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on December 11, 2015
Sorry for the long review: Ok I just used this right now on a bulky wool blend coat, I ordered it online and arrived with major wrinkles so I thought ugh! Sending it to the cleaners. We have one that doesn't use chemicals but that junk has gotta be on the tools for the stuff they do use chemicals on, just saying. Anyway this thing took maybe 1 minute or less to start steaming really , for the coat I did not use an attachment so I used up and down strokes it does of course leave a little water residue it's steam lol. Then I did a blouse 1 minute tops, then I did a denim shirt with collar 2-3 minutes cuz its my first time using it. The collar tool it comes with is amazing 1500W of steam and they mean it. I also used the glove which works well but you do have to have super small hands which I do and it fit almost perfect. The hose ppl complained about it being to stiff uhh yes and no, it was not so stiff that it interfered with movement it's nicely wrapped in heavy duty material cuz it needs it with the amount of steam that it let's out. If you use it for a prolonged time handle on steamer can get hot it did on me when i was de-wrinkling my coat. I used distilled water the machine did not leak at hose or tank whatsoever, just wish it had a longer electrical cord, but I guess you can use a good extention cord. I bought mine from AMAZON directly which I'm glad for cuz if there is ever a problem with the steamer they are awesome with returns. If it breaks down or I have problems with it I will make sure to update this review, otherwise do yourself a favor if you hate ironing like me, clothes look fresh from the cleaners. Good Xmas gift too☆♡ Happy steaming. You might get a free facial too I did *(;

P.S. The Hanger looks small but is not seems to fit everything perfect and it does spin 360°
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on April 6, 2015
I work at Apple with a team of 102+ employees in our store. Our required shirts get wrinkled very easily . We bought one of these, after others had failed to hold up to the constant use. It is the best steamer I have used and its very durable, light weight, and easy to use especially with the hanger attachment. No more coming in early for long lines at the Steamer. : )
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on November 3, 2015
The price on the Singer was really compelling compared to Rowenta. I moved recently and, instead of buying wardrobe boxes, folded everything into regular boxes. As expected, my whole wardrobe was seriously wrinkled when I unpacked. I was able to steam items that otherwise would have gone to the drycleaners at $10 minimum each. Now it's nice to have the steamer for a quick wrinkle release and refresh on a daily basis. On the downside, it's a bit awkward to store. It comes with a variety of accessories, most of which don't work very well including a heat protective mit that doesn't come close to fitting an adult hand; I'm not sure if it was even designed for a human hand. Luckily, you don't need all that stuff.
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on September 29, 2015
It seemed like it removed the wrinkles on my thicker fabric for upholstery in 30 seconds from when I turned it on. I was done before it barely it got started. The steam started coming and they were gone in seconds. In reading some reviews I was concerned that it was not strong enough for my thicker fabrics. I almost paid $40 more for a different one but this has everything and worked amazing. There was a couple black marks or scratches on the pole and hanger but I don't think most will have that. I had Amazon give me a partial refund because of it but it works amazing. I would pull on the fabric a little to make it tighter to remove the wrinkles easier. I didn't have time for it to get hot enough to burn my hand but you can do it from the bottom or use the glove. I'm suspicious that some reviews are from competitors. It worked great.
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on April 24, 2014
This was my first purchase as an Amazon customer and I'm sure one of the reasons I do as much as I do now through Amazon. Arrived quick due to Prime and works very, very well. My son got used to using it and moved out recently but missed the steamer. Since he already knew how to use it and the first one has lasted so long this was a no-brainer and he loves it. We only use tap water, empty it when done and just roll it to a corner out of the way. Both wife and son REALLY like it. Not sure how these can be any better...maybe robotic control on a timer where it does your clothes by itself and has them ready for you? Wouldn't that be nice!
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on May 26, 2012
Along with my Bissel Steam floor cleaner, this is the absolutely best purchase I have made in a very long while, either brick and mortar store or Amazon.

If you have a family, and do a lot of laundry, you need this machine.
If you are single and just have clothes for work that you want to look nice, you need this.
If you are a MAN, you need this machine!!
If you are a mom and sending your kids off to college, they need this machine!

Some folks I have raved about this steamer to have replied "But I never iron". Well, that's the point. You don't iron for a reason - it's a pain. And frankly, perhaps your clothes look like you never iron them, eh?

The nice thing about this, is that you can steam jackets (think ski jackets, raincoats, puffy jackets) that you could never begin to iron (or be brave enough to) traditionally.

You can steam sweatshirts, flannel shirts, and they all come out great, and you maintain the fluffiness of the shirt - i.e. when you iron some items, it presses down the "pile" of the fabric and just makes it look "pressed". With some items, you just don't want that look.

This heats up quickly (almost instantly) pushes out a good amount of steam and the water resevoir is large and easy to refill.

The hose is a bit unflexible until it warms up - but then it's fine. One thing I would like is the ability to adjust the hanger part that comes with it...i.e. so it would slide in and out width wise so that I could make it a little bigger to hold bulky items, or a little smaller for items with smaller neck holes.

I use my own hangers most of the time though. I just hang the hanger on part of the apparatus at the top and put my clothing piece on it, steam and then it's all ready to hang. Bought a clothing rack for the laundry room, so I just hang everyones clothes there, and they come get them instead of putting them away in the closets.

I actually have always kind of liked ironing in an odd way - it can be relaxing. But this is just as fun - easy, it works, and you get the same satisfaction that you get from ironing only easier.

You can also get a nice crease on shirt sleaves, very similar to ironing.
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on September 19, 2015
So far, so freaking awesome! I hate ironing and I am too old to continue to walk around looking like I just rolled out of bed. The only drawback I can see is the hanger is a little small for when you want to clip your pants, but it is still wonderfully functional. Steams quickly and you don't have to refill every time you want to steam an outfit. I can steam about 15 shirts and 6 pairs of pants without refilling. I would definitely recommend if you hate ironing like I do.
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on May 14, 2017
This steamer makes my life easier. Works great and has traveled with me to help out friends and family who don't have one. The only con is, it needs locking wheels but putting a no skid pad under helps.
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on January 12, 2013
I wear a suit for work every day. I use this appliance to steam iron my suits before each wear. I've had it for over two years now, and it works perfectly without fail. If you must wear suits, this appliance is a must-have. It works great with shirts, jeans, and even sweaters, too!
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on January 18, 2017
I love this!!! It is amazing, if I'm ever in a hurry I just turn it on and BAM! wrinkles away. Make sure you do not let it go past the "REFILL" line, meaning once is at the refill line, refill it! Water will accumulate at the bottom, but just open it and let the water out regularly. I love this product. My sister has it, and we got the recommendation from my aunt, and we all love it.
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