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Style Name: 5-Foot Vinyl Covered Steel Rack|Change
Price:$26.95+ Free shipping
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on February 4, 2015
Overall serves its purpose very well. I do recommend securing to the door. I didn't want to use the screws because we are renting and beyond that I believe the door is hollow, so I used small clear Command hooks to secure it. (See photo)
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on August 16, 2015
Seemed kind of flimsy when i received it & put it together. It comes in 2 parts that are held together with wire hooks. It also comes with a little wall kit to secure it. I didn't want to use that because my pantry door is hollow & thinner than what the overdoor hooks fit so it moves a lot & stuff falls. Plus smaller items & spice jars don't stand up well & tilt between the wires of the racks.

So this is what I did:
I used zip ties to secure the wire hooks to each half & attached a set of Command hooks to the bottom half & secured to the door so now there's no movement. I purchased some single vinyl tiles from Home Depot (the ones I got were about $0.70 ea). I cut them up to fit the shelves and VOILA!!

Through a little ingenuity & tips from others, its now perfect!! And I love that I can now see what I have.
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on February 9, 2016
As others have stated, this is not the best quality rack however, it is perfectly fine for my needs! I needed it for cleaning supplies, some cards games and maybe some pantry extras. I would not fill it up with cans but I think it should be able to hold a few cans and most everything else.
Some people dislike that it came in 2 pieces but I actually like that fact. We will definitely be moving again and it will be so much easier to pack when we do. It does, in fact, need to be secured to the door or it flops around. It comes with screws to do this but if you don't want to put holes in your door, another commenter used some 3M hooks. They look like what I used to hang Christmas lights inside in the window and I plan on using those hooks and their idea to secure this rack to the door.
I would recommend this for anyone needing a cheap, non-permanent organizing solution.
EDIT: I used some command hooks to secure the rack to the door and it was very successful! Pictures now included.
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on May 8, 2015
Very lightweight unit. Not really suitable for canned goods (as the description suggests) rather probably best for light weight items like chips or boxed lightweight items. It would probably work well for gift wrap (also in the description) I was hoping to use this for cans but I attached to the door loaded up with cans and it promptly bent the brackets off the back of the door and dumped all the canned goods on the floor. It was rather comical with me yelling for my wife to help as cans pelted down from the door. So long as you don't have heavy items this item will work.
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on January 16, 2008
This is an inexpensive item and I expected it to be cheap but I was pleasantly surprised. I received this item today. It was professionally wrapped for shipping and came in about six pieces. There were two racks with two wire connectors and two over the door brackets. It went together in about five seconds. I decided to get a pair of pliers and bend the wire connectors and bracked in some to make it more permanent. Since I was hanging it on a metal door and couldn't use screws to permanently attach it to the door, I took some clear strapping tape and taped it to the door where it wouldn't be seen. Finally, I took a couple of wire coat hangers and added some hooks to hang grocery bags off of the shelves.

I was pretty impressed with how much it holds. True, I wouldn't put cans of vegetables in the racks but they hold quite a bit of boxes of cereal, noodles, etc.

The optional screws would make it very sturdy in my opinion. If they made a 14" wide model, I'd order it in a second for another door. I'm pleased. It's a good product and it's fairly inexpensive.

I think this would be a good product to add storage in other rooms as well such as a bedroom closet.
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on April 22, 2016
I love this. It is exactly what I needed, but you cannot just hang it over the door and toss anything on it.
1: It is NOT suitable for anything heavy. This is for spices, cereal, cling film, etc.
2: It MUST be secured to the door. The item comes with hardware, but I used Command hooks.
3: The shelves are open on the sides and the wire bottom makes it hard for round spice jars to stand upright. I fixed this by using a flap from the shipping box as a liner.
4: Add more usable vertical space by taking some yarn and zig-zagging it between some shelves.
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on January 3, 2015
This this is great for adding storage space. I used this in my linen closet. It is a fantastic use for wasted space. I am happy with it and my small apartment will benefit greatly but I only gave it 4 stars because of a few cons. The over door hooks are way too big for the door and stick out. I'm not sure why they made them this large. I have several other over door devices (hooks, coat racks etc.) And all others fit the door sizes I've had through different homes perfectly.

Recommendations and warnings to potential buyers.
1. You will NEED to screw this to your door. If you are not comfortable with making holes in your door do not buy this. If you do not screw this in the rack will be very flimsy and probably fall apart.
2. You will need a power drill for proper assembly.
3. You may want to get different screws because the ones it came with can slip out of the hole provided on rack for securing. They also only provided me with 8 screws where I Could have used 10 as the over door hooks needed to be screwed in.

Overall happy.
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on June 19, 2016
"HATE" is a strong word. With minor corrections it becomes a very useful door shelving unit. That's my issue, you have to fix what I attribute to bad design.

If you assemble the unit as designed it will hang on the door. The hangers may or may not fit the door (mine have a 1in gap). Even if the hangers fir the door the problem persists. The baskets sway back and forth as you open/close the door. This causes the contents in the baskets to fall in all sorts of creative ways. Depending on the weight of the objects in the baskets this may also disconnect the top and bottom sections. So here's the $5 fix the company should have included with the product.

purchase a multi-pack of clear plastic Command hooks (0.5lb, 18 pack) $4 at a local store. Also pick up clear zip ties (9in $1 a bag). Use the zip ties to properly secure the 2 sections together. Use the clear plastic hooks to hold the whole thing in place. Once secured it works perfectly. See the photos for more examples.

zip ties are in RED
hooks are in BLUE

you will want to secure both sides with evenly spaced hooks.
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on February 8, 2012
I don't know what some people expect to get for $20 but I think this shelf is just fine. It freed up a lot of space in my pantry (closet). I probably will want to secure it to the door, since it's just hanging by the over-the-door hangers that come with it. I was almost scared off by some of the negative reviews so I'm glad I decided to go with it. Nothing fancy but certainly sturdy enough for my purpose.
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on November 27, 2015
i simply needed a rack to install on the back of a utility closet door to hold things such as cleaning supplies, tapes, light bulbs and everyday tools. Before making a purchase online, I make it a habit to read several reviews - both positive and negative. Reading a few negative reviews NEARLY dissuaded me from my purchase, but I couldn't get away from the fact of the very reasonable price. I honestly did not have huge expectations. HOW WRONG I WAS!
I am very pleased with this rack! Knowing it is a back of door rack, it kind of seems like "Common Sense" that you would need to secure it to said door. In retrospect, I should have cracked up laughing at the reviews which complained things fell out of the back of the rack when it has no back (the door does that) and it wasn't secure - the comedian famous for the saying "Here's Your Sign" comes to mind. The only "challenge" was trying to secure the rack using the puny small headed screws provided. They simply do not do a good job of securing the "notch" where the screw is meant to go. I easily resolved that by placing a washer between the screw head and the rack's notch. Easy peasy! Now the rack is quite secure.

I like that the "depth" of the rack is perfect and does not stick out further than the door frame - enabling me to place in the utility closet without having shelves interfere with the rack. Now, I have commonly used items in easy reach and my closet is free from the clutter formerly taking up space. I plan to order at least two more: one for the bathroom door and the other for the back of the door leading into my basement.

Bottom line- This rack is a very cost effective way to organize commonly used items, freeing up shelving and giving new purpose to previously wasted space. It is not appropriate for industrial use or strong enough to hang from (not the purpose anyway!). Use common sense and you will be pleased as well!
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