Customer Reviews: 10 "Street-Smart" Secrets of an Email Marketing Strategist Who Lives and Dies By His Results
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on March 6, 2012
In the current generation of online marketers and copywriters, Ben Settle has firmly planted himself at the top of his class.

I've been following Ben's stuff since about 2008.

And I can tell you from first-hand experience, Ben walks the walk regarding what he teaches, more importantly closely studying the "Settle" style of selling can put a lot of cash in your pocket, it has for me.

If you sign up to his email list you get a front-row seat to Ben's emails in action. A daily dose of "can't ignore" subject lines like...

"Why I Think About You In The Shower".

"Stop Playing With Yourself".

"You Can Lead A Goo-roo Fanboy To Knowledge, But You Can't Make Him Think..."

It goes much deeper than snappy subject lines though.

I personally open and read is emails daily (VERY rare for me). I buy from them.

But more importantly, adapting many of Ben's ideas to my own business has made a lot of money for myself and my clients. If you can only study one guy when it comes to email marketing, Ben is that guy, hands down.

This book is the perfect introduction to Ben's unique and dangerously effective approach to selling.
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on October 3, 2012
All I got to say is "Wow!" and "Dang, that was it?"
I say this for two reasons: First, the tips in this book are so easy to do, that you probably already done most of what he mentions posting on Facebook to your family and friends. Second, I actually tested some of his methods before and they actually work. This book doesn't make email marketing rocket science anymore.

The tips are easy to read, nothing complicated, and something you can do in seconds. They actually work. Other books that I've bought and tried to implement made email marketing sound like you're trying to build a rocket ship. Ben shows you it's not as hard as it seems.

What's gonna mess with you is the simplicity in his tips. You're gonna think "it can't be that easy". Just test them out (I did) and you're gonna say the same thing I said when I saw my results: "Dang, that's it?"

This book and any other book he writes on here are highly recommended. The guy knows what he's talking about!
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on March 6, 2012
Back in the 80's I knew a guy who wore a raincoat the full length of his body (even in the Summer).

He'd walk through the town where we lived every day waiting for some unsuspecting stranger to appear and then jump out in front of them in his long, black coat (grinning like a fool) and sweating heavily.

If they were unlucky enough to stand still while he unfastened his coat they were then subjected to his masterpiece; the thing we knew he could do that nobody else could.

Old Jack was a magician you understand.

He spent his days performing the world's worst magic tricks.

His magic was the worst you've ever seen in fact and yet we all watched every time he performed.

Ben Settle writes email the same way. So simple its stupid and so subtle it hits you like a sledgehammer and his guide 10 "Street-Smart" Secrets of an email marketing Strategist who lives and Dies By his Results" is one you should probably add to your own bag of tricks.

Neil Ashworth
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on September 1, 2014
I am a long time email follower of Ben's. He is the King of Email Copy. 99% better than everyone else. He breaks most of the rules the other experts say to follow, and his emails are always way more interesting than anyone else's.

Definitely worth $2.99.

If you're not on his email list - get on it - and buy all his stuff if you have the money.

You won't be sorry you did!
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on September 22, 2012
Ben Settle's strategies are beyond compare. After reading his recommendations I began applying them to my email marketing campaigns. My open rate went through the roof. The conversions have increased substantially too.

I was so impressed with the information I bought a copy for several of my clients. I simply paid and gifted them the eBook.

Ben's information is a must have for anyone who wants to see amazing results in your email marketing process.

Get your copy right now and be prepared to be wowed.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer
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on November 8, 2013
Email is dead - If you don't know how to use it. Fortunately for Ben Settle he knows how to use it and he is willing to share.That is great news for you and I because Settle is one of the most successful email players I have read. He is like the Sun Tzu of email strategy. His books should be in your writer's arsenal (toolkit)
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on March 7, 2012
I discovered Ben Settle some months ago and recently bought a fairly large product from him (which I haven't yet plowed through) and now I've read this little email tips book and it's terrific.
Mr Settle is down-to-earth-with-a-thud practical and he offers straightforward advice on writing emails that anyone can profit by.
His style is efficient and fluid, his points are commonsensical and wide-ranging. Clearly this material comes from experience, not from plotting out a long article on email-writing tips just so he can get something published on Kindle or something.
Several of his points all into the light or humorous vein (have fun, make the reader smile) and he's right because there is far too much news today, much of it bad and therefore dark and so humor is a welcome point of differentiation. And he doesn't advocate becoming a comedian (writing funny stuff is ferociously difficult and not for the inexperienced or untalented). Rather he suggests a light touch on ordinary topics written from your personal observational point if view.

Another area he promotes is in cultural and current events topics which makes a lot of sense because they tend to be lighter than the news while being top of the readers' minds. It also has great application for SEO purposes in articles or blog posts and while he doesn't address that in this little tome, it certainly springs to mind.

As a former journalist and college prof I also liked the advice to use good research and supportive quotations to bolster the email content. People may buy on emotion but rationality never hurt!

Many of these things (including the note to use controversy when appropriate) I had come to in my own mind as I begin my work as a blogger and emailer but it was heartening to see them reinforced by someone as skilled as Mr.Settle.

The one thing I haven't done yet in my desire to give readers good value--is to in a sense always be selling. I'll be working on that!
Frank Daley of The Daley Post.
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on April 16, 2013
Quick and easy to read and the tips make sense. Great stuff on what we should do to engage the readers. So they don't delete our emails before reading them. Love the little tip bits of what not to do and links to read more (exactly what you should do in a good email).
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on March 15, 2012
What Do Dexter Morgan and Ben Settle Have in Common?

You know who Dexter is...right?

Unless you've been living under a rock (some do),
you know he is the unassuming Blood Spatter Expert/Serial Killer
who works for the Miami PD on the hit Showtime Series "Dexter."

Dexter has an uncanny ability to understand crime scenes.

Why is that?

Because, while he would be happy to be an "expert" at his day job,
applying theory and helping solve a few murders, he takes it a step further.
He IMPLEMENTS the tools of KILLERS who manage to escape justice by killing them at his very
own crime scenes. That's where they meet their demise when he uses the very tactics on them
that they used on their victims!!

He gets them every time! His results are certain. He's done the work, Baby!

Dexter has a passion for bringing BAD people to justice, but it's not his primary desire.
It happens when people don't do right. He hates the dark side. It's in his blood.

Ben Settle is the Dexter Morgan of copywriting and e-mail marketing. Yep.

He hates the Dark Side of Marketing.

He is killing his competition not because he has a ruthless desire to do so
but because he has a passion for teaching selling through his unique brand of e-mail marketing
that uses integrity, honesty,intelligence, humor and easily understandable and implementable techniques..


He's killing off the uncaring marketing goo-roos using old school "take the money while you can"
techniques with his brand of e-mail marketing meant to KEEP customers happy, not steal from them.

He's done the work! He WANTS you to know how to do it RIGHT! In fact, he won't let you fail
IF you can do what it takes.

I met Ben Settle at my own crime scene after I believed in a famous marketing GOO-ROO....
Who took all of my savings for my new business and promised results he never delivered.

Over $25K down the drain for a guy who was featured on Good Morning America, Larry King...
I assumed money and value were synonymous, I worked for BMW. (The Ultimate Driving Machine.)
I have a strong sales background..and yet I STILL fell for the shiny objects, bells and whistles.

I went for recognition NOT results. I went for the "big name."

Let that not be you, no matter how much money you have to invest.

I regrouped and found Ben Settle. I could see the value of Ben's work immediately.

I bought Copywriting Grab Bag. Amazing. Still more I have yet to apply....and always will be.

Then I purchased Street Smart E-Mail System. WOW!

Then I subscribed to Crypto Marketing AND E-Mail Players Newsletters!!

I paid for a years subscription to both newsletters and for Copywriting Grab Bag and Street-Smart E-mail
in one month employing Ben's techniques. I've already received MORE than the return on my investment!

I could go on and and on about what you'll learn from Ben...

And, just like his book says, and like Dexter, Ben Settle LIVES AND DIES BY HIS RESULTS!

To get started...go over to [...].... But remember.....YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK!

(Thanks Ben, you Rock! Glad to see you out here bringing back honesty and integrity through e-mail marketing!)

This wasn't short, I know...but where do you stop when you've received so much value?

Thanks, Ben!
Wyla Green

P.S. To be truthful, I downloaded this when it was free last week. But I've bought everything else Ben has to offer!
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on May 26, 2013
Some great nuggets in here that are well worth condensing down and focusing on as a beginner to intermediate copywriter that will help you improve no end. Nice easy reading style.
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