Customer Reviews: STIGA 1-Star Multicolor Table Tennis Balls (6 Pack)
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on August 20, 2012
I constantly train lower school, middle and Upper school kids to play Table Tennis and I must say these are a blast to have around. Kids, even older ones are actually fighting over certain colors, I actually have to remove them for good!

Bounce Consistency (7/10)-
They are one star balls from a generally recreation-producing company. Don't expect professional world-wide quality but it is decent to hit around. Great to use on robots and for beginner play.
Durability (8/10)-
Hey! They last pretty long! Not to mention getting all scratched up and stepped on, but in general it should last a few weeks.

Overall (8/10)-
Again, they're great, long lasting and perfect for having fun. Some colors however are difficult to see, like dark purple or bright yellow. I play professionally and I can honestly say I cannot even see some of the colors on the ball moving super slow, or even 100 mph. But for kid's and recreation sake they work well.
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on January 7, 2015
A friend suggested ping pong balls for a cat toy. I now have an inside feral cat that is nearly four years old. I think his transition to being a full-time inside cat is largely due to play time with me and alone. I have mostly hardwood floors and two sets of long stairs. These have become one of a couple of favorite toys for the cat and me. Most often, he bats them around and hunts them alone, but sometimes he paws one over to where I am sitting and we roll it back and forth for a time. I like these colors as it makes it fairly easy to find them underneath furniture and I don't think they look as dirty as white ones. My biggest mistake was only buying one package to try. I got lots of extra exercise multiple times a day getting on my hands and knees with a broom handle or yardstick and retrieving them from underneath furniture. Some have just mysteriously disappeared even though I moved furniture to find them. The only thing that would make these better as a cat toy is if that had a digital signal for electronic tracking. I now have a container with extra ping pong balls and sponge balls, so I can just hunt for the rascals once a week or so. Otherwise, when I only see one or two balls in sight, I just drop few more on the floor.

Just a little "FYI", I bought some cheap white ping pong/table tennis balls while waiting for my second set of Stiga multi-color balls to arrive. (I really didn't need the extra exercise of crawling on the floor to find trapped balls under furniture and in tight spaces wielding a broom handle six times a day.) Anyway, I've noticed that my cat favors the balls with color over the white balls. I also have sponge balls in plain and a soccer pattern. I've noticed he plays more frequently and longer with any ball of color, particularly with a pattern, such as the soccer them sponge balls. The next time I stock up on table tennis balls and sponge balls, I will be sure to purchase ones with pattern. (Stiga has another package that has a sports pattern printed on the balls available at Amazon.) I'm somewhat new to inside cats and their habits. I looked online and learned that cats are more drawn to movement than color as for the most part, they are color-blind even though some colors are distinguishable to them. So that probably explains why my cat prefers balls of color to white ones and also the ones with printed patterns. Hope my observations saves you some cat toy money.

...and yes, my house with its wood floors is a bit like a skating rink during hockey slapshot practice with balls every where, but I highly recommend it to keep your cat active. Also, I'm not really concerned about tripping or stepping on the balls as it seems like they are so light they shoot away at a bump. I just make sure to keep them off the stairs, especially around the top and bottom of each staircase. So far, so good.
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on December 6, 2014
These are great as a cat toy, which is why I bought them. Every cat I've ever had loved to bat it around in the tub as well as on the floor. Ping pong balls are so lightweight that when the cat goes to attack them the ball shoots away from the slightest touch and off goes the feline again to "catch" it.
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on March 30, 2015
These are 1 star balls, and are basically novelty balls. I'm just learning about the star rating.
Stiga apparently is a popular brand name for table tennis products, and they efficiently place the
rating stars of the particular balls right smack out front on the package, and that's awesome.

My friends picked up a short table on a whim, and we had been playing with yellow Stiga 3s.
That's actually TOO NICE a ball to use on that table, because you don't have the standard distances
in which to really hit the ball. These one star balls appear to be a bit harder, (and with a more noticeable seam I believe),
and don't react to spins quite the like the multi-star balls, but that would be expected I suppose.

The good thing about these cheaper balls is, not only do you get a purple one, (almost impossible to see while playing),
but they are a harder ball and can take a bit bigger swing of the paddle for this smaller table.

For the price and our needs, these are perfect.
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on June 8, 2015
These are a lot of fun if you don't expect too much, 1/2 star balls at best, (lower quality control than Stiga 1 stars) but good for amusement/recreation. I bought them to give my visual acuity/perception a workout with different colors and they work perfect for that. Neon green and blue easiest to see and purple (blend into dark green table background) quite the challenge and worth lots of laughs swatting at air, this set also good for breaking up the monotony of regulation colored yellow/white balls if mixed in with others in a ball serving/practice machine.
Some balls as good/better than Stiga 3 stars, but don't be surprised by soft spotted and out of round balls that were not fully pressed together at the factory, perhaps that's why other than the packaging, none of these balls are actually marked Stiga or with a star.
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on January 21, 2012
It's not professional grade but perfect for fun and games. I use ping-pong to teach my son reflex, focus, concentration, and coordination, etc... Teach your kids ping-pong and you'll see the different in him/her.
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on November 15, 2015
I was playing with these just earlier today. Note, the balls do include a warning about how they contain a product known by the state of California to cause cancer or some such warning, so my children refused to play with them for a long time (I removed a star for this). Now, they will finally play, and wash hands after a game. Functionally, these are a great price and work like I expect ping pong balls to work.
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on July 28, 2015
I bought these to play games with my toddlers involving colors. Unfortunately, they had a strange white powder on them when they arrived that muted the vividness of the colors. I made sure to wash them very well before letting my boys play with them. Unfortunately, they didn't last long either. My toddlers are pretty destructive, so you may find better results if you take more care and don't step on them.
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These are VERY attractive, and I guess they are easier to SEE when playing that game the guys love SO much!

I have many --- younger friends --- that seem to love PING PONG on the weekends! I help 'em out!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 28, 2014
I bought these cause they were cheap and I wanted balls for beer pong this coming new years. Then I see a warning label on the back. "This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm" Wash hands after handling. What the hell? I'm certainly not going to be throwing these into cups of beer we are drinking. Not even worth the effort to return, $2 wasted on China oh well.

UPDATE: Nice that a company cares enough to reply to my concerns even with such a low cost product. The point they make seems perfectly plausible. Still I'll go with something that's no-risk versus postential risk. That said I boosted the rating from 1 star to 3 because I like to support companies with good customer service.
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