Customer Reviews: Storage Box Divider Tray 30 Round Stackable Clear Containers Multi-functional Organizer For Small Items
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on December 6, 2011
I am a crafter with a touch of OCD so I have been searching for the perfect organizer for small parts for a long time. I have tried various different containers with compartments such as [Akro-Mils 5807 Plastic Parts Storage Case for Hardware and Craft, Medium] and [Jolee Jewels Storage Bead Container, Mix 3] but this is the one that has worked out perfectly. I currently scrapbook and make cards so this item stores all of my brads and eyelets along with a few other embellishments. I am thrilled that each compartment actually does hold a substantial amount of product. Even better is that I can see all of the contents through the lid of the box. Because each container is the lid of the next container, they take up so little space. It amazes me that the same items I stored in multiple boxes and locations now fit in just one and a half of these containers. I currently have two of these boxes but I am contemplating getting a third if the second gets full (but hopefully instead I can limit my spending).


In comparison to the Jolee Jewels Storage Bead Container, this item wins HANDS DOWN. The Jolee comes with 10 larger containers and 20 smaller ones. The smaller ones are double compartment containers so the amount of items they hold is incredibly small (I can't even fit the tip of my pinkie finger in one of them). The only thing they really fit well were my swarovski crystal embellishments. Those items were TI---NY. The larger containers are comparable to the size of the containers in this current item. However, this item has thirty containers and the Jolee only has 10 compartments of that size. I would have to buy 3 Jolee boxes to have the space in just one of these items, and the Jolee boxes would take up much more room.

In comparison to the Akro-Mils container, this item far surpasses in organization and functionality. The Akro-Mils box has a maximum of 15 sections, and a minimum of 2 sections. Even with the maximum, the compartments are huge. The whole box is bigger than this Storage Box Divider Tray, so it holds less but takes up more space doing it. I would have to buy 2 of the Akro-Mils containers to equal the 30 compartments in just one of these containers. And each of those two would be larger than this one box. On the other hand, The Akro-Mils does hold larger items. But for the eyelets and the brads, this box is PERFECT. At the moment, my Akro-Mils box only holds smaller containers of embossing powders and glitter. Personally, this is my least favorite storage container and I do regret buying it.

In comparison to a couple other boxes I have purchased from the Art Store made by Art Bin, I still prefer this container, at least for brads and eyelets. The Art Bin containers have 18 and 36 slots each and they are perfect for holding larger items such as buttons, pins, and brackets. These are my second favorite storage containers after the one featured here. The reason these Art Bin containers are not as good as the Storage Box Divider is that they take up more space and it is easier for items to get mixed up together since they do not have their own separate containers within the box. Also, with the Art Bin containers, it is not as easy to travel with just those items you will need. Instead you have to take the whole box. With the Storage Box Divider, you can actually just take a few containers with you to a gathering instead of the whole set of items, making travel much easier.

All in all, this is the perfect box for very small items.
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on August 25, 2011
These tiny containers have a quality feel to them. They screw on and off very smoothly. I fill the containers with enough nutritional supplements for 2 weeks of twice a day servings. They will hold water, without leaking, so I am assuming that they are airtight. (Which is important in keeping the supplements fresh. I also store them in a dark place.) They take a minimal amount of space and it's easy to separate just the number of containers that I need for traveling.
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on October 23, 2012
when i opened the package i was a little disappointed it says stack able but it is not written anywhere that the round containers screw into each other.I Thought for each container there was a cap on it. There is only one cap on the first top container and the rest all screw in. The containers are on the smaller side, They are good for seed beads and very small objects.I do like that it is compact and that the storage box does have dividers for the containers to fit in nicely.Another good feature is you can remove the dividers if you choose to use the storage box for something else.Overall it is a very nice useful product.I use this product to organize my size 11 seed beads and take it with me to craft shows.
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on April 28, 2012
If you have to take meds this is the way to go. What the product does for me is when I put mine and my wifes meds together we have the options of taking our 5 at a time that's been filled for either morning or evenings, the best part is if for some reason we need to go over night in a hurry I can grab the large container & I'm comfortable knowing I have all our meds with me. The construction is great in every manner. It's a 5 star for sure, buy several at once and save because you will order more once to get one.
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on January 2, 2011
I LOVE this item. I can't think of anything handier! I build/repair pocket watches and keeping parts in these is such a convenience for me. Minimal storage space, ability to see them clearly, and the fact that they stand up for quick accessibility and changing is genius. I highly recommend these to anyone who crafts or hobbies with small parts and pieces!
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on April 14, 2011
This box is fantastic: I use it to store all my small/medium size beads. I love that you can see them through the transparent plastic even when the box is shut. Also, the stackable round containers allow you to easily and quickly reorganize whatever you are storing in them. Highly recommended.
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on November 6, 2013
What a great storage container! It is wonderfully compact and I love that it is clear and you can see what is in each of the containers. It is seems a bit smaller in real life than I imagined from the photos, but is the perfect solution for tiny items. The outer case is 10 ½" x 4 ½" x 1 ⅞", the individual containers are 1 ⅜" diameter and 1" deep including the thread that screws onto the next piece. The actual holding capacity of the individual containers is 1 ⅜" dia x ¾" deep. Much better quality than a comparable brand that I purchased. The threads are clean and screw together nicely. Very pleased that I purchased two. Now that I have my tiny items stored, it has freed up 10 times the amount of space, if not more!
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on May 23, 2012
In my looking on line for plastic containers for various nuts & bolts, I came across this multi-container case and thought it looked good and inexpensive enough to check it out. As soon as it got here I saw that it was perfect for a number of things I had in mind. I did make a serious faux pas though...... I made the mistake of showing it to my wife.... that's the last I've seen of
it ......seems its also a good, refillable traveling make-up holder as well. Guess I have order 1 or 2 more for me, and, now she wants 2 more for herself!
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on February 4, 2016
I have bought these in stacks of 6 at Michaels, but this was the first time I saw them in a container like this. It's a very nice idea & keeps them all in one spot. I love these screw-together containers. By the way, there is only one lid per stack & that is on the top container. The rest of the "lids" are the containers above. They screw & unscrew easily & smoothly. There are cheaper ones, but you spend most of your time trying to get the threads to line up! These are easy to use. I use them for brads, buttons, flowers, embellishments, etc for making greeting cards. This is the smallest size. There is also a medium & a large size made by the same company (Paylak) ....... they are the best.
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on March 31, 2015
These are great! I can setup nearly a month of my bedside pills all in one sitting. Having the container makes it easier to keep from losing or damaging them before the next time to refill them. These pill boxes seem more sturdy and long lasting than the other small round pill cases I've own (that look very similar to these but don't come in a case). That said, I don't tend to carry these pill boxes around, so I don't know if they'll hold up to being knocked around. When screwing the cases together, you do have to be a little careful to not cross thread them. Since I only have to worry about this about once a month, it is easy to be attentive and careful about this. It isn't that tricky, so not that big of an issue.
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