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on January 31, 2016
Very hard to play unfortunately even just to get started. You have to learn how to do the tricks which is fine & all but buttering it just doesn't work for me at least.
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on June 5, 2012
After playing this game, I won't be buying from the Snowboarding genre again. I played Amped 2 on the original Xbox and also owned a few of the early Tony Hawk skateboarding games. I am used to a different control setup, so that may have contributed to my dislike of the game. I have heard that the Skate series has a similar control setup, so people who have played that series may like it.

The Levels: 3 stars
In Amped 2, the levels were a mixture of not only mountains and forests, but also parks. Stoked is solely mountains, sort of like they are hidden runs. Like others have said, the runs are vast and very rarely do you run into other riders. There are no parks at all, and the mountains get very repetitive. I am not even sure where the bottom of the run is. I try to get to the bottom but end up having to call for the helicopter because I got stuck. You have to hit certain jumps in certain ways so you can actually get air off of them. The "rails" are fallen trees and staying on them is relatively easy. You do not have to balance or anything... just make sure you jump on and off in just the right way. I find this very boring.

The Challenges: 2 stars
Some are easy, while others are incredibly difficult. The in-game grab manual is sad and lacking in instructions. The control setup complicates everything and makes hit several buttons triggers, buttons, and joysticks at once just to perform a grab, and then you are lucky if it actually turns out to be the grab you are required to perform.

The Soundtrack: 5 stars
Pretty much anyone with any taste in music can be happy with the soundtrack. You can customize it any way you want with a variety of choices.

The Repetitiveness: 1 star
Everything repeats. The mountains, even though you are on different runs. The runs pretty much repeat themselves, as well. The challenges. Etc.

I have heard the game gets better, but I have two new games that I got for about the same price or cheaper. Those games have caught my attention from the very start. I don't have time to fight through a game to get to the good part. It was not fun at any point to me, and it was incredibly frustrating from the start.
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on November 12, 2009
I absolutely love this game. The best part is style vs. huckster which really adds to the replay value. If you are a fan of SB games, thhen you owe it to yourself to get this game.

Also, I simply cannot wait for the Big Air Edition. Count me in for that, too!
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on April 10, 2013
its like a make of skate but you shred on a snowboard. I love it. great xbox classic game. buy it
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on March 9, 2014
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on March 1, 2010
Do not buy ''Stoked" no matter what the reviews claimed. it'S the worst game to come to existence. To be more clearly, it's the worst I ever played. There's no race. Only one character riding down a freaking snow moutain, don't buy it. it's a waste of money and time. The game is the of the worst of all snowboarding game. DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on June 28, 2009
5/5 - Ive never played a Perfect Snowboarding game... But this definitely is the best one I've played in this Genre. Pushing the boundaries of realism and maintaining great playability, has earned this title a 5/5 in my book.

THE CONTROLS work great. They can be adjusted based on if you like nice tight carving or slow steady shreading. Some people have had problems, but don't notice that how it handles is dependent on the setup of your snowboard and the angles you can adjust on the bindings. This gives your character a different stance and weight distribution and effects overall handling

THE GRAPHICS are top notch, watching the sunrise from a shrine on top of Mt. Fuji is quite spectacular.

THE WEATHER SYSTEM adds a whole new level of depth to the Genre. You check the new snowfall on the mountains and see if it's still snowing or if it's gonna be a nice sun shining day on the mountain. Having the snow level rise and fall based on this make the runs somewhat unexpected each day... That rock you plastered yourself on a week back... might be under 2 feet of snow now and you will be zipping right over it wondering where the heck it was!

THE CHALLENGES can get a bit repetitive, but it also isn't exactly the same each time, there are 3 different types of challenges in the game. Bust out certain named tricks off of a specific mountain Feature, Do certain type of tricks (ie: grab, spin, flip) of a specific feature, Land a chain of tricks off specific mountain features; but each one is a new run and style for the most part.
Photoshoots, sponsor challenges, and Pro rides, are definately something that breaks that repetition though.

Overall this is a Stellar Snowboarding title worthy of much more praise then it has been given.
If you enjoy a nice realistic snowboard title, do yourself a favor and pick this one up... and being launched at $29.99... you can't go wrong!
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on April 4, 2009
This is by far the best and most fun game on the market. For those who have played the Skate games then it will be extremely easy to get used to this game as the controls are very similar as is the overall playability of the game. There are many different mountains from around the globe as the levels. As mentioned, you do different challenges that are comparable to the ones from Amped 2. Speaking of which, in my opinion was the best game until this one came out and still holds down the solid number two spot. You are able to ride any part of the mountain and do all sorts of tricks. You can go fast and huge! Once you get 50,000 points on every run you unlock the ability to fly the helicopter for that mountain! This lets you fly around until you find a line that looks sick and jump out and ride it! There are tons of cool features but the main thing is this game is just freakin awesome. The best, most fun snowboarding game out there.
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on March 19, 2009
Alright, I got this game because I really needed something different. I've driven for thousands of miles, head-shot millions of people, boosted countless cars... I needed a change.

I like Stoked. It definitely gave me a change of pace. The graphics are good and more importantly, they're thorough - your guy gets covered with snow when he wipes out, or when it's snowing hard. He shakes his head when he wipes out - it's creative and realistic. Supposedly the weather is dynamic - I've seen it be cloudy, then turn sunny. Every once in a while it snows, but not too often. I haven't seen a lot of options for customizing, but I hear that improves as time goes on.

The mountains are HUGE, but tend to be somewhat sparse. You feel like you ski forever with nothing to jump from. The problem is I'm trying to look for obvious jumps, when many point-grabbing activities in Stoked aren't readily obvious. You gotta get a little more creative. The option is there, but for a rookie, I'm just not used to it yet.

The biggest problem I have with Stoked is that I've never snowboarded in my life. The tricks all have titles, and I've never heard of them before. The manual or in-game "bible" helps a little bit, but simple terms like "switch" mean nothing to me. I have no idea what it's asking me to do. I go online to try to find help, and find other players getting laughed at because they don't know what the terms mean. That's bull. I could talk circles around these people when it comes to automotive terminology - can't we just be nice and answer the questions?

I too found the first few hours to be boring - and challenging - as I learned the basics, both trick-wise and terminology-wise. I've read that the game opens up after your first 66 fame points, which I just earned. So we'll see what happens.

If you're a snowboarder, you'll probably like this game. If it's as Greek to you as it is to me, you might have trouble getting into it.
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on February 28, 2009
After playing Shaun White and punching myself repeatadly in the face after an hour or so, I was really hoping this game would come through for the snowboarding game genre. I was wrong...sorta.

The good: I really enjoy the graphics and the dynamic weather of the game. It really helps with the immersion. I also like the VASTNESS of the mountains. It really looks and feels like it could be a real mountain (which I think they are), but that sort of hurts it in a way also. I will explain later.

I also like the multiplayer in the aspect of the jump-in jump-out system. Lag wasn't a big issue. But that is really the only good part of it. You may be online with other players, but it still feels lonely on the big mountain. If they had better challenges it may be more entertaining.

The other thing I liked, which really gave me high hopes from the tutorial, is the controls. I enjoy Skate and Skate 2 and the awesome control scheme set out in both. The Stoked controls are similar in the way you ollie, grab and manual, which is outstanding! It made it enjoyable to play the beginning of the game.

The way they inplemented the Hucker and Stylish system is cool too, but to me there really was no incentive to go the Stylish route. In Hucker style you pre-load your spins and perform multiple grabs in one jump. In Stylish you do slow spins with a grab. To get any points it is best to go with Hucker. I was really having a hard time with Style and trying to do a large point combo. Just my opinion, but love how the pre-loading of the spins is implemented.

The Bad: Hmm..Where to start? About an hour into the game I had completed 30 or so challenges on the first mountain, and was sooooo bored. There are only 3 types of challenges from what I have experienced so far.

A high-score challenge doing only the types of tricks marked in the top left part of your screen off the particular ramp (i.e. Get 1500 points by doing a spin grap, or a flip, or just a grab, etc...).

Another challenge type is doing a particular trick off the given ramp or grind (i.e. Stalefish Tucknee, Frontside 540, etc..)This is pretty frustrating as the trick guide in the start menu is really annoying and hard to use at first.

The only other challenge I have encountered is the Pro Challenge which is unlocked by doing certain actions during your session down the mountain. I stumbled onto this by accident, as it wasn't clear in the tutorial and who reads the instruction booklets nowadays anyways? lol. This challenge pits you against the pro in a downhill session where you repeat tricks and get a higher score than the said pro. I HATE these types of challenges. Especially when every trick isn't known. This is just my opinion.

The challenges get old real quick considering you repeat the same challenge types over and over and over again on the mountain with only a changing ramp or grind. Grinding is frustrating also. The physics behind it bother me.

As with the physics overall. It feels alright, but when you think you are hauling arse and see a potential big jump ahead, prepare for it, ollie and only get about 2 feet of air and that double backflip turns into a half flip to bail (which the bails are also really lame)you start shaking your head and wondering "WHY ME?!".

I really wanted to like it and did for the first hour or so. I just couldn't overcome the boredome I felt. It is just a game with really big mountains with pretty snow and solid controls. I suppose it is worth the 37.99, but if I had a demo I wouldn't have bothered purchasing. Just my opinions, but it mirrors some of the more prominent reviewers.
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