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on October 9, 2010
We ordered 2 sets of these chairs along with the matching table based on all the glorious reviews I read on amazon. I now think that most of the reviewers wrote their reviews in their excitement upon just having taken them out of the box. But the question that needs to be asked is: does the furniture stand up to the test of time?

We were just as excited as the other reviewers when we first started using the furniture, as brand new it looked like a nice step up from our previous set which had kind of gotten old. But after only a couple of months we already started to notice the wood cracking, even to the extent of giving splinters (which even if we didn't have little kids would still be far from ideal). Now after a mere six months or so, the table has increasingly started to show disturbingly ugly areas of what appears to be dark green mold.

The website tells you that there is already a protective coating of hard wood oil on the pieces. Well, if that is so I must say that it must be so minimal that it can safely be said to be ineffective.
The website also tells you that it is optional to apply hard wood oil, and if one does not it will not be detrimental to the furniture and will only cause it to change color over time and show slight cracking. Nowhere does it tell you about splinters, whole pieces of the outer wood layer coming off leaving sharp areas(in the case of one of the chairs, which along with the table I had thought were solid wood...?!) , nor is there mention of molding (all appearing within the first year of use).

We live in San Diego where we get plenty of sun but not much rain (although the nights have humidity). I have come to understand that this furniture cannot handle either rain nor shine.....pretty sad for outdoor furniture if you ask me. We would never have bought these knowing what we know now.

So if you decide to buy these pieces, my recommendation is; only do so if you have the time to add a substantial layer of protective coating on them as soon as you set them up. Or keep them covered whenever they are not in use. If this is all too much hassle for you, look elsewhere. Hope this helps.
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on November 23, 2014
I got these on sale and have been waiting patiently to buy another set after the price went up. Well, not sure that's going to happen, but i might break down and buy another 2 next summer because they are REALLY nice! The wood feels sturdy and it's great to have the armrests when you're relaxing outside. The cushions are a little weird - I thought that the back cushion was supposed to be longer than it actually is. It really only wraps around about 3 slats. So there's SOME cushioning for your back, but you have to choose where you want that - closer to the top of the back, or closer to the bottom?

Putting these together probably took me about an hour. And I would say putting the FIRST one together took about 75% of that time. Once you figure out how it's supposed to go together (the diagrams don't help all that much...) then the second one goes much faster.
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on April 10, 2013
Packaged for shipping well enough (standard oriental minimized/cheap, but effective). Be sure to check everything for the package of fasteners! They like to hide 'em. Easy to assemble once you figure out what to do. The instructions (diagram) are basically useless. However, it's really simple and brilliant in fact. All you need is a #2 long screwdriver (long,to add torque). Would not recommend power driver. The rest are allen screws, and they provide the necessary allen wrench in the fastener bag. I like the finished result very much. Very nice wood with a decent stain. I strongly recommend you add 3 coats Meguiar's M4616 Gold Teak Oil - 16 oz as directed on the bottle. I also suggest you add feet to each leg. Use the plastic kind with the built-in nail. It'll take only a few dollars and a minute to install with a small hammer, but will keep the wood from rotting from the bottom up and also move around smoother & easier.

Now....regarding the cushions and what were they thinking..
As previous reviewers mentioned, the biggest problem is the back cushion(s). They are nice, well thought-out....have zippers so can be washed, have nice Velcro sewn in to the flaps that go around back...BUT...the flaps don't reach each other unless you want to stuff a lot of the cushion through the backs' slats which will ruin the look...and comfort. I don't know why this manufacturer hasn't done anything about's an obvious problem with a simple solution.
So....what I did was get a Grommet kit like the Taylor Made Products 1365 E-Z Grommet Set and Tool
I added 2 grommets per flap, then used a nice looking white shoelace to tie the back flaps together. The brass grommets are weatherproof, and this "fix" makes it easy to remove the cushions. Looks great too. Total investment to fix the problem was about $20.

This product is an excellent buy despite the back cushion problem.
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on July 11, 2013
Caveat emptor, BUYER BEWARE. Both chairs have broken within ten months of purchase, with moderate usage by average sized adults. Both breakages occurred when guests were sitting in them, which was embarrassing, not to mention unsafe. The wooden slats on the seat are too narrow and not connected properly to the frame. While the product is good looking coming out of the box, the construction and wood quality is poor. Save yourself some aggravation and steer clear of this shoddy splinter fest.
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on March 11, 2014
I've read many complaints in these reviews and I just ask you to be realistic. These are the lowest priced, good looking chairs you've found, right? You're not going to spend hundreds of dollars on patio chairs, right? When the cushions wear out, you're not expecting to return them under warranty, right? If these last several years, I'll be happy.

The back cushion was made for some other product, so just make it work. If the cushions get dirty, wash them, replace them or throw them out.
To protect the wood from termites and whatever else may invade your handsome chairs, get these rubber feet, which fit perfectly:

Amico 10 Pcs Black Rubber Square 38mm x 38mm Table Chair Leg Protective Foot Cap
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on April 28, 2016
I wish I had written this review when I first purchased this set. Putting together the chairs was relatively easy, but the bench never went together correctly because the holes for one of the screws was too deep for the screw. I'm impressed that it lasted as long as it did without falling apart -- but finally, after a few months, the bench did just fall out from beneath a house guest. The chairs are still lasting.
The cushions are another situation not sure what they are thinking with the velcro backrests - it looks nice once you have them on - but if you wash them they're awkward and never really go back to their original shape. DO NOT PUT THE CUSHION COVERS IN THE DRYER!
I read reviews about the cushions and made sure not to put them in the dryer but honestly - even the washing machine is too intense for this material. The velcro backs get all scrunched up. The seat cushions shrunk in washing machine and the zipper no longer worked on one of them, even though I washed them on cold. I've replaced them with store bought cushions.
These are also not all-weather​ hardwood. I would be sure to not leave this set outside in winter or during long periods of rain.
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on May 22, 2013
We bought these chairs for our small living area to give us more space than a full-sized sofa. They look great in our casual living room. We bought thick cushions to go in them and now they look like indoor 'mission furniture' not like patio furniture that you brought in from the porch - lol. They are very light-weight which is a big plus for us since we are in our 60s. They have a rich reddish brown color (not like cherry, tho) that looks good with our other furniture. They tend to get lighter over time (we have had them for about 6 months) and we wiped them down with Old English wood preservative when we first got them. The wood still has a rich look tho. Since we put the thick cushions in them they sit comfortable but they are not very wide, but fine for us. You will need to put them together when you receive them, but this is fairly easy to do. They came on time, no damage, were what we ordered and they are made well.

I would definitely recommend these chairs to anyone! Great buy!
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on September 7, 2013
Despite some older, negative reviews, we bought a whole set of this strathwood line - 4 arm chairs, the bench, and the coffee table.

First off, of all the items I purchased, I had exactly zero defects out of the box: no cracks, no broken pieces, nothing missing.

Second, I put everything (i.e., all six pieces) together with no help in under two hours. The directions aren't great, but there are so few pieces its super simple.

Third, this stuff is very sturdy, and I have no problem with the size - I'm a big guy, and am very comfortable/sturdy in the seating pieces.

Fourth, it doesn't matter is you spend $200 on outdoor wooden chairs or $2,000 - YOU HAVE TO APPLY A PROTECTIVE COATING OF OIL!! For the $10 a can of teak oil will cost you, and the 15 mins it will take to apply once a year, the furniture will retain its color and resist cracking/splintering over time.

Maybe I just got lucky re: no broken pieces out of the box, but perhaps the company made some upgrades over the past couple of years - if you look at the dates of the quality-related complaints, they are mostly much older than the new ones.....
review image review image review image review image
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on July 16, 2012
After seeing the good reviews and shopping around exhaustively, these seemed the best bargain for wood patio furniture. It's always taking a chance though, with ordering any furniture online. I ordered two chairs and the coffee table of this set. And another side table I thought was part of the set, but doesn't really match.

The Eucalyptus wood is attractive and seems heavy duty enough for the price while still being easy for me to move around. I can't swear as to whether it is genuine Eucalyptus. It does smell nice though. I had not noticed the comment on the stain bleeding through. I tested mine with a sopping wet paper towel and not a speck of color came off. Perhaps acidic rain might make a difference or they've since added a sealant coating? I have mine on a covered patio so perhaps I won't have too much of a problem.

The chairs came really well packaged, I must say, in doubled sturdy cardboard boxes with lots of padding and a padded wrapping over all. The carrier had handled them well - no damage to the boxes or contents. Seems trivial, but I especially appreciated the sturdy ribbon ties holding everything in place instead of those nasty plastic "ties" that always need cut. These just needed a pull of the bow to release.

I had no problem with missing pieces, or badly drilled holes. One counter-sink could have been deeper, but not a big deal. There are no extra hardware parts provided so one has to be careful with the bits when putting it all together.

A phillips screw driver is required to put in the four screws under the seats. That is the only tool not provided.

The instructions were the weakest element for me. I had some trouble interpreting the tiny illustrations of where the hardware went. But it still only took about 1/2 hour for the first one and about 15 minutes for the second since I knew what went where. There is no wobble to the chairs or ill-fitted parts that I can detect when sitting in them.

The second problem were the small cushions (really pads) for the back of the chairs. I still cannot figure out how they could be installed as the photo shows. The flat pieces of fabric at the top and bottom with the velcro on them are not long enough to meet in any way shape or form to end up with the pad as illustrated. I ended up folding one end of each pad over the top of the chair back and run the longer tab thru the farthest slat where the tabs could be velcroed. If I tried inserting both the velcroed ends between the lower slats to match, the pad bulged way out in a triangular shape.

Installing over the chair top means some of the padded part is wasted on the back of the chair. It looks OK but is really is not what is illustrated. I think there was an error made by somebody in the material amounts or some piece of linkage was missing I plan to let Strathwood know about it. Luckily I had a couple nice throw pillows to set in the chair that look perfect with the off-white color of the cushions and provide attractive back cushioning.

The seat cushions are made very well. The ecru color looks quite elegant agains the reddish wood stain, with attractive piping. They are just under 2 inches thick and sized perfectly for the seat. I may end up covering them with some more colorful fabric at some point or buying some on sale. The back pad is probably about half an inch thick in the padded part. They are well made as well for what they are.

As it stands, I do like my chairs very much and would definitely recommend them - with the caveat that it is quite possible the quality of the workmanship on all aspects might vary randomly in the manufacturing allotments. With discounted items it can often be a gamble what one ends up with. I have Amazon Prime so shipping was free, but I'd hate to have to repackage and ship back any furniture!!

As I said, I also bought the coffee table. I plan to review that on its page
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on June 12, 2014
I was a little worried after reading several reviews that reported shipping damage, but my delivery was clearly packed with great care and was in pristine condition. Lots of cardboard pieces were used to separate the individual pieces and lots of ties held everything together. The color was lighter than what I saw on the web page, but I expected that based on other reviews, and planned to treat it with oil. I applied boiled linseed oil first, then a mixture of citrus oil and beeswax - my neighbors said "what a nice teak chair". It truly resembles teak (no, it's not teak, just a resemblance) darkening significantly after the oils were applied.
Assembly isn't trivial, though the hardware is good quality I managed to get several bolts cross-threaded, and needed my rethreading kit to correct them. The assembly instructions, well, really aren't very helpful. I had to take my time and think it through before acting. Once assembled they are solid and comfortable. I was looking for back support in an upright posture and got it. Overall, I'm really pleased with the chairs and bench.
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