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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on February 24, 2013
When I saw the cover of this novel I wasn't too sure what to expect, I just knew that it would have something to do with music and Rock N Roll hence the girl in the tartan skirt holding an awesome red and white electric guitar, but that was as far as I had gotten. As readers know I am a cover lover and that was the reason I purchased this book as I loved the look of the cover and thought to myself hmmm --- that could be a book I am interested in.
Static took me surprisingly not only into the world of Rock N Roll and Music , Backstage parties which I kind of expected but into a world where this novel would turn more into fantasy supernatural rather than a reality type teen angst novel. You see the main band in the novel are not of this world and not to give too much of the main surprise away lets just say that they have been getting away with it for centuries.
Static starts with two teens Chloe and Salem who have been traipsing around the music scene following the popular band Malice. Salem more than Chloe is absolutely head over heels in love with the lead singer Thane and has planned to lose her virginity to him backstage. Things however don't go exactly to plan as it turns out the band is hiding a dark secret - they are in fact incubuis aka Sex Demons who feed off their victims via sexual intimacy. When Salem wakes up she discovers something is off and she later discovers, that they have turned her into a Cambion - one who is turned by a incubi. Now Salem along with Trevor who was also turned must work together to gain their revenge on the band and by doing so must band together in order to survive or else they like the rest of the band's victims will end up in tomorrows trash.
Static was an interesting novel and started off great, but I found near the end of the book it seemed a little rush and the ending was quite sharp and blunt yet it does also allow a cliffhanger of sorts as you the reader are left to wonder what becomes of the main characters etc.
If you are wanting a light-read and something demony and supernaturally like with a mix of Rock N Roll music bopping around in the novel , then Static by Tawny Stokes is the novel for you.
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on November 20, 2011
I'm not a huge reader of YA books. I've noticed that some (not all) authors dumb down their writing for a younger crowd. Authors I love in their mainstream genres will tackle a YA and I wince my through it.

Tawny Stokes isn't one of those authors and Static isn't one of those books.

I became sucked into Salem's story immediately. Salem is a regular teenage girl who has a massive crush on a rockband, especially the lead singer Thane. Things do not go according to plan for Salem is giving up her virginity to the musician. Instead she finds herself turned into a half-sucubus demon. Yeah, no vampires, angels or werewolves in this world. Tawny went the naughty root.

And considering that Cambian's feed on sex - there was no sex. Some heart-pounding kissing scenes and bra action but that was it. The budding romance is sweet, the growing pains of her demon half are heart-breaking and Salem is a heroine you just have to love. She doesn't sit on the floor and whine that she's a half-demon. There's no "Woe me? Why me? It's so unfair!" foot stamping attitude. Sure she has the denial...who wouldn't. But she never loses sight of who she is. Even before she was turned, Salem was a strong character. There was none of the usual "Oh I'm an outsider boo-hoo, my teenage life sucks" that I've read in some YA books. She marches to a different drummer and doesn't apologize for that. She's a tough little cookie and I adore her.

Static is a wild ride as Salem deals with her new self, falls for a half-incubus demon named Trevor and tries to figure out how to rid the world of Malice. Not what the usual 17 year old deals with. All of the characters (the heroes, villains and secondary characters) are strong and balance each other well. The story is unique and Tawny's writing is awesomely awesome.

If you're looking for a YA book that's unique with a strong heroine, go no further. It's a book that will appeal to the late-teen crowd and the adult crowd. A good read is a good read. Period.

There is some underage drinking, undertones of sex and a girl with a kick a$$ attitude. Read Static. Do it. Right now.
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on December 20, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Static. It's a fast-paced story, with an incredibly unique paranormal aspect going on. I don't want to spoil you all by telling you what paranormal being Static involves, but it's definitely a rarity in YA, and Tawny even includes a mythical figure in it...again, I won't mention who, but I'll give you a hint...in most version of his myth, he's pretty tight with King Arthur. ;)

Salem was a fantastic main character, she was feisty, and had a personality that jumped right off of the page. I also totally sympathized with her obsession with Malice...I know I've been obsessed with a band or two, and I'm sure Salem and I aren't alone in that. I loved how even though she was changing, Salem didn't give up. She was scared, and she was confused, but once she had some guidance through Trevor, she knew what she was aiming for...although, she still had some moments where she freaked out, which I loved because it made her that much easier to relate to. Now, I've already mentioned Trevor, and you were probably like, "Trevor? Who's Trevor?" Well, Trevor is one of Malice's roadies, and he helps Salem through her transition...as he's been through it himself, he knows a little bit of what she's going through. :P

The plot of the book itself was awesome. I loved the whole music aspect, which was brief, but still stood out to me, and I especially loved the folklore that Tawny Stokes brought into the story as background to the type of paranormal being Malice was. The whole revenge aspect was also a win with me. I thought that the reason behind Trevor's desire for revenge was heartbreaking, and it fit incredibly well with the story, and I thought that Tawny did a great job exploring Trevor past, even though it was brief, I still felt like he was a well-developed character. The one aspect that I wasn't the biggest fan of was how the ending of the book progressed. There was a tonne of build up, but then when the big finale arrived, it was a bit rushed. I felt that it could have been played out for a little longer. Other than the ending being a bit rushed, I thought that it was fantastic. :)

Static is a story charged with live wire characters full of attitude. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal and is looking for something a little different, and also to anyone who loves characters with spunk. Plus, if you like a good revenge plot, you'll love this!

*This review was originally published on my blog, Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright.
*I was provided with a review copy of Static for an honest review and to participate in its Bewitching Book Tour.
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on October 16, 2011
Sounds a bit like Jennifer's body, Right?
I can say that once I started reading this book, I wasn't reminded of that movie at all. The author did an amazing job making this book entirely unique. I really did LOVE Static. It totally rocked my socks off! No pun intended. In my opinion It held the same kind of appeal as The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black. Made for the more mature YA audience because of mild drug use, language, and not-very consensual sex. It is a fast-paced, deliciously dark and gritty tale. Although I found no connection between Salem and myself, I loved her as a character. Not your average Heroine. She just seemed real to me.
I have always really loved the emotionally damaged, constantly brooding bad boy type. Put him in a novel and Its an instant win for me. And that is exactly what Trevor was. I wanted to pull that boy from the pages and keep him forever.
This book is a great read. Just like the characters in it, It is just real. In my high school, life was a lot like Static-minus the demons. Kids fourteen and up were sexually active, using drugs and what have you. But in most YA fiction life isn't portrayed like that; everything for the most part is unrealistically perfect. That is one reason why I loved this book so much. Even if I hadn't gotten this book free for review I still would be hugging this book to my chest like I am now.
I loved the new take on demons too. How they used music to seduce their listeners. The whole plot was truly creative.
I'm thinking about buying a paperback copy to giveaway here, on the blog, so my readers can see just how awesome this book is. The overview doesn't do the book justice. I suggest you check this book out.
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on November 12, 2011
I'm not one to rehash the plot in my reviews, as you can read the description. Tawny Stokes has created memorable characters who will remain with you long after you close the pages of this deftly crafted YA novel. She doesn't sugar-coat the teen angst, she lays it all out there. Once you finish STATIC, you'll be searching Amazon for more of this author's novels.
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on August 29, 2011
Reviewed by Shayla Colt
Review copy provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Right out the gate I realized that Static wasn't your average YA novel. The world Salem Vale lives in is gritty, dark and at times almost too real for a seventeen year old. With an ex groupie for a Mother, Goth Style, and balls the size of King Kong, Salem is a strange mixture of maturity, darkness, and vulnerability. Salem and her best friend Chloe have spent their entire summer following around their favorite band Malice, with all of their attempts to get backstage ending in failure. This is their last show in the area, so when Salem gets her hand on a backstage pass it seems like fate. Until a kiss from the dark and brooding lead singer Thane renders her unconscious.

Waking up in a dumpster without her cell phone or id is just the beginning of Salem's problem as her life begins to unravel. A near death experience lands her in a hospital, and her life begins to read like an eighties horror movie. Her eyes bleed black, leaking a tar like substance, she wakes up floating near the ceiling, and she has a hunger for something other than food.

At this point you'd be inclined to think Malice must have been vampires, but you would be wrong, which is a huge part of what makes Static so very brilliant! Malice is a den of demons better known as succubus , and now Salem has become one of them. Her journey to this knowledge is filled with various trials, and a mysterious boy named Trevor who seems to know everything. This dark desire filled world is captivating and the plot is constantly going in a new and unexpected direction! Tawny infuses drama with humor in a seamless manor that keeps the story fresh.

One minute you're laughing and the next you've been slipped into a moment that chills the blood in your veins. This creepy thriller is an echo of horror movies gone by. With its blend of romance, suspense, violence and macabre themes! This is one that teens and the older crowd alike can enjoy. But parents are forewarned there are a lot of adult themes in this one.
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on November 22, 2011
"Parents hide your little rockers because the demons are coming to town to suck out their souls"
At first glance at the cover I expected I would be getting into a contemporary novel about a girl in a band, but when you read that synopsis, it's anything but.
I devoured this book when I started reading it pulled me in. I always tend to be on the side of the "bad guys" in the books. I love the dark side that challenges, overpowers and sometimes protect the main characters. It happened again to me here. I always find myself asking, if this (main) character cannot overcome and fight back from what is put upon them, how can I truly root for them? Why would I recommend this book to others if I don't appreciate what the characters are put through?
As she has become more than human (but I will not spoil you with what exactly happens)there is a lot of heavy make out scenes and sexual tension that pushes Salem to act on her desire, or urges. Now that kinda sounds dirty, but really the story does not go into explicit details beyond what can be found in other Young Adult novels.
The cover really starts to make sense a little more than halfway through the book. The characters in the band and Salem begin to really get intertwined and get more complex. I really liked the twists and the idea of "shadow ways" I cannot remember if she actually refers to it as "shadow walking" but that's how I remember it in my head. It's creative and intriguing.
The chemistry between Trevor and Salem was my favorite part of the story. How there was always an edge of uncertainty when they were around each other or figuring things out. I think Salem is a fantastic lead character that does fight back in her way and takes on new challenges, she is somebody I rooted for.
Great characters, twists and energy happening in this one, I give it 5 stars, highly recommend.
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on September 1, 2011
Static is an edgy YA paranormal book. I was pretty impressed actually - it was even better than I thought it would be. It's about a 17 year old girl named Salem who is determined to lose her virginity to the lead singer of a rock band. She basically seems obsessed with him. Little does she know, there is a very good reason for that. Thane, the lead singer of the band Malice, isn't what he seems. She finally gets a chance to meet him and next thing Salem knows, she wakes up in a dumpster somewhere. She can't remember what happened, but knows it was something awful.

This isn't your typical YA book. I'll admit, there is content in the book that some parents might not feel comfortable letting their teenagers read. The story is about so much more than just a teenage girl wanting to lose her virginity though. Not only that, but the book is so true to life of teenagers. Well, besides the supernatural part. Besides that part, this book is "real". It doesn't have sweet innocent teenagers who do nothing but hold hands on a date. Don't get me wrong, there isn't any sex scenes in this book - but the desire that all teenagers feel is there.

The first part of the book keeps you on the edge of your seat, dying to know what is happening to Salem and wondering what kind of supernatural creatures we are dealing with. Also, even though the book isn't a novella, it is still pretty fast paced. It's exciting all the way through. Not only did I really like the character of Salem, I also really liked Trevor. He was sweet, and there was a lot of sexual tension and swoonwothy moments - even though they were plotting to kill.

This book is really well written, and it's very unique and original. I have no idea if it is part of a series but I would like to read more about these characters. I'd recommend this for older, mature teens - and even adults who like paranormal romances.
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on December 17, 2011
This is the second book I have read by this author and it is as much of a page turner as the first. The plot is original, the characters are interesting and have you grow to care about what happens to them. Great read and I can't wait for the next one!
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on August 22, 2013
I enjoyed the store line. It was interesting and without some of 'detailed' intimancy sences I find in other paranormal books.
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