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on January 15, 2016
Wow for under $40 what a great little light. I use this on my AR15 with an offset mount. It has a tail cap on/off/strobe features. You can tap/hold for momentary quick view use, or tap and click for constant on. Made of hard Poly material, waterproof in 3 ft of water for minutes, real glass lens, and rugged for shooting, etc. Programmable to your liking, but the factory defult is just fine (tap/hold/click for full on, double tap/hold/click for strobe constant, and triple tap/hold/click for low lum lighting). All the modes I like and the full on is a true 275 lumens and reaches out over 50 yards; what more could you ask for in a tactical or self defense light? Nothing.....
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on September 29, 2016
I purchased Streamlight 88850 PolyTac LED Flashlight to add to a Remington 870 Tactical 12 ga. shotgun along with the CDM MOD-C - Shotgun Flashlight Mount. The flashlight is amazing! Nice wide illumination pattern and super bright.

The one modification I made was to remove the included belt clip. I didn't need it since the flashlight will be permanently mounted on the shotgun. First unscrew the front bezel to expose the o-ring. The belt clip is held in place underneath the o-ring. Slowly work your way around rolling off the o-ring and remove the belt clip. You may need to get underneath the o-ring with a sharp object to get it started. Be careful not to cause any nicks or damage when doing this. Replace the bezel and screw down all the way. It will seat flush.

The on/off switch is a push button at the rear of the flashlight. It turns on easily. Finding the sweat spot for momentary illumination is a bit frustrating since it almost has a "hair trigger". A double tap puts the light into flash mode.

All in all 5 stars!

UPDATE: I like these lights so much I ordered two more just to have around the house!
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on October 22, 2016
This is a great flashlight. It's a perfect size, it functions flawlessly and is easy to use. I also have a Streamlight ProTac 2L which I like a lot too. The 2L is very similar to this PolyTac but since the 2L is made of aluminum it's a little more compact. My only criticism of the 2L is that it's surface is very smooth which makes it a little more difficult to push the tail cap button when your hand is either dry or wet.
This PolyTac is molded with some substantial ribbing and non-skid panels between some of the ribs. The ribbing and non-skid panels make the tail cap button much easier to operate. The polymer construction makes the PolyTac slightly larger in diameter. The diameter of the PolyTac is 1" in the barrel and 1 1/4" at the head. The ProTac 2L is 3/4" in the barrel and 7/8" at the head. The PolyTac is 1/2" longer than the ProTac. Both flashlights have a removable pocket clip which can be used to attach a lanyard if desired. The tail cap button on the 2L is flush with the end of the barrel while the tail cap button on the PolyTac extends 1/8" beyond the barrel. This feature also makes the button easier to operate.

I like both of these flashlights. Although the 2L is easier to carry in a pocket, the PolyTac is a little easier to use. Both have the programable switch for those who can use the two options. Take your pick or get them both like I did. They are great pocket flashlights.

Update: 10/24/16 - I've had a chance to use this light and carry the PolyTac for a few days now. The pocked clip is mounted on the wrong end and it's too weak. I know the head is quite a bit bigger in diameter than the barrel, but the mounting should favor the way it's carried. When I grab my flashlight I want the barrel in my hand (where the switch is located) not the head. The spring steel pocket clip is 2 3/4" long on the PolyTac while on the ProTac it's about 1 3/4". The length of the pocket clip on the PolyTac accounts to some degree for the weaker tension on the pocket clip, but at least on the PolyTac I received, the bend of the clip at the roughly 90 degree transition from vertical to horizontal isn't sufficient to give the clip the tension it needs to more securely carry it in a pocket. My solution: remove the head of the PolyTac (it's on there pretty tightly) by turning it counterclockwise. Carefully remove the rubber o-ring between the thread on the body of the flashlight and the ring on the pocket clip. Do nothing to tear, break or otherwise damage the o-ring. If you are in doubt about being able to do this without damaging the o-ring find someone who can or don't do this at all. With the o-ring off, remove the pocket clip. Holding the ring of the pocket clip in one hand and the clip portion in the other, grip with your thumbs and forefingers as close to the 90 degree bend as you can. Slowly bend the clip and the ring so they is about 80 to 85 degrees instead of 90. Place the ring back on the body where it was. Pressing the ring as tightly as possible in place, lift the clip to test the tension on the clip. Bend the clip more or less to preference. After positioning the ring in its place, carefully replace the o-ring in its groove right next to the pocket clip ring. Inspect the ring and o-ring to be sure they are in their proper positions then screw the head back on the body. Be sure the threads on the head and body are not cross threaded. Tighten the head in place and check the tension of the pocket clip. You won't be able to change the end of the flashlight where the pocket clip in mounted, but you can adjust the tension on the clip to improve its grip on your pocket or where ever else yo chose to carry it.
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on December 20, 2016
I really like this flashlight, I don't like thi clip I took it off shortly after I started using it. I've heard that plastic housed lights with the cr123 batteries can over heat and somehow mess the bulb up but so far that haven't been a problem. Just don't drop the coyote brown in a soy bean field because it blends so well into the stuble and dirt that I had go back out with a metal detector to find it
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on January 26, 2017
An affordable, durable, bright light. I have used this light more than any other flashlight I have ever owned and I haven't even had this light very long. Used it for inspections on jobsites and I use it almost daily to look around my property at night (have been experiencing a lot of crime in my area). Provides a nice beam of light to clearly see well over 100 yards with enough edge spill to illuminate everything I need to see.
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on April 13, 2017
Seems like a nice quality weapon light. I purchased this along with the Elzetta flashlight mount to put on my Remington 870 Tactical. The only issue I had with it was removing the clip, you should be able to unscrew the head with ease but it would not budge. I literally had to break the clip off and then remove the remainder by prying it out with my Swiss army knife. There was little to no cosmetic damage done to the polymer body and it looks great now, but that shouldn't have had to be done. Other than that it looks great and functions flawlessly. And Streamlight has a lifetime warranty so that is reassuring.
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on April 10, 2017
My Polytac has worked flawlessly for the past 8 months in many elements including hot, cold, dusty, dirty and dry, but it hasn't seen rain "yet". Since then, I have purchased the smaller Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlights to keep in my car, and 2 others for family members as gifts. My mom uses her Stylus Pro every single night at work ( she's a nurse and uses it to check on patients at night). Every single light is Extremely bright, incredibly light weight, seems to sip battery power, and works flawlessly. As long as they keep up the quality, I will have no reason to buy anything else...Ever.
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on August 14, 2017
I own many "high-tech light and don't write many reviews, but in this case I feel I must contribute something positive to a company that produces such a great product. You simply cannot beat this lights performance for the price... others look cool with the anodized finish and all, but this light has something I can only describe as a plastic that feels like rubber coating the feel great in the hand and is highly protective of shock and falls. As an Engineer, I also appreciate the technical aspect of throw, beam dispersion and lumens... and again, for the price, this light cannot be beat. I have others - mostly high dollar Fenix torches costing hundred of dollars, and this one is comparable or better than all at $35 bucks. Even with all my expensive torches this one is my "go to" for EDC.

Enough said, just buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Also, I cannot forget to mention that Amazons performance with this purchase was spot on... as usual.
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on July 30, 2017
Awesome tac light and doesn't break the bank. Could buy three for the price of most entry level weapon lights and its programmable. I use the High only setting because it is mounted to my home defense rifle but the different options make this an extremely versatile light. The led is much brighter than my incandescent tac lights and has a nice tight beam. I have not tested it's water resistance or drop tested it so I cannot say how well it performs there. It does seem well sealed and the polymer seems to be similar to other "military grade" polymer lights I own. My favorite light I've owned by far for a fraction of the cost.
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on March 3, 2016
Great flashlight. I own three and plan to order a few more. I have tracked several deer with it. I work downtown and sometimes there are thugs and homeless people hanging out. There are several blocks between my office and where I park. When I leave late at night I always have it at the ready. The beam is blinding and can give you an extra second to draw your weapon. I've used it twice lately. One night a dog approached me in my yard and was growling and barking. I blasted him with the light. He couldn't take it and backed off and walked to the other side of the street. The other time I was at a stoplight and some thug teenagers in the vehicle next to me started yelling at me. I blasted them with the light. They couldn't take it and they all were squinting and had to look away. I instantly had the the advantage if the situation had escalated.
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