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on July 8, 2012
I consider myself a novice photographer. I think this product is an awesome deal. You get a variety of colors and multiple quantities of them. The gel selection is great. I'm not an expert in flash photography yet but everything that's recommended in beginning flash guides/books, you can find in this collection. Having several gels of the same color is great in case you lose them or you're trying to set up multiple strobes.

The gels have the potential to melt (has happened to me already) but I think if you're using your strobe to the point that it's melting gels, you may be overheating and overusing your strobe.

You do have to invest in a gel holder or figure out a way to MacGyver them onto your strobe since a gel holder isn't included. However, it isn't too difficult or expensive. I do wish that all of the colors included came in multiples. Some of the less commonly used gels like pink only come with one gel so once you lose it or damage, it is gone.

It's an awesome deal, especially if you're trying out strobe photography for the first time.
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on June 6, 2014
These gels come with lots of colors and duplicates (up to 4 for certain colors like the oranges and greens for negotiating white balance with multiple flashes), which is nice. Also, each gel has an associated paper slip that tells you the name and function of each gel. For instance it may say 1/2 CTO, convert 5500 K to 3800 K (and even shows a color transmission/wavelength histogram). I can see this being very useful, especially for the technically minded.

A few drawbacks that made these difficult to use:

-not long enough. These have to be mounted to your flash, but the length of these gels barely wraps around the front of my Yongnuo YN468-ii flash, making that wrap-around velcro-mount solution you see everywhere online *barely* possible. And it's a tight fit too, which could be negative since Strobist recommends leaving some room between the gel and flash area to vent flash heat. I can't imagine it would cost more than a few cents to add another centimeter of length to these.

-no markings on the gels. The gels have these informative pieces of paper to tell you the name and color properties, but if the papers get mixed up with the gels, there is absolutely no way to match them back up. Perhaps the gels could be marked on that extra centimeter they ought to add; if not with all the information, at least a reference to a master sheet would be helpful. Again, I can't imagine this would cost hardly a thing. In the meantime, I've found that a fine-tip sharpie can label the corner without smudging or interfering with the light.

My workarounds: I'm still experimenting with attaching these to my flash. So far, I think the best solution is to mount a TINY strip of velcro on the front edges of the flash. (Not on the sides, but on that tiny strip of black plastic that forms the frame for the flash area and holds the clear part in place.) By having these tiny strips on the front, I don't have as much concern about the length, and when I'm not using gels, I can also get my very tight-fitting flash diffuser to slip on. However I would no use the gels under my diffuser as it would be too tight. Instead, I would mount velcro on the front of the diffuser as well and add the gels to the outside. Similarly, mounting velcro on the front of the flash/diffuser would allow me to stack these gels if I wanted. The draw back to this setup is that there is very little contact between surfaces (for both the adhesive on the velcro and the soft/bristly velcro attachment itself), making security a minor concern. But these are virtually weightless, so unless they're knocked (or blown) too hard, I'm hoping they stick.

Alternatively, for a completely removable solution without having to add velcro to either the flash or the gels (to save space?), I've also put a rubber band through 2 of those black metal "bulldog" (potato chip) clips. I can slip this onto the flash and pinch the gels on each side with the bulldog clips. Though while it's removable, it's also quite cumbersome to work with.

Good luck.
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on April 3, 2015
Great assortment of gels perfect for many reasons. A nice range of colors allows you to pick just the right one. Cut to size to fit the front end of most flash units. Just tape in place with a little Gaffers Tape (make sure to leave a bit of air space to avoid overheating with rapid repeat flashing.) Nicely arranged and indexed so you can easily find the number and description for ordering more of any one color you may use frequently or you may just need a larger size. Nice kit to have on hand.
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on December 14, 2010
I've got some serious reservations about The Strobist collection of gels from Rosco, but it's still a great value. Yes, you can still find the old collection for free (though not online) at local shops sometimes, but the main appeal of this collection is that the gels don't have a HOLE in the corner where the metal ring went to keep them all together.

I shoot with Vivitar 285hv manual flashes, and while it's never been a problem (thus far, anyways, these gels are not quite big enough to cover the entire head of the flash. They are wide enough, but not tall enough. I'm sure they fit perfectly into most speedlights, however. Again, this has never been a problem... I've never had any white light bleed out of the top or bottom that I've noticed. It's just a slight annoyance if you're using a bigger flash light the 285.

My last gripe is that the "case" that this collection comes in is completely awful. It's a flimsy piece of transparent plastic of no higher quality than any other plastic packaging that you'd throw away after opening. Hey Rosco! If you're reading -- I would GLADLY pay a more premium price (up to $30 or even $50) for a more premium set of these gels! Photographers sometimes drop thousands of dollars on single pieces of equipment, so I think I could justify a $50 investment in a nice(r) set of gels than this current offering. My wishlist would include more "creative" colors, and of course a much, much better case - with dividers!

Again, I've got serious issues with this set, including the pathetic excuse for a case, some minor size incompatibilities, and lack of more creative colors (color correction gel selection is fantastic, though). However, it's still an excellent value and something that all photographers should keep in their bag.
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on January 27, 2010
The right size and shape to gel speedlights. I couldn't find a list of the included gels before I purchased, so here it is:
Rosco 3202, 3204, 3208, 3401, 3408, 3409, 3404, 3403, 3415, and 3304. Also #8, #12, #23, #26, #33, #39,#39,#80, #90, #358, and #375. Personally I like to use #08, which is Pale Gold, as a warming filter.
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on February 16, 2012
The gels are thin enough and sticky enough (in a static electricity kind of way) to adhere underneath the built in diffuser in my YN-560 flash. If you are concerned about holding it in place because you're moving around, or it's windy, there are lots of ways to do that. I went low tech with rubber bands: it lets me squeeze my softboxes over the flash head without worrying that velcro fasteners are going to catch on it.

There is a wide spread of different colors in this pack, with an emphasis toward blue, orange, and green - multiples of these colors (blue and orange in different shades) are included. When you stray away from these, the selection starts becoming more limited in number: in other words, if you are putting gels on multiple flashes and want the same color on all of them, choose carefully, or get one (or two) more of these packs to ensure you have multiples of the less common color you want to gel.
Includes greys and blacks to drop your flash light level if you need to.

The small plastic packaging it comes in is nice and compact, fits in a pouch in my camera bag and takes up hardly any room at all. I wrap rubbers bands around it so I can secure a gel on the fly if I'm worried about wind/movement/etc. The backing cards are very helpful for identifying colors, and for what a particular gel does. Very well thought out there.

Overall, an excellent little gel pack to play with colors that includes several pieces of some of the most commonly used colors when compensating for florescent or tungsten light, with reference cards that explain what they're for, or what effect they will have (including Kelvin numbers, where applicable).
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on August 3, 2012
I was very excited to try these out. After 9 test shots, I noticed that the gel was deformed from the heat of the flash. The gels do what they are supposed to do, but for an incredibly short period of time.
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on May 28, 2015
Bought these to add variety to my speed light shooting. Still learning and have only had a chance to turn a white back drop a color. I think I would have purchased a holder as well. For now I work out sticking them with velcro or gaffers tape. I keep mine in a business card holder to keep them organized and to protect them. Its takes up very little room in my bag and you can expand to additional colors later. I would recommend but would also suggest you purchase a holder as well. Have not used them enough to determine how sturdy they are. So far the heat from the speed light has not been a problem.
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on March 8, 2012
I am using the gels with a Vivitar 285. My primary interest was the neutral density filters (to put off the need to do a mod to the strobe). With the set of filters, you get from 1/2 stop to 11 stops with 1/2 stop control (occasionally needing to jump a full stop, but not a big deal). There is no holder, but I fairly quickly fashioned one to go into the Vivitar's filter slot. I made a sandwich of two plastic pieces (similar to what the gels ship in and the same as the packaging you see for SD cards, etc.). Since the gels are a little smaller than the flash head, I made a cardboard frame to reduced light leakage. My holder hinges on one side (the long direction). So I just open it, set one or more gels inside, close it, and slide in the Vivitar slot. Works well. I think that this will also help with warping of the gels that another reviewer complained about. I've had no issues with mine. Yes, they *are* thin, but it's hard to beat the price. I'd like a better way to organize and manage the filters. When the gels arrive, they come in a small plastic container (which you'll see in the ad pic). Each gel has a sheet of paper listing what it is, so it's up to you to keep track once you start removing them.
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on August 4, 2011
Mine got earlier than expected the date, thanks to Barndoor seller who shipped it fast. It would have been better if it was free shipping.
So this color filters are what a Strobist needs for their shots may it be background, forground or color correcting. I'm a fan on DIY stuff so I substitute gel filters with those colored folders that are transparent. the results are just way too different than this Rosco gels. I must admit that it caught me off guarded that these gel sheets are thinner that those colored folder that I mentioned.
those mainly used colors have spares so you don't be bothered if you lose one or ruin one gel since there are 4 more spares left ex. Full Blue has 5 pieces and so as Green (the one that you can use to balance florecent bulbs). so all in all these gels will really get you alone with strobing and it will be useful for all strobist out there. head to Flickr and you'll see tons of examples using these gels.
There are some flash heads that may not snug-fit these sizes but if you're using Yongnous these are perfect fit. My Nissin flash is off a little but I don't bother it so much. I can correct it in Post Processing.
To hold it in front of you're flash, what I do is just use the wide angle diffuser to keep it from falling or you can make a holder out of a transparent plastic sheet.
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