Customer Reviews: The Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket Kit (20005)
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2009
First a description of the Junior Stomp Rocket. Kit comes with a plastic rectangular "stomp pad" connected to a flexible tube. The end of the tube connects to one of the foam rockets (4 are includeded in the kit). There is a small plastic stand that you can put together to use as a launch base. Snap the plastic tube onto the base and stomp on the pad. Air is shot through the tube and propels the foam rocket up into the air. The Junior Stomp Rocket advertises that rockets will soar as high as 100 feet. The Product lists age range as 3-8 years.

The only real difference I found with the Ultra Stomp Rocket is that the foam rockets are a little larger. Other than that, the equipment is exactly the same. The Ultra Stomp Rocket advertises that rockets will soar as high as 200 feet (maybe because they are bigger and shaped slightly differently). The product lists age range as 8-12 years.

Both products list for a similar price. Refill Rockets for both the Junior and Ultra models come in varying colors and sell (at least on Amazon) for under $10.

Whether you buy the Junior Stomp Rocket (listed here) or it's sister product Ultra Stomp Rocket, you will be getting a fantastic toy! This toy is so simple - no assembly required, no batteries, just easy to use and loads of fun!

I first purchased the Junior Stomp Rocket for my 4 year old for christmas. He LOVED it! We had just had a snow storm, so we were delayed in taking the kit outside for a few days, but my son quickly modified the toy so that he holds the stomp pad under his arm and points the rocket and shoots the missiles around the house. Because the rockets are foam, they do not do any damage to walls, furniture, (or mom and dad, thankfully). Once we were able to take it outside, my son literally played with this toy for hours adjusting the direction, and playing around with how hard you need to stomp to get the rocket to go really high. What a great toy!

I just purchased the Ultra Stomp Rocket for a birthday party my son attended. The gift was a big hit there too! There was no difference in skill required between the Junior and Ultra models.

I would recommend either the Junior or Ultra Stomp Rockets. I see no reason why the Ultra version is rated such a higher age range. The only thing I found in favor of the junior version was the glow in the dark refill rockets. Junior Stomp Rocket Toy Glow in the Dark Refills. For some reason, the glow in the dark refills only come in the "junior" size.
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on October 17, 2010
This is bar none a fantastic toy. FANTASTIC. It is my "go-to" birthday gift. Mostly I buy it for my son's friends, but my 30+ year old brother in law loved it too. My son first got it years ago (age 4) and played with it all the time. He finally broke it after over a year's worth of constant play so I think durability-wise it's awesome.

When we went to buy a new one we got the Ultra. This was a mistake and here's why: The Ultra rockets are plastic. So they break and crack. They are a hard plastic. The Jr. rocket is all foam (nerf material) and it's nearly impossible to ruin them. I can tell very little difference in the actual flight height. And when we first got the Jr. rocket, my daughter (2 yrs old at the time) could stomp it just like her brother (well, not quite as much as her brother, but she was thrilled it went up some). So we went back and got the Jr. and my son is now 6 (my daughter 4) and they still play with it all the time. It's a hit when friends come over.

So I completely recommend the JR. Truth be told- I have one wrapped up in my car as I type for a birthday we're going to next week.
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on September 23, 2010
Bought this for nephew's 4th birthday. Was not even the main gift.....but all else was forgotten once this was put together (easily). His parents report that it has not lost its appeal weeks later and it is tough to get him to leave it it when it is time.
A lot of fun for all to stomp on and see how high it goes! Description is accurate, though I did not see if it glowed or not. Doesn't matter. 5 stars!
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on May 28, 2007
I bought this rocket toy for my 4-year old son. It took me 1 minute to set it up in a park. My son was able to launch the rocket into the sky immediately. Within several minutes, the toy attracted a dozen kids in the park. They lined up to get a chance to play. All kids love it (ranging from 3-8 years old). They played for more than an hour. At the end, several parents approached me and asked where I have bought them. I told them they can get it from
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on December 31, 2012
Our 3 year old boy cannot get enough of this rocket launcher, indoors and out. The soft lightweight foam rockets are harmless indoors even when they collide with objects at close range, and outdoors they lift >30 feet in the air. This set is simpler than another one a friend had and for that reason preferable. I wired the tripod together as it tends to come apart. Our only other complaint is trying to ward off the 7 year olds who want to demonstrate the "highest launch ever" when we take our stomp rocket to the park!
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on January 1, 2011
This toy is fun. As others have said the base falls apart rather easily, but that can be fixed with a rubber band or zip-tie like device (super glue it if you like). Additionally, there is a single wing nut connecting the blue tube to the yellow base (see photo). The blue tube tends to swivel downward (angle off perpendicular) as the rocket is inserted by 3 & 4 year olds. This is not good for that age range as they will launch the rocket sideways. I added a rubber band to correct this (see photo). In most cases, we want the rockets to go straight up. For older kids playing rocket wars, off angle is probably ok and the extra rubber band can be removed.
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on March 22, 2008
My 3 year old had to have this after playing with our neighbor's, who actually had a different manufactured one. It certainly launches high, thanks to the big pump and hose, but my 3 year old can't stomp it very high. She has fun with it. The only thing I don't like about it is: the connection of the hose to the base has a cheap wingnut attachment and the base tends to angle off course. I keep having to tighten the wingnut.I think it should have a different base; sturdier. So it gets 1 star for durability and 5 stars for fun factor.
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on February 15, 2008
I bought this for my sons, ages 5 and 2, and the 2 year old loves it probably more than his big brother. The rockets are as soft as Nerf foam, and they launch very easily. The rockets fly high and fast, but they don't hurt even when they hit you in the face. The 2 year old has taken to carrying the rocket launcher like a mini bazooka and chasing his brother with it around the house... he holds the rocket launcher on his little shoulder, drops the stomp-pad on the floor, and fires a salvo at his brother in less than a few seconds... it is amazing how good his aim has become. So far, they have been unable to damage anything with it or hurt one another.

This all said, this is not how the toy was meant to be used, but if you have boys, this is how it will eventually be used. If you have objections to your children firing foam projectiles at one another, then this is not the toy for you, (I know several parents that dislike the idea of their children "shooting" at anyone and refuse to buy them water-guns or Nerf products).

If you use this as it was meant to be used, you will take it outside and launch it straight up into the air, and it really goes amazingly high. Even when used properly, this toy is a blast to play with... even for dads.
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on July 12, 2016
Such a simple design, and surprisingly addicting FUN! With summer here, I wanted to get something for the kids to play outdoors and have fun and ran across this somehow during my search for estes rockets, as that was my original purchase intention. I read several reviews and was debating between the Jr. and the original version for my 3 kids under age of six, my youngest being almost 3. I was not sure how hard you they would need to stomp down, etc, but I purchased the jr. version. I was immediately impressed when I quickly setup the launchpad and was an immediate hit and TONS of fun.... EXCEPT for the stand. That stand is HORRIBLE and should be redesigned. The stand kept coming apart every few stomps or so and I did some research and found some DIY stands made from PVC online and I had to try that, otherwise, this thing was going back, because without a sturdy stand, it is useless.


* I went menards and bought a 3/4" 5ft long PVC pipe, 5 elbows, and 3 Tees, all under $5
* I cut 2 sides 10" long and the other 6 pieces to about 3.75" long that made the perfect base, and the remaining pipe was used for the vertical pipe with the elbow on top (hole drilled on side to attach pipe to)
* I also used a velcro strap to the the tubing in place and it keeps the blue pipe from wavering from side to side.
* I did NOT use ANY glue to keep the pieces in place, as it holds well enough in place without and can be taken apart easily if needed.

* I don't know if I will paint it down the road, to make it cooler looking, but it is MUCH sturdier!

The kids love this thing and it does not take much effort to really make the rockets soar! My kids make them soar high, and the big kid in me make them really soar high ( LOL! )

I may purchase other rockets later, but 4 is enough at this time for us, but I may purchase this again and make another base stand to give as a gift!

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on September 7, 2012
I've already purchased two of these for 4 and 5 year olds. Wow, what fun this toy is!! Totally kid driven and builds coordination skills. All you do is attach one of the rockets on the end of a tube, and stomp on the air pillow provided in the toy assembly. The rocket shoots up in the air up to 100 feet depending on how hard you stomp. Trust me, a 4 or 5 year old can get the rocket amazingly high. I have not tried it at night yet but I can't wait since the rockets glow in the dark. This will really entertain your kids and even adults. Don't hesitate, go ahead and buy!
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