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on March 26, 2015
A must have for aquariums we have used this to set up a new aquarium and after 3 days of purchasing our first round of mickey mouse platys fish they are as happy and vibrant as can be
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on October 1, 2014
I have been using this product for about 9 months and I was a little iffy into using this one however it was just cheaper and healthier than things I found at the store. It has done a great job of taking care of my tank and by dumb fish owning stupidity I didn't separate new fish long enough before placing in my tank.

In the last two months I have seen this product work its gold. I had a parasite problem, and had to heal my fishes scales and fins. I even poured in extra to help with the healing. Sure enough they are back to their healthy coloration and didn't end up dying on me.

I also got really busy (full time worker and full time college student) and my tank got un-manageability dirty. It got so bad that I also lost my fish when I turned off my oxygen pump one night to hear better because I was scare there might be intruder. In the morning I awoke with my fish at the bottom barely able to move. I quickly separated him, gave him a bath in some of water with this stress coat in it and than left him in more clean water with this stress coat in it. I can't believe it, he came out of toxic shock :)

I swore to myself I would never let my poor fish suffer like that again and will probably use this for a lifetime next to Jungle Bowl Buddies... (Sometimes, fizzing is nice.. :) )

Don't Own A TANK WITHOUT THIS!!! this will help your fish in ways you wouldn't think :)
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VINE VOICEon July 13, 2016
This review is for the API Stress Coat Water Conditioner:

We've been purchasing this for the past 7+ years since we bought our 65 gallon freshwater fish tank.This water conditioner is a life saver! We use it when we clean & change out water. It completely clears the water within a few hours, & you only have to use a little bit each time. The bottle lasts a long time. If you have a freshwater fish tank, I highly recommend this product.
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on January 17, 2017
I wouldn't waste my money on this if you only want water conditioner, that's what Prime is for. However if you want a stress coat, this is perfect. If you're treating injured fins or introducing new fish, this is for you. I like API products and this is no different.
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on September 4, 2014
I've been very happy with this water conditioner, which I've been using in a 5 gallon tank, heated and filtered, with a betta fish and no live plants. My water chemistry has been fairly good since I started using this! And I couldn't beat the price online at any local pet store. The stress coat feature is wonderful; I have to remove my betta from the tank every time I do a water change because of the proportions of my tank, but he doesn't even show stress stripes as long as he is in stress coat+ treated water.

However, before you buy, please note that this solution is extremely concentrated and you won't need much of it at all in a small tank. In my 5 gallon I use a bit less than 1 mL (the smallest measurement on the cap). That means 16 ounces will last a very, very long time unless you have a large tank!

Also note that this is not a substitute for properly cycling your tank! This means that treating the water in your aquarium with this product will not make it "fish ready". A cycled tank means there is a healthy culture of bacteria in your filter media- please look up aquarium cycling if you're not familiar with it!

You also can't just add this product instead of changing your water regularly. This is meant to make new tap water livable for your pets- not to save you the trouble of a water change.

This product is great when you use it as intended, but it's not a miracle cure-all!
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on June 28, 2017
I have made the switch to Seachem products for most of my fresh water needs, but they don't have a product exactly like Stress Coat. It's like Seachem Prime if Prime also helped injured fish. I add this every time I change water or get new fish to help reduce their stress and condition the water (in addition to adding Prime and Stability).

When you add it to the tank, you can actually see the slime-like nature of the chemical sink, so it doesn't appear to be diluted with water (although looks may be deceiving, this is my observation). I have had great luck with it. It has never hurt any thing from invertebrates to plants or driftwood, filters or fish. Would recommend!
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on January 2, 2014
This single product does what so many other companies want you to buy multiple products to do and it does it effectively so. This product should be used for:
-Helping to cycle a new aquarium
-Removes chlorine, chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals making tape water safe for fish
-Replaces the slime coat and keeps fish slick and coated
-Help to heal damaged fins and scales
-Works wonders with fin regrowth
-Wonderful for aquarium plants
-Reduces fish stress from handling and new tank syndrome (to be added when adding new fish to an aquarium)
-Helps protect fish against diseases and infections
-Keeps fish's fins long, vibrant, and beautiful (even if it is not being used for fin regrowth)

API products are wonderful and I honestly have never seen a more versatile aquarium product as this one, and effective at that. Highly recommend, there are few other products that you will need for your aquarium other than this one.
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on November 8, 2016
My Koi told me that they prefer this brand of stress coat better than the more expensive brand. How do I know this? Well, I'm not going to tell you directly because then you'll think that I'm psychotic and talk to fish. But as you know fish don't talk so we have to communicate by Vulcan mind meld.
I was on an episode of Star Trek and Mr. Spock taught me this procedure over dinner. You won't believe how effective it is and basically simple as pie (preferably pumpkin).
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on April 2, 2017
This is my go to water conditioner and stressed fish treatment. I've used it for years with great results. When I was at the fish store buying hatchetfish, as the employee we on a ladder trying to net some from the top row of tanks, one of them jumped out of the tank and fell on to the floor. The poor fish had a scunned up chin but was otherwise unharmed so I took him home and added som e API stress coat to help him heal the damage. He was fine in no time. I love this stuff and I use it when I do water changes and when I add new fish to the tank. In my opinion there's nothing better.
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on March 2, 2016
The API Stress Coat+ works great. I always keep some on-hand for when I have large water changes or if I have a fish or two have some fin or body damage. It helps the fish heal and strengthens or replaces the slime coat on the fish that protects the fish from the harshness in the water. It also helps the fish with stress especially when you move fish. Fish lose the slime coat or it is lessened when you have them in the net when you take them out of the water. The API Stress Coat+ is usually cheaper than other brands or similar. I can usually find the API Quick Start on Amazon at a good price. API products work well, and they are usually cheaper than other brands. I always buy them on Amazon because of the lower prices. I have Amazon Prime, so the Free 2-day shipping on my orders are a huge plus.
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