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on March 2, 2013
This is another very well written book by commodities expert and world traveler Jim Rogers. Starting with his childhood in Alabama and his years at Yale and Oxford, Rogers tells how he came to Wall Street and got into commodities and currency trading as he and George Soros co-founded the Quantum Fund. Rogers gives an assessment of many aspects of Wall Street, Washington, D.C., the Federal Reserve, and academia that will, no doubt, anger the defenders of the status quo. As a tenured professor at Columbia, Rogers found that he only needed to work five hours a week. Academia with it's tenure system and high prices is a bubble ready to burst, to be replaced by Internet based courses. Rogers is very much a libertarian, seeing politicians everywhere as impediments to freedom and economic growth. He accurately predicted the commodities boom while the nation was fixated on stocks. He was selling bank stocks short in 2007 when the media said housing would go up for ever. These bubbles, runaway currency printing, and the resulting devaluation of the dollar Rogers blames on Greenspan and Bernanke, two people he views as totally incompetent with no understanding of currencies or how the world works. Seeing danger to American wealth and freedom caused by incompetence and plain stupidity, Rogers sold his house in NYC and moved to Singapore. Rogers tells us to save money, invest in commodities, and learn Mandarin. Singapore has a very strong currency and a savings rate of over 30%. Read this book. Buy it for your family.
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on January 26, 2015
I found Street Smarts well worth the read. I have read most of his past books and enjoyed them all. Since this is mostly a bi-op there is some repetition from his past books. I found that he did not just rehash stuff from his previous books though, but shared with us what he has learnt as his life journey has continued.

You may find Jim Rogers opinionated or self-indulgent (as a past reviewer did) but I find his strong opinions refreshingly original. He’s willing to question the conventional wisdom that too many people readily accept.

Being a student of history and someone who likes to see things for themselves on the ground he provides a unique perspective on global financial trends.

I’m also glad he was so open about his own experiences. His misfortune with Refco was eye opening but further underlines all that is wrong with the US financial and legal system. Some may not like his prognosis of the decline of the US Empire and the rise of Asia, but it appears well under way to me.
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on March 11, 2013
I have read every book Jim Rogers has written and this book rates as one of my favorites.

Some of the excerpts that give you a look into Jim Rogers investment lessons.

"I learned that everything is connected. I learned that a revolution in Chile was going to affect the price of copper, and thus the price of electricity and the price for houses-the price of everything- all over the world, having an impact on everyone, including Toledo. I learned, also, that if you could figure out that a revolution in Chile was coming, you could earn a pretty good living".

"You have to stay ahead of events. The action is never ending. It is like a four-dimensional puzzle, linked to volume and time. Every day you come to work and find that they have moved the pieces on you-somebody dies, there is a strike or a war, weather conditions have shifted. Things change, no matter what. Investing lacks the rhtym of other endeavors, and therefore never stops testing you."

"Study of History and Philosophy were indispensable to me as an investor"

"The conventional wisdom that existed at the start of each decade was shattered over the following decade".

"If History teaches us nothing else, it teaches us this: what appears undisputed today will look very different tomorrow."
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on November 20, 2016
I've always admired and followed Jim Rogers. He has a common sense approach to everything and doesn't really care if you agree with him or disagree with him. I applied to the Columbia MBA program twice just to take his class (waiting list both times). Instead of getting my MBA, I moved to Asia, That was 17 years ago. And for the last 7 years, I've been in the Agricultural sector (very rewarding, but I think I would qualify for food stamps back home). You'll enjoy this book if you are a thinking and a reflective person.

I've started and run several businesses in Asia so I disagree with some of his glowing admiration for China. He moved to Asia AFTER his success. His perspective would be different if he moved to Asia prior to making his fortune. His perspective would be different if he started a business here, hired people, struggled with the regulatory environment and had to deal with the blatant discrimination.

In any case, I think he is thoughtful, insightful and would recommend reading all of his books (I've bought/read them all).

JIm, if your reading didn't move to Singapore from China because of the pollution.................
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on July 6, 2017
The book is very easy reading. Yet it contains lots of wisdom. Money in and of itself is not the ultimate goal. Pursuing one's goals is life itself.
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on November 26, 2014
Jim Rogers is the man. He is one of those few people who sees things clearly. When everyone else is saying the opposite, instead of saying to himself, "Perhaps I am wrong and the majority is right. I should align my thoughts with theirs," he has the wisdom to recognize that what he knows is in fact correct and the courage to defend his position in the face of public scorn and ridicule. Again and again he has been proven right. I read everything he writes and this is his best to date.
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on April 2, 2013
the author did not give me a deep inspiration by reading the book, some of ideas and opinions he offered did not convince me; maybe I have different ideas on future Asia, USA, capitalism etc.

what he praise Singapore, China, Burma are all dictatorship countries. The government is same or even worse shape to USA government, Monopoly business and resources, manipulate market, corrupted and bankrupted, governments also print a lot of money from thin air like US Federal reserve.

Currently, China Singapore Hongkong Taiwan (they are from Asia) are experiencing the biggest property bubble, manufacturing sector is in recessions, living cost is in high inflation. A lot of honest working class people are suffering, rich and powerful special interest class are maximum benefiting.

In term of capitalism, China government is going backwards from year of 2000- government implement on more central control, resource control,business control, ideas control, communication control, descendant of the high ranking calibers are inheriting their parent's wealth and power.

I could foresee when next financial crisis come, the Chinese government will bail out bankrupted giant state-owned enterprises, banks and local governments like Federal reserve bail out AIG, Goldman sachs, JP Morgan, citibank, etc.

Too big to fail, this rule is also applied to the China, Singapore, Hongkong government. Is this call free market, free capitalism? more democratic? more transparent?

Globalization, give the governments from various place around the world can learn from each other on how to make things worse.

A big systematic crash will happened in world-wide at not distant future, maybe.

Not so much logic words and stories from this book to give new ideas.
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on January 16, 2014
I've listened to Jim Rogers on TV for 3 decades. He knows economics and investing. Readers who are knowledgeable of the subject matter will find interesting insights in this book. However, Rogers takes so many cheap shots at other people, calling them out by name for juvenile mocking; I found it stunning. Tell me why you disagree with actions people took regarding the economy, fine. But do not insult me by calling decision-makers "stupid" and other low class remarks.
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on January 15, 2014
Jim ties together many aspects of investing and living that should be of interest to all people. It should be must reading for politicians before they vote on anything. He points out the many ways that legislators legislation and the FED are compounding the fiscal problems the country is experiencing. There are also steps to steer us in a direction to improve our situation. The steps will be painful for some and many sacred perspectives would be eliminated. I don't know if we have elected anyone to carry out Jim's steps presented in "STREET SMARTS". Jack D.
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on May 19, 2014
The few times Roger's does talk about markets, you can tell he is deeply knowledgeable, and can explain things in an easy to understand format - I wish there was more of that, instead of his personal life story. He comes across a little egotistical at times - which to be honest, he's earned it. He's clearly worked hard for everything he has, and good for him. I would just like a bit more on the markets.
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