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Strong Women Stay Young
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change
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on July 16, 1998
After "baby sitting" my mother during a recent hospital stay by my father, I realized I had to do something. My mother is now in her 70's and was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago. She has be going downhill ever since with the classic widow's hump. A woman who was 5'7" that now barely comes up to my shoulder and I am 5'6". After doing some research on osteoporosis I realized that strength training was a key component to preventing osteoporosis. I borrowed "Strong Women Stay Young" from a friend and the book aroused my interest enough that I bought my own copy along with my weights. (You should have seen the man's face at the sporting goods store when I requested 20 lb leg weights.) I started out at age 47 with 3 lbs on the triceps lifts, 4 lbs on the biceps lifts, and 5 lbs. on each leg. I will admit I could barely complete both sets of reps on the triceps at 3 lbs. Now, 17 weeks later, I am lifting 9 1/2 lbs on the tri! ! ceps, 10 1/2 lbs on the biceps, and 16 lbs on each leg. And still progressing at a slow rate as each weight becomes easier. I love the way my muscles feel. . . toned and tight but not bulked up. I plan to continue my lifting for the remainder of my life in order to keep from ending up with problems like my mom. I have also started my 16 year old daughter on the program. She is fit, healthy, and active in sports, but I feel that the program will benefit her long after the school sports have been left behind. I would like to start my mom on the program, but she doesn't think she can do it because she is so weak. Maybe one day. Buying Strong Women Stay Young and my weights and committing to the program was one of the best decisions of my life, which I hope will be a long and healthy one.
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on May 20, 1999
The book was recommended to me by an orthopedic doctor I was seeing about my frozen shoulder. She told me that being a blue-eyed blonde woman, I fit the high risk profile for osteoporosis and could benefit from doing the exercises in this book. I read it and it seemed to make sense. I bought the weights (a set at a time as it wasn't easy to carry the 20 lb. set for one leg let alone having to carry an additional 20 lbs. for the other leg -- and then the ones for the arms!!!!) and have been doing the exercises for about 3 months. I am increasing the arm weights slowly because of my shoulder, but am progressing well. The exercises are described well, and since there are only 8, they do not take too much time and are easy to remember. The exercises are done slowly and you mostly do only 2 sets of 8 repetitions. If you are doing them right, that is all you are able to do. The book suggests doing the routine 2 times a week, but I find I like to do it every-other-day if I have time. There seems to be the extra benefit of relaxation which results by the time you finish the routine. There is also a video you can order which is helpful to check to make sure your form is correct. I am 47 and was in fairly good shape before starting, but I have noticed my body is more toned since doing the exercises and my balance is improving, something I didn't realize I was beginning to lose. However, I also do some stomach crunches and the like in addition. The lifting seems to give me the energy to do more. I definitely am getting stronger as I now can lift heavier weights than I could before I started. I probably would never have thought about using weights before reading this book, but the exercises seem to be doing me good and I intend to keep doing them. It is easy to make the time because you can do them while watching TV or reading or just talking to someone.
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on July 23, 1997
By my age I've seen any number of self-improvement books and I tend to be skeptical, but Stephanie Gold's review made me think Strong Women was worth a look. I bought it, I read it, and I found it convincing, so I bought the weights and started the program. Sure enough, only 12 weeks later (and believe me, I am no jockette and I haven't been 100% on schedule with this every week!) I actually AM stronger. My balance is better. I walk taller. And I enjoy my physical being more than I have since I was a kid!

The book is easy to read, informative, based on persuasive research, and outlines a program that just about anyone can do. Women in their nineties have benefited!

For me one of the main selling points was the assertion that women who do the program also increase their general physical activity, and it's true--it seems to just happen. I do more activities better and I enjoy them more.

I was already conscientiously walking a couple of miles a couple of times a week, but now I walk faster and more often. I used to swim half a mile; now I often swim a mile. I've started to learn Tai Chi, and best of all, I've bought a little sail boat.

By now, at 12 weeks, I am reaching the point where my progress is supposed to slow down, and the authors predict that my enthusiasm will wane, but they are realistic about this and have good motivational suggestions. I think this is a life-long program, so I'm going to hold on to my own copy, but I think it will make good gift book for practically every woman I know.
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on December 21, 2001
I'm still following this exercise program.
I'm still in my size six jeans.
I'm still thirty pounds lighter than I was when I started.
I'm still seeing improvements in muscle definition.
I'm still not dieting, just eating reasonably.
This works.
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on November 1, 1999
This is the best way I can review this book. I have never in my life been able to do push-ups or pull ups. I am still just using the 3 lb weight on my arms, but now I am able to do 2 sets of push-ups and 1 set of pull ups I tried at the gym last week. I find after 6 weeks of doing the begining exercises that I have more energy,and feel stronger than I ever have.
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on June 12, 2001
this book is absolutely adequate for the many women who are not exercising at all and think they can't. your business is something else entirely. when i started with 2,5 lbs and got to 6 lbs per leg and arm with all my problems it was a miracle and my doctors were extatic. this book probably saved my life in it's original version. i am 72 years old and marion nelson helped me to be fully alive again!
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on January 25, 1999
I bought this and gave it away to a friend who's never exercised. Good basic stuff, but nothing new for anyone who already has an exercise program. A FATAL FLAW: the authors never address the wrist issue and suggest exercises that, in my experience, will hurt wrists if they are already weak or threatening carpal tunnel. Since this is a very common problem with women over 40, I feel that it should be addressed. Some of the illustrations actually show women using weights in a way that might exacerbate wrist damage. I struggle with the problem daily and my trainer won't let me near upper body weights--not even 5 pound weights--unless I have my wrist reinforcers on. Such precautions are not given in this book.
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on April 7, 2017
I checked this out at the library and liked it so much I wanted to own it so I bought it at Amazon. Great book and so helpful.
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on February 13, 2017
A simple and easy exercise regime to just stay alive.
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on May 23, 2002
After 18 years of increasing disability with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia and a brain injury in 1997, I was a mess.
A friend sent me a copy of this in 1998, and it helped turn my life around.
I went from being so weak I was barely able to do one set of 8 reps (with NO weights), to outgrowing first 3 lb, then 5 lb, then 10 lb hand and ankle weights.
Despite the unpredictable and cyclic nature of my illness, I'm able to keep up my strength when I'm doing well, and rebuild it quickly and easily after relapses.
I've recommended this book to family, friends, and even one of my doctors, and have yet to find anyone who didn't benefit from it.
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