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I live in a rather old apartment building and the guy that lives above me?
Well, I'm sure I drive him as nuts as he drives me lol.
I turn my tv up to drown him out, he turns his up even further.
After having a battle of the remotes for over a year now I finally started looking at other options.
This one was the simplest and the cheapest.
Now I can watch tv, movies, video games in total isolation without being bothered or bothering anyone else.
I looked at wireless headphones but I didn't want to spend the money...not unless the guy above me was willing to chip in half anyway.
I got mine in a matter of days so I'm very happy on that front.
Make sure you get an extension for your headphones or your face will be right up against the screen lol.
My connections were also silver not gold but for $2.50 I don't care.
Peace of mind..finally.
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on August 23, 2015
First...in all fairness these were purchased with a set of computer speakers to augment television sound in my daughters apartment since she does no have a stereo or any other form of speaker system. Just the laptop and television with a blu ray DVD player. I searched reading right to left meaning I looked for the cheapest option. No haters here okay.....I am not being cheesy with my daughter....most of the money goes to more important things like her car.

For those who may not know, this connection option is good for outputting analogue stereo sound from something equipped with left/right RCA outputs to adapt headphones or in this case the computer speakers with the subwoofer. I wanted to use the volume control in the DVD player to control the volume.

We hooked the male RCA connectors to the back of the DVD player and with no pressure or undue force the white ( left channel) male RCA pin broke off in the female output of the DVD player. These are very cheap and fragile. Not worth returning them though.

Ended up just connecting the male phono jack of the speakers to the headphone output on the television and setting the audio option to "variable' so the tv volume would control the levels from the speakers.
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on October 8, 2008
I used this to hook up my computer speakers to my 40-in Sony Bravia TV, which only had RCA output audio jacks for an external audio source.

Solution: Buy this handy-dandy converter, and I was able to instantly use my computer speakers. Of course, I wouldn't recommend using CHEAP computer speakers, as in, computer speakers that use the power from the computer to power them. That would probably break your TV. Mine were a bit nicer, and had a small subwoofer and had to have it's own power source (ie. a Power cable)

The only problem is that this TV is unlike my old one, which had the capability to have computer speakers hook directly into one of the 'audio outputs' on the back of the TV, so I could control the volume using the TV remote. On this TV (and many others, I assume), by using this converter, my TV thinks that the audio is a separate device with it's own remote.

Downside: I have to get up every time I want to turn up/down the TV. Eh, it's not that bad, considering I play movies/tv shows using my Phillips DivX dvd player. And for those that don't know what DivX is you had better get a word-a-day calendar or something because it is well worth the money.
UPDATE 6/4/2010 - Product has been going strong for the past couple years. I have started to notice a low 'humming' coming from my speakers, but then again my Logitech speakers are now over 5 years old, so what can you expect?? I hooked them up to my digital piano and the humming was still present, so I know that it is my speakers and not the converter. I stand by my review I made over a year ago: get this if you want a simple way to connect your computer speakers to your TV!
UPDATE 6/17/2011 - Product still going strong. I still use the same speakers, and I believe it is my TV itself that is producing the low-pitched 'humming' when the TV is on but the cable box isn't. It is not the fault of this product, at all. I also bought a female-to-female extension cord so I can play movies straight from my laptop to the TV (and connect the computer speakers to it while still keeping it behind the TV).
LAST AND FINAL UPDATE 9/17/2012 - Wow, first, thank you for all the Helpful Votes! When I first bought this, I had no idea if it would even work, and there was only one-or-two other reviews. Now with over 300 reviews, I think I should e-mail someone and get a discount next time for all of these potential customers I brought in!

The product has survived two moves (cross-state, too), being stomped on, and I caught my cat playing with it too one time, during the move. In either case, I should amend my review to say that it DOES give me super powers: it allows me to use computer speakers to connect to an RCA male output. I still have the same setup, my 40" Sony Bravia TV with my older-than-dirt Logitech speakers. Whenever friends come to visit, they ask why my sound is so much better than theirs (because they are using just the TV speakers in the flat-panel TV, which have no speaker cone...). I just point them towards this little product.

If mine ever breaks, I will come back and update again, but I think this review speaks for itself: I still have the exact same one I bought four years ago! And finally, please, don't forget to mark this as "helpful" if you thought it was! Thanks everyone! :)
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on June 27, 2016
I hate giving bad reviews...and this is really one of my first real Bad ones!.....Bought 2 of these at the same time, They came in 2-days!, But right out of the packages one had a short in it on one of the RCA plugs and would only make connection when you wiggled it, On the other one, one of the RCA plug pulled off....And NO I was not pulling on the main wires either!!, And the connectors are not gold either as pictured...just steel plated!...Very disappointed and not even worth my time to return!...You get what you pay for I guess and wish I spent a few bucks more for another higher quality brand!....Maybe they were just made on a Monday by a disgruntled employee who had a bad weekend!...So I give them a 3 star rating anyway as for maybe I was just unlucky on getting some defective ones as most reviews I have read was pretty good on them!
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on June 30, 2016
For cables, Amazon is a wonderful place to shop, with every imaginable cable, and likely the best prices around. Now, when it comes to cables, such as this, shop by price, and rating. I have checked out, on many websites, including C-net, and found paying more does NOT get you better performance. Gold-plated connectors make for good marketing, but not much in the way of performance.
Sorry for the short review, but this is a short cable. What more can I say?
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on October 24, 2017
Just what the doctor ordered to install a headphone jack to an older TV without one. Adapted the RCA jacks to a stereo headphones line with no issues. TV menu lets the normal speakers to be turned off, Volume still controlled by TV remote to headphones and everybody is happy. Sleepers have quite and headphone wearer has complete control of volume. Win-Win
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I purchased a few of these as an impulse since I wanted to connect a pair of Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver components to my stero and a pair of powered speakers. For the price I was expecting cheaply made and flimsy cables that would be great for mating the receivers to RCA jacks in the stereo and in the powered speakers. Suffice to say I got more than I expected - and especially for eighty-eight cents and free shipping.

For adapting 3.5mm to dual RCA the six inch length is more than adequate. What surprised me was the quality of the connectors, which are anything but cheap junk, and the gauge of the cable which is a step above what you would get at a dollar store. It makes one wonder how they can sell for such a low price and ship for free.

Even more impressive, they seem to be noise-free, which is something I cannot say about some of the adapters I've used.

I know that when something that's too good to be true should raise red flags, but in the case of these cables they are one of the rare instances when you get a lot more than you bargained for - and in a good way.
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on April 3, 2015
Exactly what was needed in order to hook up my Logitech PC speakers for use on TV. The Sony TV I am using has only RCA outputs on it, and no 3.5mm which is what PC speakers will use. By hooking up this adapter, the TV immediately recognized the PC speakers and now I have excellent sound for my living room TV for all game consoles that normally would play sound through the TV speakers. Using this adapter did not cause the TV speakers to stop, so they play along with the Logitech speakers which is no problem. I can independently raise or lower the volume on both the TV speakers and the Logitech PC speakers. It was a little bit difficult to "snap" the 3.5mm male into the female jack on this adapter, but now it's pretty snug in there. I hope it lasts a long time.
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on September 19, 2017
Used one of these to connect my Proxelle Bluetooth Connecter to an old shelf-sized stereo, taking advantage of the stereo Aux In ports. It worked great, and I have 2 extras to use on other devices. Inexpensive and they work really well.
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on October 10, 2017
I don't have a headphone jack in my flat screen TV, to hook up some speakers. There were only RCA cable outputs. So this did just what I needed. Now I can use my exterior speakers for better TV audio (including good bass).
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