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on October 3, 2011
I purchased these gloves to handle hot, smoked BBQ and to pull apart whole meats such as roasted pork. They are absolutely great for protection from the heat of handling hot food. No kidding, you can put your hand in boiling water while wearing these gloves and not burn yourself. Be sure to pay attention to the warning in the instructions about only using the gloves to handle hot food. They are not made to withstand the high heat of metal oven racks, grills or baking stones.

Do be careful, though, when it comes to handling food like hot meats as the silicon surface gets very slick and slippery. There is no texturing on the fingers to grip foods better, so making pulled pork is not a fast as I would like. Using your bare fingers after the meat has cooled reasonably is much faster, but that's not why I bought these. Also be sure to hold things from underneath and with both hands to keep from dropping a succulent hunk of meat on the ground instead of on a serving plate.

Clean up couldn't be easier. Just keep the gloves on while you wash your hands with mild dish washing soap.

Pros: Protects you from burns while handling hot foods.
Cons: The silicon gets slick and slippery when handling richer meats such as beef and pork.
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on February 11, 2011
I bought these mainly for moving hot foods between my smoker and my oven. They are great for handling the hot meat. I haven't been burned, and I'd say you have decent dexterity when wearing the gloves. You aren't going to be able to perform heart surgery while wearing them, but it is plenty good enough for moving hunks of giant meat around.

Totally liquid-proof

Plenty of insulation to keep hand cool

Easy enough to wash (pretty much just washing your hands when you're wearing gloves)

Great for pulling pork

Gloves are a little short in my opinion. This isn't a huge deal until you go to wash the gloves. I got a tiny splash of water that ran down my arm into the glove and it takes days to dry the inside of the glove out completely. The rubber is so grippy that you can't turn the glove inside out either. Really kind of frustrating when you don't want to put away a wet glove.

Another BIG con in my book is that you can't use these gloves to handle hot metal peices from the grill or smoker - the glove just melts. After using the glove for a while, I wish I had a pair that were silicone and allowed me to grab hot metal.

There are little defects in the coating on the outside of the glove. It looks like they are air bubbles. Although these are a little unsightly (you can really only see them upon close inspection) it didn't seem to affect the glove at all. It's just a minor eyesore.
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on January 11, 2012
I've used these gloves for a couple of years now and they do the job but aren't as good as other insulated food gloves I have used. The first problem is that they are very slippery so you've got to be very careful when moving food from the grill to the tray or when handling hot food while carving. The second problem is that they are very hard to clean and will stain. The pair I received was white in color and there is no way to get the stains completely off, even when I soaked them in bleach and ran them through the washer. This isn't a huge deal as I know they are clean but if you have guests over they might not understand and think you're handling the food they are about to eat with a dirty pair of gloves. They are also very hard to dry after the inside gets wet and they will develop an odor if you don't get them completely dry. This is less than ideal when using them to handle food.

I've read several reviews that complain about these gloves melting when used to touch a hot metal surface. These types of gloves are not designed to use for that purpose. I use a separate pair of fire gloves when handling hot grill and smoker grates or metal tools. I have not had the same problems as others with my hands getting too hot inside the glove when handling hot food. You're hands are going to warm up if you're handling hot items but I have not found the heat to be unbearable.

I've got some good heavy use out of these for a couple of years. I will look to replace them in a year or so. I will probably look for another set of gloves and pass on these. What I will look for are gloves that have traction in the palm and fingers so the food is less likely to slip. I will also look for a black pair of gloves so stains are less visible. Overall I'd say these gloves are functional but could use improvement. I will keep them as a backup pair when I purchase a replacement set.
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on October 1, 2017
Didn't last too long. I grabbed a cast iron pan with this off my grill and they started to melt.
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on June 25, 2016
For me, a female, with medium sized hands these gloves are way to big for me to use as I intended to use them. I bought them to pull apart meat from my smoker while it is still warm. I do still use them to take items off of the smoker. Mostly food that is inside the aluminum disposable pans. So, basic hand movements these work fine for; however, finer motor skills are not possible for me as these gloves are just to big for me.
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on April 19, 2017
A little slippery for me
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on March 3, 2014
These do the job quite well. I use them for pulling pork while it is piping hot, which is the best time to do it. I use these to shred HOT chicken, I am impatient and before I would use two forks and my fingers, so i would get burned a bit :) The gloves make this a much faster experience!! I use them for anything in the kitchen that is too hot for my hands. I can grab meat, corn, potatoes and anything else straight off the grill.

My one complaint is these are bulky. I am a woman with small hands, so these are really big. It would be nice find these in sizes. Even though these are big, I can use them just fine.
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on February 26, 2017
Gloves are more of a MEDIUM size, so anyone that usually wears Large + gloves; these will be small, uncomfortable, hard to get on and off. The exterior glove material is somewhat "hard" and therefore doesn't allow free finger/hand movement. They do a good job of heat resistance with hot bbq meat;
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on June 16, 2013
I use these gloves every time a bbq, so that means i use them at least once a week! the gloves work great for taking hot meats out of the smoker. Havent had any issues with these gloves EXCEPT for cleaning them, the exterior part is fine, but as soon as moisture gets on the inside of the gloves, it starts to kinda smell. So make sure when you clean them that you dont get water in there.

EDIT : less then a week after i reviewed these gloves, one of the fingers somehow got a rip in it and when i reached into a 200 degree pork shoulder without realizing of the rip... that was fun. The other glove is still fine.. but now i need to order a new pair :/ Lasted 6 months
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on November 2, 2010
These gloves did a great job of insulating my hands from the hot food, but I wish they had some texture. They are a bit too large for my hands which, in combination with being utterly smooth, made stripping a chicken ridiculous. As soon as the gloves had some chicken grease on them, it became impossible to continue working with them on. I'd try to strip some meat off bone and the gloves would just slide right off the chicken. After a short while, I couldn't hold onto the bird at all. They are fine for simply handling hot food, but not very good for actually working with it. Maybe something less greasy, like a pork roast, is less troublesome, but I mostly wanted these for stripping chickens and they aren't much good for that.
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