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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 20, 2016
I had some hopes for this due to some of the glowing reviews here, but I'm afraid I just can't rate it as actually good. It's not totally terrible though, and in the bottomless pit that is the world of zombie movies that's saying pretty much. For one thing, there's a bit of money being spent here. Reportedly $750,000 was spent making this, which is not quite what is spent making one episode of The Walking Dead, but at least it's something. For one thing we're out of the woods. Most low to no-budget zombie films are filmed in rural areas for budgetary reasons. Trees lok like trees, zombies or not. but here we get a zombie infestation in a city, and Reno at that. Well, maybe actually Norwich, Connecticut, but at least the establishing shots were shot in Reno.

It starts well and follows the usual infection scenario but in this case it's a reaction to some kind of nuclear accident. After that it's your basic survivors holed up with zombies outside. This time it's in a Hotel/Casino. I thought that was going to make for some interesting scenarios, but they didn't use the casino-angle much and besides, it wasn't a fancy casino, more like a glorified card room in a lower end small hotel. The zombies/infected are unique to this film. That's not necessarily an improvement, but it is different. These Z's are sometimes fast and sometimes slow and lumbering. Some are weak but others are very strong. The sleep (!!) and you can even sneak out and tiptoe among them. And after a time, they even start attacking and eating each other (!!!). That's a violation of one of the most cardinal rules of zombies or infected, but that's what they do, in Reno at least. But they still crave live meat the most and will stop munching on each other if a fresh soul wanders by.

The film could have ben good given all this but it fails mostly in its script and some indifferent acting. The plot starts meandering a little way in and loses all sense of pacing. Worse than that it loses all sense of tension and dread. The characters just hang out, quarrel with each other and sit around the lounge drinking cocktails. this is not the mall of Dawn of the Dead which was temporarily secured so well that it allowed some down time. This is a cheap hotel with only glass doors and some piled up furniture between life and death. But the way the characters act you'd think the film was about a power outage and everybody is bored. The developments that do occur don't make much sense. You expect characters in these films to make some dumb decisions, but here characters completely change their personalities without apparent motivation.

The acting is not very helpful. Grant Bowler tries his best as the lead and is fairly convincing. for most of the others it's just the script. Tawny Cypress is good as Cindy, the daughter of "General Reddick" but only appears briefly and isn't given much to do. This is also true for Miko Hughes (trivia:the original baby in The Omen),the gay character Jensen and most of the others. Evalena Marie has some fans online but it's not for her acting, which is wooden. Overall you just don't care about these undeveloped and mostly unlikable people.

The movie was made for the chiller cable channel and has typical TV editing. There are some fun moments and a little suspense but it doesn't add up to much. it's pretty much a by-the-numbers zombie flick with a moderate budget that at least makes it stand out from the truly low budget fare. it's worth a watch on a slow night.

By the way, Steve Niles is a writer of the graphic novel that the film was based on, and not a character in the film. The title is actually "Remains". His name was added to be sure his fans watched it. I guess he has some reputation among the cognoscenti.
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on January 2, 2013
Its an original take on the Zombie genre. it touches on certain topics and questions that you may hear someone ask when they try to understand/evaluate the zombie genre. (Such as, "Why don't the zombies attack each other?", "if it's a virus, how would it evolve, if at all?"
The movie had a few original feels to it, first being an original yet typical disaster theme that caused the creation of the zombie like creatures. which is a new power source that is supposed to be great for the tree huggers and hippies goes bad and boom! which is typical for a disaster movie or a apocalypse movie, but i don't recall see that particular disaster somehow creating a zombie menace in any movie. So, kudos for the orignality, but pppfffft on practicality.
Another difference, was the way the zombies acted and their shared traits, which actually made me wonder if they could even be considered zombies at all. Certain traits such as gaurding their food like an animal, barking and growling. Sleeping at night time in the standing position, eating each other as time went on, and a few other traits that i will leave to your discovery.
Although the movie had a few original points, the characters and the way they were portrayed was pretty lame. very stereotypical and extremely aggravating. i literally looked at my buddy and told him that if he ever acted like any of those clowns, i'm knocking him out and using him as a distraction.

Overall rating is a 3 star. it had me interested with the different zombielike theme and approach, but the acting and characters kept telling me to watch something else.
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on December 26, 2013
I love zombie movies, sometimes because their well written and acted and sometimes just for escapist fun.
Steve Niles' Remains falls in the latter category.
The idea of having a zombie outbreak on the Vegas Strip is original but fell way short of my expectations because it was neither scary or funny leaving me scratching my head.
The special effects and makeup were almost non existent adding to the disappointment.
The acting was marginal as well but if your looking for a Zombie movie to watch and you have not seen this one then go ahead and check it out.
However I would not recommend adding it to your video library.
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on September 19, 2012
This is a great zombie flick, although you never really find out just how far this virus has spread. That doesn't detract from the film itself. Some things are best left up to the imagination. The make-up & zombie movement is exceptional. The synopsis of the movie found on the facts page describes this movie in more detail w/o divulging too much of the movie. This one's a keeper in my opinion. You'll be sure to watch this movie again if you're a die hard zombie fan. Welcome to Reno Nevada, "The biggest Little City In The World".
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on August 3, 2016
I can watch any zombie flick. The proof in the pudding is whether I feel the need to skip through the sappy character histories before the next victim gets eaten. I found myself fast forwarding a lot. Too slow of a pace, too much filler in an effort to reach full length. This film could have been made into a 30 minute short and been great.
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on December 20, 2012
Though not quite as good as 30 Days of Night, but still good. ZOmbie films have always been my favorite type of horror films.
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on March 10, 2015
Awesome movie, you think its a "B-Rated" movie but it has many new elements you don't see in other zombie apocalyptic movies (zombies in water, some comedy, etc); I rate this movie as an "A-".
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on June 30, 2015
Don't waste your money. Get The Night of the Comet much better
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on February 3, 2017
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on August 27, 2012
Made for the Chiller channel, but did not shy away from gore and language and blood -- the weak link was the suppostition of why---why are the people getting zombied out....so weak in that aspect as they sort of tossed a bone your way, then put 90% of the rest of the effort into the main story. Story was good, acting was good, make up was not bad at all ---- and liked it enough that I won't shy away from suggesting you add it to your collection.....I just really prefer my zombies dead and coming back, not the result of some giant microwave going bonkers.....the behavior(s) of the zombies - now that, was a refreshing change!
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