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on July 12, 2016
Such a simple design, and surprisingly addicting FUN! With summer here, I wanted to get something for the kids to play outdoors and have fun and ran across this somehow during my search for estes rockets, as that was my original purchase intention. I read several reviews and was debating between the Jr. and the original version for my 3 kids under age of six, my youngest being almost 3. I was not sure how hard you they would need to stomp down, etc, but I purchased the jr. version. I was immediately impressed when I quickly setup the launchpad and was an immediate hit and TONS of fun.... EXCEPT for the stand. That stand is HORRIBLE and should be redesigned. The stand kept coming apart every few stomps or so and I did some research and found some DIY stands made from PVC online and I had to try that, otherwise, this thing was going back, because without a sturdy stand, it is useless.


* I went menards and bought a 3/4" 5ft long PVC pipe, 5 elbows, and 3 Tees, all under $5
* I cut 2 sides 10" long and the other 6 pieces to about 3.75" long that made the perfect base, and the remaining pipe was used for the vertical pipe with the elbow on top (hole drilled on side to attach pipe to)
* I also used a velcro strap to the the tubing in place and it keeps the blue pipe from wavering from side to side.
* I did NOT use ANY glue to keep the pieces in place, as it holds well enough in place without and can be taken apart easily if needed.

* I don't know if I will paint it down the road, to make it cooler looking, but it is MUCH sturdier!

The kids love this thing and it does not take much effort to really make the rockets soar! My kids make them soar high, and the big kid in me make them really soar high ( LOL! )

I may purchase other rockets later, but 4 is enough at this time for us, but I may purchase this again and make another base stand to give as a gift!

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on August 8, 2017
I was assured by the many stars of the overall review of this product but failed to read the 1-star reviews. what a mistake.

Attached is the close-up photo of the base of the rocket, which is really fragile. I managed to hook the plastic pieces together and put a rocket on. But every time my kid stomp and launch a rocket, this flaky rocket base collapsed into pieces. And I will have to come over getting it assembled.

Please trust me. It is indeed "every time". You can imagine my huge disappointment of the product.

It is something you want to discard or return after 5-minute use.

Have I returned? No. I found I could discard other pieces of the rocket launcher stand, only keeping the longest one with the blue tube attached. Then use some duck tape to attach it to the Amazon shipping box. Now I have an ugly but stable base for the rocket. My kid is satisfied.

Problem solved. But had I paid attention to the 1-star reviews here, I wouldn't get into the problem.

Hope this review helps you.
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2009
First a description of the Junior Stomp Rocket. Kit comes with a plastic rectangular "stomp pad" connected to a flexible tube. The end of the tube connects to one of the foam rockets (4 are includeded in the kit). There is a small plastic stand that you can put together to use as a launch base. Snap the plastic tube onto the base and stomp on the pad. Air is shot through the tube and propels the foam rocket up into the air. The Junior Stomp Rocket advertises that rockets will soar as high as 100 feet. The Product lists age range as 3-8 years.

The only real difference I found with the Ultra Stomp Rocket is that the foam rockets are a little larger. Other than that, the equipment is exactly the same. The Ultra Stomp Rocket advertises that rockets will soar as high as 200 feet (maybe because they are bigger and shaped slightly differently). The product lists age range as 8-12 years.

Both products list for a similar price. Refill Rockets for both the Junior and Ultra models come in varying colors and sell (at least on Amazon) for under $10.

Whether you buy the Junior Stomp Rocket (listed here) or it's sister product Ultra Stomp Rocket, you will be getting a fantastic toy! This toy is so simple - no assembly required, no batteries, just easy to use and loads of fun!

I first purchased the Junior Stomp Rocket for my 4 year old for christmas. He LOVED it! We had just had a snow storm, so we were delayed in taking the kit outside for a few days, but my son quickly modified the toy so that he holds the stomp pad under his arm and points the rocket and shoots the missiles around the house. Because the rockets are foam, they do not do any damage to walls, furniture, (or mom and dad, thankfully). Once we were able to take it outside, my son literally played with this toy for hours adjusting the direction, and playing around with how hard you need to stomp to get the rocket to go really high. What a great toy!

I just purchased the Ultra Stomp Rocket for a birthday party my son attended. The gift was a big hit there too! There was no difference in skill required between the Junior and Ultra models.

I would recommend either the Junior or Ultra Stomp Rockets. I see no reason why the Ultra version is rated such a higher age range. The only thing I found in favor of the junior version was the glow in the dark refill rockets. Junior Stomp Rocket Toy Glow in the Dark Refills. For some reason, the glow in the dark refills only come in the "junior" size.
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on February 16, 2012
After seeing this near the top of the list of best reviewed toys I decided to get two sets for each of my kids (6 and 3). They are very simple and eay to put together and take back apart to store in the original box. We have vaulted ceilings so the kids do sometimes play with it in the house, but our Jack Russell seems to think the rockets are for her to catch and run around with so we mainly play with them outside. If you don't have vaulted ceilings I wouldn't bother with playing with them indoors and they're pretty strong flying rockets and I could see a mess with a lower popcorn ceiling. Outside is where these rockets really shine. Both kids are more then capable of sending these rockets flying 30-40 feet in the air. We all of course have to have a try at it to see who's can go the highest. You can also adjust the aim of the rocket so that you could shoot it out instead of up (which I guess would be an alternative indoors if you have a long hallway). I do however believe that I didn't need to get two sets because they come with three rockets so they are fine taking turns so I just kept the other one to regift later. This is great cheap addictive fun!
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on February 1, 2013
Gave this to our 5-year-old neighbor boy. His mom tells us that all of his older uncles and cousins didn't want to put it down. He opened it at our home and was so excited that he opened it right up and was shooting it off in the house. It was great because it went a long distance but didn't hurt anything because the "rockets" are so soft. He just loved jumping on the unit and watching it shoot across the room. He was absolutely giggling with laughter and didn't want to stop to leave. His mom says he doesn't want to put it down. Even though it was extremely cold and we had a lot of snow on the ground, he took it outside the next day and he and his uncles played with it for hours. They competed to see who could shoot it up the highest. It is amazing that such a simple concept could bring so much fun and absolute delight!! We will probably be purchasing more of these.
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on April 23, 2011
I purchased this for a 3 year old boy, and he absolutely LOVED it! It kept him entertained for hours, and he was quickly able to figure out how to aim it and how to make it go farther. He was easily able to make it soar 40-50 feet in the air. We ultimately had trouble convincing him to come inside for dinner.

Parents/adults beware though -- the rockets were landing in neighbor's yards and on the roof. Kept us busy, but I still think it was completely worth it, as watching the launches and seeing how much the kid enjoyed his new toy made the evening very entertaining. The family dog also got a few hits, but he didn't mind either.

The little fins on the sides of the rockets are just glued on, and have a tendency to fall off. It doesn't affect the rocket launch though, so no big deal.

The launch pad is made of pretty sturdy plastic. It seemed fine even after many launches off concrete.

This toy is simply amazing.
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on March 16, 2011
I googled gift ideas for a 5 year old boy for my son's birthday and this is on a list I found. I went ahead and ordered it because it was a great price and free shipping. Yesterday was my son's birthday and with everything he recieved - and there was a lot - this was his absolute favorite item. The rocket goes straight up and it really gets some distance. The harder you step on the launcher, the further it goes. Not just the kids either, the adults were having a blast with it as well. It seems very sturdy and I imagine I will need to buy replacement rockets since what comes up, must go down, and hits cement. I love that it takes no batteries - one of the few things he owns that doesn't!

I am buying another one today for my little neighbor who is turning 3 - he couldn't get the rocket as high as my son, but he was really enjoying it too!
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I found this on some list of "Best toys for 4-year-old boys." It was cheap enough that I decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be easily the biggest bang for the buck this Christmas.

There's nothing complex about assembly or operation. Push on the foam rocket, stomp on it, watch it go. My son can't get enough of it, and all the adults we showed it to kept wanting to try it out as well. I'm totally stoked about all the different rocket options you can purchase as add-ons. This thing is just a flat-out blast.

If I had any complaint at all, it's that the plastic launch tower comes apart too easily. We finally gave up sticking it back together after every few launches, and just wrapped the thing in duct tape. Now it works like a champ.
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on May 19, 2016
The Rocket does fly up pretty high, no complains there. My son really enjoys it. We used it a good amount last summer. I gave it an "okay" (3-star) rating because i had to rig it. The base is kind of flimsy and kept falling apart. I had to grind down the notch that the two base pieces intersect at, then i glued them together to prevent them from falling apart. Also, at times the air hose and pump would constantly have to be situated. (not a big deal but i figured i would mention it) I also got a Rocket replacement pack because i read how somethings get stuck on roof and in trees. That might not be a bad idea for you as well (if you are thinking about purchasing this product).
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on January 17, 2012
This was such a hit with my 4 year old twins. It's not much to look at. It's a simple rather inexpensive toy. Didn't cost the manufacturer much to make it! But the fun! The kids stomp or jump on a plastic oval shaped piece filled with air. That pushes the air up a tube so that the rockets fly high up in to the air. It's very easy and any child could do it. This can be played with indoors b/c the rockets are soft and wouldn't harm anything. Ours constantly hits our 18ft ceiling or flies all over the house. Worse case a rocket lands somewhere high where you need a ladder to get it. I'd say the age range would be 2-7. Maybe go to the non-junior version for older kids. I'd also buy more than one if you plan to use this at a party or have this out for a group of kids.
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