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We loved launching these rockets, for the 10 minutes that everything stayed together. The base is three flimsy pieces of plastic that barely can hold together, use some packing tape and you can at least stick everything down to a hard surface. Otherwise the pieces continually fall apart, not to mention the launcher constantly tips over.

Bigger issue is with the rocket fins. The set we purchased must have had defective glue or something because none of the fins stayed on through even a single launch. One rocket had the fins fall off immediately. Again the tape helped out a bit since I was able to painstakingly tape back on a few fins which made the rockets fly way better. Without them though the kids still had fun but these were more like out of control missiles that would go in any unknown direction than they were rockets to launch up.

Even the 2 year old were wondering why this wasn't working!
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on April 22, 2017
So much fun! The kids LOVE this and it provides a lot of entertainment! Even our 2.5 yr old has it figured out and enjoys shooting rockets all over the house and the park. Word of warning - stay away from trees. These delightful rockets are lightweight and once they're in a tree... good luck? We've only lost one, but it was sad. The stand is kind of hard to keep together, but I think using some tape to keep it together during a round of rockets would work OK.
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The stomp rocket comes with the launcher and four rockets; this is the junior version--the box is approximately 12"--easy to transport in the car etc. Basically the (foam) rocket is placed on the launcher and then the air pad is stomped/jumped on. The launcher can be placed at different angels (straight up to 90 degrees). Great grandpa said he'd give the kids $1 each if they got the rocket into the bucket. They were very creative. The five year old figured out how to get all rockets on the roof of the house so you may want to have a discussion about that ahead of time:) The rockets are glow in the dark which would be a blast as well--we did not try it in the dark. The rocket will be coming with us regularly.

Kids (and adults) love it. Kept 3.5 and 5.5 year old busy for over an hour straight and went back to it again after a rest. Some stomp rockets are too difficult to jump on which means the rocket won't "take off" or go far if it does. The little one was able to get it about 20 feet in the air and older got it on top of the house! When the adults couldn't wait any longer for their turn, the rockets went taller than huge trees--100s of feet in the air.

The only negative (other than going on the roof to reclaim the rockets) The launcher itself is a bit cheap and/or has a design flaw. It kept falling apart when the kids would "stomp" on the launch pad or put the rocket onto the launching area. A bit of duct tape solved that problem but believe the manufacturer should solve that problem instead! I still recommend it b/c it works so well that a little tape is worth it. If you don't tape it, the cross piece at the bottom that holds up the item just will need to be put back together which doesn't take long--more frustrating than anything.
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on January 6, 2018
The stomp rocket was a Christmas gift for my almost 5 year old. It has been a huge hit for both her and my almost 2 year old. My oldest is able to load and shoot it all by herself. My youngest can almost load it herself and can shoot it after some help with how hard to stomp. We have been able to learn that the harder you stomp, the farther it goes. We also have learned that whatever direction you point it, that's where it will go....even on the roof. The rockets are foam and with supervision you can do it in the house because they're soft enough not to ding your ceiling. It is a little difficult to slide the stand together because of a plastic part that sticks out, but it can be done and gets easier, somewhat, each time you do it. Overall a huge win!
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on March 30, 2017
What could be better than rockets shooting into the air for young boys? And our girls try not to act excited at first but they love it too. This gets rave reviews from my kids every time we use it. We don't put the stand on because it keeps falling apart. We use just the hose and air bag. We bought extra rockets since somebody always tries to stomp the bag harder and higher than others and forget to aim it straight up so the rockets sometimes end up on roofs and in fields. Easier to grab some extra rockets to stomp before heading off to search for the lost ones.
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on April 10, 2018
Do not bother assembling the fragile, yellow, brittle plastic launch pad. It is wholly unnecessary, and a potential injury hazard. Just use the stomper/pump with its connected blast tube, and the foam rockets; all those are safe. I bought it for my 3 year old, 3rd percentile height & weight, 30 lb granddaughter. She didn't have the mass to launch the rockets by stomping, but was able to easily launch them by sitting down hard on the stomper. She loved it! We took it into her preschool and all the kids loved it too. We are now reading books on rockets and space, and her preschool is going to have the kids assemble paper rockets with different shapes of fins and see what kind of rocket fin works best. I am glad to see that this device is still around; I remember loving it back when my kids were in Brownies and we were working for the Space exploration badge.
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on August 17, 2015
Everybody loves these things -- the kids, the grownups. They are just plain fun. Kids as young as maybe 4, definitely 5, can stomp the launcher effectively. They make great gifts even if you don't know the giftee very well, because who doesn't like to make things fly by stomping? And I can tell you from experience that the box fits perfectly into a large gift bag with room to spare for some tissue paper sticking out all festive and stuff. But get a set or two for yourself, too.

As others have written, the stand is the weak point; it falls apart easily and the pieces tend to get lost. But we find the set is just as much fun without the stand entirely, just hand-held. If you like the stand, it's easy to MacGyver it so it stays together better -- I recommend zip ties.

You are highly likely to want a pack of refill rockets because the things get lost: stuck in trees, on roofs, beyond fences, etc. -- they often fly a lot farther than you think they will, and they're also light enough to get windblown somewhere new. They're more durable than you'd think, since they're made of a lightweight foam, but tend to fail eventually either by getting stepped on and bent (they won't fly straight then) or by losing fins (then they can still fly, just not as well). It's also helpful just to have extras so you don't have to "reload" as often (that is, go gather up the ones you've launched).

If you get two sets, it's nice to know that the rockets are a good soft foam that won't hurt anyone if aimed at people in any sort of battle, though of course we'd never do that. We only aim them *away* from people, don't we? The rockets are too soft to hurt windows and the like, too.
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on July 29, 2015
I ordered this hoping for an outdoor toy that would keep the whole family entertained. It didn't just win over our family, but the entire neighborhood.

The stomp rocket comes with a base, stomp-pump and 4 'rockets'. The base comes in 3 pieces which need to be assembled. No tools are required and instructions are on the outside of the package. The part of the toy that gets stomped on has a tube that attaches to the vertical part of the base with a wing nut and screw. The picture directions were easy to follow, and it only took a minute to assemble the entire thing.

We set the launcher up in the middle of our cul-de-sac and within two minutes it had the attention of the entire neighborhood. Set-up and use is quick and easy - drop a rocket on the launcher and stomp. The rockets shoot up quite high which is fun to watch, and the kids had fun trying to run and meet the rocket at its landing. With 4 rockets in the package, there was plenty of time for kids to retrieved launched rockets and get them back to the launcher before they were needed for the next kid's turn.

It is easy enough to use that my 2 year old can launch a rocket reasonably high with no help, and fun enough that my husband and I were fighting off the neighborhood 'big kids' so that we could have a turn too.

We are so pleased to have an outdoor activity that is fun, encourages activity and can bring together the whole neighborhood - all without batteries!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon April 10, 2018
I wasn't sure about this but there's only so much play value, (but lots of mess), is those goofy old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda toys. Turns out this was a complete hit, and reasonably durable. Got the extra rockets because these fly high enough and far enough to be easy to lose and/or put on the roof. No batteries or fuel or ignition so even the youngest kids can fool with it. Easy to set up and playable right out of the box. The glow angle was neither here nor there, but that didn't matter since the rockets flew just fine.
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on November 29, 2015
I bought this as a birthday present for my 3 year old who loves rockets, but is a little too young yet for a model rocket. He really enjoys this toy. It is easy to put together and easy to use. You stick the foam rocket on the plastic pipe that is attached to a short plastic hose. At the end of the hose is a "pillow" like object that you stomp on to send he rocket shooting into the air. I was very impressed with how high this rocket goes (50+ feet) with a simple stomp. My son was thrilled.
The rockets are nerf and are very kid friendly! The fly very high, but come down very soft. Which was great when one of them came down on my head (LOL) and didn't hurt a bit!
The only thing that disappointed me a little was the way the hose was attached to the stand. it is attached with a wing nut, which does not hold it very tight to the stand. So after each stomp you have to reposition the tube so that it points straight up again. That being said, I would absolutely buy this again!
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