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on November 10, 2012
I love finding a brand new author. Ms. Tate wrote a fun and inventive book with an ambitious plot. The characters, Mercy and Trent, were irresistible from the beginning. I loved Mercy the minute she hit the bad guy over the head. She was a heroine with pluck and determination; not a shrinking violet, by any stretch of the imagination. I LOVED the present day back story and sincerely wish there had been more of it.

As with most of the Indie books available there are some typos and grammatical errors but they didn't distract me from the story. I also wish the back story hadn't been italicized. It made it harder to read. I think the location heading was enough of an indication that the story was moving from 1888 to present day. Also, while another, unfavorable, reviewer mentioned holes in the plot, there is a part of me who thinks/hopes there may be more books linking these characters in the future. Possibly?

As I mentioned before I would have loved more of the back story. But, if you read between the lines, the back story is quite brilliant. The genealogist is a distant cousin by marriage of the husband of the woman she was working for who ends up being a direct descendant of Mercy and Trent! Not to mention the hint that the husband and genealogist may potentially end up together in the end . At least, that's what I've decided. I actually went back over the book and just read the back story again. I seriously wish there had been just a few more details. I'm seriously hoping for more...
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on May 29, 2013
I enjoyed the first part of this book. It has an interesting plot and I liked the characters. But there were several places where it seemed as if parts were cut out or the author got in a hurry and skipped ahead. The book followed two stories, which might have made it interesting, but simply added to the confusion and took away from time that she really needed to explain and develop the main plot. The end of the book was supremely frustrating. The epilogue is supposed to wrap up all the plot lines, but skips so far ahead and leaves so much unexplained that I ended the book feeling cheated. I would have recommended this if the author had spent enough time on the main plot to make it feel complete.
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on November 25, 2012
The story took me awhile to get the characters straight--going back and forth between generations. It is a historical fiction/romance taking place in 1889 in Seattle. Mercy is trying to shut down a brothel that is frequented by the wealthy, connected men of Seattle. It has a lot of action and suspense. I would have given it 4 stars, if it weren't for the numerous grammar and typo errors throughout. I also would have like to learn what happened to some of the other characters in the epilogue. Otherwise, I great debut book.
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on May 14, 2013
This was an involved cozy mystery. For a short book (approx 200 pages) I felt the entertainment value was that of a book twice it's size. Certainly not something you can plow through in a matter of hours as there is thinking involved, which is always a good thing in a decent mystery/romance.

I became entraced rather quickly - the plot was interesting and though Mercy was a bit more couragous than I could handle at times, I grew to love her. I was actually sorry to see the book end which is something I don't say often. I do think there could have been a bit more information added into the end - some things weren't wrapped up as neatly as they could have been, but I don't feel that ruined the book for me at all or left me crazy with wonder. I just think a little more would have been an enhancement to what is an already great book.

Definitely a book worthy of your time if you like historical mystery and romance.
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on November 20, 2012
I really enjoyed the premise of the novel and found the two main characters interesting. I simply think that the story had too much going on to really hold it together in the amount of pages it contained. I found myself trying to remember who was who, as sometimes the characters seems like they should have been more developed for the amount of focus they required.

That being said, I actually finished this book, and a lot of "self-published" books I abandon after about 30%. I understand Ms. Tate has released an edited version since the edition I read; I enjoyed the passion and the spirit of the book, and she really is talented in regard to evoking sensory perception. I hope she can rise above the negative aspects of some of these reviews and keeps writing.
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on May 26, 2014
Confusing and somewhat annoying the way it goes back and forth between two separate, but connected story lines from past and future. It would have been a much better read if the author had produced two separate books and told each story separately, one as a stand-alone follow up to the other. It would have also provided opportunity to completely develop the characters ans create a more cohesive storyline.
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on November 23, 2012
I got this book as a freebie and was immediately in love with Mercy's character. I enjoyed the story line between Mercy and Trent but felt like the Diary aspect of the story was dull, confusing and disconnected. Basically, I just skipped over those parts to get to the rest of Mercy and Trent. I am interested in seeing what else the author puts out but would recommend sticking to the historical story lines and not interjecting the modern day.
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on January 13, 2013
Very enjoyable and a wholesome story. A great read for any age. I really enjoy historical novels.
I look forward to reading more of Kristy's books.
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on November 28, 2012
Oh, poor Mercy. And poor Ms. Tate. I downloaded this book not only because it was free, but also because it had an interesting premise. Unfortunately it fell flat.

Knowing that this was a self-published title, I expected there to be some problems. I encountered many. Let's start with the book itself. Inconsistent spelling, grammar errors and a seeming ignorance of the rules of punctuation plague each page. A writer should know enough about the English language to avoid these simple mistakes. It's inexcusable for an editor (the author mentioned an editor in her acknowledgements) to miss them.

As far as the plot is concerned, there are simply too many holes and too many questions left unanswered. (SPOILER) Why didn't Mercy warn her "good friend" Eloise about Steele from the start if she saw that Eloise had set her sights on the awful man? What kind of friend is she? If Mercy rescued the girls from the brothel, where were her friends Belle and Melanie? Was Rita ever rescued? As readers, were were denied the payoff of the happy reunion. After all, wasn't rescuing her friends one of the reasons she went to Seattle in the first place? When Miles and Trent had Steele in their custody, why did they decide to take him to the Sheriff when they knew he was also involved in the bawdy house? What was the purpose of the mysterious key that Mercy stole from Steele in New York? Was it the key to the brothel, or maybe to another secret location? The author made a big deal of this key in the beginning, and then it was promptly forgotten. And, my biggest question of all, how did Steele's wife manage to become the madam of the house her husband was part owner of--without his knowledge??? (END SPOILER)

Mercy's actions were a puzzle to me. If she knew that her life was in danger, why on earth would she traipse around in men's clothing and slip off at night to the seedy side of town? Does she have a death wish? So many people were willing to help her, but she refused them all. And when she caught her aunt's Chinese man following her, she insisted he go back home. Thank goodness he was stubborn.

The secondary, present-day story seemed too jarring against the Mercy/Trent story. It answered no questions, did nothing to further the plot and, to me, served only as an aggravation. And, while the "recipes" included at the beginning of each chapter were whimsical, they did nothing to further the story. I think I would rather that this story be published straight as Mercy's journal rather than the mishmash it turned out to be.
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on December 15, 2013
This was a really good book; I liked Mercy's story and the character development. I do think this story could have used a little more editing as there were many grammatical mistakes. Otherwise I would highly recommend.
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