, and enough flexibility for a lot of different things you could think of. It is also easy to learn the derivative of Processing that the Arduino systems use as a language if you already know a language like C. The only thing is that the little booklet that it brings does not detail much, but the official site is well documented for most questions you could ask about the microcontroller and actually controlling it.

If you're starting out with no idea how to progress in tools and such, I recommend the Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets book to go with it-- it details many useful tools you should be getting in your DIY box and philosophies of scrap using and recycling parts for the newbie.
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on August 3, 2012
Getting everything I need for a mini-workstation for the Arduino along with an Arduino Uno is great, and it has been handy having everything in a holding area to ensure that wires don't pop out of the breadboard. That being said my holder seems to be missing a clip to hold the Arduino in place, there is a clip on the side with the power/usb connectors but not one on the alternate side. This causes the Arduino to occasionally flip up if the USB cable get pulled. I just taped the USB cable to the table and this has prevented this problem. If I had gotten the holder separately I would have requested an exchange but I do not want to return the entire kit because my daughter and I are having way too much fun with the Arduino.
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on December 7, 2013
Pros: nice starter kit for beginning Arduino hackers

Cons: jumper wires are cheap, holder can be designed better

This kit for the Arduino Uno is pretty good, but I would actually recommend the ultimate starter kit. This kit doesn't include any LED diodes, switches, resistors, or sensors, so it's pretty limiting to what you can do. To be able to properly go through the Arduino tutorial, the ultimate kit would be better. I had to purchase additional parts online and from my local electronics store.
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on January 12, 2014
This came with a Arduino Uno R3, from the original manufacturer (this is an open source product so this doesn't matter too much), and the components listed.

Basically it comes with enough stuff to get started on the "learning curve". If you are looking for all the books and packets this isn't for you!. However if you have a web browser and some time... you can freely gain what the books would provide through a little time and reading. (I love a good hard copy as much as anyone, but think of this as a package for getting started, the resources are already out there.)

First suggestion: Get the starter kit with some of the components. Next watch on youtube "tutorial 01 for arduino getting acquainted with arduino"
very helpful introduction video. There is enough components to get you through the first and second video (maybe the third I'm not there yet.) You will find it instructive.

Second suggestion:
Go to the Arduino homepage: everything you need for programming the new board can be found here, incuding outlines, command list, liberies, examples.

If you do not like programming, suck it up and learn... I dislike programming and I'm figuring it out...and starting to like it... do not give up!

Age group: Anyone that has ever used the word "java" and didn't mean coffee selection, sons or daughters that have "rooted" their phones, people that like engineering (If I would of had this in my intro to programming class I would've made it through the class). Fathers that have ever said they want to make christmas lights timed to music. Anyone who likes their voltmeter and power supply. I would say anyone 16 and older with the exception of a few, but if you're buying it for your son or daughter and they love video games more than the outside world you may have to throw that out before you get them to play with this project. This is an idle mind style toy... you have to be interested in how things work and want to make something.

For those looking to pick up another Uno r3 for cheap, this is a good buy.

Pros: as listed above

Procon: The breadboard holder... I broke the tabs... there is not a lot of flex on the tabs... If you insert nicely, you will like the holder so be careful! If you break the tabs. do not worry. You can use hotglue on the "board mounts" and still hold it in place, if you have a soldering wand ( do not inhale ) you can place the board over the mounts and "melt" a little bit of the mount to the board. A holder is a good idea because it will limit the exposure of the live circuits to metal surfaces.

Cons: brittle plastic tabs on the breadboard/microcontroller holder.
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on July 20, 2013
I'm a former software engineer who did real-time embedded programming, so I've done my share of struggling with microcontrollers and embedded processor boards. I thought I would give the Arduino a try to make a monitor system for my solar photovoltaic system. I ordered the kit and while I was waiting for it to arrive I downloaded the Arduino IDE. The instructions and link to downloads are here http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Windows if you're using Windows. Anyway, it got here, I followed the instructions from the link and within 10 minutes I had a program (sketch) up and running on the board. Super easy, nothing to install, the IDE is straight forward and includes a serial monitor so you can get feedback from the board. I plan to use the analog inputs to monitor my solar battery voltage and control some X10 modules to remove the load if the batteries drop below a threshold. I will also monitor average charge rate, average battery level, and output those to an LCD display that I used on my iRobot Create command module. Anyway. Super simple, no frustration, up and running in minutes. Well done.
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on June 25, 2012
Overall was very happy with this. Here's my story:
I was looking for an inclusive all-in-one kit that would get me started with simple "Hello World"-like applications with Arduino. Kit arrived with everything as described. The one thing missing for me was a few LEDs to get started working with the breadboard. While it isn't advertised that LEDs are included in the product, you can't really see anything you do using the breadboard without them. Anyway, ran down to radioshack, got some LEDs, started playing, I'm a happy camper.
Bottom line is this:
I wish they included LEDs along with this kit. Know you'll have to run down to radioshack or similar to get some of them, but otherwise, this kit was exactly what I wanted to get started with Arduino - reasonably priced, all pieces in one place. Quite happy with purchase!
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on April 28, 2016
This is a good product but the pictures are very misleading. I know this is my fault because I should have read the title closer but I was running 20 browser tabs comparing the best version and finally settled on this one because it looked like it came with the most stuff for the best deal in multiple pictures. Well it only includes 5 things and not a single LED or anything to physically play with and test input / output. I would recomend you check around for a more complete kit then this. The 2nd star is for including an official arduino and a decent enough plate for it with the breadboard.
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on December 30, 2012
I had already installed the Arduino IDE and was awaiting arrival of the starter kit. Plugged it in and immediately programmed the onboard LED to blink (from example code). I was happy but the wife wasn't impressed.


Inexpensive way to get started with Arduino. The breadboard and jumper wires are good quality. I'll be buying more of those to have multiple projects going on at the same time.


If you don't already have hardware (accels, servos, temp sensors, etc). You'll only be able to watch the LED blink until you add them to your hobby box. This isn't a fault of the starter kit but you'll be left wanting to do more if you don't have the other devices yet.

By the way:

I installed the Atmel Studio 6 and configured a project for the Arduino. If you're serious about creating more and more complex Arduino projects, you'll want the Atmel Studio development environment. Information is in the playground section of the Arduino website.
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