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on April 12, 2012
I purchased a yellow version of this same light, which is significantly brighter than this one. It was also cheaper.
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on January 25, 2009
I have owned three of these flashlights over a span of about two years, and have used it in a variety of conditions--everything from neighborhood walks to camping to contracting work. I am a flashlight aficionado and truly put them to the test. Here's what I've found...

The Good:

This flashlight puts out an astonishing amount of light. It's a great flood beam that really reaches far. It lights up the whole garage easily. It projects quite impressively into caves and tunnels. The switch works great, it's easy to operate, and is a nice size and shape. The oblong tube resists rolling and makes it easy to hold in difficult situations (like pinching it between your chin and shoulder). And it doesn't have any of that annoying grippy rubber crap on it either. Thank goodness there are still a few products out there that aren't ruined by rubberized blister-fodder.

The Bad:

This is one of the least reliable flashlights I've ever owned. The light flickers often when it's turned on, especially when it's being shaken or moved suddenly. It seems as though the battery cavity is both too large and too long for the batteries so they're sloppy inside, you can hear them rattling around. This makes the springy contact mechanism inside work poorly which results in flickering light, and sometimes no light at all until you take the batteries out and fumble around with it a little.

I wanted this light for the long run time, but so far I have yet to run down a set of batteries in this light. I end up replacing them prematurely to try to address the flickering problem. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

The lanyard eye at the tail end is a nice feature but the hole is so small I can only get a tiny string through it (and only one strand, so I can't put a loop through the hole. I have some pretty small clips and they were all too big. Plus, the hole is mounted on a rather thin tab that protrudes out the back, so even if the hole were bigger, I'd be afraid of breaking it off if I attached anything rigid to it.

In Summary:

Great light, when it works. If it worked better it would be my go-to flashlight for just about everything. Unfortunately, since it's so flaky I only use it for casual purposes now. I take my Princeton Tec flashlights for mission critical work.
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2011
Streamlight makes flashlights for professionals - first responders, fire departments, military - shockproof, waterproof and come in a highly visible emergency yellow color and meet certification standards for departmental use. There are many models but here I am discussing two similar ones, about the same size, both use 4AA batteries. I will post the same review under each.

The 68244 item (this product) is an extremely bright single Luxeon LED with a tightly focussed beam. But it runs only for 4 hours or so.

Another model almost the same size, the 68202, uses 7 lower brightness LEDs and produces a broader, softer illumination - but it one for 155 hours on one set of batteries.

I own both of them; the Luxeon super bright focussed model is best for seeing a long way out of doors, and the 7 LED model is best in an emergency kit, because the batteries will last so much longer. They both have a very positive push button in the base. The Streamlight website has many other models, all well designed and rugged; not the wimpy flashlights you find in local stores. I recommend the 68202 unless you really need the focussed beam.
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on November 22, 2009
I'm an enthusiast of flashlights and coolers. There are several things that I look for when considering a flashlight. 1) Only flashlights that use AA or AAA batteries are considered. Those two batteries are the cheapest and most readily available batteries. Plus, in an emergency, I do not want to be scrambling for different types of batteries (C, D, 9V, CR123, or any other type of specialized battery). 2) The design has to be shock resistant and waterproof. 3) The longest battery life in proportion to the output. I would like an efficient flashlight. 4) Best combination of durability in ratio to size and weight. This is a review of the Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight that I actually received as a gift around 2004. Since that time, there have been great advances in LED technology, such as the more efficient and higher output CREE LED. However, this was one of my favorite lights along with the Inova X1 flashlight until I was introduced to CREE LED technology in the Fenix LD20. If you want the details, please read on. If you want the short of it, skip to the conclusion.

Brightness: The Streamlight has one brightness setting that I do not know but guess to be approximately 20 lumens from 7 Nichia LEDs. It is noticeably brighter than the Inova X1, which is understood as it operates on 4 AA batteries as opposed to the X1's single AA set up. The light is a flood-type of light, which would be useful for perhaps reading in the dark and looking around in the immediate area. This light will not be useful in lighting up areas brightly or at a distance.

Color of the light: Many Nichia type LEDs has cool "bluish" color temperatures, which is the case in this Streamlight model.

Beam: The beam was brighter in the middle with a taper to the outer edge of overlapping illumination from the 7 LEDs. This is noticeable from within a foot but blends at further distances. There appear to be only minor inconsistencies in the light overall, but otherwise provides very consistent illumination. There is no beam adjustment.

Throw: The throw of the light is poor. Do not expect to get adequate illumination more than fifteen yards. This is typical to Nichia LED technology.

Efficiency: The Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight is fairly efficient with approximately that lasted 20 hours with adequate power on 4 AA batteries.

Build: The Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight is encased in hardened, durable, and fluorescent yellow plastic shell. The industry standards for flashlights include aircraft grade aluminum construction, anodized protection, o-rings for water resistance, and is supposed to be crush proof. I actually appreciate this flashlight for its plastic case, which is a nice change up. It is not as durable as anodized aluminum, but it is not easy to break by any means. Plus it is sealed nicely from water, claims shock resistence, and is non-conductive, and made for hazardous use. The light is able to stand as a candle, and has a sunken in reverse-click button on the tail end. Now that the light has some years of use, I do notice that the insides do not appear solidly in place, but does not affect the output even with strenuous shaking and falls.

Conclusion: Overall, the Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight is fairly well built, lower-power, flood-style flashlight that is adequate for reading or illuminating a small room. I have nothing bad to report about the light but admit that I would have rated this flashlight much higher just five years ago. Today, more efficient and powerful CREE LED technology make flashlights more practical with multiple output settings, powerful illumination with far-reaching throw, and all of this using one or two AA batteries. Thus, the rating for the Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight in terms in value is much lower. I rate the Streamlight 7 LED 4AA Flashlight flashlight a 3.5 out of 5.0.
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on July 22, 2010
I bought this flashlight looking for a reliable general purpose flashlight, and this flashlight had good reviews and a reasonable price tag. I've had a few power outages since I bought it and it works well for lighting the way indoors. The beam is very even with a bright spot in the middle (this is really nice if you are used to incandescent flashlights with big spots of light and dark in the beam).

Visually this flashlight seems less bright than other LED flashlights I have used. This is mostly because the beam is wide (and fixed, you can't focus the beam), which means the beam intensity is lower at any given distance. The wide beam also means this flashlight is poorly suited to lighting objects at a distance (I'd say more than 15 meters or so is a stretch).

The plastic case as it turns out is very durable, and the bright yellow makes it easy to spot. The oval shape is ergonomic and resists rolling on flat surfaces. Plus the case is also completely water proof. The button seems a bit flimsy, and it's on the rear of the flashlight, which makes the flashlight better suited to being held up near the head. The flashlight can be held with the thumb forward of course, but that requires a readjustment every time the button is used. On a more positive note, the button can be pushed halfway to turn the flashlight on only while held. While most flashlights have this, it is a nice feature that is sometimes overlooked.

Using AA batteries is a major plus, they are cheaper than other battery types and they come in a large variety. They are also the most likely type to be available in an emergency.

I am a little worried that changing the batteries on a humid day might trap humid air inside (because the case is airtight) and then when the air cools it will form condensation inside the case. This could corrode the battery terminals or the circuitry. Maybe packing a bag of desiccant into the case could mitigate this potential problem.

Overall I'd say this flashlight will last you through any emergencies, and it might also be well suited to everyday use where the wide beam isn't a problem.

Also consider the 68202 (Streamlight 68244 4AA Propolymer Luxeon Flashlight with White LEDs, Yellow), it has a brighter more focused beam, and is better suited to tasks that require a spotlight.
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on January 25, 2016
These lights have a design flaw. They really are terrible and stream light should put out a free part for the "led module" this light will fail I can guarantee it. The led bezel separates from the contact points over time because of a week glueing compound used to hold it together. Good news stream light guarantees them.....yeah......I have time to send them back and forth for repair at the company I work for that bought 50 of them!
review image
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on March 10, 2013
This flashlight is very bright, has a great distance, and a decent spread. I didn't really notice the LED "hot spots" some reviewers mentioned. I also love that it has a ring on the end for hanging next to the door, as well. For my general purposes it is an awesome flashlight, but I don't use it every day.

Sometimes when we are camping, the dogs tell me chupacabra and big foot are lurking in the bushes. All I have to do is shine this light in that direction and *voila* the monsters are gone! Note it does wake up some birds when you do that.

Having said that, I got my flashlight for free. I love this flashlight, but I don't think I would have paid the $25-ish for it that they are selling it for on
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on August 31, 2012
I have both the luxeon version & the other with many LEDs. I highly recommend the luxeon flashlight. The luxeon light throws a great beam and has a great battery life. I have had my luxeon light for about five years. It is easy to carry, dependable, waterproof and has a resin/plastic case that does not take on the outside temperature. The light throws a beam at least 100 yards. I have used it to light up boats down by the docks from the shore. if you are worried about battery life, throw 4 AA batteries in your pocket. It is not a super CREE searchlight but a wonderful working light for everyday and continuous use. BUY IT!!
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2006
When the sun goes down, this is the flashlight you want at your side! It's VERY, VERY bright! So bright that if you flash it into your eyes (what I did by accident after putting the batteries in) you'll see spots for a few minutes!

One IMPORTANT thing is that you need to know is that when putting the flashlight together, you MUST align the bottom of the light connectors right on the batteries, THEN put the cap on and screw it tighthly on (to be waterproof). If you don't follow this, the light either will not work, or will work only on occasion.

The next thing great about this is that you do not always have to click it on. You can just slightly push the bush the button (also can use to signal someone) and the light goes on!

These LED bulbs are the way of the future!

The three cell C battery light is next in line if you want something larger as it has TEN LED's! Made by Streamlight also and Amazon sells it (cheapest anywhere)!!
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on December 10, 2008
There are 92 other reviews at the time I'm typing this, so I'll keep it brief.

Pros - Very bright, and with a good 20' of throw. Very wide pattern.

Cons - Black paint easily comes off on your hands when wet, bug spray on the lens clouds it up but good. I don't like the tail switch. Call me old fashioned, but I have no visions of being a SWAT cop, holding the light up near my head. I'd rather hold it comfortably down by my waist with a nice thumb clicker switch in the conventional place. The body of the light is not round, it is an elongated oval. It doesn't fit the hand quite as well as a rounded body, but I guess this is to be expected for a 4AA light.

I keep this one by my bedside, stoked with lithium AAs with my gun.

If you want a tight spot beam, get the other one, this is a flood beam.

This was my first LED flashlight. Pelican brand seem to have tougher bodies and switches than Streamlight.
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