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on May 19, 2016
Note: Spoiler free.

"State of Emergency" is not meant to be your typical zombie film nor your summer blockbuster. This movie does what most high budget films seem to have a problem with - taking time with your characters and your story so that they seem REAL, not just lifelike. But this isn't a soap opera neither. Dialogue does not crowd the film. There is no shaky cam and no cliched dialogue taking up space meant for simply watching the story unfold. It's more like life and less like a typical script. Don't expect the usual, normal action pact thrill fest. Just expect to be told a dramatic story that you didn't know before.

The zombies are shown in slightly different stages, but they don't crowd the screen. The shining light of this film is that it's a story about a man and the people he finds during the outbreak, not the outbreak itself like most other movies. The outbreak is simply the setting. This makes it feel more realistic as average citizens won't know such details as to the hows and whys of the dangers present. If we as the audience knew, we could not relate to the characters as well as we could, right? The zombies shine in a way reminiscent of the alien in Alien(1979) - always present somewhere, whether in your fear or literally. Subtle yet threatening. When they do show up in mass, it is not entirely expected because of the pacing, so don't expect predictable patterns in this movie either because there aren't any to find. This makes it better because you won't see the dangers beforehand.

Essentially, you will ruin your viewing experience by giving yourself any expectations because those expectations are fueled by the scripts and script patterns present in movie theaters. This story has a very classic film making formula within...but you won't see it if you don't leave the world behind when entering.

I love this movie and the film making process used. It feels very natural, not rushed and let's your imagination play a little with the film. Turner Clay, Jay Haden and the rest of their crew are telling us a story. We would sorely disappoint ourselves if we did not realize that fact.
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on February 1, 2016
To say this is a BAD movie would be unfair as I'm sure it is low budget. In fact, it HAS to be with the lack of time spent on actually making it a ZOMBIE film. I feel like more effort was gone into promoting the image than actually the film. Look at the cover and see tons of the undead reaching for our hero. In the movie, you are even lucky to get interaction with one zombie at a time. I believe there were 4 total zombies who actually did something the movie. One was within the first 20 minutes or so and after that, it was pretty barren of the undead. The beginning of the movie even lets on that a big encounter will happen from behind a closed door, and when you see it later on play out, it's hardly anything special at all as the door opens. Now, I don't usually complain about a "lack of zombies" but from what this movie seems to promote, it didn't have a whole lot to begin with. Spoilers ahead. The relationship to start off the movie has you not really caring a whole lot, but it dives in deeper as time goes on and you genuinely feel bad about what happened to his girlfriend. That feeling you may feel though is expected to be erased though when our hero meets a new girl and almost suddenly opens up to her. He almost starts to feel deeper than he should for her. This bugs me. The movie is an hour and a half, and not even an hour into the movie, he has already started a potential new love interest. I can't hate the movie as it did have some unique, interesting scenes, but there wasn't enough to give this a FOUR star review. I think 3 stars is even generous.
All in all, the first encounter with a zombie when the main character is alone, is intense and interesting, and the way some zombies TALK is unique, but I feel like there was too much nonsense and little to no action in between. The fact that I refer to the main character as "our hero" can't be good either, as I just watched the movie with no interruptions and I can't even remember his name. If you can get this movie for 5 dollars or less, I'd say it is worth it, but don't pay any more and expect a movie full of zombies.
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on April 29, 2014
What a pleasant surprise and still some rehashed stuff. There is an explosion at the local chemical plant! it could happen! Only some people become kind of Zombies, kind of! it could happen! Evil government involvement? It could happen! Some poor wretches are stuck in a warehouse waiting for rescue. it could happen! (very "night of the living dead") having said all that, I was very entertained. The characters may be formulaic but the tension and emotions seem real. Let's give credit to the performers on this one, humans and zombie-esque actors alike. (Fast moving zombies freak me out!) The dialog moved along and was spoken like people would. Low budget doesn't have to mean low quality and this is a good turn. 5 stars go to Jay Hayden, so natural and totally believable. Check it and him out.
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on June 26, 2014
Well, it was cheap (I meant inexpensive, really). But it was not the full-bore Zombie flick I was hoping it would be judging by the deceptive DVD cover art. Nor was it even remotely like the synopsis printed on the back cover. There was no "roaming army of flesh-eating zombies." As for "the small band of others," that our lone, so-called hero Jim (Jay Hayden) joins up with, just 3 people in an enormous factory. They do not "fortify their stronghold" against the occasional zombie, they just sit there and yap and bond with one another. Calling this isolated incident an "undead apocalypse" is stretching things mightily. This is zombie-lite. This is amateur theatrics in the same vein as a bunch of kids getting together to put on a show. Sadly, somewhere along the line they forget to invite the zombies.

Yes, it is very stylish looking. But the acting was marginal and the dialog hopelessly prosaic. The FX was sparingly used to some effect. Instead, they relied heavily on the overuse of sound, trying to make every footstep operatic in scope. This is definitely the noisiest suspense thriller I've ever watched. Unfortunately, the pacing was off, there were far too many scenes that involved long static pauses. And with dialog like "I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!" Seriously, who wrote this thing? That would be the executive producer/producer/editor/composer/director Turner Clay.

I will admit that it held my interest, if only to see where they were going with it, but it's not something I would ever want to watch again. This one does not go into my zombie collection.
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on August 20, 2013
This is a good creepy movie, with some believable concepts. The zombies are victims of a chemical leak, and they can be killed without being shot in the head. They are not walking dead people, they are poisoned people. That concept is much more believable than the dead getting up and craving human flesh. The poisoned people attack normal people, and possibly each other. There are not hordes of them trying to get in, only one at a time, and you still get that creepy feeling of something outside watching you. Sometimes a representation of reality can be much scarier than fiction. Why does the title cover show hordes? Gets more attention I guess.
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on April 23, 2013
Other reviewers said that this movie moved slowly, and they were right. For some reason, though, the movie still worked for me. I guess I was expecting another pseudo-zombie gore-fest, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie did not fall into that category. It was slow but interesting with a couple of decent scares; not brilliantly acted but engaging. If you're not sure what you're in the mood to watch, give this a try. If nothing else, it will help you fall asleep.
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on January 4, 2014
Just finished viewing this zombie/infected human movie. Actually thought that this film was better than I thought it would be. It was a bit "slow" in some spots, but otherwise, it held my attention. Not going to do a total movie synopsis like others have, just read their stuff. The "zombies" are not really zombies - they are like fast moving "infected" persons much like the recent re-make of the movie, "The Crazies". Reading reviews that the box art is "misleading"!! Not quite catching the reason for that comment but does it really matter whether those are "zombie" arms or "infected" person arms reaching for the main character???? Yep - there are flash-backs explaining parts of the movie and then there are a few that left some questions unanswered. One thing that I did catch - the re-use of one of the infected people. It was a shirtless, muscular guy you killed in the beginning; then see him again in the forest and killed; then again later on in the warehouse yet killed again!!! At least it looked like the same infected person to me. Anyway, overall surprisingly good movie.
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on May 24, 2013
I could probably budget this movie, you just need a building, some actors (that will work for free, of course), get a couple of guys to dress like zombies, and throw in some Vietnam footage to set the stage.

What makes most zombie flicks great, is the hoard. The mass of dead humanity coming at you, and there is no place to hide. This movie has none, but then again, these guys have a terrible time handling one zombie at a time. You would also think in this drastic situation, you would always have your weapons ready to go, but not these guys, whenever a zombie comes running at them, they pick up their gun and have to fiddle with it before shooting, but it does make for a more dramatic effect.

Is the movie bad? No. After watching, I was walking around my dimly lit house and felt creepy. So the movie has something going for it, even though I didn't realize it at the time.
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on April 19, 2013
After reading the 4 star reviews I figured I'd give this flick at shot. I have to say it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be. The zombies are kind of a mix between the 28 days later drones and the walking dead monsters. They did have a bit of intelligence to them, which definitely lended to the spookiness of them. This isn't exactly a gore fest film. Obviously our heroes do some zombie slaying, but there isn't the mass amounts of blood and guts as in most zombie movies. Instead, the film-maker focuses on the survivors and how they deal. I did like the fact the characters didn't clammer around making all the ridiculous mistakes that most do. They took steps that it seemed like actual people might take in the situation. All in all, it's not the absolute best of the genre, but it's worth a watch.
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on June 7, 2013
Country style, but no southern accents. Spooky. Filled in for my loss of The Walking Dead, until walking Dead new season returns. Not a lot of zombies, only a few. Only a few roles or actors actresses on this story. My only complaint was there were two male key roles in this show, and there was too much time spent on camera with the two of them close to one another, staring at each other's face, and the cameras were too close to their faces. Other than that it was a great film. It was not a life style film at all, in fact, the two male characters each had their own girl friends, it was just a surprise, possible error by the directors or producers. Good quality story, plot, acting. However when I saw it on Amazon download, in the middle of the film, it kept stalling, frezzing, it took me a whole extra hour just to see this film, I almost contacted Amazon for a refund. That was not fault of creators of this film. Otherwise all my other Netflix and Vudu streaming and download view of films always view, show perfectly.
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