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on April 19, 2016
Put my order in and got the bike right away. I wanted two of them, one for me and one for my wife, but ordered just one first to see what I thought. Took me about 45 minutes to unpack (was really packed well), assemble (was pretty easy) and to make a few adjustments to the front brakes. I was very pleased with the quality of the bike and was very pleased with how everything worked. The foldup feature worked exactly as expected and is reasonably easy to do. The only negative I noticed, and this was mentioned in some of the reviews, is that the seat, even at its lowest setting, is a little high. I was afraid that my wife, who is 5'4", would object. So I didn't say anything about my concern and just had her try it out. I noticed that she struggled just a little getting on but she didn't say anything. She rode it around a little and when I asked her what she thought, she said that she liked it and told me to go ahead and order another one! Although I have not yet put any miles on it to really test it out, it seems like this bike should more than do the job for tails rated up to difficult. Trail ratings of "very difficult" and "extreme" might be beyond the long-term mechanical capacity of this bike. But, I'm not an expert so I could be underestimating the bike's ability (durability) at the more difficult trail levels!

Update: May 10, 2016 We liked this bike so well that we purchased another one so that my wife and I would both have one. Second bike arrived, but had a damaged rear derailer. Contacted the company by phone. They emailed me a Fed X return sticker and at the same time shipped a new bike. I put the damaged bike back in the box, took it to Fed X, they scanned the bar code from the email sent to me by the company and we were done. No cost to me to return the damaged bike. New bike arrived two days later and works perfect! The whole return process was totally hassle free. GREAT customer service from the company! If you are in the market for a folding mountain bike at a reasonable price, look no farther!!
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on May 11, 2013
There are some rough reviews here for this bike, and I imagine it's because they are written by some hardcore bikers. For the person who rides a bike every so often for casual exercise or a leisurely coast through the neighborhood (like me), this bike will meet your needs and expectations. Nothing fancy. Maybe not the fastest bike in the world. But it gets the job done without feeling like I'm sitting on a toy wondering when it's going to snap in half.

Admittedly, I was skeptical sitting on a folding bike for the first time. All it took was one decent ride to forget that the frame was two separate pieces. I haven't seriously ridden a bike in years (and by years I mean over a decade) with any seriousness, and this brings me back to my childhood. For people who aren't bike experts or enthusiasts and just want a functional bike that saves on space in the shed or trunk, this bike is just fine. If you are one of those people who takes the bikes apart to customize them part for part, you may be better off just getting a more expensive bike.

I bought this bike because I want to exercise more and because I bought a small car and didn't want to mess with a bike rack. This suits my needs by being able to fit in the trunk (of a MINI Cooper, no less!) while only having to fold down one of the back seats. I can still carry two passengers along with this bike. It also fits easily in my living room and breaks down without a sweat. It IS heavier than I would have expected, but that's the price for getting the mountain bike version instead of the city version, I suppose. If anything, I consider maneuvering it while folded as just another aspect to the exercise. Also, they must have fixed the issue with the instruction booklet, as mine seemed appropriate for my model and wasn't confusing to put together at all. But then again, I am a genius.

TL;DR version: the bike is fine. It's an introductory bike for people who aren't hardcore riders and just want two wheels with pedals and a seat that doesn't take up a lot of space.
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on February 22, 2016
After searching for a foldable bike for my wife that she could put in the back of her SUV I chose Stowabike. I looked at many of them and asked many questions before purchasing. I was concerned the bike would not be well made since the price was the lowest of all the other options. Wow, was I surprised. The box and packaging were very good. I thought I would never get it out of the wrapping. The instruction manual had descriptions and photos (for those who assemble in Rio Linda) which made it easy to put together with basic tools. It even comes with a multipurpose Allen wrench and multi tool wrench (basically all you need). After a few minor adjustments on the shifters and brakes it was ready for the open trails. The customer service was also phenomenal as I did have to contact them regarding the shifter. You can spend a whole lot more on a bike like this, but there is simply no reason to. The bike and 24/7 are top notch. The only addition I made was putting on folding pedals to make the bike even smaller when folded. Even with that addition the closest bike to compare it to was twice the cost.
The weather is getting nice now, so come on, let's ride!
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on August 2, 2016
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bike itself. It took two hours to assemble and I didn't need a manual to put it together. It comes with two tools, a crappy preice of metal carved for wrench use, and an Allan wrench. It comes with a bell and two deflectors and overall the bike was made very well. Why I took a star off? The packaging was terrible, so the condition of your bike is up to how it was handled. Mine came in just fine, folds just fine, and is exactly what was described.

The second photo was a very disturbing sight for me, the handle bar was in the spokes of one of the wheels and if you don't know envying about bikes, then you'll still know that spokes can be bent easy. Luckily the shippers were careful and I was too, so the spokes are fine but still a worry for those who have shippers that don't handle their packages well.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 22, 2017
okay so i bought this bike on the 29th of november to get from work and back and to store in my new york apartment to save space, my total milage which is about 8 miles in total a day. ive put probably about 300-400 miles on it and no i am not a hardcore biker doing 30 miles a day or something like that. but this bike definitely holds up to my current use, now if your a hardcore biker doing 20-30 miles a day i can see how this bike probably isnt for you. its a inexpensive bike but well worth the money. i will update in a couple of months and let you guys know how well it holds up. the folding frame is definitely a plus, safe and very well made. the frame by itself is solid and not cheap at all

as far as weight limit, i am also a 6'0 335lb man and this bike still holds up well as the suspension is rated at 750lbs limit

included in the box-


bike reflectors


wrench multi tool to assemble the bike

allen wrench

instruction manual (not very good/useful, but i dont know much about bikes and i set it up in 30 mins)

also to note the bike arrived with the back wheel loose i had to get it fixed by a bike shop and also the bikes tires arent trued but its to be expected


price range,

quality tires,

folding frame,

easy to assemble

easy to fold

they will reimburse up to 50 dollars for any bike shop repairs you do on the bike

CONS- bike seat, definitely buy a better bike seat is its cheap and extremely uncomfortable,

right shifter is almost of no use. the chain just keeps skipping the whole time. this could just be a defect in my own personal case

the plastic components on the bike will definitely need replacement as time goes by.

all in all, its a quality bike for the average user with 10-15 miles of use a day, if your a more seasoned bike user than you should definitely look elsewhere as this bike is not for you


Bike still runs smoothly, going on 8-10 miles every day, first thing to break was the right shifter, but I really only use the left so it’s not a problem for me. No flats yet surprising considering I’m 330lbs, this bike is built extremely well and is really running its course very smoothly with little maintenance.

Update- may 2018

Bike got stolen lol. Will be buying another.

Update- new bike was received. I notice other reviews are fitting in to what people are saying. The quality control on this bike is very poor, ex: the reflectors on my bike wheel were placed the opposite way as well as, my bike may have been a return. Their is wear and tear where their really shouldn’t be. It seems to me I got a returned stowabike, they replaced anything that showed signs of wear, like the wheel, cables, seat. The seat hole has wear where there shouldn’t be on a brand new bike which is what leads me to believe I got a returned bike as well as the fact that the box it came in was a uline branded box, and not the usual stowabike branded box.

Main idea: the bike will have some kind of flaw at all times. Whether it’s brakes not adjusted or things being put together poorly.

Thank you for reading my really in depth review : )
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on November 29, 2016
I got this as transportation that I could carry on my boat. It arrived broken and I think it is unlikely it would last. When it folds it puts pressure on the front derailleur and caused the control to crack. Even without the front derailleur (as a 6 speed) it would be ok if it werent for the weight. It is very heavy. The seat post it very long even for me, and lowering it interferes with the rear suspension. I wouldn't recommend this even though it is so inexpensive.
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on May 14, 2016
This one I waited for excitedly...I am an avid fan of bicycling and spinning, however, I prefer the outdoor variety. I was disappointed with the way the box was handled by the original shipper (apparently it was DHL), and they forwarded it onto Fed Ex. DHL possibly was the reason the shipping box had 2 holes in the upper part of the bike, as a result, I was missing a much needed nut (the fromt brake won't work without it, so I have it Hi! I FINALLY got it put together. There ARE missing nuts...might have something to do with the item having been mishandled through DHL...there were 3 big holes punched in the box whenI FINALLY received it approximately a week late. Fed Ex FINALLY delivered it.

* Some of the nuts from the front right brake (it is normally a 5 piece set PLUS the little brake pad - all of the nuts were NOT there);
* Parts List;
* Instructions;

* Look at the photos I have included (the soldering on this thing is LOUSY. It looks like it was in an accident and resoldered.
* This is uncool: but it MAY just be a sloppy piecing job they hurriedly painted the finish over.

This was kind of frustrating-I think that they strip-searched my new bike in transit. I feel SO violated'!

Anyway, aside from that...AND the fact that they did NOT include a parts list, or assembly instructions, and the fact that the front wheel struts started out as hollow and were soldered together rather cheekily, everything was hunky-dory! In other words, they are LUCKY that I know metal work AND how to put a bike together, or I would probably be on the street under a bus somewhere wondering WHY the heck didn't my front brake work?! I probably will NOT go off reading on this item without a crash helmet and suit on, just in case.

* Very inexpensive;
* Foldable;
* Light;
* Sturdy;
* Sharp looking.
* Good brakes
* Nice, knobby tires.

* Strut manufacturing process COULD be improved;
* No parts list included;
* No Assembly Instructions included;
* Original shipper left something to be desired.

So, if you DO like to bike, and don't mind a little assembly work, and possibility that you may have to come up with a nut or bolt or two, you might like this inexpensive, little, foldaway, mountain-bike hybrid. I will let you know once I test ride the thing. It IS REALLY sharp looking, especially considering the inexpensive price. The metal work is solid and clean, and the Shimano breaks are sturdy. I just might have to do a couple of inexpensive modifications myself (light soldering and the like).

So, as far as the entire experience is concerned, I would give the product a 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars, and the original shipper a 2 out of 5 stars.

I FINALLY got it put together. There ARE missing nuts...might have something to do with the item having been mishandled through DHL...there were 3 big holes punched in the box whenI FINALLY received it approximately 4-7 days late. Fed Ex FINALLY delivered it.

* Some of the nuts from the front right brake (it is normally a 5 piece set PLUS the little brake pad - all of the nuts were NOT there);
* Parts List;
* Instructions;

* I sent photos to the distributor photos (the soldering on this thing is LOUSY. It looks like it was in an accident and resoldered);
* This is uncool: but it MAY just be a sloppy piecing job the manufacturer hurriedly painted the finish over.

This product was purchased through WITHOUT A discount code. And the the review is about as fair, honest and non-biased as they come.
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on April 22, 2018
Wow, I haven't even had a chance to use this bike and it already has a broken brake cord. After contacting the customer service at shop247, I sent pictures and explained how the brake cable popped out of place while loosening the bolt that holds it down (as the instructions said) and the metal cap holding the fraying wires in place underneath it came off. After waiting 24hrs I was told by their technicians that this happens all the time and that I should just tape it, which I tried and and it didn't work. Obviously this is what that metal cap is for. Now here's the best part. They tell me I can just send the bike back, to which I told them that I live out of town and don't own a car, so packing a 48lb, 5x3ft box miles to the closest post office is out of the question, that I need this bike to get to work, and if there would be another solution like just replacing the faulty cable since it broke pretty much right out of the box. I have now waited 72hrs with no response from shop247. I realize this product is cheap, but that is no excuse for ignoring someone who bought an item from you and it breaks because of the technician's poor work ethic. Save your money and get something from a more reliable company who cares about their products and customers better than shop247, it will save you a headache.
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on May 22, 2016
I was looking for a folding bike that I can put it into the back of my CR-V for my son. Then I found this Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Bike on Amazon. This bike fits all my needs and my kid like it very much. The delivery is faster than the schedule. And what I want to say is that the seller's after sale service is perfect. When I asked them for help in assembling the bike they responded quickly than I expected and solved all my problems. This is amazing!
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on August 19, 2016
Overall, I'd say it's a pretty great bike for the price. The folding feature is quite easy to use and I've not taken it a few different places tossed in the back of the car (which was my purpose for purchasing it).

Assembly was fairly easy, though to be honest I couldn't get the front wheel to mount quite true on my own and required the assistance of a bike shop to set right. However, that isn't really unexpected when receiving a bike in a box that requires assembly. Some of the graphics did have a few mars just from transit or packing. Of course, a bike is going to accrue those sort of marks from use anyway so it's certainly not anything I'd bother with returning it for.

That being said, the brakes, seat and handlebars are easy to adjust and only requires a few tweaks out of the box.

One thing to note though is that the frame is incredibly thick and there are no mount point, so a conventional water bottle holder won't mount.

Overall, I'm very pleased with it and it accomplishes the primary goal of having an easy to transport bike with having the hassle of a bike rack. Now I just have to find a water bottle holder that will work with the extra thick frame.
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