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on October 30, 2017
Solid headphones, with a decent microphone jack, but the durability seems pretty terrible. My experience may not be entirely representative, but when they arrived, it felt like there was more sound coming out of the right ear than the left. Not a huge problem, but much worse, however, is that at the first possible moment, the 3.5mm audio jack bent almost 25 degrees off, and the audio has been non functional. Broken less than one day after receiving them, after buying them at a full $80 price point.

With some fanaggling the audio jack started working again, but I don't know how long that'll last. I can't say I'm entirely pleased with the product, but the audio quality is solid, as long as you're super careful with them.
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on December 5, 2015
I ordered these for video games on my computer, and I've had a number of different headsets in the past. I've typically stuck to cheaper models from various brands just because I was a broke college student. I went with these because they looked nice and had reasonably high reviews. I was leery of the microphone having the retractable feature, I figured it would be easy to break. It's not, I've dropped them once or twice already and they seem to hold up fine. The wire that the headband uses to secure to the actual headset is a steel cable, the picture makes it relatively hard to tell so it's put together very well. The USB plugin is nice for my computer, as usb is not going to be going anywhere soon. When I purchased these I was only playing computer games at the time, but they are also great for listening to music or watching movies on my pc. They are a gaming headset after all, so expect them to meet that need perfectly. I'd recommend getting a hook from the hardware store, I got one of those 3M sticky "command hook" things which is nice to have on the wall next to my PC. I just hang them up when I'm not using them.
The only cons to these things are as follows: They are NOT ps4 compatible. This is stated in the product description, I bought them for PC gaming...but I have a ps4 now that I got for an early christmas gift and I cant use these with it, which is what it is but it'd be nice. Also, the software you use for setting the headset up is downloaded from the website. Which isn't a big deal in itself but the software is only usable on an operating system windows 7 or newer...I've got vista so I can't use it. Other than that, the headset is a great buy...I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.

I play a lot of FPS games as well as league of legends and a few other steam games, this headset is perfect for FPS's. The mic is very clear, the people I play with immediately noticed the difference from my last headset (plantronics ~30$ model) and said I sound completely different. I'd highly recommend these if you're into PC games-especially first person shooters.
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on December 8, 2016
-When I put it on it almost doesn't touch my ears at all, which makes wearing them for a long period easier, just gets a little warm after a while (as do most headsets I'm sure), also they are a little too large to wear around the neck.
-The mic is great quality, I use it to game and I recommend it if you frequent a mumble/ventrilo etc and I love the fact that the mic retracts, makes eating at my desk that much easier!
-The wire is super long so if you have a PC that's far away it's perfect for you, if you have a laptop it's also great because you can just unhook the extension cord.
-I've had this headset for about a year now and they are still going strong!
-The only downside I see here is that they don't have much bass. Not a huge deal though since I use it for gaming as was advertised. So no star deduction.


8.5/10 - For comfortability - Gets a bit warm when wearing them for a while
9.2/10 - For sound (I.E Footsteps in a game) - I seem to hear what others sometimes cannot
5.5/10 - For bass - Like I said, wasn't really intended for playing music
10 /10 - For durability - Mine hasn't broken yet, and I've had them for a year and dropped them a few times

Overall: 9/10 - Great gaming headset for the price glad I bought it.
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on May 14, 2015
I've had these headphones for around 6 months.

Originally I was very happy with them. I game about 4 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends. Great sound quality, good mic, very comfortable.

However after about 4 months I started getting complaints from friends on Skype and other voice clients that I was projecting terrible feedback and static, all while I was not talking at all but with an open mic. I would have to unplug the mic cable then plug it back in to fix the issue.

I also find the cord tangles very easily. Several times a week I'm having to unplug the headset from my computer and hold it upside down so it spins and untangles itself.

Overall, they're a good budget pair of headphones, and I'm happy with them at the $55 price I paid. Will be moving on to another headset from a different company pretty soon though.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2013
I bought a pair of these for Kid #2's birthday. Kid #1 was QUITE envious (he has a cheap headset for his PC). Unfortunately, there are TWO 3.5mm jacks, so on a Mac, which have not had a "Sound in" jack for years, you'll need a solution like Griffin's iMic: Griffin Technology iMic USB Audio Device -- fortunately I had one on hand, but I have yet to be granted permission from Kid #2 to get it working -- but I'm reasonably certain that is what is missing, and why she couldn't get these working at first. Apple discontinued the "Sound in" or MIC input quite a long time ago. So that could stop you cold. Overall, however, these look really good, and judging from Kid #1's being impressed, they have a good reputation. I'll report back once I get the Griffin iMic working and hopefully get all the features on the headset functioning.

Now I see this kind of external USB sound card Logitech USB To 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter which would obviously be the cheaper way to go compared to buying a device like the iMic! I'd never seen a USB-3.5mm device before and it looks like this is what is missing on the Mac end to use this headset!
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on January 7, 2014
These are advertised as headphones for gamers. Insofar as they are used for gaming, they fulfil the role perfectly.

I'm not a headphone connoisseur, but as an avid player of games (particularly first-person shooters), these headphones give you clarity of environmental awareness that you cannot get with a speaker set-up. I put these on and realised for the first time that I could hear the ejected shells from my shots landing on the ground off to my right.

Also important for gaming, I find that I can wear these for hours without feeling uncomfortable. If you've read any of the other reviews, no doubt you would have heard about the headband design. Well, they're right. The headphones sit on your head and just - just - hold on with enough pressure to keep them around your ears but not to the point they attempt to get through your cranium.

The microphone is good. It's clear and adequately sensitive. It's no studio recording microphone and some friends have said that I sounded unusual, but given its size and the fact that I can push it away when I'm not using it, I have no complaints there.

I bought the Frost Blues, which comes with a USB sound card. Now, not being an audiophile, I honestly have no idea what the sound card is doing. But the benefits of having this output from a USB port means I don't have to take my speakers out. It also means I can plug this into my keyboard's USB port. Note that it also means you can't use this with your phone if you intend to bring it around. But I didn't, so that sat fine with me.

Why isn't this five stars? For several reasons.

As earlier mentioned, I plug this into my keyboard. The cable is a little too short to reach my CPU - and I think my CPU is located about an average distance from my head, it sits on my table and about an arm's length to my right. Maybe it's just the way my USB ports are situated, but bear that in mind. The cable itself is just about over a metre long (that's shy of four feet for you imperial types) which may seem long enough, but bear in mind the in-line volume control box that sits about halfway along it (a little closer to the USB side), which makes it a little unwieldy.

The headphones come with an extension cable that's long enough for most. But it was too long for me. I was fortunate to have a side port on my keyboard, which I could plug the headphones into.

And while we're on that in-line control box. It works great, but the microphone mute switch is not textured, which makes it a little difficult to switch at times. Otherwise, it works as advertised.

The sound. As far as games are concerned, this thing is pretty much perfect.

But then I listened to some music. These headphones have a wonderful bass range and can handle mid-tones well. These are the ranges you'd hear playing most games. But the headphones seem to struggle slightly with the highs. It's probably not a problem with most popular music these days, but unfortunately I listen to piano and string music, which can have fairly high average ranges. The sound crackles ever so slightly, something I do not notice when listening to the same material on my speakers. So there's that.

That about wraps this up. Bottom line: if you want to use these for gaming and cannot be bothered to look that far into headphones to find "pure" headphone + clip-on microphone solutions (which I've heard people claim is better-priced and of a better quality), then these are for you. If you are an audiophile, you probably shouldn't be looking at these.

I didn't talk about the glowing blue LEDs, did I? Well, they're LEDs. They glow blue. You can make them glow faster, slower, brighter, not so bright, or not at all. You can also make them glow according to the amount of sound you're receiving. It's nifty, but really, don't buy these headphones just because it has glowing blue LEDs.

Hope this helps! Please rate this if you found it useful. It is surprisingly gratifying to know that somewhere, someone out there has benefited from my pattering on my keyboard.
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on February 23, 2012
Updated Review: I will never buy another SteelSeries product. I have had 3 of these headsets and all of them broke. I used them on my pc and they never leave my desk and go straight onto my headset stand after use.

I used the first pair for 3 months before the audio cut out in one ear... So I returned it to SteelSeries and after paying the $16 dollar shipping cost and waiting 4 weeks I got a new pair. This pair lasted 6 months before the microphone just started producing straight static. I was literally in a Skype conversation with my friend and mid sentence he starts telling me how my mic is only making static. So yet again I sent them back... paid the shipping cost again... and got another new pair which the right ear cup stopped working on after 8 months.

I used Turtle Beach headphones before this and they lasted several years before I sold them to my friend and they still work. I bought a pair of ASTRO A40 headphones after the Siberia V2s and they have now worked fine for over 2 years and I use them with my computer and my phone. Now I use AKG K7XX and they are far superior in comfort and quality.

I strongly encourage you not to buy these because of how poor the quality is. I was baited into buying them with the advice of how: "The sound quality is just as good as other headphones that are $100 more." While yes, it does have decent sound quality for a headset... There's several other pairs of headphones without a mic that have much much better quality and are more durable.

Just don't buy these. They are bad durability wise... Look up various audiophile community's and see what they recommend. Get a pair of headphones without a mic and get an external mic to attach to them....
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on August 13, 2016
These are comfortable and stylish, with pretty good sound quality, but I definitely have to mark stars off for several reasons:

- About 6 months after getting them the right ear speaker started cutting out. The source of the cut-out is coming from the volume toggle control on the cord. This is a design flaw that I read MANY other headsets also have and in my experience Turtle Beach headsets are notorious for this (my boyfriend and I combined went through 4 pairs before we stopped buying them!). So I was disappointed that the same issue came up.
- I also have a problem with the blue glow feature on the headset. Every time I start my computer up the headset automatically starts glowing on "pulse" mode even though I set it to "off" through the software. So it's annoying having to open the sound program up, even though it's already running, to get the glow to turn off.
- The sound modification filters in the program hardly change anything at all in the sound itself.
- This headset costed like $110 when I got it and could hardly rival the sound quality of a Turtle Beach Surround Sound headset around the same price range. To top it all off, the same speaker cut-out issue occurred, plus I experienced the glow problem. Not worth the price AT ALL.

Fortunately, somehow, the speaker cut-off stopped after I messed with the volume toggle (e.g. squeezed it, tapped on it, and tugged on the cords) and hasn't come back in a long time, so I still use this headset. But I'm definitely not buying another one.
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on July 13, 2016
I've had this thing for almost a year, and I decided to write a honest review.

The device is simply incredible. It is sturdy and worked well since day one. I live in Minnesota, so it survived the deadly winter and humid summer, I feel Steelseries deserves a medal for design this.
If you are a gamer, you definitely want this, the sound cord ensures that you will catch even the smallest sound in-game, which is super important as a dedicated CSGO player myself.

However, there are two drawbacks which is why I give it a 4 star.
First is that, you can change the type of the lights that shines on the side, aka the frost blue lights since I picked up a Frost Blue edition. There were three different types of lights, no lights at all, the breath, and change with the sound, which is the light will shine at the same frequency as the sounds you are receiving through the headset. When you choose the change with the sound option, you can literally hear the electric sounds from the lights beeping, which OK for me, since I don't like that mode anyway.
Second is that, the size of the headset is a little bit awkward for those who has a above par size of head, for example, me. This headset is only inches away from making my ears uncomfortable, it stretched to the limit. So if you have a above normal size of head, I'm talking about those people who need to purchase size L for caps, you might want to rethink about it.

Over all a great headset. To be honest, you won't get any better headset with similar money. Razer and Seinnheiser are too expensive for similar products, while Logitech and Turtle Beach are simply too uncomfortable to wear.
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on January 14, 2016
Review for V2 (red) after over 2 years of use.
- Comfort. These fit my big head with no fuss.
- Durability. I have a tendency to keep pretty good care of stuff like this, so your mileage may vary. They're plastic, but have had a couple of drops to the carpet with no breakage. I've handled the retractable mic with some caution and it still works great.
- The detachable extension cords are nice, but if you have the extension plugged in and aren't using the full length, a velcro tie-wrap is a must; I would not trust the cable to hold up to any sort of abuse.

- Sound quality is very passable, but not superb. For games and such they're great, for music/, not-so-much.
- Earcups are vinyl/leather and will eventually make some ear-sweat after a relatively short (30+ mins) usage session.

Would recommend for gaming use on the light-to-medium usage range, but don't expect to beat on these things - they're reasonably durable but will NOT hold up to any sort of abuse.
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