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The Statin Damage Crisis
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on December 22, 2015
Like all the other reviewers, I suffer from the continuing bad side effects of taking Lipitor for just three months. I'm giving this book 4 (instead of 5) starts because it doesn't give a clear, definitive list of things to take to counter the effects of having taken statins. What really is needed is a prioritized list: if you had to take just one supplement take this, two, etc... If you read this book, eventually you start to think you have to take every supplement possible: Vitamin C, B's, D's and eating good food won't do it for you for such standard vitamins and minerals.

If I had to make such a prioritized list: alpha-lipoic acid is number 1 and Best Doctor's 600 mg is the best of the best; 600 mg is a lot. Twice a day is not a bad idea. Also, Dr. Sinatra's recommendations for heart supplements is short and sweet: Magnesium, CoQ10, d-Ribose, and Carnitine. Finally, to loose weight and maybe keep it off -- the number one prescription -- try Spirulina and Chromium Picolinate. They keep sugar cravings down and generally suppress appetite. Finally: low carb diets. Actually with this list slowly (6 months) I have countered the effects of statins and feel very good -- better than ever really.
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on March 27, 2014
This book is one of the most important books of our time. It exposes the poisoning of our population by big pharmaceutical companies. I wish I had known about this before our cardiologist started my husband on Lipitor 80mg 9 months ago. After many mystifying symptoms including tendon ruptures, and mysterious intermittent high fevers, he developed a creeping numbness (neuropathy) in his lower body which traveled upward. Thankfully it stopped just below his waist, but now he is likely numb from the waist-down for the rest of his life. Our research reveals that you are 26 times more likely to develop neuropathy if you are taking a statin drug. It turns out that we cannot trust our health-care providers to be informed about big-pharma's cover-up of the devestating side effects of these drugs. The reason? They make $31 billion/year, just in the USA on these drugs. They don't care about the damage they are causing to our health, just their bottom line. It's most important to note that almost no one benefits health-wise from these drugs. The story that we've been sold that cholestrol is bad and it causes heart disease just isn't true. Cholestrol is essential for good health. Every cell in our body makes cholestrol. It is the source of the manufacture of enzymes, hormones, protiens, vitimins and many other things that our bodies need. Cutting of the supply of these essential elements in our bodies has devestating effects. This travesty needs to be exposed.
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on December 19, 2014
After reading about the Mevalonate Pathway and the place along this pathway attacked by Statins, I'm convinced that Statins are a chronic toxin whose benefits are spurious at best, and WAY outweighed by the IRREVERSIBLE damage done to muscles, nerves and the brain. It is not a question as to IF you will experience these side effects, but rather WHEN. And when (it may take years) the side effects hit you, your doctor may ascribe them to "normal aging".
You are better off with eating Low Carb, High Fat (for me, nutritional ketosis) and taking supplements of CoQ10 (and others) if you're concerned with CVD. High cholesterol is a weak predictor of CVD, which is the sole reason given for prescribing statins, even though the anti-inflammatory effects are far more likely to forestall CVD. And the small possible CVD benefit of the anti-inflammatory effects are FAR outweighted, again, by the side effects of statin usage. Besides, if anti-inflammation is rightly your goal, than you would be well-advised to eat a low carb, high fat (or better, ketogenic) diet anyway, and SKIP THE STATINS!
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I always suspected that statins work to reduce cholesterol through its anti-inflammatory ability and after reading this book my suspicious were confirmed. I also know from personal experience that statins cause permanent neuropathy and severe muscle pain. When I told my doctor that the statins were causing my neuropathy, he told me "YOU'RE WRONG." Well he was wrong and now I am going to suffer for the rest of my life because of it. Had I known, I never would have tried them or would have stopped them in time so as not to do damage.

This book is EXTREMELY technical in my opinion. I had a hard time following the scientific explanations supporting his theories as to why statins cause harm. Despite the technical jargon, I came away knowing more than I knew before. Besides causing diabetes, statins are responsible for memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness, and deaths due to the breakdown of muscle tissue. He also makes a case for why statins cause neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, ALS, MS, etc. What I also found interesting is that statins may increase a man's life one to two years but they have never been proven to be effective in increasing life expectancy for women.

Other than the scientific nature of this book, I feel it is a worthwhile read. It certainly a good idea for anyone thinking of going on statins to read this first in order to make their own informed decision. On another note, I did not feel this book adequately addressed what should be done instead of taking statins; I was really lost by all the scientific talk.
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on August 12, 2009
One month ago I came off my statin and came to know for a certainty that the strange and scary things that were happening to my entire organism were due to this drug. This was a great relief to finally understand what was happening to me. But also sobering, as I found out that some of the damage may be permanent, and some may show up later as I grow older.

Dr.Graveline has done a wonderful service over the last decade or so, in researching statin effects and writing his books, as well other things he has done to help make people aware of this very serious and little known problem. Thank you Dr.Graveline! I have done a lot of reading in the last few weeks including Dr.Graveline's first book on statins: Lipitor, Thief of Memory, and this most recent book. Much of his first book is repeated here, but vital information he became aware of later is included here. I appreciated very much his ideas on what treatments may help reverse statin damage.

This is certainly a "crisis". It seems almost everyone I know who is middle age and up is on a statin. The insideous thing is that drug companies have so succesfully marketed statins to the public and to doctors, and sold people on the idea statins are safe. Many who experience a gradual onset of symptoms are a bit puzzled at first, but say to themselves "I guess I'm just getting older fast." I am only 50 years old and started to feel so bad that I began to think I was almost done and had little chance of making it to 60. My fatique, exhaustion, joint and tendon pains, muscle weakness, foggy brain, deteriorating memory and eyesight, fading sex drive,(Maybe a bit more than irony that Pfizer's current and top selling drugs of all time are a statin, Lipitor, known to cause a reduction in sex drive and Viagara!), all happened so subtly at first that it reminds me of the old story of the frog who doesn't hop out of the gradually heating water until it is too late! The beginning of June all of the above got so much worse so quickly that it scared me deeply. I realized something was VERY wrong! I began to worry about how I would support my family if I could no longer work. Could I keep the house? Will I have to sleep on the same floor as the bathroom? If I become a cripple, will I be a burden to my family?

Since coming off the statin all this is reversing. I didn't fully realize how far I had deteriorated in some areas until I started to feel energy and vigor I had not felt in a long time! Many older people on statins, not being 50, (and thus more puzzled by their fast aging), may never discover that many of their problems are due to statins. The doctors are generally not alert to it, and it can be misinterpreted as problems common to aging. I give my doctor credit for being alert to test for high levels of CK, which indicated I did indeed have muscle damage. He also acknowledged that "these drugs may not be as good as we (the medical community) hoped they would be."

If you or your loved ones are on a statin, or considering taking one, you need to educate yourself. Dr.Gravelines book is well researched, and an excellent place to begin.

Some people may find the idea of widespread statin damage hard to believe. Once you read about how statins work, you will understand why likely EVERYONE who is on a statin is sustaining damage to their body, they just don't know it. I believe what is coming out today is just the tip of the iceburg. Just with a bit of checking with relatives and friends in the last few weeks here are a few experiences. A brother in law who had to stop his statin because he felt extremely old, experienced pain where he couldn't even turn a screwdriver. (in his 50's) Another brother in law who has such pain in his shoulder he has trouble raising it enough to put his shirt on. When he temporarily stops his statin the shoulder gets better. (50's) A woman who had to stop because of the crippling pain. An older man who lost all his strength. Now with dementia setting in he repeats himself a lot. And what he always says is "Don't take statins!" His neighbor came off because of the extreme pain. Another friend can hardly walk in the morning. (has always worked to stay in shape, early 60's) Another friend who drives a cab for a living came off because of the leg pain. But interestingly one day, while still on the statins, he picked up his wife and he COULD NOT FIND THE WAY HOME from a mile away! This scared them so much he went to the hospital. Two days of tests revealed no cause. "Statins don't do this" many say, but thousands of victims say otherwise.

The above experiences are all likely statin related, as symptoms immediately improved upon stopping the statin. Sadly, I have a friend who suffers from such exhaustion and fatique that he can't work, and often can't leave the house. The doctors have not been able to determine why. He has been on a high dose of statin for almost 3 years. He has also been prescribed another medication for his memory problems. I don't know if statins are the cause or to what extent, but I sure wish he would stop the statin for a while and see how he feels. The situation is so sad, and maybe doesn't have to be.

Thank you Dr.Graveline for giving statin sufferers knowledge and hope. Although you may be reaching an end to your physically active years early because of the statin damage, your experience has given new life to many thousands. I have deep personal empathy for you because I have personally felt this deterioration in my own body. Now I have hope for a better quality of life. We are so very grateful. Bless you. ([...])
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on September 27, 2015
I am a. 67 year old woman and have been taking "Lipitor" for over 20 years. . I guess out of "fear" of having a stroke and dying like my father ( and all of his Family members) my cholesterol was never higher than 220 . Well in the last year or two I have had many Memory loss and a very painful lower back and legs and hips. And now am experiencing hair loss . Everything in your book spoke to what is happening to me. I guess I am fortunate that the 20mg once a day Statins held off from bringing on these major changes in my life. My cholesterol is done 2 or three times a year and runs in the 190 range . My good cholesterol is very good (75) . I am a nurse and have been very active my whole life. But all of a sudden "I feel very OLD" and sore and stiff and my muscles in my back are so tight and painful. My husband and I are very careful and even have our blood work results on our cell phones. But Now I understand that all those years of Lipitor are taking a terrible toll on my body and mind. I have a great doctor who I bought your book for. We are working together to get me off Lipitor... But I fear the damage has been done. I rarely eat any meat other than good fresh high Omega fish. So my diet is not a threat to my cholesterol . But I am really afraid because my A1C has been going up over the last 3 years also. Also a new side effect of Lipitor. Last was 6.4 ... So I know things are changing in my body...I need to control these things . Thank you for your book.
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on June 1, 2016
This is the first book I have read on the subject and there are
many more. This author has not only experienced the effects
of statin damage but is uniquely qualified to write about it. Most of my suspicions about statin drugs have been satisfied.
I personally stopped statin intake 5 months ago due to symptoms described in this book. It simply confirmed that I
did the right thing. This is a 'must read' for anyone currently
on statins. Beware! You will be shocked by the symptoms
and risks involved....
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on January 8, 2014
I have always had suspicions about some of the medications prescribed by physicians, especially since there is a new one and more every time you go to the Dr. When you begin to understand the amount of money involved and the profits the drug companies have at stake it's no wonder they push so hard to get the drugs to you. The sad thing some and in this case the Statin drugs have side effects we should all be aware of. Many of the side effects don't appear for years and then sometimes too late to reverse the side effect. There are many studies that have been done showing the negative results of Statins, but these are denied or hidden by the money behind the scene. Unfortunately Doctors have pressing schedules and don't have time for independently studying all the drugs promoted to them. They are told about the drugs by the Drug company reps providing the drugs.
This book enlightens you to some of the goings on and how Statins work. It is information we should all know before a Dr. prescribes a chemical prescription especially when he/she says you don't have problem now, but this is a preventative. Follow the money. If there is a problem, it may not be the right solution. This book is short enough without being too technical to be informative without bogging you down.
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on September 16, 2013
This book is a first hand account of what happened to a doctor (and not just any doctor but a doctor who was an astronaut and a physician to the astronauts) when he took statin medication. It borders on the criminal the way big Phrma markets this and the other money making medication that really don't do anything to help the majority of the people these drugs are prescribed for moreover, it can and does hurt those same people it purports to help.
Dr. Graveline spells out the problem with statins in a clear and very readable narrative of what happened to his health after taking statins, what his doctors and colleagues thought and how you can protect yourself from this same insanity of cholesterol lowering drugs.
Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are big business and it's growing every day. Statin drugs are very suspect in causing this sharp increase in these events.
Read this book if you are a woman, if you are a man taking statins, if you are a parent to whom the doctor has spoken about giving your children statins. Read this book if you value your brain and would like to keep it healthy.
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on September 15, 2013
Well I'm now quite scared of my 6 month exposure to statins at 20mg per day. I had many of those muscle symptoms tiredness and less clarity in thinking. Thankfully no GTA. As an airline pilot I became immediately concerned with these effects and why specifically Dwaine recommends those in my profession not be permitted to take them.

I was rather taken aback how my Doctor, also an Aviation Medical Officer just immediately put me on statins. You'd be surprised at the circumstances. Another story!

Dr Dwaine has highlighted three very important issues.

1: The effect statins have on the body.
2: The lack of knowledge our Doctors have in the subject.
3: The "conspiracy" of the drug companies to continue these sales unabated with considerable evidence and data indicating that these drugs have extremely debilitating effects.

Doctors aren't listening, drug companies aren't caring and people are suffering. The new medicine!

Four hundred years ago they would have burnt Dr Dwaine at the stake for his heresy. His sacrifice now is at the alter of profit and ignorance. We will learn from this, but like aircraft accidents you need a hull loss to really make changes in safety.

Please keep up the good work.
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