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on November 11, 2015
This gave my 5 year old nephew HOURS of entertainment. Very easy for him use and play with by himself. Quite honestly the fun is playing along with him to see who can get their rocket to go higher! What I love love love about this set is it also comes with 3 glow in the dark rockets so you can play with it at night.

His 2 year old sister also finds these entertaining but they do not hold her interest for long when it comes to launching the rockets. She has more fun chasing after the rockets as they come down, but she is still able to step on the launcher and get them to go with a little help.

Soft foam rockets also allow for play inside and not cause any damage, BUT the rockets will obviously not go as high inside, so outside play is the optimal way to go for greatest enjoyment. Overall great toy for the value!
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on August 24, 2015
This was the perfect gift for my super active, super energetic 3-year-old nephew! I got it on a recommendation for great gifts for 3-year-olds and immediately out of the box he couldn't wait to put it together and play with it. He and his 4.5-year-old sister played with it for hours. He took it outside, then back in, then outside again. And had loads of fun shooting the rockets at his daddy. They're soft foam nerf-like material, fly well and were really easy for a 3-year-old to manage. Would highly recommend it!

The only criticism I would have is that the stand has a tendency to pop apart when little hands move it around. We solved the problem by putting a little bit of duct tape on it to keep the stand together, so it could benefit by a slightly more sturdy connector. But it popped back together easily and even when the adults were fixing the stand he continued to put rockets on the hose and stomp on definitely a winner!
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on January 28, 2017
This toy just never gets old. You put the styrofoam flyer on the tube and then stomp the bulb and watch it fly! It's soooo much fun! We just giggle when it hits the ceiling. It really can get some air! Cannot hurt a thing in the house (well, no garauntees but unless you aim it directly at the china it's not likely to break anything). We can get a half hour of play out of this at a time. It's just so much fun. Try getting two and firing at each other. We grabbed a few styrofoam guns with similar air pocket technology and we just cackle and have so much fun aiming for each other. I'm 38 and I love it.
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on December 29, 2014
This is a very fun toy for a huge range of ages, from toddler through adult.

My daughter is two-and-a-half, and she can easily put the rockets onto the launcher; it's a little hard for her to jump onto the stomp pad (it's fairy tall for her limited vertical leap, and it slides around), but with my help she can do it. She also loves to stand out in the yard and try to catch the rockets (though she can't yet) and retrieve them. I'm sure it will be even more fun as her motor skills develop.

I will say, this toy really does toe the line between simplicity and straight-up flimsiness. Before purchasing, I wondered how it could be so inexpensive; after seeing it, I wonder why it's not even more inexpensive! The bendy legs don't like to stay together (I would suggest duct-taping them) and pretty much all other parts are as spartan and cheaply done as possible. Despite this, I think it's probably passably durable and functions as it should, so perhaps it doesn't matter. Just realize that if you give it as a gift, it's quality will not impress.

Overall though, a great toy – you can't really go wrong.
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on October 11, 2012
Stomp rockets are about as entertaining as fun can get if you're under 12, at least a good time for people of any age. The rockets themselves are as indestructible as they look, but bear in mind that a determined toddler can strip the fins off the rockets pretty easily which affects their accuracy, but doesn't make them unusable.

One point of contention, though: these rockets don't *glow* in any reasonable sense. Yes, technically if you hold them up to a light for a while and then quickly move to complete darkness, you will notice the faintest of glows from the otherwise white foam. But unless you were really looking closely (i.e. to verify whether or not this really is the "glow in the dark" version), then you would never have noticed--even in the dark.

So don't get them for their glow appeal or for low-light use. But stomp rockets are otherwise worth having around.
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on February 19, 2015
I really wanted to love this, but it just didn't happen. I bought an off-brand regular sized stomp rocket for my 11 year old son and then decided to get this one for my 4 year old so that it would be easier for him to use. Just buy the standard sized one. The stand to this never did quite go together in a way that made sense, and the instructions were a bit confusing. Being made of flimsy plastic, it's not much of a stand anyway. The stomp pad was definitely a thinner plastic, making it easier for my younger son to use, but he was having a ton of fun running and jumping on the larger launch pad, that it really didn't matter. So long as we could keep this thing upright, he did enjoy getting his rocket higher than he could on the larger one; but, he would have been just as happy without this one at all. By the end of play, we had tossed this thing over to the side in favor of the sturdier, better, regular sized stomp rocket. We have not even bothered to take this back out of the package since our initial use of it.
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on June 24, 2014
The arrows will eventually get beat up, the construction is pretty cheap and the stand comes apart from time to time, but a little clear tape on the legs to keep them assembled and problems all solved. THIS BABY IS FUN!! And it's held up to kids yanking it around and fighting over it just fine. Launches arrows quite far and the price was right.
Sure it could be made out of higher quality materials, but these cheap components have held up quite well.

My 4 year old still needs me to put the stand together so I finally taped it together permanently. Since then I haven't had to touch it.

Update: 1 year later.
This is still working, I actually ditched the stand and attached this to our wood play set/fort in the back yard instead of the telescope. I can't count the hours that the kids spend launching all of the arrows, then going down our slide, running to pick them up and doing it all over again. The foam arrows are the best, don't sucker for the LED light ones, they hardly left the launcher on ours.
Arrows loose a fin from time to time, refill packs are worth it. But this toy has gotten more mileage and use than many others combined.
If using with the stand, some tape may be needed for success.
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on May 22, 2014
Overall, this is a nice toy It entertains my boys, neighborhood friends, even my teenager! But, construction could've been made better on pump launcher and attachment hose. Rockets could be perfected if they were made of plastic/rubber type mix and maybe the air pump made of a biking tire pump style device. Great Product and Very Fun... This is the greatest thing of a KITE, cool just needs to be sturdier.... Per-fect it and we want another one for Christmas 2014! Make it happen D+L! . I too like to play with it, of course, with my children. Vision. Aim High, Look High! Keep us informed when you perfect it for this years 2014 Christmas. Bet it will be a major hit!! ! I am so excited for you and think you have a great product! After neighbors seen ours, 2 other families were very interested and asked alot of questions. AMAZON (my favorite online company) was my first answer and I showed them your product box. They saw how our children were engaging. I really think the adults were intrigued by this device just as much as the kids. Because whats so neat about it is the altitude depending on force which is by the way you move and "stomp" the pump up mechanism. Thank You and You guys are great for having this on consumer purchase options.
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on May 18, 2013
This is a simple toy but all 3 of my kids can play with it for hours. Kids get to jump or stomp on the pressure balloon and up goes the rocket. The rocket usually comes down within a small radius of where you shot it if you shoot it straight up. My husband enjoys taking the kids to the park and tilting it to an angle that way it fly's further away and the kids have to run further to get it hence more exercise. We usually play this in the park and within 5 minutes we have at least 5 more kids wanting to join in on the fun. We eventually had to buy a second kit just so everyone can have enough chances.

The only thing I don't like about this are the flimsy rockets. The fins break off super easy and they are not cheap to replace. Many retailers sell 3 rockets for $8, which would be ok if every time we left the park at least 4 rockets were broken. We now try to glue some fins back on to try and save as many rockets as we can.

Just to give you an age range my kids are 16mo, 3yo, and 7yo and yes they can all stomp on it hard enough for the rocket to get some air time. Obviously the 16mo rocket doesn't get more than a foot of air time but she is happy with it. I don't see how any older 3yo and above can't get some decent air time out of this rocket. Just have them run from a little distance and jump on the launch pad.
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on July 12, 2017
They really do not glow, howevery I am giving this 5 stars because the kids loved it! 3 year olds to 15 year olds and adults gave it a go at our family 4th celebration.
We ordered the glow in the dark version as a safe alternative to setting off fireworks for the small kids. The stand needs to be put back together after adult use, but I doubt it was designed for that anyways :-)
*We used kite string to tie glow in the dark bracelets to each rocket. They launch just as far, and made them super easy to find*
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