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Streamlight 73002 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight, Blue
Color: Concerns of Police Survivors Blue|Style: Single|Change
Price:$8.74+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 27, 2015
First off, let me say that the build quality on this little light is fantastic. I've had mine since 2011 and it still works great. Very bright, super small, and always with me on my keys. It's been invaluable for me in a lot of situations and I've only replaced the batteries once.

Now the bad part: the cap randomly come unscrewed on its own. Once it came apart in my pocket, which wasn't really a problem since it was able to recover all the pieces. The second time, it came apart at some point while retrieving my keys from my pocket in my gravel driveway. I noticed it was missing a few days later and had no idea where the parts were. Luckily, I was able to find the head and all the batteries in the driveway almost two weeks later, after noticing a reflection of light off one of the batteries. Everything had been rained on, there was grit all over the threads and there were gouges on the head (I'm pretty sure it had been ran over at least once). I quickly wiped the grit off the threads, screwed it back together and went on my way.

I believe the residual grit on the threads actually improved things, as the head has never fallen off again. It's been over three years and everything has stayed together with no issue. The head is still easy enough to turn with one hand, and the rain, grit and being run over seems to have had no effect on it.

Overall, it's a great light, but only if you can make sure it doesn't come apart.

**UPDATE - 12/8/2017**
Well it's been almost three years since I first wrote my review on this and it's still going strong. I believe I've changed the batteries once since buying it back in 2011. It's been on my key ring continuously for almost seven years now and it still works like a champ. I have no issues with the head coming loose or falling off anymore since the initial incident, so I anticipate having this on my keys for another several years.
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on October 4, 2014
I have had a Streamlight Nano clipped to my keychain for the past 8 months, and it has served me well. A few weeks ago I came across the UST Pico, and I had to try it out. Since both lights are targeting the same market, use the same batteries, are about the same price, and share many of the same stats, I thought the best review format for each would be a comparison with the other.

Size and Shape--Advantage: Nano
Both the Nano and the Pico are .5 inches in diameter at the head, and 1.5 inches from nose to tail. However, they are shaped differently. The Pico is a true cylinder, with no real difference in the diameter of the head vs. the body. The Nano's head flares out, with its body diameter about 3/8". The slim body and flared head of the Nano gives something for the thumb to push against and makes it a bit easier to direct the beam where you want it to go.

Construction--Advantage: Draw
Both lights are made from anodized aluminum with recessed bulbs. They are well constructed and appear ready to take some abuse. Both have knurled heads to give a better grip when twisting the lights on and off.

***UPDATE 12-29-2014***
Finish--Advantage: Draw
Both come in anodized aluminum in a variety of colors. (Incidentally, your color choice will have a major impact on the price of either light.) If you intend to snap either the Nano or Pico to a coat zipper, it will probably stay looking new for some time. If, however, you intend to attach it to your keys like I did, expect the anodizing to wear rather quickly with plenty of scratches. This is purely a cosmetic issue and doesn't matter to me, but if it does to you, be aware that neither of these lights has an extremely tough finish.

Battery Use--Advantage: Indeterminate
I haven't tested these for myself, but Streamlight claims the Nano will operate for 8 hours on one set of batteries, while UST claims 15. It's hard for me to believe that UST has perfected its technology to the point that it can nearly double the runtime of the Nano. Maybe Streamlight is referring to usable light, and UST is referring to the until-it-goes-out-completely number. If the Nano was brighter or the Pico dimmer, these numbers would make more sense, but as you are about to read, that's not the case.

Beam--Advantage: Draw
Both the Nano and Pico list an output of 10 lumens. I can't tell any difference between the two in terms of brightness; both are extremely bright for their size. The throw of both lights is also equivalent. The Nano light is a bit more pure white, and the Pico is a bit more yellow. The shape of the Pico beam is a more uniform circle, and the Nano is a bit more oval-ish. Neither stands out for me as being substantially better. Let's say the uniformity of the Pico is cancelled out by the pure white beam of the Nano.

***UPDATE 11-23-2014***
Some questions and other reviews have prompted me to add the following:

So how bright are the Nano and Pico lights, and what can and should they be used for? They are completely adequate, and sometimes too bright, for the following dark-environment activities:

1. Walking from your car to wherever you are going and back; from 0--20 feet, you'll easily identify anything you need to walk over or around.
2. Walking around your house without turning on the lights and waking up everyone else.
3. Finding something in a closet/purse/safe.
4. Reading (for me, too bright for this).
5. Signaling other hunters to organize drives or simply alert them to your presence.

As another point of reference, I can go into my basement (which has white-painted walls) at night with only this light, and identify everything, be it 1 or 40 feet away.

Dissatisfaction with the brightness of these lights is due to one of three things:
1. A defective light--I haven't experienced this.
2. Weak batteries--a situation that is easily remedied.
3. Unrealistic expectations--You shouldn't expect to use either of these lights for search and rescue operations, spotting deer, or spelunking. You won't use them to light paper on fire or to blind an onrushing attacker. There are many other larger, heavier, and more expensive lights on the market that can do all of these things--check out Surefire, Fenix, or high end offerings by Streamlight or one of the other dozen like minded manufacturers. The Pico and Nano are smaller than your pinkie and weigh less than half an ounce. Keep those facts in mind, and you will be VERY impressed at their light output.

Operation--Advantage: PICO
Both lights function the same way. Point the light away from you, and twist the rear portion of the light clockwise (or the head counterclockwise) to turn the light on, and the opposite to turn it off. However, there's a difference here too. The lights are split differently. The Pico's twist point is 1/8" from the front. Sandwich that narrow head between your fingers, and you have the rear 1.25 inches to grab and twist. On the other hand, the Nano's twist point is .75 inches from the head, plenty of length to get between your thumb and pointer finger. However, that leaves your other fingers with only a half inch to grab. Because of this, you may find your rear fingers also gripping the front portion, fighting your front ones, and therefore making the twist more difficult than it needs to be. It is not a huge deal, and both designs function, but for me, the Pico's design is a bit better.

Battery Installation--Advantage: PICO
LR41 batteries are tiny. Two of them would make a standard pencil eraser. To insert batteries in the Nano, the best way I've found is to stack them on the counter, take the Nano apart, then slide the barrel of the Nano over top of the batteries, tilt it and put my finger over the opening, then screw it back together. At every stage of the process, those tiny batteries may try to scatter every which way. On the other hand, the Pico comes with a plastic housing that you slide the batteries into. Once they are in there, you can shake it and they won't come out. You then slide the entire holder into the light, screw it back together, and you're good to go. You will be able to manage either system, and with a minimum 8 hour runtime, you won't be changing batteries often, so battery installation is not a make or break factor. But the Pico's system is definitely easier.

Tendency Toward Self Destruction--Advantage: PICO
Many reviewers have complained that the Nano has a tendency to unscrew itself and come apart. Taking a tip from another reviewer, I used some thread seal tape on the threads, and I have never had the Nano come apart on its own. Truth be told, both lights have the potential of coming apart on their own, and both would benefit from the use of some thread seal tape. The difference is that if the Pico comes apart, it will be in three pieces, with the batteries all together. If the Nano comes apart, it will be in six, with the batteries scattered. Less tiny pieces to find=advantage Pico.

Snap Hook--Advantage: Draw
Both feature heavy duty snap hooks that allow easy attachment to keys and zippers. The surfaces of the Nano's hook are a bit flatter, while the Pico's are more rounded. If they are not exactly identical in size, they are so close as to make the difference negligible.

Price--Advantage: PICO
This is always subject to change, but as of early October 2014 Amazon listings, the Nano goes for about 8-9 dollars and the Pico for about 6-9 dollars, with your color choice determining the exact price.

There you have it. Unless I find in the future that the Pico does not share the Streamlight's durability, my keychain flashlight needs will be served by the Pico from now on. The price difference is reason enough, but the operation, promise of longer battery life, and ease of battery installation put it over the top. By no means is the Nano a bad product, and you shouldn't be upset if you find yourself the recipient of one in the future. But if you're the one buying, I'd go with the Pico.
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on November 30, 2016
I wanted a small flashlight on my keychain to help out when trying to get into the car when it's dark, checking the mail, or just "whatever". I had one of those disc-shaped lights that you press to light, but the tiny LED on those is so wimpy you might as well not bother most of the time. Not this one though. Good, strong light. It's not going to blind you of course, but if you need some solid light to see under your car seat for that thing you just dropped, or light the path in front of you in a dark parking lot, etc. this light will do the job.

I got a Pelican Flashlight 1810C and also a Streamlight 73005 Nano and honesetly they're both so similar in size and light, I like them both (one's for me, one's for the wife), and I don't have a favorite. I guess it comes down to price. I think they both even use the same battery.

This review is for both models because they are so similar and I'd have the exact same things to say about them.
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on April 2, 2014
This is our fourth Streamlight product we have purchased. The others being two of the Protac AA [Model 88033] and the Protact A [Model 88032] which can be found here:

With that said, because the previous flashlights worked extremely well, we opted to try this Nano Light.

At first, we were skeptical because small lights usually are finicky by nature. That hasn't been the case however.

The Streamlight Nano Light is sturdy for its size, its perfect for a keychain and has plenty of light for its size. It being different from the push-cap type flashlights is something to take note of, but not a deal breaker.

It would make a great gift for those interested in a flashlight [or needing one], but it doesn't break the bank either. Quality flashlights can end up costing more and the last thing one would want is to buy a great tool yet not have it be appreciated. This offers another option without having to spend a lot of money.

For the price, this light is hard to beat. Only downside is the batteries, but we knew that so that is okay. We don't mind it at all. We just usually opt to stick to rechargeable AA/AAA and probably CR123/18650 soon as well. The light is still running on its original batteries so that rocks!

We've had it for 4-5 months and its performed flawlessly for what it is. Definitely something we wouldn't hesitate to buy nor recommend to other folks.
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on May 9, 2017
I paid a little over $8 for this, I think. I had a similar one purchased several years earlier in a two-pack that cost less than the single does now. I had forgotten about that one, and found it in a pocket or a handbag, where it had apparently disassembled itself. I don't know if this one is prone to the same issue, but I don't see why not: there are two pieces screwed together, and the only way I know how to turn the light on and off is to tighten (on) and loosen (off) the connection. Loosen it a lot more and they come apart, freeing the batteries. So I'll be careful with it.

Although it is not the easiest mechanism, it does fit handily on a keychain and it's a great light. I visited a friend out in the country, and with no streetlights, I needed it to get from her house to my car!

Love the pink.
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on March 9, 2017
This Nano light is tiny, but it puts out a nice amount of light. You will have enough light to find something under your car at night, use to find the key hole on your front door, even provide some security while getting to and from your car in a parking lot. Is it as good as a larger flashlight, well I guess I would have to ask what other flashlight, but for the size its really hard to beat. I attach it to my PS4 tool and throw them in my pocket when I leave the house. I don't even know they are there unless I need them.

The Nano makes having a flashlight with you painless. If you ever need it, you will be very happy you bought it.
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on March 14, 2017
Love this little flashlight. Very strong beam and so TINY! It's a great key chain light. Perfect for purse or even pocket because it's so small. Don't let the tiny size fool you though! It has a very strong and adequate beam of light as well. It's a great gift item. It was ordered for a friend who totally loved it and carries it every day! I have a bigger and much more expensive Streamlight and aside from replacing a rechargeable battery a couple of years ago, it has worked very well! They make good stuff! I would purchase again and I would recommend if you are looking for a great micro light for EDC, BOB, purse, camping, hiking, whatever!
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on January 24, 2015
These lithe lights are amazing. They are so tiny, but for a key chain light, they are crazy bright, and they seem to really tough and well built. The only problem I have ever had with them is losing them! In fact, for a key chain size light, I think these are by far the best out there. I have several, and have given them to friends as family as a great "stocking-stuffer" type gift, and they are always a big hit. Obviously these are not going to be a primary flashlight, though they are actually brighter than the cheap 2 D-cell light we had in kitchen drawer. (you know, those $1.99 lights they used to always have in big bin at Radio Shack) This is a light you keep for those moments like when the porch light is out or you need to find an earring that fell between the seats in the car, and for that kind of thing battery life is not much of an issue. It will not burn at peak brightness for very long if used for longer purposes, but even then it will stay bright enough to be useful longer than I expected with the tiny batteries. The handy clip even let me use it as a tent light. Bright enough to light your way out into the woods for, well... business, then easily clipped to the top of the tent for a bit of reading. I love these little lights and highly recommend them. Pick up a couple and keep the second one unopened, then you will always have a backup in case you lose it, AND you have a handy last minute gift just in case!
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on December 3, 2014
For a tiny light, this thing is SUPER bright. The fit and finish is very high quality. Just a slight twist and it's on, shining light where you need it. This is the perfect everyday carry light, clip it onto a key chain, or slip it into a camera bag. The clip itself is well built, with a spring so that it won't fall off wherever you hang it. It's also metal, so it won't break easily the way the plastic ones do. Get several of these and keep them in you pack, car, or wherever you need a little light to see what you're doing. Plus, they're small enough to put into tight spaces. For example, I was assembling a computer and it was difficult to see into the interior of the all black painted chassis. So, I put the Streamlight in the bottom and was then able to see very well to thread the cables through the chassis and connect them to the motherboard. Just one of the many uses for such a great little device.
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on November 16, 2017
If they are on sale you should pick up several. Very bright. I did not think I would use it much, but I have used it a couple of times in the first week. It was nice to have going the the mailbox in the dead of night, no moon. Yes, you could use your phone's flash. My phone is large and it feels goofy to use it as a flashlight. Why not use this inexpensive flashlight developed for the purpose of being...well... a flash light. Drop this and IF IT breaks (which likely it won't) you are out a few bucks. Fumble with the mail, drop your phone and you are out hundreds of dollars.
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