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on May 22, 2014
Overall, this is a nice toy It entertains my boys, neighborhood friends, even my teenager! But, construction could've been made better on pump launcher and attachment hose. Rockets could be perfected if they were made of plastic/rubber type mix and maybe the air pump made of a biking tire pump style device. Great Product and Very Fun... This is the greatest thing of a KITE, cool just needs to be sturdier.... Per-fect it and we want another one for Christmas 2014! Make it happen D+L! . I too like to play with it, of course, with my children. Vision. Aim High, Look High! Keep us informed when you perfect it for this years 2014 Christmas. Bet it will be a major hit!! ! I am so excited for you and think you have a great product! After neighbors seen ours, 2 other families were very interested and asked alot of questions. AMAZON (my favorite online company) was my first answer and I showed them your product box. They saw how our children were engaging. I really think the adults were intrigued by this device just as much as the kids. Because whats so neat about it is the altitude depending on force which is by the way you move and "stomp" the pump up mechanism. Thank You and You guys are great for having this on consumer purchase options.
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on December 15, 2013
What it is: the stomp rocket base, tube+stomp pad mechanism, and four foam rockets.

*This is a really fun toy. My kid (who is four years old) finds it A++ awesome, and easy to use. Once an adult has done the minimal assembly required, it's easy for even a very little kid to operate.
*I appreciate that the rockets are foam. As long as an adult is keeping an eye on things, it would be tough for a kid to injure him/herself or a playmate with this.

*The build quality is not good. My primary gripe is that the plastic tripod that forms the base of the launch tube instantly falls apart upon use. We wrapped ours in packing tape to keep it together, and that works okay. Even so, the quality is so mediocre you should probably think of this as a semi-disposable toy, not something your child will use for years.
*This isn't the fault of the manufacturer, of course, but it is very, very, very easy to lose the rockets, even if you're doing it in a relatively open space. So keep in mind, as you're looking at this item, that your child will also require rocket "refills" down the line.

The bottom line:
Even though the quality is not great and it's easy to lose the rockets, I still think this toy is worth it. It's affordable, and it is REALLY fun for both parents and kids to use. You'll just have to keep in mind that if your kid really ends up loving his/her Stomp Rocket, it's the kind of toy you'll probably have to repurchase.
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on June 16, 2015
Toy looks cheap; which I should have expected for the price. It's just cheaply made and comes apart a lot. The boy I gave it to did have fun with it for at least the one afternoon I watched him play with it. He thought it was pretty awesome judging from his reaction.After all, he made 'rockets' fly pretty far. Maybe if I were the parent I would have kept the parts of the toy together. But parents are busy so toys like this just end up in pieces stuffed in toy bins around the house, with the rockets stomped on and cracked. What about this toy glows? I never got to find out. I am happy some fun and excitement was had with this toy. If you are good about keeping stuff in its place, don't mind putting a hose back on a toy once in a while and buy replacement rockets than maybe this toy is for you.Then if you play along with your kids, instead of them just playing alone with this, it can make for a good time.
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on June 11, 2014
My son just turned four and we got this for him. He loves to shoot it in the HOUSE! Yes, I know, but it is a soft rocket and he doesn't shoot very hard (yet). My about to be 2 year old daughter likes to try and shoot it by stepping on the base, but is not big enough to get it to go on her own. It is cute to watch though. I like that you can buy replacement rockets on here because my daughter pulled off one of the blue fins :-0 Now we keep them up high until we need them. These make a nice gift. I have given 2 of them so far. The hose is held on by a wingnut though so be careful with young children! The wingnut has to be unscrewed to attatch it to the stand. We enjoy using it without the stand. My son likes to just hold the shooter hose and run around and launch it, no stand required.
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on June 9, 2014
When we have children over at our house to play with my children, it doesn't matter if the kids are 13, 3 or in between they all love these stomp rockets. I originally bought one of these to use with my 2 year old, so I could help encourage her to learn to jump. It worked almost instantly. As soon as my husband and I showed her how to use it, she was starting to jump. This is an expensive toy that is used weekly, if not daily at our house. My 2 year old quickly picked up on how to put the rockets on the stick by herself too.We actually haven't tried it in the dark yet to see if it glows, but even if it didn't I would still buy this. Since my original purchase we have bought 2 more of the other size stomp rockets to give as gifts for other children. They have raved about how much they enjoyed their gift and that it too was their favorite. I would recommend buying replacement rockets, because after repeated use they have a tendency to wear down slightly and not fly as well. By far the best toy purchase we've made!
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on April 20, 2016
I purchased this for some friends for their kid's birthdays. I was looking for another stomp rocket where the base is just 2 pieces but I couldn't find it on Amazon so I purchased this. Right away, the parents had a hard time putting this together and keeping it together. When I went to my friend's houses, the pieces of the base were just strewn around since the kids can't put it together themselves it lost all appeal of fun. We have the Angry Bird stomp rocket with a base that my 3 year old son can put together so he plays with it all the time. But I cold not find that on Amazon. Spend the extra money and buy one with a better base.
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on June 6, 2015
The kids (3&4) had so much fun with it my husband and I had to hide it just to get a break! If we had waited to buy this for them when they were more in the 6-7 range I think they could "load" the rockets and stabilize the base themselves, but as it is mom and dad have to do that part. We also had to be on the floor to make sure they didn't break it. It is not the most sturdy of toys but it does what it's supposed to. So if you don't mind doing the "work" your kids will LOVE this, especially if you hang up targets on the wall or see whose rocket can go the farthest. When they opened this at Christmas we literally played with it for 2 hours be warned, you will be spending a LOT of time on the floor with this thing!
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on November 8, 2016
My boys 6 and 4 year olds LOVE this. We played with it all Summer. The body part does fall apart every time they use it, so we had to secure it with nylon cords but it's still totally worth the money. After all summer of rough use, the support structure is now completely out of commission, but the boys still use the rocket and pump part to play.
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on December 30, 2012
We've purchased this item multiple times as a gift for kids ages 3 and up, and will continue to do so. Some of the great aspects of this product include:

- Instant fun! Just pull it out, perform a couple simple set-up steps, and it's ready to go! Lots of fun for a really inexpensive price.
- I really appreciate being able to give a gift that allows kids to blast projectiles at each other without it being a gun. These days, kids can get into trouble at school for simulating a gun (even though it's done without bad intention). Kids love to "blast" each other with stomp rockets, and they have just as much fun doing so as they would with a toy gun. And if they simulated a stomp rocket, they'd just stomp the ground - no harm!
- The Stomp Rocket Jr's rockets are REALLY soft and lightweight (and they still zoom a long distance). So even at very close range, aimed directly at you, the impact is the same as getting hit with a marshmallow. We've had them hurtling all over the house, hitting various objects, and they never knock anything over or break anything. From what I understand, the Stomp Rocket Ultimate has a hard tip, so we've never purchased that one (the kids we've purchased this item for have been quite young).
- When kids use the stand (especially outdoors), they start to figure out how to adjust the angle to ensure the rockets goes in the desired direction. It's fun to watch their minds work as they calculate angles and make adjustments.

I'd highly recommend getting a refill pack at the time of purchase. After losing a couple by learning a few things the hard way (e.g. don't play around a dog that loves to catch and chew up things, angle it away from the house, etc.), it's nice to have some extras on hand. And, that way a bunch can be "blasted" before you have to run off to collect them all - a great way to wear out a youngster!

This is definitely one of those great no-batteries-needed toys that I always appreciate.
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on January 28, 2014
Bought this for my nephew as he loves to turn my floor lamp on and off because it has a stomp foot switch (and what kid doesn't like rockets?). Anyways, the instructions are vague at best, but you can figure out the basics...except the launch pad does not want to stand up...the legs themselves are plastic, light, and brittle...if they're stepped on wrong they will break and then you are left with a rocket gun (which it is half the time anyways, because the brittle plastic legs can't support the launch pad or tube weight, and make the unit fall over). To make matters worse, my nephew had to JUMP on to this thing to get enough air to pass through the tube to get it to "fire". I could usually get it done with my hand, but in short, you're probably better off trying before you buy, or getting something else altogether unless you're looking at this like a simple afternoon of fun in the backyard, before throwing in the recycling bin.
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