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on October 31, 2013
Nobody knows story better than Jen Grisanti. Her extensive background as a studio exec has started a movement of looking at the rigorous requirements of writing for television at work in the story of our own lives. I had many ah-ha! moments while reading this book (I'm very late with a review), and obviously so did others. Since reading this last year the concept of one's life story is spreading through the blogosphere with those blogging about self-development and personal power. Jen started a movement, and deserves credit for her breakthrough.

I came across this book while learning more about writing for TV and thought her eye was so spot-on with story that I took her Teleseminar. Her ability to read a script and laser in on its strengths and weaknesses was amazing to witness. She has the same uncanny ability for guiding people and business through the labyrinth of their own challenges. However, she is not ego-driven or threatened by the opinions of those she guides. She's insistent that you have to do the work, but never bullies anybody into doing it her way or the highway. As long as you're willing to do the work, she's there to guide, and I can't think of a better place to start mining the brilliance of this woman than with this book. Her voice here is as non-hostile as her consultations and Teleseminar. It's very comforting and liberating.

I'd recommend this book to anybody interested in story structure (boy, is it ever complex for TV!) and how it applies to writing the script of one's own life. It's an awesome book.
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on March 1, 2012
I finished reading "Story Line" a few days ago, and it is definitely a must-read for aspiring writers, professional writers, as well as individuals who are looking for a spiritual guide. Jen's approach to storytelling is unique; instead of merely dispensing advice, Jen talks about her life experiences and favorite movies and TV shows to tie in and illustrate the concepts she presents. Reading this book is like having a close friend give you uplifting advice. It's not condescending, and her "log line for your life" method really works!

Because Jen makes the effort to personalize her own experiences and create her own story, it's easy for the reader to connect with her on a personal level. The spiritual aspect is quite fascinating and is a welcome addition. As someone who has met Jen and who attends the Friday Night Drink events she co-hosts, I can definitely say that I'm satisfied with her book and look forward to working with her as a client in the near future.

This is money well-spent, and I cannot recommend this book enough.
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on April 2, 2014
I am a writer who has been a client of Jen’s for over a year. I’m unabashedly biased about her expertise, wisdom and extraordinary skills as a writing coach. I write glowing reviews about Jen because, not only have I devoured her books, I am currently signing another contract for her services. My money is where my reviews are. :) In “Story Line” Jen says, “This book is for any writer, novice or professional, as well as anyone who is interested in writing but hasn’t taken the first step.” I would go even further and recommend the book for anyone at a fork in the road searching for a beacon of light through the darkness. Story Line is really all about you. It has wonderful story analyses based on some of the best contemporary stories on TV and in movies, and, the bonus for me is the tagline of the title: “Finding Gold in Your Life Story.” Story Line is not only a “how to” for writers; it is a way to discover the answer to the question “why am I driven to do this?” Jen uses inspirational quotes throughout; my favorite is by Robert Southey, “It is with words as with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.” Story Line burns deeply for me. I also highly recommend Jen Grisanti’s website, newsletter and services.
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on November 8, 2012
I had just finished a dark-comedy screeplay and had the displeasure of hearing it read out loud. I realized I felt nothing for the main character. Granted, the heroine does some not-so-nice stuff, but still, I hated her. Someone suggested I read Jen Grisanti's book, "Story Line." They said the book helps you put "heart" into your script. My friend was right. After reading the book, I realized my heroine was one-dimensional and I didn't like that one dimension I was seeing. The book showed me ways to tap into my own hopes and dreams, disappointments and heartaches and then give some of them to my main character. Duh, right? I knew about this, I've done this before, but in this one script I just couldn't get myself to go to that dark place, and that was the reason my character wasn't ringing true. The book helped me do the work needed to, first, get me in touch with those scary emotions and then put a piece of myself into the main character, which made her more empathetic. Suddenly, the heroine was jumping off the page. After rewriting the script, I still didn't want to have a beer with the main character, but I could certainly empathize with her struggles. Which allowed me to hang with her at the beginning of her arc and then root for her as she eventually grew and changed. Great book!
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on March 17, 2012
Just finished reading Jen's wonderful book. Truly inspiring -- the most original and powerful methodology I've come across in quite a while. Jen rightly understands that strong writing comes from life experience and universal emotions, and this book brings the worlds of writing and living into splendid symbiosis, with appreciation and understanding of each enriching the other. I particularly related to one of her end-of-chapter exercises where she urges the reader to pause at those moments in a film that are emotionally powerful and to analyze WHY they are so powerful. I've been doing this, off and on, for years, but never really connected my own life experience with that process. Am eagerly looking forward to examining some of my favorite films in this new light, as well as applying Jen's powerful tools to my own screenwriting. If you want to bring your life and your writing into sync, and take your storytelling ability to a whole new level, this is the book for you.
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on August 5, 2016
I took a class from Jen earlier this year and this book has been a great refresher and compliment to what she teaches in class. I think all writers desire to put themes and truths from their lives into their characters but it's hard to do well. Jen does an amazing job of giving great exercises and a practical perspective for how to actual do it. This is a great book for fleshing out a richness in your writing.
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on April 16, 2012
Story Line: This book helped me to access the "aha" moments in my own creative process. It taught me how to access my own emotions and truths based on my life experiences.

It's an amazing and thorough approach to delving into your own life to find those moments that help you find your "voice".

I felt like I was stuck until I read this book. As human beings, we all have own our stories, experiences and truths.

This book helps you understand those and delve into the "seemingly" impossible task of bringing those stories/experiences/truths to the page in your own unique writing voice.

"Aha! At last, I get it now!"

It's amazing and I highly recommend it!
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on February 11, 2017
What a terrific book. It really reveals how to take your personal story and craft it in such a way to tell your truth to the world.
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on April 1, 2014
I LOVE this book! The chapters really flow, and spark ideas. The exercises solidify those ideas and allow you to explore them further. I think Jen is amazing and her knowledge and passion really comes through on the page. A must-read for aspiring TV and movie writers!
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on March 21, 2013
This was a great book! It had so much insight into our personal story and how it can really inspire us and others. I gave it 5 Stars because it rocks!

I have not found another book that outlined the story process so well! If you want to find the gold in your story, this is it.
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