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on October 9, 2015
Another classic Tragedy Khadafi album. What more can I say, except listen to it and experience real hip hop in its truest form. Queensbridge still holding it down hard!
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on January 27, 2017
Super dope!
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on July 4, 2016
Dope hip-hop.
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on December 29, 2013
Great artists, just seems like he never put any REAL effort into his albums. Half ass beats, sound quality etc. But his lyrical ability is on point.
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on June 22, 2013
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on December 4, 2012
this is the realest rap album I can think of after the year 2000. Trag is for sure one of my favorites. Guys flow is incredible.
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on April 6, 2007
Tragedy Khadafi's fourth album is 2003's "Still Reportin'," and in my opinion, is possibly the most impressive release of his catalog. Tragedy Khadafi is the blueprint of a Queensbridge MC, and the way he tells sullen hood tales of struggle, crime, and incarceration while still remaining spiritual and philosophical bring to mind other hometown legends like Nas, Cormega, Capone-N-Noreaga, and Mobb Deep at times, while still establishing very much his own identity. The production and the way he always replaces "understand" with "overstand" keep this album firmly rooted in the QB. I think this album is head and shoulders above his previous album, 2000's Against All Odds, a good album in its own right. There is virtually no skip material here, and the production is miles better. This is a more personal effort, Tragedy goes deep and hits home on a few more tracks while still taking the time to tell great stories and make threats on other tracks. Guests are plentiful, and between his last album and this, he made amends with Capone-N-Noreaga, both of whom appear here. New listeners should know that listening to Khadafi can be a powerful experience, and he is a very dramatic and effective MC. "Still Reportin'" is in my mind among Tragedy Khadafi's finest work ever and is highly recommended.

Khadafi lays it down on the excellent first song, the title track. Over nice production, he spits hard raps about where he's coming from and where he's headed. "Neva Die Alone Pt. 2" is possibly the album's best track, where he tells an excellent hood tale over truly chilling production. Mobb Deep's Havoc makes an excellent appearance for a collaboration on a Queensbridge anthem, "The Code." "Hood" featuring Christ Castro is another great song with a heavy, piano-laced beat and an anthemic quality to it. I also really like "Hood Love," a soft love song with more excellent production that doesn't sound corny at all, because Khadafi maintains his character through the song. The tough "The Message (Aura Check)" is fine Tragedy material, excellent east coast threats and bragadagio. Lyrically the best song is the amazing "Walk With Me (911)," an effective and angry response to September 11 and the injustices of life, with a very powerful chorus, an incredible song. Over a pumping horn fanfare, Tragedy, Capone, Littles, and singer V-12 make an awesome song out of "U Make Me," where the chorus provides a new take on a well-known Usher song. "The Truth" and "Fall Back" are both solid hardcore tracks, featuring Christ Castro and Havoc, respectively. "Can't Figure It Out" has upbeat and joyful production, with a soulful horn line and nice chorus. The short "Eloheem" precedes the very deep and personal "Crying on the Inside," where Khadafi deals with his mother's death and an incident where his infant son fell from a window, and how God helped him through both. The album ends with a "Fall Back" remix.

It seems like Tragedy Khadafi is another rapper destined to remain underground, but albums like "Still Reportin'" are part of the reason he's such a legend there. This album is unfortunately out of print now, but should you come across it I highly recommend a purchase. Fans of New York and more specifically Queensbridge rap artists are sure to love "Still Reportin'."
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on October 22, 2003
Tragedy Khadafi's fourth album "Still Reportin" (2003) is a excellent release. Alot of people dont know much about Tragedy originally known as the Intelligent Hoodlum a member of Marley Marl's Juice Crew who has released three previous albums (Intelligent Hoodlum 1990, Tragedy: Saga of a Hoodlum 1993, and most recently in 2000 Against all Odds). Running in at fourteen tracks, guest appearances come from Havoc,Littles, Christ Castro, Rashida, Sha Self Capone and V-12. Tragedy is one of those slept on MCs who never really get there due in my opinion, I like how he has gotten less known but talented producers Booth, Scram Jones, Dart La, Sha Shelf, Ben and Abe, Just One to handle the production on this, and there production is impressive. I also like the fact that hes back to working with CNN again. Got the first track and title track, "Still Reporting'" on regular rotation on the moment, Khadafis dedication track for all the fallen soldiers is a great starter to the album, like the beat and sample to this one. "Code" feat Havoc and Littles is a solid three way collabration, Dart La produced "Hood" feat. Christ Castro, is laced with a sick beat, and is another memorable track. I had never heard of Christ Castro prior to this release and I like his appearances on this. Tragedy calms things down a bit on the relaxed "Hood Love" feat. Rashida a track dedicated to a real love, some rappers try to make tracks like this one and come off sounding corny, Tragedy does not, keeping his lyrics simple and ending up with a smooth Rap/R&B collabration track. Tragedy starts the "The Message" off introspectively by pointing out a fault of his in disrespecting some women in the past and leads into talking about the streets and industry. Tragedys lyrical content on Sha Self produced "Walk Wit Me" (911) is in depth, he talks about everything from the streets, to Hiroshima, Pearl Harbour, Geronimo Pratt, Bush and Bin Laden. "U Make Me" feat Capone, Littles & V-12, uses some sick horns, and V-12 (an artist I have never heard of) sings well on this track and later on "Can't Figure". Hardcore "The Truth" feat. Christ Castro is another good collabration, engaging to see fellow QB artist Nas lines mixed into it. Scram Jones produced "Crying on the Inside" closes off the album powerfully, a track Tragedy dedicates to his Mom who passed away. This is not an album to sleep on, highly recommend Tragedy Khadafi's "Still Reportin'".
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on March 23, 2005
If you ain't heard of Tragedy then you ain't heard of one of the top 5 rappers out there in my opinion. This album , as well as his "Against All Odds' Are 2 of the top 25 rap albums I have, and I have over 650. This cat can spit true lyricism and he got the tight beats as well. He spits true gangsta, hustlin, and deep song like very few rappers can. Guests are on about half the songs on this album, and most are fellow QB affiliates. Production is great, Scram Jones does 5 songs, Booth does 3, Ben does 2, and Dart La, Sha Self, and Just One each do a song. It has 3 classics, 3 near classics, 2 ok songs, and the other 6 are good, so you don't need to skip any songs and if you do something is wrong with you. A must have rap album for fans of true hip-hop with real lyrics from a real cat who is one of the illest of all time!!!!

#1 - 9.5 (good beat)
#2 - 10 (CLASSIC w/ great beat)
#3 - 9 (f/ havoc & littles)
#4 - 10 (another CLASSIC -- f/ christ castro -- good beat)
#5 - 7.5 (deeper song f/ Rashida)
#6 - 8
#8 - 7.5 (deeper song f/ V-12)
#9 - 9.5 (great song -- f/ littles, capone & V-12)
#10 - 8.5 (F/ Christ castro)
#11 - 9 (f/ havoc)
#12 - 9.5 (f/ v-12)
#13 - 8 (almost 2 minutes straight, no hook)
#14 - 10 (Classic DEEP song about his dead moms and his son who almost died)
#15 - 9 (f/ havoc & Scram Jones -- same as #11 w/ a verse by Scram on this one)

Percy Chapman -- -- b. 8/13/71 -- Queensbridge, NY
check all my reviews
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on November 8, 2005
That's all I have to say after listening to this album. I never heard of Tragedy Khadafi until this album. I remember listening to this album in my friend's car and after listening to a couple of tracks. I definetly had to pick this up. If you don't have this album, I definetly recommend it.

Tracks such as "Neva Die Alone Pt. 2", "Fall Back featuring Havoc, "Hood" and "The Message" shows Tragedy's lyrical presense and aggressive nature. The song "Walk Wit Me" (911) is one the best most compelling tracks that I've heard in a very long time. A very deep track featurning the vocals of V-12 has Tragedy going through certain issues of the typical black man. "U Make Me" is another banger featuring Capone, Littles and V-12. The song uses the structure of Usher's "U Make Me Wanna" to perfection. "Hood Love" is a song that explains Tragedy's love to a certain someone who has always held him down since Day 1. The album closes out with the inspirational track "Crying On The Inside" which closes the album off on a good note.

I'm pretty sure many people haven't heard of Tragedy Khadafi but once you hear this album, you will feel his presence. "Still Reportin" is still in my CD player frequently.
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