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on February 11, 2016
After almost 2 years of use this mouse has already failed to function. The scroll wheel will scroll down, but then auto scroll back up. It is annoying and straining on the hand to fight against a failing scroll wheel.

Furthermore, for the past few months the rubberized finish has begun to peel off. The finish gets all over my hands and forces me to wash them after using the mouse.

It is time for me to look for a new mouse brand. Steel series product quality is not worth the price for me. I paid $40 for this mouse to work not cause me tendinitis.
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on August 18, 2017
Bought this mouse and saw some review about it quit working. So far been longer than a year and no problems. Steelseries sends out updates constantly which lets you know they are updating drivers and making improvements. You can literally choose exact speed and curvature setting and colors and custom image on button for each game and choose each button to do different Stuff.. Its kind of overwhelming but that's what this bad boy is for. I just got it because I like to change the color for each game I play, I love the metallic feel, and also it helps with shooter games because It can make your mouse go more gridlike compared to free motion.
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Enthusiast: Watcheson December 1, 2015
Pros: Price, rubberized feel, extremely smooth, many features
Cons: None

When I reviewed the original Sensei, I mentioned that the only things i would change are the surface and a cheaper option without onboard memory. This is exactly what the RAW version did, and I think they made a near-perfect mouse for both gaming and everyday use. It is comfortable to hold, doesn't have a plethora of useless function buttons and switches, has a great tacky surface that is also easy to clean, and isn't expensive at all. I don't mind that it isn't wireless. In fact, I prefer it since I was tired of swapping and recharging batteries. For everyday use, it's fine. If you need wireless, I believe SteelSeries recently released a wireless version of this mouse.
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on October 29, 2012
Incredible mouse that allowed exacting precision and customization. The drivers are amazing. The constantly evolving drivers/firmware just keep making this mouse and the software even better. The ability for storing on device profiles by name makes LANing or using different computers a breeze. Once you get your on device settings correct there is absolutely no need to have the drivers installed as the on device settings take over. I've played games at professional level in my earlier days and I wish I had this mouse back then. Even for more casual style play I recommend this mouse. I've paired it with a hybrid mouse mat (Steelseries 5L), Razer Goliathus, Everglide (old thin speedy cloth mousepad), and an old Icemat - it worked like charm on all, with the Steelseries 5L and S&S really providing the best feel and accuracy/tracking. I still use my Razer Naga for MMO's and MOBA's just because of the ease of the side buttons, but for everything else including everyday use this is king. I have played and used previously almost all of the intellimouse line (my all time favorite being the IE 3.0a), MX510, MX518, G15 (the Logitech mouse with the weights, favorite Logitech mouse was the 510 by far), a razer death adder (original), a razer death adder 2nd edition, razer naga, and way back when a razer boomersland (razer's first mouse...it was awful) ... my favorite razer product was the naga...but only for MMO's and MOBA games....which it still reigns supreme for.... The Steelseries hands down beats all of these mice by a landslide for all uses except MMO's and MOBA's. My recommendation is that if you are a casual player, a competitive player with aspirations for success, or a professional gamer (or former pro, like myself) ... that you waste no more time and spend the chunk of change on this mouse. I wouldn't give my endorsement and recommendation without it being above excellent (especially for a gaming peripherial), and that it is!

Pair this with a Steelseries 5L for fast and responsive feel.
Pair this with a Steelseries qck+ or razer goliathus for a more controlled feel.

Hard mats are over rated for mice of this caliber, stick with hybrids or soft large mats.
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on October 7, 2017
Really good mouse. Its a little light compared to my previous Logitech G400 mouse. It has a slightly fading led on the face and scroll wheel, its a nice small touch at night. The braided cord makes it easy to identify among the rats nest of wiring leading back to my case. It feels good in my hand and easy to palm grip. The thumb buttons are easily accessible and I don't have to adjust my palm positioning to reach them. The only gripe I have is that there is only 1 button to adjust DPI. I have to cycle through each one to get one I want, which makes it difficult during gaming when I need different scrolling speeds.
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on June 3, 2014
I initially bought a logitech g600 (I was playing a lot of FF XIV at the time) because of its small design, and in that regard the logitech did well. However, once I stopped playing MMO's, I wanted something more geared toward MOBAs (that is, less buttons to accidentally hit, controllable CPI, and a comfortable design). My boyfriend has the black rubberized version of this mouse and I was a bit worried about it given the size - I have relatively small hands and hitting side buttons can be an issue for me. However, after trying his for a little bit I decided to get my own and give it a go, and I am definitely pleased with the results.

While the Steelseries interface for messing with the settings is weird, once you get the hang of it it's got a really nice range and I feel really good about the settings I have now. I feel like I have a lot more control in Dota and my hand is a lot more comfortable than it was on the g600. The buttons are relatively easy to hit (I have to reach a little for the top one on the right side, but that's not too bad) and are actually pretty convenient. The aesthetics of the mouse are pretty pleasing as well - I have the white with blue lights and I really enjoy how it looks.

As a side note, my boyfriend and his friend both had this mouse burn out on them (it got really hot, then stopped working) and they suspect it was due to the light in the mouse. I have my set to a lower pulse and brightness and so far it's been doing fine, but I would consider turning the lights down or off if you do get this mouse.
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on February 17, 2013
I have been using the left handed Death Adder since 2010 but recently the laser started bouncing around on its own and I had a few other issues with that one over the years. Two weeks ago decided to pick up this Sensei and I have been very happy with my purchase. It is by far the most multi-functional mouse I have ever owned, and the feel and movement of the cursor can be so finely tuned that is borderline ridiculous.

Being a south paw, I know how hard it is to get a good mouse that feels right for gaming and for every day use (I work from home doing video editing). This went well beyond my expectations. The only small gripe I have is the weight, but that is simply a personal preference on my part where I prefer a heavier mouse. The Sensei is pretty light, and I've always hated when a mouse is so light that the cord can move the mouse on its own if it drops behind your desk, etc. This is a VERY minor gripe though and once you have the cord positioned, it is not an issue.

The color is also a fantastic feature that also really went above and beyond what I was hoping for. I also own a Logitech G510 Keyboard that allows you to change the keys to any color and set profiles, the colors on the Sensei must be at least twice as bright as the G510, but either way it is pretty cool being able to set matching color profiles for your mouse and keyboard. The steel finish (not sure if that is really steel) compliments any color scheme you choose very well. It is true that the finish does seem to make your hand perspire more than usual, but the mouse itself stays noticeably cleaner than my Death adder, and it is just so damn cool looking...I'm staring at it right now!

I paid $69.38 shipped with my prime account and I think it was worth every cent, but I notice it has already gone up a few bucks. Hopefully that is just a stock issue and it will come down but if it seems to keep going up I would recommend getting one before the price gets unreasonable. I had a left handed Death Adder in the "Spares" list on my Amazon Wishlist and have recently deleted it and replaced it with the Sensei, eventually I will buy a 2nd just in case they stop making this incredible mouse.
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on May 3, 2017
I wasn't sure about having to order without feeling the mouse in the hand first, but I pleasantly surprised and since arriving it has been a solid piece. not to heavy, and not to light for me, shape fits my hand style, and allows me to play comfortably.
Only blah aspect I don't overly like is the steelseries engine that is online based for the mouse settings, etc. While I think it is cool, it does take a bit to load and often can be funky to deal with and doesn't always correlate to the settings for the computer properly. But that's the software, which you don't technically need to use this excellent mouse.
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on May 25, 2017
I have used a lot of computer mice in my time, and this, by far, is my favourite. Takes an hour or so to get used to the shape, but after that it's perfect. Buttons are great, easy to tap and controlled spray in CSGO. The functions in the software make it easier to game with higher sensitivities too. And the teflon feet are absolutely huge! I don't know why every manufacturer doesn't design mice to have feet like this.

It looks like they are retiring this mouse though, and getting on the flashy light, cheapo buttons, "gaming" mice bandwagon, which is a shame.
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on January 15, 2016
***The best thing about this mouse is that it is supported on Mac. The drivers are maintained and it works flawlessly.

I bought this mouse for gaming to use with my new Mac. I had previously been using a Razer which was finally dying. I spoke to several friends who had bought Razers recently and reported that the quality had gone down. I decided to look at other manufacturers and am very glad that I did!

The Sensei has a great rubberized feel, its actually very soft. The sensitivity is very easily adjusted, it responds very well. There are two buttons on each side that are out of the way, you don't accidentally hit them like other brands. The wheel is somewhat slow, but it is not a deal breaker for me. I have read that you can change the color of the LEDs, but I am fine with the standard white.
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