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on May 16, 2017
It's double-sided sticky tape. Pretty simple. But as a 4x cat owner and 3-year cat foster parent, I have a pro-tip for the cat owners: put the sticky tape on a piece of cardboard (or something equally useless but firm), and then put the cardboard on top of/beside the undesired-scratching object. Thus, just toss the piece of cardboard away when no longer needed. No need to worry about the tape ruining a piece of furniture, and the cardboard is not clear like the tape, so you can see where it is (note that this WON'T help those who are stumbling around at night with the lights off - another pro-tip).

I specifically use the tape to stop my cats from scratching at my door 20 minutes before my morning alarm clock. They are tall enough to reach the doorknob and bat it around, and I can't very well tape the doorknob. So I unfold an old cardboard box, tape it up, and set it in front of the door. I cut it long enough so the cats can't reach the door over/around it, and I can easily pick it up and set it aside when we have company.

I've also used it to stop a fresh-off-the-streets foster cat from pooping directly beside his litterbox. I taped up cardboard and put it all around the box, save for one small (~6") space to allow the cat to get to the box - theory being that cats are super clean animals and would not like to step on or around his waste to get to the box. Worked like a charm! He immediately stopped pooping outside of the box and started pooping IN the box, and he never did it again for the 4+ months we had him, even after the cardboard was removed.
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on March 22, 2017

SITUATION: We are the caregivers of five indoor cats. We have a variety of scratch toys, but none seem to be as inviting or satisfying as our furniture. We formerly had leather furniture, which they didn’t bother. The new upholstered stuff arrived and they could not resist. Our previous little angels became little scissor-handed devils overnight! We tried spraying them with water, making loud noises, and covering areas with aluminum foil -- all had little success. At one point we tossed sheets over everything -- they simply would get underneath them to scratch! We love our cats. Love them! (Amelia, Norman, Pippa, Mamie, and Harper). We resigned ourselves to having threadbare armed furniture. I purchased — yes purchased -- Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws on a whim, with very little expectations. To my amazement, it works!

INSTALLATION: In essence, it’s simply double-sided tape. One side sticks to your furniture, the other your cat will touch. The label cautions to try a small test area first. My furniture is fabric – not microfiber or leather — I secured the tape without any difficulty. I would suggest vacuuming the furniture prior since cat fur will prevent the tape from adhering well.

REACTION: Within minutes of installing, I watched Mamie walk up to “her” arm chair and attempt to do her usual stretch-and-scratch. She touched the tape and immediately pulled her paws away. She sat there for a moment looking completely perplexed. She looked at me, looked at the chair again, and then walked away. It was freaking awesome!

SPECIFICATIONS: The tape is 2.5 inches wide and comes on a roll. It has a similar look and width as packing tape, but much stickier. It comes off the roll like double-sided craft tape: the bottom side sticks to your item and the top side is covered with a waxy like paper that you pull off, once installed. The waxy paper is perforated down the center. This feature was well-thought out: it enables you to secure the edges a bit more as you’re pulling it off. It the wax was one whole piece, you may inadvertently pull the tape off your sofa as you’re pulling the wax paper off. A little extra securing may be needed around corners and curves. I have found it easier to use that waxy paper, instead of my fingers, to secure areas that didn’t stick initially. Over time the tape will lose its stickiness as cat fur, dust, and other things are attracted to it. If that is an issue, just reapply more tape.

INTENTION: The intention of this tape is to prevent your cats from scratching. It did precisely that. I do see that they also claim it may help “control inappropriate elimination.” I am not certain of that claim. I have a cat whose middle name should be “inappropriate elimination” and this tape would do diddly squat to prevent her from peeing outside her box. I am assuming that cats who pee on furniture would be discouraged to do so if they encountered this tape. Possibly. My problem child doesn’t pee on furniture, thankfully. She pees outside her little box. But, that’s a whole other story...

DIRECTIONS: The label reads: "May damage certain surfaces (including, without limitation, wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, microfiber, and wallpaper) so ALWAYS TEST a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous area before applying." I would most definitely not use this on most hard surfaces. It would leave a sticky residual mess.

I very much appreciate this product.

****** UPDATE: I have had the tape installed for three months and it continues to reduce the amount of furniture scratching. My cats, being superior in intelligence, do have a tendancy to take advantage of a loose edge and use it as an opportunity to try and pull off the tape. (I don't fault the tape for their behavior.) I have had to re-apply in some areas as a result. I am buying more tape. Be certain that enought scratching posts, pads, etc. are available for your cat(s), as an alternative.
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on January 18, 2015
I'm on my second package. It works great using it EXACTLY what it's advertised for (NO SCRATCHING). It really does keep my cats from scratching the furniture fabric. However, any and all negative reviews I've seen are those of us trying to use it what it wasn't designed for or used it on surfaces they shouldn't. I've seen reviews where people are complaining because it takes paint off. Well, if you read the back of the package it says "May damage certain surfaces (including, without limitation, wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, microfiber and wallpaper) so ALWAYS TEST a small piece of Stickey Paws on an inconspicuous area before applying." They also warn that it won't stick as well on treated fabrics (Scotchgard).

In my case I have a problem with the cats sitting on the furniture when I'm not home so while they're bored they chew the corners of the chairs or couch. I put the tape down on all the surfaces hoping to keep them from sitting and expecting this would train them to stay off. It worked at first. They'd jump up, feel the stickiness, and then promptly jump down. This lasted about two weeks before they figured out they could jump up, get the tape stuck to them, jump down with it on, pull it off with they teeth and paws, and then they were good to go. Now, everyday I put on fresh tape only to find it crumpled up on the furniture or floor when I get home (see attached pic). I have web cams installed so I can see what they do when I'm away. Everyday now I see them sitting only hours after I've applied new tape. So this is my suggestion to you. If you have fabric furniture this product WILL keep them from scratching vertical corners and sides. I've also found it will keep them from chewing corners and areas they don't sit on. However, don't have expectations it will work beyond its intent. My rating is solely based on it's intended use.

If I had any comment back to the manufacturer it would be to work on making the adhesive a little more "potent". The adhesive does seem to become less effective as air and dust are exposed to the surface. Maybe this is impossible to overcome, but it's my suggestion to improve the product.

As a side note. I'm thinking of trying the XL sheets to keep the cats from sitting on the furniture, but then I can't sit on my own furniture! So I'm thinking of getting some poster board or equivalent to attach the sticky sheets to. That will allow me to lay them on the sitting surfaces before I go to work and then remove them once I'm back home...
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on June 10, 2016
Lol I don't know what is in these, but the did the opposite.

We bought new couches, our cat really didn't seem interested in the couches, we saw him try to claw them once and that's when I ordered these after reading the reviews. I chose them because they didn't have the wire screws and I didn't want to damage my brand-new couch. I did see that another person had the same problem as I did which is......

The sec I got them on the couch my cat came and started trying to eat them, he LOVES the damn things. And he was trying to chew the couch to get them off!!! I took them off asap and he followed me, I gave him the wad of tape and you would have thought it was catnip.

So these didn't work for me, they actually made him interested in my couch.

CON: also they have a no return policy when I tried to return them.
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on June 27, 2016
This did nothing to prevent my cat from scratching the furniture or jumping on counters and table, in fact it is currently stuck to my counter like superglue. I've tried everything. 100% acetone, goo-gone, citrasolv, rubbing alcohol , steel wool, straight blade, and dawn. Stil, no dice. I followed the directions and put some sticky paws on all areas before applying, and I thought I would be OK because it came right off of the counter after letting it sit there for a minute or two. However leave it longer and you're in trouble. I can't say I would really recommend the product to anyone. On the upside, although it ruined my hardwood farmhouse table, it's great for keeping tablecloths in place. Overall I'm really upset though. I read the reviews, they were great, I tested the product, and now my counters are beyond ruined, the cat couldn't of cared less and I can't get the stuff off. Because it's basically double sided tape, my counter is now scratched up, useless and sad.
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on February 16, 2017
I was looking for large sticky pads to cover the corners of my sofas so I didn't have to use an entire roll of double sided tape. They were so thin that it was hard to get them to stay on the sofa even as I was putting them on. If you accidentally touch them, they stick to your finger or blanket or pants. My cat doesn't like them but still decided she'd pull 2 of them off with her mouth within 2 days. Once that happens it sticks to itself so you can't stretch it out again to put it back on. And I think she got mad so she started scratching other surfaces that didn't have the pads. Luckily the other 3 are still in tact (it's been about a month) so I don't feel like I completely wasted my money... but I will not buy again.
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on November 29, 2016
I seriously needed a deterrent for my cat! This jerk constantly scratches ANYTHING. Well we got a new couch and I was trying to avoid the infamous scratched up spots. I thought this was an excellent invention, but soon noticed the fine print that you should change the sheets WEEKLY. Which is ridiculous. Who can afford to buy these sticky things for the life of your furniture??!? I stick a few on, they started to fall off after a few days. My cat also helped himself to them and pulled them off as well. He licked them too. I'll finish up this pack and keep searching for something to save my furniture! Maybe a spray?

Side note, aluminium foil taped to the couch corners has helped a lot!
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on October 22, 2016
Best thing I've ever purchased! My hubby and I have done everything (spray water bottles, yelling, spanking, scent scratch off sprays, tin foil, blanket cover ups..) to get my husband's cat to stop scratching our couch and my microfiber shoe ottoman but he continued to ruin everything! (Not my shoe ottoman!!)

Needless to say...infuriating! I finally broke down and bought this double stick tape. It has been about a month and our cat has completely stopped scratching! It's a friggen Christmas miracle!

Pros - easy to remove from dowel and stick to everything. Tape comes off easy and doesn't ruin furniture. I've used on leather, microfiber and standard couch material. It has all worked great. Cat has stopped scratching/clawing furniture.

Con - if you brush your leg into the taped area...say goodbye to your leg hair! :-) Also I had one couch spot that I couldn't get the tape to continue sticking. It kept falling off. All the other spots have stayed fine though.
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Antique furniture and cats do not go together. But since I love them both I had to try something. In spite of some negative reviews, in desperation I decided to give this stuff a go. The results were fantastic. I had put some o a wooden antique table that the kitties were sharpening their claws on (!!!) and they stopped when their little hands touched the sticky surface. My table is saved.. So then gradually other pieces of wooden and upholstered furniture acquired sticky edges on the sides and tops. I really can't understand how people had problems with this. Of course i don't have silk covered furniture but I do have silk drapes. The tape was easily pulled off after they lost the habit, on both wood and cloth. I also happened to have bought scratching posts and cat trees to give them alternative claw sharpeners. For me, and my five cats ( from an eight week old kitten to a 20 year old diva), this worked like a charm. I would never consider removing their claws, so this option was perfect. If they ever forget, a re-application will remind them.
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on May 6, 2015
We have three cats and had just gotten a cool reclining chair that had been recently reupholstered in a nice woven fabric. The cats immediately started testing the chair out for scratching even with two cardboard scratchers close by. So, I ordered these strips and placed them on the seat and by the top of the headrest where most scratching occurred. I watched as the cats seemed mildly annoyed by the strips but would then scratch a few inches away from the strips. I ended up using all of the strips to cover as much of the chair as possible but still much of the chair was exposed. Two of the cats did back off but one didn't really care and would just scratch around the strips. So, these worked a little for me, but I was not planning on using up the entire pack in one go. Perhaps these would work better on a smaller chair where the cats have less room to work around the strips.

The package says to only leave the strips on for a certain amount of time, was it a week? I forget. But I recommend following the instructions. I kind of forgot about the strips, we just never sat on the chair, and I pulled them off two months later and some of the dye from the fabric came off with the strips.
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