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  • Stuck
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on March 20, 2012
I don't think tossing animals into a tree is very understandable by (very literal) young children. In context with other things that are tossed into the tree we as adults understand the concept....but a young child?
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on January 6, 2013
Personally I don't like this book at all. I don't like that the words appear hand written, scribbling out mistakes and all. My daughter can't learn words or letters from it, due to the way the hand written letters are. I also don't really like the way the story goes. Our child thinks it is funny, but it has a bad message if you ask me. Throw everything up in the tree and then leave it all there. Not something I want my child to do.
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on January 21, 2016
If you enjoy "The day the Crayons Quit" you'll be a fan of this book as well.
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on August 27, 2014
I like the book because my son likes it. I have been a little unkind
to Oliver Jeffers while reviewing How to Catch a Star. The problems
persist even with this book.

See, Mr Jeffers, my four-year old asks me these questions abot Stuck:

1. Why does the tree change colours?
2. Will the tree become pink later? (Since pink is my son's favourite colour)
3. The ladder is used to climb up, right? Why did Floyd throw the ladder then?
4. How can Floyd lift a house? Is he very strong?
5. What is a rocket like figure in the tree? (He refers to the last blue artwork) Did
Floyd throw a rocket as well in the tree? When did it happen? Show me.

I don't have answers for these questions, but I say roughly these things to him:
1. Oliver Jeffers likes to use all the colours he has, so he changes the colour of the tree.
2. No, because Jeffers doesn't like pink.
3. Floyd loves to throw things around.
4. Floyd is a very strong boy because he drinks milk everyday.
5. The rocket is from the book How to Catch A Star by Jeffers and Jeffers has
mistakenly painted it in this book.

In short, little kids apply logic and it is difficult to explain things to them. If I begin
laughing at my son's questions, he gets angry.

I don't have these problems when I read out Eric Carl or Julia Donaldson to my
son. In your other book How to Catch a Star, it became difficult to explain
how someone can get a star as a friend.

I enjoy fatherhood and related nonsense of life, so all this is fine. I have just shared
my experience with you.

You are a fantastic illustrator, I must say. I have bought almost all of your famous
books--I have four of them: Star, Stuck, Book Eating Boy, Crayons Quit and Lost Found

But, my friend, problems do remain. I can't give you five stars.
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on March 28, 2017
My two year old's favorite book. She has memorized it and wants to read it every day.
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on January 25, 2016
I was excited to get this book to read to my 2nd graders because we are having discussion about perseverance. I googled books about perseverance and determination and this book came up. I should have read closer. This book is not good for deep conversation. It's a ridiculous turn of events that will never end. It is supposed to be funny, but the humor wears off several pages too soon. Sorry, it just didn't work for me.
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on March 13, 2014
My kids really enjoy this book. We always stop towards the end when the tree is full so they can search and find things. That said, this is a really difficult book to read from the side or upside-down because it appears to be handwritten. I often have to stop to turn the book a bit to figure out a word.

You may not have as difficult of a time. My husband is usually OK with it; he is good at reading letters upside-down, though. Not so much me.

Opportunities to get kids involved in the story, e.g. "what do you think happens next?", "what do you see?"
Good illustrations

Hard to read due to font/handwriting of text.
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on June 17, 2012
I was ordering some books for use in my preschool classroom and Stuck came up as a book with good recommendations. I was spending off a gift certificate and after some research decided to order it on an impulse as a treat to myself. It is a nice quality book, simple matte illustrations, and aesthetically pleasing. The font is part cursive/ part print and is a bit difficult for my seven year old daughter to read which is unfortunate for motivated readers and my preschool students who might want to find familiar letters or words in the text. The story was cute and pretty imaginative- just missing a real hook to keep me laughing. It's the end of the school year so I no longer have classes full of children to read to, maybe I'll have a different opinion about this book after I have a receptive audience. I'll add to this review in the fall if this is the case, but as a teacher of 25 years this book doesn't live up to some of the other read-a-loud books that I work with on a regular basis.
After reading this book to groups of children from pre-k to third grade I have decided that this is a very funny read-out-loud book indeed. One class of students were inspired to create their own "Stuck" story and we ended up making a huge "Stuck" tree in our classroom and hanging drawings of our "Stuck" items from it. It's always a fun book to bring out with a new group, the laughing starts on the third page and just gets louder until the surprise ending! The font remained a bit of an issue for early reading preschoolers, it just wasn't similar enough for most of them to decode- but it wasn't generally an issue since the book is such a great group time read.
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on June 26, 2013
As others have said the font in this book is scibblish but it is so much fun to read to a child! and though absurd and long what gets stuck up in the tree, the right storyteller can build the excitement and move the story along just fine. My daughter laughs at every page as the tree becomes fuller and ridiculous things only a child can dream up get stuck. Definitely one for our personal collection.
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on December 17, 2014
In a nutshell: Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree. He throws his shoe up to try and dislodge it, only to exacerbate his problem. He begins throwing household items into the tree and then households and then more and more crazy and absurd things until finally he has a tree full of firemen and whales. In the end, his kite falls out and he nonchalantly goes to bed with a nagging feeling that he’s forgetting something.

Overall it gets great giggles. The illustrations are engaging and it can be the jumping off point for all sorts of conversations.

Families can talk about: What would you do if your kite got stuck in a tree? How many ways can you brainstorm to get a kite out of a tree? When should he have stopped to rethink his approach? At what point do you think it’s unrealistic that Floyd could throw those things? What does unrealistic mean? What kind of steroids do you think Floyd might be taking? Is it a good idea to throw a whale? How will he breathe? How safe is it to throw a saw? What’s a unibrow? And the question we’ve all been dying to ask: How does Floyd wear shoes when he doesn’t have feet?
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