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on February 24, 2017
I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Where my primary care doctor failed me, this book saved the day. I have been taking Armour thyroid for decades but in 2015 started gaining weight and could NOT get it off, no matter how hard I worked out and dieted. I went from 115 to 140 pounds in 2 years! I was always a size 2/4 and, to my horror, had to keep buying new clothes every couple of months. A week ago, I found the Stop the Thyroid Madness website and I immediately bought the book on Amazon. Here's what I've learned so far, and it's mind-blowing:
-Most doctors don't know what they're talking about when it comes to dosing RX for hypothyroidism.
- If they're prescribing Synthroid, they're in the dark ages.
-Docs should prescribe NATURAL DESICCATED THYROID ("NDT"), which has both T3 and T4, like our bodies produce.
-NDT includes Armour, Nature Throid, WP Thyroid by Ancella.
-Most docs UNDER-PRESCRIBE thyroid RX, even if they are enlightened enough to prescribe NDT
-My doc prescribed 2.5 grains but most people require 3-5 grains daily. This is why I WAS GAINING SO MUCH WEIGHT.
-Can't find a doc who will prescribe NDT or is your doc under-prescribing your dose? You can buy it online without a prescription! This book tells you the names of those products.
-Most docs do a "basic panel" of thyroid -- just TSH, Free T4 and Free T3. You need MUCH more than that. You need REVERSE T3, thyroid antibodies, and other lab results.
-The book explains that your adrenal function could be complicating your situation and gives you self-tests ('discovery tests') you can do at home that will tell you if you may have a problem. These include the pupil dilation test, the several-times-a-day-temperature monitoring exercise and more.
-This book tells you HOW TO ORDER THOSE LABS WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION OR DOCTOR APPROVAL. So you can take the matter into your own hands instead of waiting around for a doctor who will never come through without YOUR ACTION!
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on May 21, 2016
I bought THREE copies of "Stop the Thyroid Madness" as well as THREE copies of her newer book. The extra copies were for my thyroid specialist [endocrinologist] and a close friend with life impacting thyroid issues. I bought her books already knowing the authors message was true. I was not expecting Janie to be a really good writer, and boy, she is! She has a page turning writing style and that was an unexpected bonus. I applaud her for helping people without pushing them to secure her work. Her story helped me before I even bought her books.

I had a total thyroidectomy several weeks ago and had to research everything on the subject. The goal of my research? To find out what awaits me with a thyroidless life. Thanks to Janie Bowthrope, I found the next chapters in my life are up to me! And no, you do not need to have a medical degree to understand why. "Empirical Data" (actually experienced) can be even better and Bowthorpe has hundreds, if not thousands, of "people like us." So, this is not just her story, it is a tapestry of many stories.

Janie A. Bowthrope does not hold back on spoilers or refuse to be of help unless you buy her materials. She is quite frank "how our thyroid is working can affect our very essence of life" and that big pharma is profiting by keeping us mental vegetables. I was able to switch over to meds similar to what she found worked for her, and able to do it before I lost energy and gumption to do it. I was giving Synthroid a try post op because that is the only word my Doctor seemed to know. But after two weeks on it, I was starting to loose my hair, energy, interest in any projects, and other hypo symptoms I definitely wanted to nip in the bud. But according to my endocrinologist my tests looked "splendidly normal."

There are so few Doctors writing scripts for the better game plan - I had to say something, and say it like I meant it. As I sat there waiting to see her, I noticed the huge 4 color anatomy poster was a gift from "Levothyroxine" (makers of Synthroid) and losing confidence in my position. It is very suffocating to feel the quality of your life depends on one person. In this case, it did! A person who felt I was doing "splendid."

When she arrived, I told that Doctor if she did not write me Armour my surgeon would refer me to a Doctor that would. Much to my surprise she leaned over and wrote it. This was one of the best days of my life. Because it also gave me a precedent, if she ever leaves practice.

There are several other ways to secure NDT but I personally would prefer it to be a script, if possible, and monitored by my insurance recognized medical. Janie Bowthorpe has many suggestions, resources and insight. I am SO GLAD that she dedicated her life to the cause even after she got better. She could have left us behind! (I know, Left Behind is another book :) And that she had the GUTS to even take a public position against Big Pharma. Sometimes no income in the world is worth standing up against big regimes and she did.

Thank you so much! You have freed so many people with quality information.
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on August 3, 2016
This book is THE definitive guide for the thyroid patient that provides guidance in a manner never before seen.

I cannot recommend it highly enought.

Janie Bowthorpe, a thyroid patient herself, is a guiding angel who describes all of the symptoms of thyroid disorders that most doctors miss. Like Janie, I have had my share of inept, ignorant and stubborn doctors who failed to diagnose my condition (with so many clear symptoms!) and failed to treat me appropriately. I am therefore deeply appreciative of the handful of doctors who treat me appropriately, look at my clinical symptoms and are not slaves to lab results. (And when they do use labs, they look for "optimal" results, and not just "normal" labs.)

By reading this book, you will be able to learn of other patient experiences, to recognize symptoms, and to advocate for your own health and treatment. I add her "STTM" website is also a wealth of information.

I bought the first edition, and then bought the revised edition. The revised edition sits on my bookshelf full of bookmarks and dog-eared pages.

So impressed was I with the book that I bought copies for relatives who are also hypothyroid, and also other people in my life who suffer from the condition.

In short, this is a great book. For $20, it's a very cheap investment in one's health--which has no price and cannot be bought.
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on April 27, 2017
If you have any thyroid issues you NEED this book. It can be a life saver. You need to get on their website and their FB page. Give your Doctor the health care providers edition, as well. Learn what your Doctor ISN'T telling you because he/she really doesn't know. YOU have to live with your thyroid and issues. Become your best advocate by reading this, over and over. Share this information with your doctor. Insist they become informed and if they pooh-pooh you, find another doctor!
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on April 11, 2017
If you have been feeling lousy for years and going to doctors for years and taking test after test but they just scratch their heads and say your labs are fine, but you are still tired, cold, with dry skin, nails that chip, brain fog, and just sick and tired of being sick and tired--check out the author's website of the same name and look for the list of hypo symptoms and compare. this book provides you with what is on the webpage, and more.
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on January 18, 2017
This is a must read. If you don't need this book you know someone who does. Don't think about it, do it! Apparently I've had hashimotos for 7-8 years and was undiagnosed because doctors don't run the correct tests. Thank you Janie for writing this book, it's changed my life!
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on December 2, 2015
This is the book to read if you suffer from thyroid problems and are wondering why you don't feel better with current medical testing and standard thyroid replacement. There are sections in the book's chapters that address other endocrine problems that can co-exist along with thyroid problems and insight as to how best to deal with them. The book advocates taking charge of one's own health through self education and has tips for finding the best healthcare providers/physicians to provide the best treatment as an individual approach, versus a one-size-fits all approach which apparently isn't working very well for many. I use my book all the time and refer back to it frequently. I found it here on Amazon and received it quickly when the book was out of stock on the author's book sales site.
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on March 7, 2016
Just buy it if you have thyroid issues. You will never know how much you, or your endocrinologist, do not know until you've read this book many times. A great reference and covers nearly every scenario you may face in getting to optimum thyroid health. A little harsh on doctors but I think most probably deserve it. Good luck finding a doctor who will treat you based on patient experiences documented here. Madness indeed.
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on August 12, 2016
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on February 28, 2017
Love these books, I have the original along with revised. I may not agree with everything with-in the book but it's a great book to educate yourself
in regards to your own thyroid health. I purchased one for my GP and she accepted it with honour. Whether or not she'll read it is another
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