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on August 20, 2014
The unit is well made but I felt they could of provided a shelf or two more for those who did not require widely spaced shelves and wanted more capacity. Eventually, I came up with an even better low priced solution. I added the Sterilite 29308001 3 drawer cart INSIDE at the bottom, and it fit absolutely perfect. As if it was made for this! Importantly everything still closes fine. I then was able to move higher and more tightly space the original shelves. I also used the top of the add-on as a shelf too giving now 5 shelves and 3 drawers, hence doubling and making more versatile, the storage capacity within.

If you go to the "customer-supplied-images" section, I uploaded a picture of this all combined.
or direct link for copy and paste into browser: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41H1Dvb%2B%2BQL.jpg

Link for the add in: however it is much cheaper at Walmart (currently $17) (leave casters off)
Sterilite 29308001 3-Drawer Wide Cart with See-Through Drawers and Black Casters, White
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on December 20, 2014
Purchased three cabinets on Sunday, received orders on Tuesday. Amazon Prime rocks!
I'm 5'3", 120lb woman. Assembled all three cabinets by myself in less than an hour.

Packaging and Delivery: All three boxes were very well packaged. UPS took great care delivered them to my doorstep.
Unboxing: All pieces were well packed and nicely nested. Unpacking was easy.
Assembly: No tools needed. They really do snap together. READ the instructions carefully before assembly. Group pieces according to letters first. If your pieces don't align, it's most likely the corners weren't snapped tightly. Make sure corners are pushed in evenly. Place a TOWEL over then LIGHTLY hammer if needed. Follow instructions on the last, top, piece and the doors. Since I am short and without help, I laid the cabinet on its back on floor, one side against the entertainment center to help keep right door in place. Make sure both doors are in place before pushing the top piece completely on. Don't rush the final step.
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on June 16, 2015
I really do like this Utility Cabinet. I read another woman's review and it was quite helpful. She was 5'3" and 120 lbs. and said she was able to put this unit together by herself in about an hour. It really does just snap together, no tools required. What is required is patience. Go slow, check, check again, and then check one more time BEFORE making the final push and snapping each piece into place. As the other reviewer mentioned, first take out all of the pieces and group them together by letter. ALSO, check each piece to make sure it is not deformed or damaged in any way. I didn't do this and one of my door pieces had a portion that was bent inward. This did not make a difference as far as the door snapping together nicely and working fine, but if I had checked first I could have put this piece where it wasn't as noticeable. I tried to take the door apart, but once it's snapped together, it's together for good. I also tried to "fix" the warped area, with a not so good result. As I mentioned previously "check, check again, and then check one more time BEFORE making the final push and snapping each piece into place." This did cause a problem for me. I thought I had gone slow and checked, but apparently I needed to check some more. After completing the unit the doors didn't line up. They worked (open and closed fine), but there were off gaps between the top of the door and the top of the unit. I checked the entire unit and found that I hadn't quite gotten the side panels 100% aligned when I did the final snap and snapped them together. This put every additional piece off slightly, resulting in the side panel being a bit higher on one side. This through the alignment of both doors off. I sort of fixed it by putting a piece of cardboard under one door corner, and then when I put the padlock on it raised the doors so that they are a little more even. Both problems I encountered was due to my not checking each piece thoroughly as I unpacked them, and not triple (or even quadruple) checking before I made the final snap. A couple more things... 1. Put this together on a hard, flat, level surface. 2. The shelves are sturdy enough for lighter items, but can warp in the middle. I am putting heavier items on my shelves, so I think I will cut sturdy wood shelves (probably about a 1/2" thick or so) to put on top of each shelf to reinforce it. Okay, that's it from me. I hope this was helpful.
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on September 13, 2012
This item is terrific! I used it as a kitchen pantry cabinet. My kitchen does not have enough cabinet space so this item does the trick perfectly. It assembles in minutes just like lego pieces. No tools. The cabinet is all plastic and because of that it is easy to move. The shelf capacity of 40 pounds is good. It is much cheaper than it's competitors.
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on October 8, 2015
When I received these I was disappointed to find the door panels with black marks all over them. I might not have minded if I were putting them in a basement or garage but I'm using them in condo with a serious lack of closet space. I tried several different products to remove the marks but I was just about to give up and return them when Goo Gone did the trick! Got them cleaned up and assembled in no time. They're really going to make life a lot neater and more organized. I even dressed them up a bit.
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on November 23, 2012
We rent out a spare bedroom of our house to a college couple. 4 adults in one house with one small pantry meant that we had a set of open shelves in our dining room for their pantry goods. It was pretty ugly. We ordered these Sterilite shelves hoping they would at least hide away our roommates' stuff. So far, it works PERFECTLY as a second pantry. It snapped together exactly as described. With two of us, it took about 45 minutes and we were going slow. It fit well into a corner of our dining room and does exactly what it needs to do. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. Granted, we've only had it for a week so far, but I will update this if my opinion changes.
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on December 26, 2014
I'm not sure if I didn't get a return...and therefore it is possible that the item doesn't have the offensive odor that I'm complaining about. When I received it, the top of the box was open. I took the item out of the box to make sure I had all the pieces and to see if it was damaged. I never got around to assembling it, so I cannot comment on how easy it was to assemble or whether the doors closed. The plastic was lighter than I had expected. For me, it probably would have suited my needs since I was using it to store board games and lightweight items. However, for garage or kitchen pantry use...it probably couldn't handle a bunch of cans without bending.

However, when I took the item out, I was nearly knocked over by the smell. It smelled like gallons of Windex had been poured over it. Now, if someone had returned it, that might be the explanation. However, I am getting to the point where I am getting wary of buying anything plastic these days. If you don't have a good quality plastic, there can often be a bad odor that can be overwhelming to people who have a sensitive respiratory system (like me). Other people may not notice it.
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on March 21, 2015
I needed some more storage and wanted something I could put together by myself. I am not extremely talented when it comes to putting things together, but I am getting better as I get more experience putting things together for my grandkids. I like the idea that this needed no tools. The directions were easy to follow and the pieces were marked so you could tell them apart. You really don't need any tools. When the pieces fit together, there is an audible click to let you know they are in place.

I was able to put a lot of stuff into this cabinet. It will help a lot. I'm considering getting a second one since it was so easy to put together and it holds so much. It will help to keep the garage looking tidy.
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on January 22, 2016
Nice inexpensive cabinet. We bought a home that was not well thought out and has very little closet space. I'm tired of feeling bad while watching hubby move around the composite wood units, they are just so heavy! I put this in my sitting room for linen/curtain type storage. I did put a fall guard to attach it to the wall, I felt it was a bit tippy and this gramma is big on protection. I would have liked just one more shelf but that is just for my needs... will look for baskets or cloth bins to separate things. We have numerous Sterlite items in the house so I knew to trust the name.
I put it together mostly myself, in about 90 min. I am a middle aged disabled woman with standing (vertigo) and hand dexterity issues. I did what I could sitting down on my walker and used a rubber hammer to "click" the pieces together. Hubby helped with the top piece. If hubby had done it, I'm sure it would have been more like 45 min max. But hey, accomplishing something feels good. My two suggestions for Sterlite if they happen to read these reviews are: Use some sort of paperboard as packing instead of styrofoam. These things get shipped and it was a constant job while assembling to use the dust buster to clean up all the miserable little styrofoam pieces. Also, MORE tape on the box! Again these are being shipped, and mine barely made it to me still closed, about an inch of tape on both ends was still there....
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This is just the most perfect storage cabinets for my needs! I looked around and did a lot of research. Most of these types of cabinets are made of wood, and the ones that are affordable are just particle board. But, regardless of the price, all of them are very heavy, and have a fairly complex assembly process. That did not work for me, at all.

I just recently moved and my new apartment only has about half of the kitchen storage as my previous home. I really needed something decent looking and neutral to use to store pantry items and small kitchen appliances, and this cabinet works perfectly! It is lightweight but sturdy, really affordable, and still looks nice enough to have in my kitchen. And the pieces just snap together. It only took us about 15 minutes to have the entire cabinet all set up. I am so happy to have found this cabinet and so happy to have it to use.

I am seriously considering buying a second one, also, now that I see how great they are in person. That is the highest product recommendation I can give.
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