Customer Reviews: Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie
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on February 4, 2001
Street Fighter Alpha could have been a great movie but it has many things missing to make it great. The whole movie seems to be about Ryu which seems pretty good since he's the most popular and most played character throughout the Street Fighter Series. Ryu is beginning to become more evil which each fight he enters which is being caused by The Dark Hado (gets so mad that he goes insane) During the movie, a mysterious boy claims to be his brother and that where his Dark Hado begins to increase. There are a handful of Street Fighter Characters in the movie but that doesn't mean that they are all good. I was surprised that M. Bison wasn't there not even Sagat which his name was mention during the movie. The fights are pretty good and very bloody but there aren't that much fighting going around. Akuma did make an appearance but did not fight anyone unless you count the ending credits. But in all the animation is great and very smooth, the story is a bit dull but isn't that bad. It's just a bit sad that there aren't a lot of famous characters which could have made this movie better and more interesting. The DVD has 2 languages Japanese and English Dubbed w/ English subtitles. I'm surprised that the English version of SF was better than the Japanese version . All in all, this movie should be rented first and you decide if it's good enough to buy. Hope you agree with my comments.
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on November 25, 2001
3 stars = somewhere in between "BIRDIE doo doo" and "DANtastic!"
The weak points of this anime have been repeatedly exposed by the previous reviews, so I won't get into that. But I'm compelled to write a review because people seem to be missing the one thing I thought was interesting about this SF anime: why does one fight?
When I got this, I expected a weak plot thinly diguising a series of non-stop fight scenes (essentially, another SF II animated movie). Oh how I was wrong. The fact that it wasn't what I expected was disappointing but also refreshing. In fact, it was downright intriguing.
SF fan or not, you'll DEFINATELY be frustrated with the plot, character development, resolution, and/or fight scenes. It's either too weak, too underdeveloped, too slow, or too subdued.
If you don't mind thinking a little when you watch a film (i.e. if you're not simply looking for a mindless viewing experience), Street Fighter Alpha will bring up themes and questions you never thought to ask.
Why does Ryu fight?
Chun Li ponders this question. So does Sakura. As does Ryu himself.
"One possessed of an evil spirit
will fight out of pride until his dying day,
and most likely to kill...
...just like Akuma who took up the Dark Hadou
and whose hands are now dark with the blood of his own master..."
A street fighter's life is all about fighting. But for what purpose? It is the old age question of identity, of the meaning of life (hey, street fighters are humans too!). Ryu must find an answer to this question, not only for HIS sake (or rather, the sake of his soul), but also for the sake of those who look up to him (Ken, Chun Li, and especially Sakura).
It was an audacious move on the part of the filmmakers' to instill such a reflective tone into a SF anime. I can say that as an aspiring screenwriter the intent was honorable, but the execution was lacking.
As for the DVD itself, the video quality is excellent while the audio is only stereo for the Japanese language track (as opposed to the 5.1 DD for the English language track). The "MAKING OF" is pretty weak (it's basically a music-only montage of the filmmakers talking, drawing, writing, etc), but understandably so since it'd be impractical to have a real documentary. Finally, the "INTERVIEWS" are a bit disheartening, mainly because seeing the voice actors talk about their dubbing experiences breaks the illusion of the world of Street Fighter. Moreover, they're a bit bland. So I advise those of you who haven't already seen them to refrain from doing so.
That's about it. As everyone else has already suggested, RENT FIRST.
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VINE VOICEon May 18, 2001
First of all, if you like SF2 the movie or SF2 V the series, it does not mean you will like this movie at all. The animation is not near as interesting, picture Ken and Ryu with "Hobbit" feat. The story line is much more chaotic and more than a little confusing at some points. Basically Ryu is being influenced by the "dark side of the force," well the martial art equivelant to anyway. Ken is in the movie a good deal, but he really doesn't do much. As far as characters are concerned, there are not a great deal of them in the movie. Rose has an appearance and a couple of others come in and out as well. There isn't a dual story like in SF2 with Chun Li and Guile, and there really aren't any great fights between the Street Fighter Characters. The script seems pretty juvinile as well, non of the characters seem to have anything interesting to say! Also, there is light reference to Akuma in the movie but don't get your hopes up, Akuma is hardly in it.
Why two stars? Well, the animation may not be so bad if don't compare it to the rest of the Street Fighter Series. Fair or not, I am comparing this movie to the others in the the street fighter series. It didn't measure up. Rent before you buy it, it is your best bet.
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on February 5, 2001
I was disappointed with SFA as a whole for a few reasons. But first, a couple good qualities:
1. It was drawn with SF Alpha style artwork directly from the arcade game and that was cool... although I really liked the more gritty drawing style of the previous SF anime movie released back in '95.
2. SFA makes an attempt to make a fresh face on the anime by reintroducing the characters to one another. SFA doesn't follow any continuity with any of the other Street Fighter animes.
Here I'll explain why I was disappointed without giving out any major spoilers:
1. I had high hopes that the anime would meet or exceed the marks made by the first SF2 anime and for the first 10 minutes I believed that it would. Shortly after the introduction of Chun Li and Ryu, the story just sort of spiraled downwards. It was just not very interesting. Basically, Ryu is finding himself being influenced by the dark side of his martial art. He meets a little kid who's supposed to be his long-lost brother who eventually gives Ryu a revelation about his background. Meanwhile, an evil "power-hungry" scientist/villain is trying to steal power from the street fighters. Well, the kid was annoying and the whole dark side of Shotokan karate plotline enters into Ryu and the story pretty lamely. The writer(s) really failed to keep the conversations and character monologues to mean anything. There was no real chemistry between the characters either. The voice acting seemed good, but that means little when the lines you deliver are flat.
2. There was very little fighting between the SFA characters and those that were there were not detailed at all. Only about 3/4 of the SFA characters make an appearance and those are mostly cameos. Akuma's role was miniscule and the fight scene I was most anticipating didn't even occur (that brief teaser during the credits was exactly that... a teaser). So there's no Akuma fighting Ryu, or Akuma fighting anyone for that matter.
3. Very little character development during the 90 minutes and a REALLY LOUSY AND CHEESY villain made-up by the writers.
I recommend people interested in this title to rent it first. As a fan of SF, I'm only sorry to not be able to give a higher rating to this anime.
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on July 29, 2013
One of my all time greatest video game series has it's second movie. This movie centers around Ryu and a young boy who clams to be his brother. And all the while someone is using the power of the Dark hadou. Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Sakura, Rose, and other characters will make an appearance in this movie. And the extra stuff we get to meet the Japanese voice cast too so I really enjoyed this movie. And If your a fan of Street Fighter you've got to see this movie.
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on November 5, 2015
Two martial artist named Ryu and Ken return to pay respects to their master Gouken, who was killed in a fight by a man named Akuma. Soon, Ryu begins to experience changes within himself, and realizes that he's being taken over by the "Dark Hado". This is the evil chi that appears and consumes the user of their martial art, turning them into a demon that will forever fight until they're killed by someone stronger. Later, Ryu is payed a visit by a boy named Shun, who claims to be his brother, and he also uses the dark art. Ryu tries to battle against the evil. However, should he fail and is taken over, Ryu wants Ken to be the one to put him out of his misery.-summary

Street Fighter Alpha is based on the 1995 video game of the same name. The film features most of the cast from the game, and even squeezes in at least four characters from the video game sequel. The film is rumored to be the sequel to the Street Fighter V series. In all honesty, I do not see the connection any where. There is just no possible way this could be the sequel or prequel to anything. If for some strange reason it is, then it creates nothing but continuity issues. I simply look at this movie as a stand alone and nothing more. Casual fans can come into this and quickly understand what's going on. However, this movie was clearly meant for the fans of the video game, and even a majority of them has trashed this one over the years.

The Street Fighter franchise has went down hill since the original animated movie. Now make no mistake, the original was no work of art, and I would never consider it to be very good anime or god forbid great anime; but at least there was one area where it shined, and it happened to be in the fights. That film contained the best action scenes in the Street Fighter animated franchise. Unfortunately, the action scenes are only one of the many issues with this film, as they don't even begin to compare with the weakest scenes from the original film.

The action scenes can be halfway decent when they want to, but too many fights consist of either unseen action or two seconds of displaying a move. The fight scenes never exercise the animation to its full ability, which results in nothing more than just mediocre action meant to kill time. I wasn't the least bit impressed or entertained at all during this movie. There are small occasions when the animation is pretty fluid delivering decent choreography. However, these scenes are few and far between. The artwork is very passable, and the characters perfectly resemble their video game counter parts.

The plot has a few decent moments that will mainly mean something only to fans who have followed the game. It revolves around the mystery of the "Dark Hado", and pushes a possible confrontation between Ryu and Akuma. The movie contains the usual, and most obvious martial art theme, which is one seeking to become stronger, but I found the drama to be completely non engaging because I found the characters to be boring.

Now speaking of the characters, most of the beginning spends time building the relationship between Ryu and Shun. This happens to be the hardest part of the movie to get through. Shun is a detestable character in everything that he does, and his repetitive dialogue grows annoying very quick. I really hated Shun, and not too many people were fond of him from what I remember.

The biggest problem that I've known fans to have with this anime happens to be the lead villain. The main characters: Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li battle against a man who does not appear in the game. Although I can forgive if a video game to anime ignores the source material. The villain should at least be interesting. The villain by the name of Dr. Sadler comes off as just another stock bad guy who wants to rule the world, and is unconvincing at trying to obtain his goal. Been there, done that.

Street Fighter Alpha isn't the worst video game to film that I've seen. It's not even close actually, but it's nowhere near a good anime, and I highly recommend skipping it if you're not a fan of the franchise. If you are a fan, then I recommend setting your expectations very low.

High: Decent artwork and animation

Lows: Boring plot, boring fights, insipid villain, just plain boring
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on June 20, 2001
First off, the DVD features are awesome. The graphics on the DVD are just plain sweet. Plus, it features interviews from every voice actor, the art director, and the producer. So, what characters from the game can you look forward to seeing in the movie? Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li have the most major roles, Akuma, Sakura, Rose, Zangief, and Birdie have a fair amount of time on the screen, and Vega, Dhalsim, Dan, Adon, Rolento, Guy, and Sodom, all make brief cameos.
As for the movie itself, the character designs are ugly, and Ryu's facial expressions when he's possessed by the Dark Hadou make him look like he's due for the insane asylum. Akuma looks especially menacing. Apparently Manga decided to call everyone by their English name rather than the original Japanese names, even in the subtitles, as Vega is called Balrog in Japan, and Akuma is called Gouki. Besides the name changes, the dubbing is pulled off rather well, and an enhanced audio track is offered on the dub, too. The soundtrack is orchestrated, and pretty memorable after a while.
The story itself focuses on Ryu's long lost brother, Shun, who comes to visit him in Japan, and is kidnapped by the Shadowlaw organization during a tournament. Along with a bunch of other Street Fighter characters who have their own reasons, Ryu enters Shadowlaw to get his brother back. At times, Ryu is gripped with a violent, demonic force similar to Akuma's, that he tries to resist from consuming him. There is surprisingly little action in the first half of the movie, but the first fight scene and the long final battle are nice. I was greatly disappointed, however, by the fact that Ryu and Akuma never really fight. I mean, their rivalry is the basis of Street Fighter Alpha. Vega, er, M. Bison doesn't make an appearance in the movie either. Just like Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie, Street Fighter Alpha suffers from mixing a feature-length movie with an overly simplistic plot. The events in the story just don't flow smoothly enough to be an enjoyable ride. Plus, the "why do we fight?" theme in the movie is so forced and cheap. But, when packed with all sorts of features in a great looking DVD, it's still worth checking out... just not worth buying.
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on April 3, 2005
this movie, although decent, doesn't do justice to what started back in 95' w/ Street Fighter II.

If your a real street fighter fan, that movie is the holy grail... this one... ehhh, it's entertaining.

This one should really have continued where that one left off.
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on June 29, 2005
After seeing the live action and animated street fighter II movie I was anxious to pick up Street Fighter Alpha and I must say that compared to the others (I know that many people didn't like the live action Street Fighter but I did) I really wasn't that impressed with this one. Street Fighter Alpha doens't completely suck, it just leaves more to be desired which is why I'm hoping that Street Fighter Alpha Generations will pick up where this one left off. If you are a fan of the Street Fighter Alpha games and you haven't seen this movie then I should inform you that only a few characters make an appearance. The main street fighters are Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li. Birdie, Adon, Rose, and Akuma have appearances and there is a fight scene with Zangief as well. Other than that, don't expect a showdown between Ryu and Ken vs. Akuma. I assume that will be covered in Alpha Generations along with Chun Li investigating Shadowlaw due to the disapperance of her father (which tells me that Street Fighter Alpha is a prequel to Street Fighter II). Until then, if you have not seen this movie than you might want to wait for Street Fighter Alpha Generations to come out so that the two can be viewed together. The dvd for Street Fighter Alpha has good features though.
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on September 1, 2001
-The name: This is called Street Fighter Alpha, correct? Then why does it have almost nothing to do with the game? The only thing even remotly similar to the game is the evil Ryu/ Dark Hadou thing. But the final scenes? ***They have nothing to do with the game! there's some evil scientist who for some reason which is never explained, wants to harness the energy of Street Fighters around the world. This is incredibly stupid and feel incredibly out of place with the rest of the movie. They should have just kept the first half of the movie, and totally skipped the second half.***
-The animation: It is simply unacceptable. It pales in comparison to the first anime, which had a dark look and feel to it. This one ditches that and instead uses bright colors, that oddly enough, look washed out and out of place.
-The characters: Where's bison? Where's shadow law? WHERE'S AKUMA???? He only makes a five minute appearance!!!
-The plot: Like I said before, the first half isn't that bad, but once it gets half way in, it turns stupid. Again, the second half is incredibly out of place and should not have been included.
-The disk: The movie is full screen! Even though this is a strait to video/dvd movie, they should have made it widescreen. And then there's the extras. There's a making of and an interview. While the English track is 5.1, the Japanese is only stereo. Oh yeah and there's no KMFDM. P>Pro:
-The characters: While I said before that they left out a lot of seemingly important characters, they did manage to throw in some characters from The SFA universe. Ryu, Ken, Dan, Birdie, Chun Li, Rose, and Sakura all make appearances. Like I said before, Akuma is in it too, but his appearance is so breif that I'd hardly even call it a cameo.
-The fight scenes: while they aren't as good as SFII's, the fact that Manga Video even included fight scenes is amazing to me, considering they left every thing else out that made Street Fighter.
-That's it.
Avoid this movie at all costs, but if you must see it rent it. Do not make the same mistake as me by buying this movie.
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