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Color: Black|Style: ProTac HL, 750 Lumens|Change
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on October 26, 2013
I bought this flashlight because I work security detail in an ugly part of my city, and when I need a flashlight, I need it to work consistently every time - because my life could depend on it. For a standard flashlight, that may be too much to ask for, but for a flashlight of this reputation and price, I was expecting much more. I bought the Streamlight Protac HL 2 months ago. It worked for about a month (long enough for the return time to expire), and then the 600 lumen output drastically decreased. I assumed it was exhausted batteries, and so I bought a new package of batteries. The Streamlight did not regain its 600 lumen output. It put out less than 200 lumen, in my estimations. At times the light did not turn on at all when the switch was pressed. I assumed that this was my fault, that maybe I didn't know how to use the Streamlight's "ten-tap" technology. After all, I couldn't find anything on the internet suggesting that anyone had ever had a problem with a Streamlight. I even bought another package of batteries, just to be sure that expired batteries weren't to blame. Sure enough, it was a problem with the flashlight. Bear in mind, I had not abused the light, submerged it, dropped it, exposed it to shock or high heat, and I would go as far as to say I babied it. It spent most of its time in the holster, on my belt.

Streamlight has a limited lifetime warranty on parts defects, and so I decided to send the flashlight to the Streamlight repair facility, after filling out an online repair form on Streamlight's website, accompanied by a detailed description of the problem. I asked them to call me with their findings. I paid for 2 day priority mail, it was shipped within 2 days to their facility, and by the morning of the 3rd day, it was marked as shipped back to customer. I called them and asked what the problem was with my light, and they said it was that I must be using bad or inferior batteries, because they couldn't find anything wrong with the light. I told them that there was indeed a problem with the light, and that I had used both Energiser and Duracell batteries with expiration dates of 2021, and they said that I must be mistaken, and that they strongly recommend more new batteries. Personally, I don't think they looked at it at all.

When the flashlight shipped back to me, I decided to inspect it myself. I figured I'd lose nothing since honoring the warranty was seemingly ignored by Streamlight, and as is, I had a useless paperweight of a flashlight. I started by cutting the rubber button on the tail-cap off, exposing the "guts" of the flash-light's switch, and immediately exposing the problem: corrosion in the tail-cap. An easy fix that I believe that Streamlight should have easily found and fixed. I ordered a new tail-cap on eBay for $16, and the light works like new.

In the end: Does the light work now? Yes, but because I fixed the problem.
Did it work in the beginning? No.
Did Streamlight honor the warranty? No. They insinuated that I was mistaken to weasel out of warranty work, and offered no solution to the problem.
Total cost of flash light after repairs, shipping, and batteries: Easily over $100
Would you recommend this product? No. The product is made in China, offers quality craftsmanship, but poor quality control, and customer service is marginal at best. For you to buy a flash light this expensive, you would have to need it for a tactical/emergency situation, and if it doesn't work in even simple situations, you have a serious problem.

I will probably get steam-rolled for this negative review, but I can only report my experience. I can't speak for the entire Streamlight brand, nor other model flashlights of this brand. I'm only speaking from my experience, and this being my first and only Streamlight, I can tell you that I'm not pleased.
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on August 20, 2010
What kind of flashlight can you get at this price point? A really good one, that's what kind. This seemed to be promising too much for the dollar amount, but I gave it a try and I'm glad I did.

Firstly, though, about that 180 lumen rating -- she's bright, but 180 seems a little, um, optimistic.... My very informal and very unscientific assessment would be around 120 or so, which is still pretty darn bright. Throw is decent, and the beam is a good balance between spot and fill. Very useful.

The best part is the switching system. You switch between modes using just the pushbutton on/off click switch in the tailcap (as usual, a little pressure gives you momentary on, push in further to click it to constant on). Press once, and you've got high beam. Press twice within .4 seconds, you've got strobe. Press three times within .8 seconds and you cycle to low beam. I like the feel of the switch; there's quite a bit of travel before you hit the constant-on click. The strobe would certainly be disorienting to an attacker, and the bezel and tailcap have the mandatory crennelations (relief cuts) in case you want to, you know, strike somebody in the head or something. Hey, it is a TACTICAL light, right?

Check the dimensions: at 4.68 inches long, 0.90 inch at its largest diameter, and weighing less than 3 ounces with batteries (I'm going by Streamlight's data here, as I don't have a postal scale handy, but that feels about right), this is one small, lightweight flashlight. The head diameter is barely larger than the body, making it sleek and easy to draw from a pocket. The pocket clip seems pretty sturdy, and a nylon holster is included if you prefer that method of carry. Build quality is adequately rugged, and you've got a lifetime guarantee (excluding abuse and batteries).

Quibbles? Well, the anti-roll flats on the side of the head are mighty subtle, and not very effective on even a slight incline; thankfully the pocket clip stops a roll. The batteries rattle a bit in the body, which I can't stand, but wrapping a piece of adhesive tape around each battery will help to quiet that (not too much, you need to be able to get the batteries back out). And if you like a lanyard, you'll have to improvise, as there's no loop for attaching one. Other than that, I can't find anything to gripe about. There's a lot to like here, especially the switching system. It's so light and slim that I'm not even aware of it clipped in my left rear pocket. Great value, my friends. I'm gonna order a couple more!
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on June 24, 2016
I first bought the microstreamliggt(aaa) works great, have about 3 hours of run times and straight for an hour and half.

This one (2aa) model scared me after I used rechargeable nickle metal hydride at 2500mah because I was doing car repairs in the dark.
It ballooned out so much I thought it was going to blow up in my hand. The picture is after I released the gas inside by unscrewing it, as I could not press the cap to turn it off!!!!!!! Is was about the size of a 9v battery on top of my flashlight!
Anyone owns this flashlight knows the tail switch doesn't stick out past the metal end cap. This picture was taken after I released the gas as I couldn't find my phone in time and was worried about it breaking on me. Good quality rubber tail switch for not breaking on me.

Don't use rechargeable batteries! They release some sort of gas. I switched them out for another pair of rechargeable rates lower mah and had no problems but never use them! I don't trust them anymore. Only use alkaline.

Update just ordered the 88040 protac HL, it said 650 lumens (old verison) I paid $58 and was expecting a clearance because of the new 750 lumen model just came out last year. Amazon sent me the new 750 lumen one for the same price!! amazing deal.
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on February 22, 2017
It is with great sadness I write this review I have never been so disappointed in a product in my life I always believed this company to be the most reputable and reliable company however this past Christmas I purchased three flashlights for myself and my two sons all police officers these flashlights have failed at critical moments repeatedly ,upon speaking to a service representative we were advised to take off the endcap replace it , take the battery out none of which helped they continue to fail a failure occurred this evening when my son was searching a building for a burglary suspect fortunately his partner had a flashlight that worked and they were able to find the Burglary suspect what a completely un reliable product I do not even care about returning them for repair I'm throwing all three out because you need to rely on your gear and I have no faith in this product whatsoever
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on September 14, 2014
I have had this flashlight for over a year, it has been my personal carry light the whole time using through out every day. I have to say it has never let me down. with much abuse and being dropped on to steel grates, concrete, rocks from distances of 8ft. it has always performed the way it should. Light output is good and very consistent. it has a nice hot spot with enough spill. battery life is as advertised about two hours on high. that would get me through a week of daily use.
things I have noticed
is if the batteries are low light output will be sporadic meaning it will go from a dim to bright and to dim again constantly.
if the tail cap isn't all the way tight it wont light. that's no big deal just tighten it.
I have also noticed that the glass lens cover looks like it did day one after a year of use. I posted a picture of it vs. a mini Maglite I carried for 2 months.
to switch between modes isn't that hard like some reviews make it out to be. I gave one of these lights to my father that he now carries but he was able to figure it out after a few tries.
I would and have recommended this to many friends. it is a great light as the 2000 + reviews say. you cant go wrong buying this light.
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on November 14, 2010
I have the Surfire Backup to compare this to, and for price buy the Streamlight 88031. If you have to have a heavier feel with a blinding white light get the Surefire Backup (I use it in my job).
Surfire is the Caddy
Streamlight is the dependable Chevy.
Cons with the 88031 as others have said, the strobe should be the third press to the tailcap not the second, but it sure does mess with someone coming at you. I am in the Marines and we tried this out as a warning or to distract someone coming at you. All those we tested the strobe on in the dark hated the disorienting flash. That being said I use the plain bright white light or the dim light much more than a strobe.
Bottom line I'm buying another to put in the car to use a a safety and back up light.
Buy it for work and play. Easy to carry and lots of light.
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on January 22, 2016
I recently swapped my Streamlight Protac 2AAA, which I've carried every day for about 2 years, for this gem. This isn't a lot thicker, but it's a few inches shorter, and it packs a punch for light output. My wife has had her Protac 2L for a year or so and I had to get one of my own.

I am a fan of the 10-tap programming, which isn't difficult to figure out, but I prefer the factory setting (High-Strobe-Low), so I didn't use this feature except to say I had tried it. The beam pattern is very even with no dark spots, and it has a nicely focused hotspot right in the center. When comparing to my Jetbeam PC20, which advertises considerably higher lumen output, I noticed the Protac 2L actually was brighter in the center area, which is where I'm typically focused when using my lights, anyway. The Jetbeam DID have more flood than this light, though, so that may be where the other lumens factor in. On this note, I have always felt Streamlight to be conservative in their lumen rating; when comparing to lights from other manufacturers, I have found time and again the Streamlights are actually brighter than lights with a higher lumen rating. I may not know how to compare a lumen to a candela, but I do know a light rated at 260 lumens should have less light than a light rated at 400 lumens. If you are new to LED flashlights or if you havent bought one in a few years, the amount of light pouring out if this compact light will wow you.

The body of this light is nicely finished and a good bit smaller than my jetbeam light that also uses two cr123 batteries. The clip is sturdy and isn't going to come off without a stout tug. The switch is recessed and has a good, affirmative click. It's also easy to do a momentary press without actually clicking the light into the steady-on position. I'm not too hot with morse code, but this style switch would make something like this easier.

When considering the build quality, the price, battery life, and light output, I felt this light was the best in it's class.
While I won't deny a Surefire is a superb flashlight, and I have owned them, their lights just don't deliver enough extra benefit to be worth the premium in price. A Streamlight lasts forever, and I have found time and again they will stand by their warranty if you do manage to break something. I've had my Stinger LED since 2008 and it's still going strong with nothing more than a few battery replacements. My TLR-1, TLR-1s, TLR-3, Stylus, and Stylus Pro have all shown consistency in this level of quality.

When I have needed repairs on my Streamlights (which is RARE), I take them by my local dealer who will either repair it in-store or ship it to Streamlight free of cost to process the warranty repair.I love a company who stand behind their products!!
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on October 25, 2016
Unfortunately this flashlight was a very big disappointment. The programing is so darn confusing and I find myself just randomly tapping my on/off switch 20 times to get the darn thing to actually turn on. The firmware in this flashlight is awful...why should I need to program it every single time I turn it on? One night it fell out of my pocket onto the carpeted floor in my entry way and shattered the head this flashlight is worthless to me. Programing wont work, glass broke and it too fragile...this flashlight is a no-go for me.

Some pro's: Shipping was fast, battery life is great, beam is amazing....when it actually turns on.
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on February 13, 2015
Great little light. I carry this every day at my job as a dealership mechanic for inspecting and working on all the dark and hard to see parts of a car. Its tough enough for professional use. The light is very bright and at night you can see out very far with the beam. I like the color of the light as well. Its very white and while its not the most natural looking light it provides very good definition for seeing the fine details of what you are looking at. Battery life is great for how bright it is. I love the ten tap programming feature. I don't need a strobe or low power function and its great that i can set it to high only and not have to go cycling through strobe and low settings if i hit the switch too quickly. The switch took me a bit to get used to but mostly because its different than the light i bought it to replace. Its recessed into the aluminum frame slightly and after getting used to it i like how it protects the rubber cover that's over the switch from abrasions or tearing. I chose streamlight because i have a couple of weapon mounted lights made by them that have worked very well for me. This little light follows form. Highly recommended.

5/30/16 update. over a year in and it still works pretty much like new. Lens looks new. Switch still feels good. Still using it at work carrying it in my pocket 5 days a week. Its held up well, visibly worn but looks tough like it been doing its job well for a long time. it seems like it goes through batteries a little quicker than it did a year ago but still going strong, it did develop an audible and sometimes annoying battery rattle when carried in any pants pocket after about 4-5 months but I'm a mechanic and cars aren't hard to sneak up on so I'm still using it. Streamlight is worth the extra bucks.
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I already have a tactile flashlight that I thought was very bright... until I received this 88040. While I wish it had a zoom feature it does the job by providing both a center bright spot, and a wide angle lit area as well. But there is more to like here.

I specifically did not want a three or five mode flashlight. My other one has five modes but when what I want is full brightness I have to cycle through medium, low, blinking, and SOS to get to bright mode. It's a royal pain every time I pick up the flashlight to go through this sequence. But the 88040 is "programmable" so I can put it into a mode where it always comes on in full brightness mode. Even better is a feature I didn't read about before receiving the Streamlight.

With the Streamlight programmed to only provide bright mode every time the flashlight is turned on there is a simple way to get to the other modes, and lock them in temporarily. I found that I can half push the button on the back of the flashlight and if I quickly release and half press again it goes into strobe mode, then low brightness. When any of those modes is in use if I push the button fully until it clicks it will stay in that mode until turned off. This is a very nice unexpected feature.

The Streamligt is very high quality. It is now my #1 flashlight. We may have 20 flashlights in the house. This is by far the best and well worth the price.
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